Bonehill Road (2017)


Produced, Written, Cinematographed, Edited, Casted & Directed by: Todd Sheets


Eli DeGeer .... Emily Stevens
Ana Rojas-Plumberg .... Eden Stevens
Douglas Epps .... Coen Anders
Millie Milan .... Tina
Dilynn Fawn Harvey .... Lucy
Gary Kent
.... Rhett Tanner

Special Appearance:

Linnea Quigley .... Suzy

Release Dates:
Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival: November 4, 2017; Kansas City Paracon: February 17, 2018; Weekend of Fear: May 12, 2018; Saints & Sinners Film Festival: May 26, 2018



Both Emily (Eli DeGeer) and her daughter Eden (Ana Rojas-Plumberg) escape from their abusive family man but take a wrong turn on a road where werewolves and maniacs roam as they try to survive the madness that surrounds them.


A nice start off to the story with an abusive family man trying to beat his wife Emily and his daughter Eden as this looked a bit rough but intense at the same time which made me watch carefully wondering if they will be able to get out of the house and escape in their vehicle. It drew me in to watch every step in the story.
Some odd ball moments while they're travelling which could've been a bit better but when night happens, there's a full moon revealed along with them turning onto Bonehill Road this for sure leaves a perfectly creepy feeling that this was a bad idea for them making a wrong turn while trying to head to their next destination.
A near jumping moment when some hairy object crosses them by and they end of cracking up their car due to this as all of this looked extremely suspenseful to watch the outcome wondering if these two will be okay.
When the two of them are in the vehicle wondering as what to do next looked greatly done as it was very silent. In fact too silent which would leave a chill down your spine and the excitement starts up as this was my favourite scene of all.
They both flee to a home as the shots looked great while they are racing to the place and go inside in which they meet a freak Coen Anders in which he mames and kills several people there as well as manipulating others to do nasty deeds in which this for sure looked disturbing to watch but alot of these moments looked a bit over the top and had to be convincingly darker to make these situations seem really effective to meet up to the creepiness and intensity that it was supposed to be.
Coen is preparing dinner for these tortured guests and can you guess as to what it is??? Does this sound familiar to a 1974 cult classic that all of us horror fans adored? Not as effective as that film but it worked well into the story.
When everyone manages to escape the action packs up as well as Emily's father Rhett trying to find them along with him trying to make it safe while not being attacked by the pack of werewlves as I was watching carefully wondering if he will make it safe to the house.
A very sad and touching moment on a plan that Emily does in order to save everyone else that's still alive from these wolves as this looked very well done.
One of the survivors suddenly changes into a werewolf and the effects looked awesome to watch due to this being a very low budget flick and springing into action to try and kill the rest of the survivors.
Bottom line is that the film has some leaky holes and the odd amateurish moments but the other times it's very enjoyable and well done. The werewolves looked perfectly spooky as the makers put some great touches to make these beasts by looking convincing for a werewolf flick.
The flick is very imaginative on what could happen while going on a wrong road leading to nothing but horror. It was like a combination with films like American Werewolf in London, The Howling and a touch of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The acting was a bit stiff and some of it over the top but we do get a nice performance by Eli DeGeer (Emily Stevens) in which she was great by trying to keep everything together when being abused or tortured as she studied doing these scene's quite nicely and had to admit she pulled off some nice characteristics.
Ana Rojas-Plumberg (Eden Stevens) seemed to do okay as well by playing the daughter as she does a nice job with her sobbing emotions or screaming in terror which she adds some decent energy while doing this all. Reacts okay to things too. Sometimes she needed to pick up the pace in some spots but does nicely for the most part.
Douglas Epps (Coen Anders) however is way over the top as a demented psychopath as he tries way too hard to be creepy but was too goofy and didn't seem to know as to how this character was meant to be. He for sure wasn't intimidating like he was supposed to have been and was very annoying.
Millie Milan (Tina) was fairly okay as a sobbing type of basket case and knew how to act fearful by what was going on as well as drawing a nice intensity to her upsetting and scared behavior. Shows off some conving energy while being like this and seemed to react nicely to situations.
Gary Kent (Rhett Tanner) drew off a nice serious and strong minded attitude but sometimes he was stiff with his words. He had the good looks and appeal for his role and seemed to show off nicely that he was brave and heroic when the terror surrounds him. He was decent within what he did here.

Dilynn Fawn Harvey is fully breasted while lying in an empty bathtub.

Clawmarks are revealed.
Some people are gutted with their insides revealed.
Man is being sawed.
Bloody stabbings.
Violent bloodsheds.

The music had it's good and cheesy moments as at times there's some cheesy synthesizer music in parts of the scene's but it improves when the terror and action takes place having it sounding more energised. Also nice sad sounds for when someone sacrifices their life to save two other people which worked in well. Plus there's some good whoosing and banging sounds for the surprise encounters and attacks as this was right on.