Blue Monkey (1987)


Directed by: William Fruet

Written by: George Goldsmith & Chris Koseluk


.... Detective Jim Bishop
.... Dr. Rachel Carson
.... Elliot Jacobs
.... Joey
.... Marcy
.... Tyrone
Helen Hughes .... Marwella Harbison
.... Dede Wilkens
.... Alice Bradley
John Vernon .... Roger Levering
Sandy Webster .... George Adams
.... Sandra Baker
Joe Flaherty .... George Baker

Special Appearances:

.... Ted Andrews
.... Albert Hooper

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: September 25, 1987




An elderly man George Adams (Sandy Webster) gets a bad bite from a bug and is sent to an ER in which a maggoty creature pops out of his mouth.
This thing eventually grows into a huge ant like insect of some sort wrecking havoc by killing or spreading a deadly disease towards others at the hospital in which Detective John Bishop (Steve Railsback) and Dr. Rachel Carson ) must find a way to stop it.


The beginning looked a bit stale with an elderly man Fred visiting someone at their green house and then touches something which is a bug of some sort and bites him. Then he loses conciousness and falls down which is supposed to be a mysterious beginning to a horror story but it doesn't do much for me.
However when he's in the hospital a maggoty looking thing comes out of his mouth which can please certain horror fans but we've seen it before in other flicks too so this isn't the first time.
Things do look impressive though when they do research on it in a lab which had neon lights which looked effective as well as putting it in a container which made me wonder as to what the outcome of this will be.
Of course in the hospital we spot two elderly women whom are just a bit crazy and likes to drink as well as kids in the hospital up for mischief which is a key into the story as to what will happen later on which looked mildly entertaining to watch as well.
Things look suspenseful fortunately when they try to dissect this object and their reactions to it as this was storngly drawn in by what they do.
Along in the story there's a married couple Sandra and George Baker expecting their firstborn which was supposed to look oddly humoress but that falls flat big time. However it caught my attention a little bit but again nothing too spectacular with their interactions.
Of course a horror film has some dumb decisions with two people trying to keep an eye on that creature and not allowing anyone to enter the room but they leave to have fun with one another and then some mischievieous little kids and they even go into the laboratory and spots this maggot type of object and starts to dump liquid into it thinking that they need to feed this thing which we all know is a big mistake as this looked interesting to watch.
Nice camera shot luring in towards a nurse with a perfect look at her shocked and screaming as this was always good for a horror flick.
Detective Jim Bishop and some others goes to explore on what had happened with nice neon blue lighting effect and we see somewhat an insect like object which looked cheesy but can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for a teashy creature feature flick.
The action really gets going when they try to find a way of surviving with this giant insect stalking the hospital as there's some effective killing moments on what this creature does as well as Sandra going into labour while the gang enters the area when she's giving birth offering more trashy humor to the story as well as making me wonder if she will be safe from this monster attacking.
Nice effects though with some people being cocooned up and both Jim and Dr. Rachel Carson hiding away and watching but then running away from this creature at full speed but these moments looked cheesily done.
What looked fun and exciting though is when Jim tries to struggle against this creature and some people use a blue laser light to attract it as well as trying to find a way of destroying it.
Then we think that everyone lives happily ever after until the very last scene but thankfully a sequel never arose.
Bottom line is that there's the odd effective moments throughout this story but it's a ripoff tribute to those drive in creature feature that didn't do much here. It was easily forgettable. Watch something like Aliens or Mimic instead.

The acting was a bit roughly done but some of it is ok especially (Detective Jim Bishop) as he shows some great energy and enthusiasm into what he did here along with acting charming too. Shows some nice wit towards some children in a hospital. Yes he showed many interesting characteristics as well as a ton of energy especially when the action and terror strikes.
(Dr. Rachel Carson) seemed to show off well into her part in the story and had the right appeal to what she did here. Also does a nice job when she acts anxious or crying out. Offers some decent enthusiasm into all that she did here.
(Elliot Jacobs) was a natural ham in his role as a geeky type of fellow but really brings off his hyped enthusiasm to life by what he had to do within every scene and not letting an ounce of energy down. He seemed to be one of the best out of the cast as I remembered him in the sketch comedy TV series Bizarre.
(Joey) portrays a mischievieous little kid at the hospital getting into trouble at time as he drew my attention while doing this and can almost do the trick but yet lacks some inspiration as he's a bit rough but not bad doing his job by portraying this part. He needed a bit of a push.
John Vernon
(Roger Levering) didn't have a huge role in this film but did a bang up job as a greedy corporate hospital director in which he drew across by behaving this way with his gruff and powerful speaking as well as having a strong personality. He often portrays these types of roles as he's great by doing all of this.
(Sandra Baker) has a supporting role of a pregnant woman about to go into labour and tries to be funny but doesn't cut it at all. I just couldn't see the humor in her at all as she was plain wooden by what she did here and tried too hard.

A splurt of bloodshed is revealed in an emergency room.
Creature tears off a person's head.

The music is composed by both Patrick Coleman and Paul Novotny as they collaborated different sounds like some deep synthesizer music for the real dark moments along with using this for the closing credits which sounded mediocre. Also they have some tuned out violin sounds as I couldn't tell if they ripped it from a synthesizer too. It needed some improvements but fit the low budget feel of this one. Plus some high sounds too which was done in an okay fashion. Good effective soldier type drumbeats in a scene when the military arrives to prepare for battle. However it wouldn't be my choice to hire these two on what they did with this one but it wasn't terrible.