The Bog Creatures (2003)


Produced & Directed by: J. Christian Ingvordsen

Written by: Matthew M. Howe

Story by: J. Christian Ingvordsen & Jeff Kollig


.... Diana Oppenheimer
.... Steve Dyson
.... Nick Warren
.... Ronald Teller
Debbie Rochon .... Tara
.... Professor Feneman
.... Kelly Feneman
.... Susan Beth

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: March 4, 2003



A group of college students go venturing into a bog to explore an abandoned castle to explore dead bodies of vikings that ran amok there centuries ago only to discover that they had come back to life and to kill again.


The beginning of the story while the opening credits start to occur looks well done as there's a historical moment with vikings galore killing or chasing after women in their castle and so fourth which is a key to what will unravel during present day.
Then when present day occurs the Professor Feneman instructs his students on a situation which looked not too badly done as well as them going on the mission along with them entering the abandoned castle. Plus some good moments when they dig up viking corpses and so fourth.
When they explore more in the forest they spot some battered up vehicles as well as some ripped clothing which looked creepy to watch this all unravel. Then while continuing to explore a nice near jumping moment when a frightened stranger Tara pops up and runs away drawing a good mysterious feel to the story.
Good effective moments when certain bog creatures spy on the students which leaves off a nice horror touch to the story.
There's also a nice moment when the students comfort the shaken up Tara as this looked good and natural by how this all come into view.
Susan Beth is wandering in the wooded area as well as a good suspenseful camera zooming into a bog creature ready to attack her as this was a classy shot indeed.
More of the suspense happens when it's night time and Ronald Teller is spying around the beautiful girls and hiding near their window sill when they hear something not to being caught and then later on he spots some female bog creatures standing near him as well as later on a nasty one ready to attack him as the shots looked greatly done with misty effects. One of the best scene's ever and then chaos happens when the surviving people lock themselves into the castle to try and survive which looked highly adrenalised.
Then in a laboratory hosted by Professor Feneman they try to do an experiment on a supposed dead bog creature and this things comes to life and attacks as well as others too which the terror piles up greatly along with a female one who is peacefully talking to one of his students that understands her foreign language and the reason on what is going on with good flashbacks on the viking days and so fourth. This was well out into the story.
After some heated arguements with some of the students they discover Tara's darkest secrets as they find out she's responsible for these bog creatures as the story becomes really interesting when this moment unfolds which looked enjoyable to watch.
Then the best is yet to come when Tara does a cult ceremony with these bog creatures and Susan is someone they plan to sacrifice along with the survivors trying to rescue her and battling these creatures as this was terrifically set out by how it was all shot and performed.
Then during the ending it shows that the nightmare is about to begin which opens a door to a sequel but sadly one never arised.
Bottom line is that this film was made on a low budget but was greatly done by how everything was set out and was surpprised as to what to expect out of this which shows with cheaply done indepdendent horror films can look good if the filmmaker knows what they're doing and this was a perfect example of it.

The acting is fairly well performed in which (Diana Oppenheimer) seemed to pull her weight pretty well as a level headed student as well as reacting well to stuff. Shows off alot of energy into what she does and shows off some nice enthusiasm. But however when she gets aggressive at times is a bit over the top within what she did here.
(Steve Dyson) had the right appeal to play a smart type who knows how to solve issues as well as doing well with his courageous attitude. I liked as to what he did and not taking crap from anyone. Plus had the right looks for this type of role so he was a good choice.
(Nick Warren) did a great job with his cocky and macho attitude and really knew on how to act arrogant when necessary. Worked really hard on his performance in which he was a true character actor. Plus had the right masculine appeal to his part.
(Ronald Teller) does well as a perverted type along with acting like a total dork. He portrayed his role as the clown type student in a fair fashion. Also had the perfect appeal to all of this.
Debbie Rochon
(Tara) was the best out of the whole cast as she sprung into action terrifically during the start of her performance freaking out as well as acting timid and scared on stuff showing off a decent emotional attitude. She does a great job showing her wicked and evil side really lashing out. She was a true talent in this one indeed.
(Professor Feneman) was stiff at first when instructing everyone but got into his role nicely later on as well as having a good aggressive and someone crazed behavior when explaining a situation when the terror strikes. Seemed to be a good force of nature.

Battered corpses are revealed in a wooded area
Brief slit throat is revealed

Jeffrey Howard does a marvellous job with his music having a good creepy feel to stuff as well as icy airy sounds which he focused well on each scene that was happening. He knew his craft very well by what he did here.