Ed Gein (2000)

Directed by: Chuck Parello

Written by: Stephen Johnston


Steve Railsback .... Ed Gein
Carrie Snodgress .... Augusta W. Gein
Carol Mansell .... Collette Marshall
Sally Champlin .... Mary Hogan
Steve Blackwood .... Brian
Nancy Linehan Charles .... Eleanor
Bill Cross .... George Gein
Travis McKenna .... Ronnie
Joan Hoag .... Irene Hill

Release Dates: Sitges Film Festival: October 2000 (Spain); Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival:April 6, 2001 (Netherlands





A disturbed eccentric man Ed Gein (Steve Railsback) whom was abused by an evil religious fanatical family in his past lives in a farmhouse where there he stores dead female bodies he dug up from graves and thinks he can resurrect them as well as using them for his room decorations.
He is disturbed greatly by his past wherever he goes and thinks that his mother is back from the dead telling him to kill these women that he enjoys socialising with.
When he does he uses them to make clothing out of their skin as well as using them as food.
The local sherrif tires to find out clues on this unsolved homicide in the local town which leads to Ed Gein as he tries to unfold this madness.


A nice beginning showing black and white footage on Ed Gein being arrested and shots on creepy stuff which works for a start on a film.
Then the story starts off greatly with a teenage couple going to a graveyard and are making out which is a perfect situation for a horror story as well as them hearing some sounds and getting nervous on what it coupld be which certainly looked chilling enough and done in perfect timing.
A perfect deceiving moment when two kids come to visit Ed at his farm and one of them play cards with him which looked uplifting while the other one goes into his room and spots creepy settings as this also makes things cringing with great close up shots on the objects in his room.
More interesting moments unravelling in the story with Ed going to his local bar and some hillbilly's drinking and having a good time with the bartender Mary Hogan being friendly and charming towards everyone as this moment looked incredibly pleasant to watch on people having a fun time. Meanwhile there's intense flashbacks that he gets on his family life in which we have a gross out moment on a pig being slaughtered alive for eating with his parents as well as some abusive moments surrounding all of them especially centering around Ed as a child and his Mom Augusta getting sneering and wicked towards him as this looked hard to watch on a disturbed family.
Real great heartwarming situation when Ed goes to shop for his meal at Irene Hill's store and buys beans for himself when she offers dinner at her home and he accepts in which there's nice friendly interactions with the two of them. The moments looked very lifelike.
Well focused interactions when Ed is having dinner with the family and he discusses with her son about topics that shouldn't be talked about at the dinner table as this was nicely drawn in on the inappropriate topics as well as the reactions on the parents which looks unpleasant.
Good entertaining moments when they are all in the living room laughing at a sitcom on TV as well as a good focus on Ed hallucination on his family life along with more flashbacks on stuff as well as him acting disturbed which looked impressive on a psychopath.
Plus in between the scene's there's great moments with Ed going to the grave talking to the tombstones along with digging up a corpse and opening it along with him trying to revive a dead body which are perfect elements to use in a horror plot and should please all you fans of this type.
Plus more flashback situations when Augusta brings her boys to reveal that their father is dying as well as him talking crazy and obnoxious which looked well done as well as later on Ed talking to his mother after the funeral and she's grieving in which this setting reallyy makes you feel sad for her by how it was all mapped out.
More fun touches with Mary being chsarming at the bar towards her regular customers and acting mildly kinky as well as a good moment when the two of them are at his home and she eats something and tells her it's rat poison which looked intense while this was happening along with this being a teaser on him imagining all of this. Perfect touch though as well as him hallucinating that his mother is talking to him and telling him she's a sinner which looked appropriate for a psycho to imagine this.
Plus a great moment on what he does to her nearly killing her and then kidnapping her as well as tying her up and gagging her which is a great psychological feel if someone is seriously injured but is left there for dead in his home. Certainly looked disturbing and intense.
A hard to watch and sickening moment when Ed is frying some steaks but we get the impression that it's not your everyday meat and boy does the meat look pretty gross which can make anyone cringe big time while seeing all of this.
More perfect horror and sickening moments when Ed goes outside when the moon is full and banging a pan wearing not your everyday clothing and acting nuts which is one of the best horrific scene's in this film and making it hard to watch for anyone who can't handle seeing these situations.
Great moments with one of the local hunters Brian talking to an employee at a gun store Collette Marshall about something not right about Ed which is a good drawing card that he is about to unravel his dark secrets. A nice add on to the story.
Another perfect scene when he enters the gun store talking to her as you get a creepy impression that he is about to do something deadly on how he approaches her.
Later on Brian goes to Ed's farm and discovers something gruesome in his cellar as this for sure should please you fans of shocking horror moments which looked dark and creepily done.
Perfect intense moment when Brian enters Irene's home with a shotgun towards Ed and telling the family what he's done and ready to shoot him as well as a sheriff trying to tell him to drop the rifle which draws you in wondering if he will kill this maniac or not. The moments here looked perfectly powerful.
Bottom line: Boy is this film depressing and disturbing and was based on a true story which inspired the films Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Silence of the Lambs. It's very well done and cleverly written. The story was well dramatised.

