Clawed (2017)


Produced & Directed by: Steve Taylor

Written by: Steve Taylor, Rahul Chatterjee & Timothy Cerjan


.... Jim
.... Tamara
.... Sheriff Reynolds
.... Emma
.... Mike
.... Ance
.... Amber
.... George

.... Donna
Felissa Rose .... Sandra

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: September 19, 2017



A geology field trip into the remote Bear Claw wilderness area turns into a nightmare for a group of college students as they find themselves prey to a viscous man-beast the locals call The Shadow of Death.


Okay the film starts off a podcaster interviewing Sheriff Reynolds on his experience with all the massacres that had happened in the wooded area but the audio is quite airy and had a feeling I was in for a no budgeter and I was right. The story was hard to follow but will try my best to review it as I can....
There's many bad videotaping on incidents happening as if this was a found footage film which it totally isn't involving various characters but mostly on a troubled fellow named Jim as he sees a pond of sludge and then an interesting fast action effects shot on something pulling his face into the gross stuff and him getting sick but yet this doesn't make sense at all.
Then he has arguments here and there with his girlfriend Tamara on what's wrong with him and so fourth which I didn't fully understand either. Nothing came together too well other than he might've been sick for a long time or something like that.
Then some people go hiking there to do some research with Sheriff Reynolds being sarcastic with them on what he expects to keep the area clean which wasn't funny at all.
Later on there's a monstrous figure attacking and slaying away as well as fast surprise action moments on the attacks as well as gruesome results on certain people that didn't look gory but looking like they have body parts of this monster which looked ridiculous.
Then when things run more amuck some of the surviving teens try to find a way of escaping the madness which looked a bit suspenseful but bad camera shots on all of this. Yet these moments looked highly energgised as well as better shots on this monster that's attacking others as I thought that this looked neat but doesn't save the film from bombing.
Yet some good action moments with Sheriff Reynolds trying to close the area in a state of emergency and trying to solve the missing pieces as this seemed to work well into this complicated story with whtatever it's trying to be.
The ending in the story becomes horribly weird when things are back again with Sheriff Reynolds at his podcast review as there's a freaky moment with the host of this show but it isn't scary at all.
Bottom line is that this was made years before originally titled Sludge but not released until not too long ago and could see why as I wondered if the people that made it were on drugs as it looked like it was edited from a cheap computer along with terrible camera shots like mentioned. It's kind of a horror film to watch if you were on some heavy drugs. I couldn't understand it at all no matter how hard I tried but couldn't get into it. It's really bad but I've seen worst.

The acting is quite stale with virtual unknowns as I wondered if it were friends of the filmmakers in which (Jim) seemed to do okay though as someone whom is troubled or acting like he's drugged and stuff like that along with his troubled aggressions or getting sick showing some mediocre energy within all of this.
(Tamara) was a bit wooden as his girlfriend but did well acting soft spoken and sympathetic. She just lacked some energy while strutting her stuff within whatever she had to do here. She needed a push to get with what she was doing.
(Sheriff Reynolds) was the best in the cast as he seemed to pull off some interesting characteristics as someone whom is a bit cocky. Also shows off good energy when talking on a podcast show or when the terror strikes and getting into the action of stuff. I could see him well remembered for anyone who saw this flick.
(Mike) stood out okay as a level headed teen in the story showing some enthusiasm into what he did and making fast action decisions by what is going on in the story. Seemed to have the right looks and appeal to his role.
(Ance) seemed to have the most effective supporting role as he had a real hyped up behavior into all that he did here. Seemed to do well by freaking out or showing some high paced adrenaline into all that he did in his part fo the story.
(George) as the head of his students was incredibly stiff by how he was doing stuff. He wasn't overly terrible but at the same time quite wooden in his role as he did not seem to pull off a characteristic like I'd think that he would've.

A girl is washing herself barebreasts exposed.

The gore in this is the bigger thing than the storyline itself and we have lots of it.
Heads chopped off.
Flesh torn off.
Many bodies slashed.

Cynthia Calvert didn't seem to put much effort into this flick as it had some lame computerised whoosing sounds as well as other types of noises. At times there's the odd bonging sound which seemed to sound not too shabby but not great either. Did a better job with the music for the closing credits but that's nothing to brag about regardless.