Crocodile (2000)

Directed by: Tobe Hooper

Written by: Jace Anderson, Adam Gierasch & Michael D. Weiss

Story by: Boaz Davidson


Mark MacLachlan .... Brady Turner
Caitlin Martin .... Claire
Chris Solari .... Duncan McKay
D.W. Reiser .... Kit
Julie Mintz …. Annabelle
Sommer Knight …. Sunny
Rhett Wilkins .... Foster
Greg Wayne .... Hubs
Harrison Young .... Sherrif Bowman
Terrence Evans .... Shurkin

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: July 5, 2000 (Argentina)



A group of College students get away from school and go on a weekend spring break house boat trip in a lake down in southern California where they think that they'll have nonstop fun. One of them named Duncan McKay (Chris Solari) got expelled with his friend Brady Turner (Marc McLachlin) for cheating on an exam.
They land on a spot where an abandoned hotel resides and one of the students named Kit (D.W. Reiser) tells a campfire story about a crocodile residing there as he tells a story of a child being killed for smashing the Croc's eggs.
They then discover a Crocodiles nest and takes some of an egg from it's nest.
This enrages the mother Crocodile as she realises that some of her eggs are missing.
Meanwhile things get worst for Brady as him and Claire (Caitlin Martin) have a dispute after Claire finds out that Brady had an affair with one of the students there named Sunny (Sommers Knight) so things get sticky.
Meanwhile, the Croc kills the students off one by one as the group needs to find a way of surviving from the beast since their boat is destroyed by this ferocious beast


We have some cheesily impressive beginnings involving the teens enjoying their spring break and getting ready for their trip with their discussions while driving on the road as well as preparing to go on their boat. Plus we have a moment with Sheriff Bowman questioning the teens about their age with alcohol which looked corny by how this was all done as well as him letting them off the hook and the dorky one Duncan McKay getting fresh with him as this for sure is a good one for all of them getting back in trouble as it leaves an impression in the plot that there's always the troublemaking one of all the crowd.
Perfect moments on the teens hanging out of their boat in the lake which makes you want to join in on the fun of everything that we see them do along with some more annoying moments surrounding Duncan and another dorky teen Hubs. Plus we spot a suspenseful moment on Duncan pulling a prank as if he was attacked under water which of course makes you want to hit him for playing the boy who cried wolf. Watching this looked terrifying at first.
There's a nice setting and well focused moment on a campfire with the teens being surrounded and Kit getting serious telling the tale of a crocodile and a terror on this beast as well as revealing a mansion a bit away from the lake as to what has happened there as the settings looked pretty eerie.
Perfect silent and still night shots on two redneck fishermen discovering some corcodile eggs as well as them goofing around with them as this leaves you the chills that this isn't a good idea at all especially throwing some of them into the water and a perfect jumping moment when you don't expect it with what we see lashing out of the lake.
Nice peaceful situation between both Brady Turner and Claire having a nice romantic discussion lying in an area as this looked carefully focused on what they were talking about.
Perfect moment with the teens partying out at night having a bonfire as well as a bad secret on Brady's affair as well as Claire being emotionally upset and wanting to stay away from him which looked powerfully done here and well dramatic too.
Perfect situation when Hubs is sick and nice camera shots on him stumbling on the pier ready to throw up as well as this keeping you in suspense that something terrifying is about to happen when he leans over and BAM! Boy this was a perfect quick moment by what we see here and deifnetely makes you jump out of your seat once more.
An effective situation with Annabelle having a calm discussion with Brady on what happened which shows a nice decency on her compared to the other moments by what we see her here so far. Then there's a good flirtatious moment on her trying to get him to swim in the lake as this for sure gives you a creepy feeling wondering if the croc will attack that the shots make this looking like that this will happen for sure. There's a perfect jumping moment with this croc rising though as well as her trying to swim to shore which keeps you in suspense wondering if she will make it in time.
A perfect suspenseful moment on the croc charging towards Duncan as this looked terrorising to watch and wondering if he will get killed since he was so annoying in the flick. Plus alot of great struggling situations while their boat is being torn up along with one of the people trying to kill this croc which looked deadly to watch.
Perfect intense moments wioth everyone quarrelling and acting freaked out by what happened as this draws your attention greatly.
A corny situation with Bowman going to a farm area and talking to some strange backwoods hillbilly's about what is happening and trying to figure out a situation that killed two fishermen as this totally seems that Tobe Hooper was paying a tribute to his old work like TCM. There's some dark wit added to everything here.
We spot some cheesy CGI effects with the croc walking over a log and trying to attack the teens on land but this made the film look cheesily fun as well as great shots on them running away in the wooded area which also looked similar to a moment used in TCM. A great moment with one of them trapped by having their leg in a piece of wood and trying to get out as this looked like a perfect target for this reptile's next prey. Great close up shots on this croc with his mouth opening up and ready to munch her victims.
Nice shots on the teens breaking into a cabin store and one of them grabbing a chansaw which also seems to pay a reference to guess what??? Plus alot of perfect suspenseful moments on the corc crashing through the store and attacking as well as great special effects moments on a vehicle exploding as well as a cabing being torn to pieces by the explosion.
Things look annoying when Brady is carrying Duncan in a wheelbarrell with him whining as well as quarrells going on between them along with Claire as things looked good and natural as well as perfectly powerful and intense too. Adds a nice psychological feel of being hopeless on stuff and being hunted too.
There's a moment when Bowman and Shurkin are trying to snuff this croc while speeding away on a boat along with a real corny moment on this reptile jumping out of the water and zooming over this boat as the effects were totally off. Then a good moment with Shurkin falling into the water which keeps you in suspense wondering if the others will rescue him in time.
Bottom line is that I dug this b-movie. So what if it didn't make it to theatre's as horror films seem to do better off on video anyways. The crocodile looks cheesy but frightening. If you enjoy Tobe Hooper's work in horror films you'll enjoy this one as it's very well done and a must for fans of teen horror. It's better than his other Crocodile flick Eaten Alive

