Caeser & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre (2009)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Dave Campfield


.... Caeser
.... Otto
.... Jerry Griffen
.... Fred Denovio
.... Carrie
Avi G. Garg .... Drew
.... Chip
Jen .... Monique
Summer Ferguson .... Giselle
Derek Crabbe .... Larry
Robin Ritter .... Nurse Helen

Special Appearances:

Deron Miller .... Dick
Brinke Stevens .... Sashi
Joe Estevez .... Job Counselor Estevez
Robert McAtee .... Frazzled Soap Star

Release Dates: Fright Night Film Festival: August 15, 2009; Horrific Film Fest: August 29, 2009; Long Island Film Festival: October 9, 2009; Lighthouse International Film Festival: June 4, 2010



Two dimwitted siblings Caeser (Dave Campfield) and Otto () sign up to being camp counsellors but a mysterious woman named Carrie (Felissa Rose) also shows up and people end up being killed one by one.


The very beginning looked mildly impressive as we spot something gruesome as well as a mysterious killer holding an axe as I was thinking this may look like a fun comedy horror and then the opening credits role. Then after that it was an utter disappointment with Caeser and Otto watching TV and their hokey discussions which looked over the top stupid.
Caeser also does some driving and picks up a female hitchhiker whom is just as annoying and then he shouts at someone in another vehicle later on as the person driving it happens to be a big dude as you think a fight is going to break out but this didn't look intimidating at all since it was slapstick in an unfunny way as well as even dumber moments to this situation in the end.
Caeser and Otto then becomes camp counsellors travelling to a forestry area as when they're driving you could tell that it was done on a really bad green screen and more stupid one liners coming from these two bozos.
While arriving at the camp they are instructed by Jerry Griffen which was as annoying as hell as well as having their t-shirts too small, in training sessions and a campfire with each person explaining as what they do and Jerry cutting them off and being offensive in which this wasn't funny like it was intended to have been. I've been in agony watching all of the outcome within all of this.
I was wondering within all of this is this a plain comedy but the horror barely makes it's introduction as there's an arrogant camper Dick strumming on his guitar near his campfire and then a mysterious axe murderer is about to do him in and the gorehounds may like this moment when the outcome is revealed but the girl that catches him dead is awful with her trying to get a chainsaw to plan on doing him in which looked sloppy.
Then there's the Sleepaway Camp parody with Carrie staring out and eating some chips and someone warning Otto that there's a rumor she has a cock as there's more cases of bad writing when he tries to talk to her and other scenarios that you will have to see for yourself if I dare you to watch this turkey.
Along the way there's more stupid situations including a chef giving people rocks for a meal he calls rock stew as well as a somewhat mild romantic moment between Otto and Nurse Helen as this looked amateurish and unnatural.
The horror moves in again once more when two people find a half of a slaughtered body and tries to warn the others on a killer but all of this looked kookie including police officers doing lame brained things and so fourth. Along the way there's other mysterious slayings as I thought to myself ok it can almost pass being a horror apart from a comedy but just barely.
The horror moves in during the final moments when the killer reveals himself while Caeser and Otto are strapped on stretchers in a room where there are corpses being gutted and so fourth. Still this didn't entertain me the least bit and then another scene cuts in the middle of this not making sense at all. Then it goes back to the dissecting room where these two are strapped. This was strange to watch.
Bottom line is that I wasn't going to review this as it seemed like a plain goofy comedy with some horror elements in it but it just passes as a horror type of genre. It was overly stupid and wondered if Campfield was experimenting with heavy duty LSD while writing this flick and tried to make his own style of Abbot and Costello but fails greatly. Avoid it at all costs.

The acting is terrible and over the top as there's not many to mention here but will do my best.... OK now, Dave Campfield (Caeser) tries too hard to being kookie and funny but was making a fool out of himself and needed lessons big time to be a convincing comedy actor. Tries to act tough but seemed way too nerdy by all that he did here/ No gold star for this fellow.
(Otto) seemed to do a little better but not much as he wasn't too hyped over the top and played the more level headed one. Yet he lacks characteristics as well in which he was quite wooden within whatever he did here.
(Jerry Griffen) got on my nerves big time as a kookie type of camp owner but again I think that this was intentional on which he seemed to do okay by acting like an arrogant dickhead. When he reveals his true identity he doesn't seem to cut it well by acting horrific.
(Fred Denovio) was the best of the cast in which I must say he had a great presence and seemed to know how to get into character a fair deal and was a natural ham about this too. Seemed to show off a likeable type of fellow too as I like these types. A nice pat on the back for him.
(Carrie) never was a very good actress but pulled her weight alot better than most of the people here in which she presents herself a bit mysterious as well as having that same stare in a certain scene like she did in Sleepaway Camp which was mildly impressive to watch. Shows off a convincingly sharp attitude too especially near the end of her role when she identifies herself.

A torn apart body that was revealed as sliced in two is revealed during the beginning of the story.
Head is chopped off.
Arms and legs are torn off.
Violent bloodsheds.
Piece of a body is revealed.
Intestines are torn out of a body.

Alot of the music has classical sounds which is probably used on a few synthesizers as it isn't anything special as well as annoyingly comedic with some string pluckings. Yes folks we've heard this stuff before many times and it was getting on my nerves but there's the odd moments with deep sounds as well as the odd hissings which seemed to fit in okay. All of this was put together by Bruce Kiesling