The acting is great and extremely psychological and effective. Steve Railsback (Ed Gein) played well as this maniac nd makes his character believeable at being eccentric and keeping to himself. He for sure does well with his stiff speaking which shows off his eccentric attitude as well as coming across as deceivingly friendly. However at times when he cries he seems to try too hard while doing this but it wasn't that bad. Had the right middle aged looks and appeal to his role which is a great plus.
The late Carrie Snodgress (Augusta W. Gein) (Bless her soul) was also a true character as she is terrific as a nasty mother with her religious beliefs along with being perfect by acting wicked and evil with her sneering behavior. She also does great acting emotionally and physically abusive just rolling with the punches greatly here and there. Does well with her grieving which she maes you feel sad for her and does this greatly. Also does great with her hissy attitude during her appearances on the hallucinations when she convinces her onscreen son to kill for people's sins which looked terrific as well.
Carol Mansell (Collette Marshall) reveals a nice mellow and cautious type of behavior. Shows off her speaking pretty good with her quiet type of attitude and coming across as somewhat understanding. She seemed to know her stuff well as a town employee.
Sally Champlin
(Mary Hogan) had the most interesting supporting role as a bartender in which she brings on a terrific charm towards her onscreen customers acting outgoing and friendly. Also knew on how to behave uplifting when serving drinks and joining in on the fun as she made all of this come to life a great deal. Also does a great job suffering to death choking out her words which also looked well performed.
Steve Blackwood
(Brian) really brought out his aggressions and anxious behavior as he was well energised while doing all of this. He for sure was a powerful force of nature. I enjoyed how he reacted after he witnesses something gruesome freaking out and getting sick along with his emotional attitude especially nearly losing it when pointing a shotgun at someone else as he for sure made all of this look incredibly realistic.
Bill Cross
(George Gein) is more intimidating as the father and shows great aggressions and insanity.
He was powerful with his abusive motives and striking actions. Also does well acting sick and dying in bed along with his obnoxious words coming from his mouth. He for sure knew on how to act like an evil family man.
Travis McKenna (Ronnie) brought out his lifelike attitude as a regular redneck hanging out at a bar and does well with his laughing and sarcastic attitude. Also shows good energy acting like a drinking party type animal too. Shows a nice versatality when he acts concerned when he feels something bad has happened in another scene.
Joan Hoag (Irene Hill) offered a perfect heartwarming and caring behavior as an employee at a grocery store. She really spoke believeably kindly and generous in which she made her part convincingly likeable. Also offered a good sobbing behavior near the end of her performance.

A NAZI woman is topless sitting in a chair but the moment is very quick.

Ed uses clothing out of a woman's skin
A decapitated woman is hung upside down like an animal at a slaughterhouse
Lots of blood and even he cooks a body part but it looks like steak.

Robert McNaughton has a descent score for the film and seems to know what he's doing with it. There's nice high icy tinkling synthesizer music for when the dark moments start to happen as well as some low airy type of music too blending in perfectly. Plus high brief violin sounds which has a good intense type of feel to it all. Also there's low windy noises here and there which sounds spooky. Also we have the odd violin music which works in nicely. Plus some gloomy sounds in certain areas for the real cringing moments as it sounds fantastic.