The Brotherhood III: Young Demons (2003)


Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Ryan Carrassi & Matthew Jason Walsh

Story by: David DeCoteau & Matthew Jason Walsh


Kristopher Turner .... Lex
Paul Andrich .... Ramsey
Ellen Wieser .... Megan
Julie Pedersen .... Victoria
Andrew Hrankowski .... Kip
Landon McCormick .... Roger
David Johnson .... Stan
Matthew Epp .... Mike
Carl Thiessen .... Tony

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: April 23, 2003 (Norway)









Two students break into their school at night but a grim reaper of some sort captures them and then turns them into one of his people.
The next day a bunch of students at the school plan an event as they always do during the weekends by entertaining themselves with a game by playing an elaborate role-playing game in which they impersonate witches, warlocks, and other magical beings.
This time they decide to break into their highschool to do it so it will be more challenging. The head teen named Lex (Kristopher Turner) finds a book of magic spells at the school library so he uses it for the game.
Another teen named Megan (Ellen Wieser) is being tormented in her nightmares that the grim reaper figure is chasing after her in the school with a volleyball bouncing towatrds her in the school gymnasium scrawkled in blood that she is going to die that night.
Then when the game begins some of the students really die and some turn into demonic beings while Lex uses the magic book of spells.
Megan is one of the only survivors and this time a volleyball bounces towards her letting her know that she isn't dreaming. She finds out that one of her friends named Roger (Landon McCormick) is trying to survive this madness too but neither of them can seem to escape this horror.


We spot a moment with two teens playing a game in the hallways of the school in which there's good silent settings as well as foggy effects which really adds to the horror entertainment but yet things were supposed to be so still that it's supposed to make you cringe a great deal which fails in order to do so. Also we spot a figure in a dark type costume ready to apporach these two which seemed to look too obvious and not spooky enough. However some nice lighting effects when they are about to be cornered.
A perfect scene in the story with a student giving the head character Lex a book on black magic type of spells which almost seemed to pay a tribute to the Evil Dead flicks as well as a nice carefully shot moment on him slowly looking at the book and shots on the pages flipping as well as him looking up evilly as well as good lightning effects which looked highly entertaining and giving a creepy feel that the evil is about to occur soon.
A perfect misty shot on a girl wandering in the hallway and carefully spotting something bloody as this for sure looked fun to watch leaving a nice eerie feel this time. Also perfect moments with the people dressed in black trying to get her which begs you wanting to watch for more.
The fun starts up some more when Lex does the hosting for when the games begin in the hallways of the school with lightning effects happening from the windows as well as the misty hallways. Brings a nice halloweenish type feel to everything surrounding this as well as the dark. Plus good moments on the figures creeping up on others and strange moments with the others.
We also spot one of the jocks bloodied up and he takes a shower of course wearing his calvin klein underwear as there's a prime focus on this killing wasteless time on this which can bore the pants off you with all the close up shots on this.
Perfect slow motion shots on someone running away in the hallway against the people in black and the demonic possessed students which looked good and strong while we see on what happens here as well as good lighting effects in the misty hallways too which adds more great flavor to the plot.
Perfect silent moments with the lead girl Megan trying to hide from what is happening and good still moments on this which adds a nice creepy feel when you suspect that someone will jump out at her which makes you watch carefully.
Also great powerful discussions between Megan and Roger when they discuss something not right happening as this draws into the plot nicely as well as planning to see them put a stop to the madness. While they do we have perfect moments on the students now as demonic forces which looked cool to watch along with Lex coming in to do the final battle against the head demon possessing one of the student bodies which was carefully shot and written too.
Bottom line is that this would be considered almost a Hellraiser ripoff but a fun one. I didn't understand the story in the very beginning of it but I still enjoyed it and understood it more after watching it. I liked how it ended showing the game master had control over the evil happenings. I also enjoyed the demonic voice effects.

Some of the acting like Kristopher Turner (Lex) is great as he knew his role inside out especially when he was instructing the game when it starts inside the school at night. He defientely shows a great powerful presence whatever he did like showing perfect shocked or evil expressions when he looks through something or when he is doing instructions acting convincingly smart alecky or sarcastic with a good touch of cockiness too. Plus shows off a perfect wicked attitude too. Shows off terrific energy near the end of his performance when he acts heroic doing the final battle. Plus was a natural ham too in certain spots.
Paul Andrich
(Ramsey) seemed to show off his stuff quite well when he is demonically possssed in which he has a powerful presence as well asgetting believeably physical towards others. Plus speaks well with evil expressions especially during the final battle just acting perfectly forceful as well as doing well getting upset later on.
Ellen Wieser
(Megan) was the best out of the cast as she is fully alerted with the terrors happening around her and reacts natural to all of them especially letting out some good terrified screams. Also does well with her fearful and concenred expressions too. Does a nice job stressing situations and really acting perfectly energetic while doing all of this. She is for sure a worthy character actress and has the perfect decent looks for her part which is also a plus here.
Julie Pedersen (Victoria) seemed to come off well onto the camera with her sort of snooty behavior as she seems to know her stuff while doing this along with doing well with her lines and not lacking any of this. Shows off great energy with her shocked expressions as well as trying to run or struggle away from a scene when she is attacked. Also does perfect when she is possessed really acting like some sort of a voodoo woman and speaks well with her smooth words too. Yes she has it all.
Landon McCormick
(Roger) seemed to be slightly rough when he perfroms this but does have the right masculine looks and boy next door type of appeal. He wasn't terrible though as he seemed to do well with his cocky and sarcastic attitude. Also knew on how to act full of life as well. Also knew on how to get into a conversation which seemed natural enough. So he does show some decent spunk into his role which is some nivce pointers for him.

There was some blood and a fake boiled head but all of this looks extremely phony.

Walle Larsson is great with his violin sounding synthesizer for the film as his music playing truly suits the story. We also hear some groaning type of low classical scores which adds a nice touch to the dark moments in the story. Plus some good airy type music and sliding sounds which works in well giving the chilling scene's necessary. Also we hear loud heartbeats for the most part in the story which works in but yet it eventually becomes a little too annoying after a while.