A Classic Horror Story (2021)


Directed by: Roberto De Feo & Paolo Strippoli

Written by:
Lucio Besana, Roberto De Feo, Paolo Strippoli, Milo Tissone & David Bellini


Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz .... Elisa
Francesco Russo .... Fabrizio
Peppino Mazzotta .... Riccardo
Will Merrick .... Mark
Yuliia Sobol .... Sofia
Alida Baldari Calabria .... Chiara

Release Dates: Taormina Film Festival: July 1, 2021; Noir in Festival: December 11, 2021



A group of young adults are travelling in a mobile home in the southern woods of Italy where they are stranded in the woods as well as spotting a strange looking cabin in which is owned by a demented pack of psychopaths who torture and kills people that enters their land.


A nice beginning with someone being tortured as this left off to a nice horror start and then later on a group of friends go on what seems to be like a camping trip to the great outdoors as there's nice scenery while watching this unravel.
Suddenly they spot road kill and swerve to get out of the way as there's a nice camera shot on the vehicle heading towards a tree which left me an impression that this was not going to look pretty. This moment looked incredibly intense and suspenseful.
After waking up from feeling unconcious they manage to get their trailer vehicle running and spot a strange looking cabin of some sort in which they try to get help there. This display looked spooky to watch as it doesn't look like your everyday house.
When they enter the house it is deserted but we spot an object from what we saw from the very beginning of the story as this left an impression that this is not a good idea to stay at the home in case who resided there comes back. Plus they look at pictures of people wearing masked objects that were once animals as this was a great touch to a horror story indeed.
While the gang searches the area they spot some creepy settings like Boars heads on a stick and figures hung which was a great touch to a mysterious horror flick and was well done.
Even better is when one of the friends named
Fabrizio goes out of his trailer there's a nice foggy night on the woods as this was given a perfect horror touch as well as spotting someone in those masks staring at him as this is spine chilling.
Whike the gang goes back to that cabin they spot a child trapped in some sort of hay as well as a siren breaking out along with a red light flashing on them in which this was perfectly spooky to watch. Plus they spot one of their friends being tortured to death in which there's well focused shots on what they do to his body making this hard to watch. Plus the killers were playing an odie song on their cassette player while doing all of this since this was common for other certain horror flicks.
The group of friends discovers some wrecked up cars that were abandoned as this was a nice scene to add into a horror story making you think that other people came to this area and ended up as dead victims.
When dusk strikes again the siren goes off in which this was one of the best moments in the flick as the other friends end up as victims for a cult ceremony in which the settings looked well designed to make this action packed and worth while. For any horror fan will love this situation unraveling.
The last victim whom is Elisa is nailed to a chair while the demented people are revealed with a large table having dinner and of course it's italian food that they're eating. There's many good camera takes on this and it for sure looked perfectly twisted by how the others mock poor Elisa.
I love the near ending when Elisa seeks revenge on one of the people by using a shotgun which leaves a great feeling that a couple of these people got what was coming to them.
Bottom line is that this italian horror flick seems to pay a tribute to many of the cult classics that we remember watching without ripping them off and done in great style. It for sure is spooky to watch all of the outcomes throughout all of this. It's been a while since I saw a good horror film come out and I advise any horror fan to check this one out.

The acting is spoken in italian and overdubbed in english so I will do my best to try and see what I can get out of the main cast here .... Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz (Elisa) seemed to do well by what she did here as she shows great expressions when the terror strikes and acts alarmed as well as doing good by acting emotional or intense. Was great near the end of her performance by acting vengeful.
Francesco Russo (Fabrizio
) showed off his presence well onto the camera as he does a good job with his whiney type of behavior as well as coming off as arrogant too. Plus shows off his intensity later on in his performance.
Peppino Mazzotta (Riccardo) shows off terrific serious emotions for whatever he had to do here in which he was a driving force of energy especially when he acts cocky or aggressive. He was one of the best in the cast and had the right looks for this type of person too.
Will Merrick (Mark) was recognisable in his presence as he plays a dimwitted teen and seemed to know what to do in his role and had the perfect looks for this character that he portrayed in order to do so. Delivers nicely onto the camera and really got into this big time.

Throats are slit
Eyeballs plucked out
Bloody gunshots
A woman has her hands nails to a chair

Massimiliano Mechelli composed this piece and does a great job with it as he knew on how to make it sound dark and creepy with some metal screeching sounds as well as airy synthesizer music. Defientely gives it a different vibe like most italian composers do compared to american films making it sound more unique.