Burial of the Rats (1995)


Directed by: Dan Golden

Written by: Adrien Hein, Tara McCann, Daniella Purcell & Somtow Sucharitku

Story by:
Bram Stoker


Adrienne Barbeau .... The Queen
.... Madeleine
.... Bram Stoker
.... Anna
.... Mr. Stoker
.... Constable
.... Verlaine

Special Appearance:

Linnea Quigley .... Rat Woman

Release Dates: Made-for-Cable: August 8, 1995



Bram Stoker (Kevin Alber) is kidnapped by a bunch of man hating warriors which they bring a pack of flesh eating rats to devour these men and their evil deeds.
Bram is forced to work for them while he romantically falls in love with Madeleine (Maria Ford) in which he must decide between his wish to escape the dangerous cult and his love for one of its members.


Nice camera shots zooming in shortly after the opening credits on a horse and carriage as this leaves a feeling that it's a bunch of killer rats as well as good intensity on a murder by two people in dark hooded uniforms and kidnapping one of the main character's who happens to be Bram Stoker as well as seeing the results later on on the carriage driver with his skeletal corpse but this looked a little too cheesy.
A nice slick moment when Bram is brought to the kingdom of the female cult with both of these hooded couple revealing themselves whom happens to be Madeleine and Anna in which this was done in a good fashion with these two taunting him as well as speaking coldly towards him. This was perfectly drawn in and in fine taste too.
Well shot moments in the kingdom with sexy looking women dancing around with others being entertained as this seemed to work in well into the story plus some cute shots on the rats looking around and looking like they're enjoying themselves too. There's some shocking moments with the Queen knowing how to communicate with them and doing something shocking which disrupts the cuteness to these rodents.
After this ceremony more strong discussions and perfect camera shots with each warrior towards the Queen on the issues that are happening which looked good and serious. Plus a good strong moment on Bram being brought to the Queen and the others showing hatred towards him as this looked convincingly unpleasant.
Then a good shot on a skeletal pit with rats swarming around the area which looked impressive although the skeletal corpses looked cheesy as well and then Bram chained to a device with some of the warriors taking a swing on having the object on him sinking deeper and deeper into the pit which is supposed to make you cringe wondering if he will fall and the rats eating him alive but yet these moments fail big time.
Then when we keep watching later on in the story we have Anna coming to a cathedral confessing to see a preacher as then a nicely concentrated moment on this preacher about to act dirty towards her in which this really caught me off guard and looking awfully twisted with a nice rage on the other women dumping rats to attack him as there's good shots on him being attacked and looking quite intense too.
Perfect serious and wicked discussions involving the Queen by reading out Bram's writing to him while he's locked up as this looked powerful to watch on what she thinks of all this. Plus a good brief romantic interaction between him and Madeleine as this was well focused on the two of them.
The excitement begins big time in a whorehouse which there's some odd humoress moments happening during different parts of the happenings. What drew me in was someone getting ready to get it on with what looks like someone underneath the sheets in which this was set out when he takes the covers off something creepy is going to happen as this looked cleverly done. Plus lots of great sword fighting choreography that happens here offering alot of action and adventure.
More drawn in moments with the Queen having a ceremony to challenge Bram to drink blood from her wrist and him being hesitant with good camera shots on the other women watching to see if he will or not.
Also intense moments on a torture chamber and what some of these people are doing to others which looked painful to watch along with perfect action moments on the women coming in to try and rescue Madeleine and many struggling moments that goes on between Bram and someone else working at the torture chamber. This keeps you peeled to the set to wonder the outcome on all of this.
Powerful moment with a sacrifice about to happen on a victim with a hood over his head and the Queen challenging Bram to behead him in which this time looked good wondering if he will ever do so as well as a frenzy happening later on with more battling and sword fighting in other areas.
The most effective moment is what happens to the Queen with her rats when we spot a drawn in moment when she snaps her flute in half and nice graphic moments surrounding her. This looked perfectly horrific.
Bottom line is that this almost looked like a horror version of a Greek tragedy but not taking place before christ like those other tragedies. It is dramatic in alot of spots but the story falls flat alot of the times. Yet good fighting seuqences which worked in well. Not the best film though but can be fun if you're in the mood for it.

The acting is done in good fashion which makes the piece entertaining in which Adrienne Barbeau (The Queen) did a bag on job playing someone totally cruel and wicked. Was strong in delivering her lines and knew on how to act deadly and cold blooded. She for sure portrayed a perfect evil leader of her troops. Was perfectly sharp with her speaking. Studied this part inside and out. In fact I'd say that this was her best performance than I've seen her in anything else.
(Madeleine) showed off the perfectly innocent looks and cuteness in her role. Also does well with her soft speaking as well as knowing on how to act a bit wicked in other spots. Does well with her discussions as well as getting into a romantic mode too which wasn't shabby at all. Stood out nicely into everything that she did here.
(Bram Stoker) was passable as the middle aged gentlemanly type as he showed it off that he's harmless with what he's pitted against. Seemed to show off a decent attitude as well as showing off energy during the struggling moments and battles too. Had the right good guy looks and appeal too plus was decent with his characteristics.
(Anna) was terrific with her slick and sneaky type of behavior as well as ofeering a good prickly behavior along with doing a good job acting cruel and nasty towards others. She was a great evil type of warrior along with jumping into action nicely here and there. I found her to be one of the best out of the cast and had the perfect dark looks for her role which was another great plus.
(Mr. Stoker) seemed to show it off nicely in his supporting role as a timid type in which he caught my attention nicely by behaving this way. Showed off a good seriousness as well as coming across with a good innocent type of behavior. Also does well reacting to what happens to him too.

Topless women are dancing in various scene's of the story
A naked whore runs out of her room nudity revealed top to bottom
A bare breasted woman buttons up her blouse while trying to run out of a room
Bare breasted woman makes out with a guy
Guys butt is revealed during a ceremony

A wooden stake is stabbed through someone while rats feast on him
Hand is chopped off
Bloodied scars are revealed in a torture room
Woman is eaten alive by rats

The classical music composed by Eduard Artemev was done strongly and superbly in which there's peaveful music during the opening credits of the film which suits on what's happening during this moment. Also alot of great trombone playing along with the violin music along with echoey drumbeats and cymbals clashings during many of the sword fightings as this gave the film and adventureous feel to it all. It made me wonder if a film studio like Universal was behind all of this. Plus we have some weeping violin music during certain spots that was needed including a romantic scene and a sad ending too. At times we hear odd chantings too alone with intense high pitched flute playing as these were just as catchy.