The acting is in good shape as we have a good cast playing typical college students on a fun vacation making their actions realistic. Mark MacLachlan (Brady Turner) lived to play the guy next door type as the wisest of the bunch in which he really knew his craft as one of those mature and serious types. Plus does well by not playing stupid games and acting strong in certain parts of the story which shines off really well. Plus has the right looks for this role so he was a great choice in which he studied this part inside out.
Caitlin Martin (Claire) was probably the best one out of all and proves she can get into character very well with her role especially when she gets upset. She was sharp in her performance as the level headed one of the bunch in which she also shows great intense anger and frusterations with the terror happening. Also there's nice calm moments that happens to her too. She also does a good job by having a no nonsense attitude to top it off.
Chris Solari (Duncan McKay) was perfectly annoying in his role as one of those stupid types of teens who's convincingly sarcastic and never takes anything seriously. He seriously makes you feel like hitting him with all the stuff that he does and made it believeable enough to get on your nerves by what you see him do here. Also does a perfect job whining and screaming in pain when he can't walk as he really knew on getting into this a great deal. He shows alot of energy and effort for what he had to pull off here.
D.W. Reiser (Kit) also seems to pull of his character well as a typical college student wanting to party. He had that familar look and appeal to everything which was great and a good hyped up energy too. Plus really got into his campfire tale adding a nice versatality by acting good and serious while getting into this. He was a true character actor by all means here. Didn't let an ounce of energy down at all.
Julie Mintz
(Annabelle) certainly shows off her stuff as a skanky one in the film who knows how to act wild and crazy while partying. She really proved alot by what she had to do here just rolling with the punches. Plus shows off a nice versatality for a brif period when she tries to act reasonable. Also does a nice job acting flirtatious in a sleazy fashion. Plus brings her energy to a great hype when she is trapped while trying to escape with her crying emotions which looked powerfully done.
Sommer Knight (Sunny) was another perfect one who comes across as an airhead who is believeably annoying too while nagging as well as trying to get her dog as she reminds you as one of those types that gets the better out of you for being distracted all the time. Knew on how to spring into action with everything.
Greg Wayne (Hubs) did a nice job portraying an airhead in the film as well as someone who takes nothing seriously at all. A perfect shit disturber he portrayed as well as really knowing on how to act sick and hammered near the end of his performance by having a great clumsy type of blocking and reactions too.
We also have witty performances by Harrison Young (Sheriff Bowman) looking for the killer croc as he does a good job by getting serious towards the teenagers and showing a no nonsense attitude. Also was great by getting demanding in other spots when he questions someone on a murder case. Also good energetic moments when he fires his gun at the croc.
Terrence Evans (Shurkin) was perfect as an Alligator owner with his southern accent as well as having a perfect eccentric behavior along with showing a tough as nails attitude and sarcastic behavior. Comes across as slightly creepy which he performed this right on the spot. Also had a good powerful motive while commanding others on a boat as well as trying to fire his wepaon as he got into this a great deal.

There is a butt shot by Sommer Knight who plays Sunny as she moons one of the guys in the next car.
Mark MacLachlan also shows a butt shot briefly when someone pulls down his swimsuit in a pond.

We get lots of people getting chewed up and even one get regurgitated.
There's a chewed off hand.
Decpaitated head is revealed.
Body is chewed in half.

We have some interesting music composed by Serge Colbert as he brings alot of energtic suspenseful playing to it. Plus there's some good dark sounds as well as a real unique slamming sounds for the jumping moments which sounds totally different compared to other horror films and this is in a good way. There's the odd lame synthesizer music sounding typical for a direct to video release. Yet odd nice peaceful string playing music for a romantic scene which sounded warm and soothing. Alot of great fast paced drum beats and pundings for the crocodile attacks which really brings on the chills into the story.

Plus there's songtracks by artists like
"Anywhere" and "Takes You Alive" performed by Station Victoria
"Emotional Wheel" and "Lucky Day" performad by Ripe 5
"Why" performed by Alice in the Fields
"One of Those Days" performed by Trim
"Together" performed by Shine.

Duncan McKay: That's from, like, an ostrich or something.
Hubs: Or a beaver!

Brady Turner: We'll use those sweatshirts as blindfolds! The Australian Guy from Animal Planet does it all the time, it works!

Kit: We were just attacked by some HUGE creature and you're worried about BLISTERS and dirt in your eyes?!

Brady Turner: Duncan... if we ever make it out of here, I'm gonna kill you!