Bloody Psycho (1989)


Directed by: Leandro Lucchetti

Written by: Giovanni Simonelli & Leandro Lucchetti


.... Dr. Werner Vogler
.... Micaela
.... Mrs. Rezzori
.... Sasha
.... Simona
.... Mary Cohen
.... Priest

Release Date: Made-for-TV: 1989 (Italy)



Dr. Werner Vogler (Peter Hintz) helps a sadistic wheelchair bound woman Mrs. Rezzori (Brigitte Christiansen) in her castle. But he is warned that the place is haunted in which he sees hallucinations of murder as well as ghoulish characters.


The storyline looked solidly paced with our main guy Dr. Werner Vogler entering the gates of the castle and then bothered by a drunken Priest when he warns him that the place is haunted and other crazy stuff which is a nice moment to the story as I had a feeling I will be enjoying this flick.
He meets up with the sadistic wheelchair bound Mrs. Rezzori as their interactions drew attention greatly onto the screen as well as this bitter woman treating her maid like crap calling her a whore and so fourth which had a good dysfunctional feel to the plot so far.
A nicely concentrated moment when Werner puts Mrs. Rezzori on a couch and does some healing methods as this looked believeably relaxing to watch all of this unravel.
When darkness falls he sees deadly halluicnations around the castle and he goes exploring on a stormy night which is impressive as well as going near a staircase with a dark shot on a battered looking corpse in a wheelchair as the effects looked terrific for a horror flick such as this one.
Plus what is more spooky is when Priest gripes for this storm to end and it does just that acting as if this castle has a mind of it's own along with Werner spotting bloody liquid coming down to his feet which looked perfectly twisted to watch.
Priest convinces a doll Werner's holding is precious to him as there's a good flashback scene in which makes these moments looking truly mysterious to watch all on what's going on during this moment.
While the story continues what grabbed my attention is when we see this corpse in the wheelchair once again in the dark and attacks someone as well as murdering this victim as horror fans will get a kick out of this unravelling.
Werner meets Mrs. Rezorri's daughter Micaela whom he gets romantically involved with as they have a make out scene which looked highly energised, well shot and well focused too.
The horror excitement starts up again as we see some ghoul trying to drown and slaughter someone which looked very well done and another horror audience pleaser.
Nice artsy camera shots on Werner and Micaela having a lustful scene as like the rest offers some nicely concentrated moments.
Then the final confrontation in the story that involves Micaela with a twisted moment on who she faces which revealed great special horror effects and then another twist after this scene making out that all of this nver happened or did it?! Nicely done.
Bottom line is that I me as well as other horror fans took interest to italian flicks as there's a differnt approach to them and this was done in a great style. If you enjoy creepy haunted house flicks that ghouls are involved then this one is for you.

The acting is spoken in italian with subtitles as I don't understand that language. However it looked well performed especially with (Dr. Werner Vogler) and his mellow and soft spoken personality. Seemed to really get into on what he was doing and was the right choice in casting. Shows off some good energy and enthusiasm as well.
) had a nice sharp personality in her role as she comes off as someone beautiful as well as drawing attention onto the camera by what she did here. Shows off a good natured atittude into what she does here.
(Mrs. Rezzori) had an effective key supporting role as she shows off a sharpness to her behavior as well as having a real bitterness to her part in the film with her nasty speaking. She definetely seemed to show off some good charactristics.
(Priest) does well as a local drunk with his crazed speaking as he for sure comes across as someone whom is creepy and a nice horror character actor as well as having the right looks and crazed expressions. He did his job wonderfully.

A butt and brief breast shot with a woman fornicating
Another breast shot on a woman unbuttoning herself

A wheelchair runs over someone's neck and blood gushing out of their mouth.
Bottom of someone's jaw is ripped out.
Someone's skin starts to melt and decay.

The great thing about italian composing is that it sounds way more different and better than your typical type of classical music that you see in american film in which each scene it sounds more unique as Lanfranco Perini does just that with creepy piano playing in many of the suspenseful scene's as well as creepy and wavy synthesizer music too blending it in marvellously. He really made the scene's in each story sounding extremely effective.