The Brotherhood V: Alumni (2009)


Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Moses Rutegar


.... Amy
.... Randell
.... Ted
.... Schwartz
.... Betty
.... Holden

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: 2009




A group of former prom students get together to find a tape that was filmed on a murder case which was a game gone wrong years before but a killer in a dark suit starts to slay these former students off one by one.


We spot a beginning with a student wandering through the halls with a deep dark blue light shining on things which was supposed to make the situations seem dark and creepy but that seems to fail and no inspiration with him acting nervous about stuff like he's supposed to and then we spot the mysterious killer in black wandering the halls pointing out his knife with close ups on this but this looked way too amateurishly done and not scary at all seeming to take too much time on this too. Of course the teen takes a long shower which the camera focuses too much on this and very typical too.
We spot a moment with the teens that witnessed the murder with a camera spotting on what's happening here in which their guilty and upsetting reactions looked way too planned out and amateurishly done as I knew I was in for a real bad movie while watching all of this. Seemed to rip off the ideas from flicks like Prom Night or I Know What You Did Last Summer with all that's happening here.
There's the situations when everyone gathers together for their prom reunion which we spot what's supposed to be the mysterious suspenct killer who happens to be a supporting character named Holden spying on others and seeming stalking like but this looked way too obvious and not suspenseful as it was intended to be.
Yet when there was suggested gay themes in the previous flicks there's the real gay romantic moment this time with two guys kissing and caressing one another yet it looked like they were forced to do this and took way too long standing up and dropping to their underwear as well as lying on the ground. The makers really needed more inspiration within all of this. However after their make out scene there's some good negative reactions on the two of them. Yet this was nothing to brag about either.
Then we have flashback sequences on who the killer could've been in their game which alos looked pretty lame to watch within all of this but some of it looked slightly intense but barely noticeable.
Then we have a make out scene between the characters Schwartz and Betty which looked even more amateurishly done and incredibly stale by how they try to get it on which you're convinced while watching all of this they're not making it to third base at all as I've seen more convincing moments in older DeCoteau flicks.
Then of course we spot Schwartz hitting the showers rubbing himself over with water way too much and bland close up shots on all of this. Then we see the killer with his knife sneaking up on him about to do him in yet he takes his time while this is going on showing the close up shot on the knife and then the shower scene. I was finally saying to myself "Get it over with finally!!!" It looked that bad seriously.
Along with more of the lame moments on people getting killed we do spot the final confrontation with the lead character Amy pinned against Holden while she tries to escape and hide from him as the settings looked a little more impressive for a slasher flick such as this one as well as the struggles that goes on while we continue to watch. Plus we have a creepy moment by Randell which draws your attention and having a feeling that he's behind the madness that took place in the beginning by what he has to say which looked well focused. However, this doesn't save the film from bombing at all.

Bottom line is that although none of the series bares any relationship at all it does have a focus on jocks and their own male groups. This one however doesn't and it seems like the makers were running out of an idea on this one big time cause it really shows here. I was in pure boredom while watching all of this and everyone should be ashamed for all their effort they put into this since it's nothing to look back and be proud of. C'mon guys try a little harder next time.

The acting doesn't stand out too much and not very memorable but will do my best here. Lead actress (Amy) seemed to just have the beautiful looks do the talking for her part as it seemed she just graduated out of a modelling academy in which she tries way too hard to draw out her emotions or anxious attitude and being way over the top. At times she seemed to do okay but other times she was too much and quite wooden too.
(Randell) seemed to be the best out of the cast here as he shows off a good clean cut wise type of presence with whatever he did in the film. Plus he shows off a good scumbag type of attitude with his dark and cold speaking near the end of his performance during the final showdown as he drew in a perfect horror type of presence by what he does for that scene. Yes he delivered a nice character type of role.
(Ted) seemed fairly sharp in his performance in which he does well acting anxious or aggressive offering some good energy here as well as bringing it up to a hype when the terror starts as well as showing great expressions when this moment strikes him big time. Seemed to have the right jock type looks too for this role.
(Schwartz) tried to add pizzaz and spunk into his part and can pull it off so-so but however seemed a little too plain to be considered much of a character actor. He seemed not too interested in doing his role as if he was forced to pull it off. It looked like that he wanted to get his performance over with but he wasn't bad by any means. He didn't seem to get into a make out scene in the part of the story which lacked quite a bit.
(Betty) was another cast member who seemed to do fairly well in her role with her sarcastic but charming type of personality as she came across well onto the camera a fairly good deal here. Also does well in a flashback sequence when she acts evil with what she does as well as good strong blocking while plunging a knife down with great might. She was a bit off when she looks shocked near the end of her performance as well as her screaming too not showing the right timing here. However she had the nice girl next door looks which helped her part out nicely.
(Holden) played the suspect in the film which he seemed a little stale while coming across as intimidating as he never had me convinced in any way whatsoever. He tried to look mean and sometimes overdoes that yet had the right rugged type of appeal. Does a good job later on in his performance when he goes wild and tries to go into a rage which he brought it out pretty well with his disturbed type of behavior.

There's two separate scene's with some jock looking guy taking a shower as you can see their hips and almost their crotch but misses so this is nearly brief nudity.

Jerry Lambert has alot of high pitched piano playing in alot of the scene's which really got on my nerves and sounded incredibly annoying too. Yet shows some good strong classical orchestral music but yet doesn't seem to fit into the story at the same time until the final confrontation as there's great clanging and booming sounds which almost reminds me of scene's in a Friday the 13th type of flick. So there's some effective moments standing in those situations. There's been times in the middle of the story where we hear synthesizer classical type orchestra which sounded pretty bland though.