I will never forget Edwin's creepy looks as the Hitch Hiker in the original 1973 slasher flick 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' as he was ultra creepy and psychotic who was extremely goofy but in a deadly way. I was thinking he got what was coming to him in the end when that truck plowed him over for tormenting poor Sally Hardesty while her brother and friends were slaughtered and barbequed by his brother Leatherface and his father. He was non-stopping with terror and Edwin proved to be a natural when it came to acting. He was my favourite male actor in the film. It is not surprising that he still is getting work even if his other films weren't as big. Apparently he is noted for his sense of humor and considered a loving guy plus he stays in contact with Marilyn Burns who played Sally as well as Gunnar Hansen who played his brother Leatherface. He is apparently buddies with Bill Moseley who plays Chop-Top in the sequel which was the Hitchhiker's name. Let's get started shall we?

Edwin Neal was born in Houston, Texas on July 12, 1945. In highschool Edwin studied with Zula Pearson at Lon Morris in Jacksonville, Texas, before moving on to acting/directing studies with B. Iden Payne at University of Texas Drama Deptartment. There he auditioned for the role of the Hitch Hiker in the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' Director Tobe Hooper liked his personality that he cast him for it. Edwin claimed when he read for the role that it reminded him of an eccentric relative of his so he screen tested acting like his relative. Edwin was in real pain when Jim Siedow's character as his demented father and gas station owner was whacking him with a broomstick as Tobe wanted to make it believeable as possible. He also had to lie on the road after his run over scene with the truck for a while one time as there was a moment of cloudiness and Tobe wanted the sun to reflect on him but his take was never shown during the cutting room floor. He owned Leatherface's apron after the shoot and some props as apparently he was never paid during the shooting and sold them.

He had a tough time getting work afterwards as the movie was controversial but well publicised. Casting directors thought his role as the Hitch Hiker was all he could do but in 1984 it lead him to starring in a sci-fi/action/thriller flick as a killer named Splatter in 'Future Kill' which he also wrote, produced and coached with the dialogue in. Plus it also starred Marilyn Burns as his wife since she starred in 'TCM' with him. Although some critics considered it a horror film it was a complete flop nonetheless but supposedly had a small theatrical run. A year later he had a part in a TV-movie titled 'My Two Loves.'

Edwin became more successful later on as he also has been a top voice talent for many years and has had his voice used in commercials and won the nomination for 'The Worlds Greatest Commercials' by Carson Productions. He also used his voice for Japanese animated TV series and top selling CD-ROM computer games.

Also to Edwin's credit, he has performed stand up comedy and released some comedy albums to his credit which led him to having supporting roles in non horror films during the 90's like in 'Neurotic Cabaret', 'JFK', 'My Boyfriends Back' and playing different voice character's in the children's TV 'Power Rangers' show. He was also known for his voice work in 'Sonic the Hedge Hog' as the role of Dr. Robotnik. He also acted on stage in a production of Sandy Duncan's Portia in 'Merchant of Venice' as the role of Bassino which was his favourite role.

In 1993 Edwin was inducted to the 'Hollywood Horror Hall of Fame' in 1993 as 'TCM' was becoming a worldwide cult classic. He attends to many conventions touring worldwide making many public appearances as 'The Hitch Hiker' at science-fiction conventions and related gatherings.

Because of all this Edwin returned to the horror genre by acting in independent films. First up he played Good Samaritan in 'Murder-Set-Pieces' which rode the films festivals around California, New York and Chicago in 2004 plus it also co-starred his former 'TCM' brother Gunnar Hansen, next up he team up with Gunnar again in 'It Came From Trafalgar' as a Texas Ghoul which apparently had a limited showing back on March 15, 2005, next up he was the demented mute Boy in Dante Tomaselli's latest project 'Satan's Playground' which is hitting film festivals and possibly awaiting distribution for a hopeful theatrical release as already he is receiving alot of exposure for the film and many other indie film names to come like in 'Mr. Hell' and 'The Forest'. Many of these film also had a number of other horror film actors too which helps these flicks becoming known nationwide and give Edwin the credit he deserves.

Edwin was also married but his marriage dissolved. However, he has six children and is currently engaged.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre.1974 Of course this is where I first spotted Edwin. He was great in it and couldn't have found someone better for a good supporting role that he had as the demented Hitch Hiker that the young group of people picked up while they were on a summer cruise. He was strange looking and acted crazy. I however had a feeling he was a demented family member from Leatherface's group. Then when the demented gas station owner (Jim Siedow) kidnapped the remaining survivor named Sally (Marilyn Burns) that was on the run from Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen) and drove towards the farmhouse where Leatherface lived, I caught him picking up the Hitch Hiker and it was no surprise to me. Edwin's role was goofy but extremely terrifying as he tormented Sally terribly while they were at the farmhouse. Then she is tied up to a chair at their duinner table and are eating what was left of her friends. The Hitch Hiker along with his brother Leatherface was prodding at her and grabbing her hair. Then the Hitch Hiker takes Sally and holds her down as his vegetable of a grandfather tries to kill her slowly by hitting her on the head with a hammer since he used to be the best killer in the west but the Hitch Hiker gets greedy and wants to take a whack so Sally escapes by jumping out their window with the Hitch Hiker right on her tail and Leatherface not too far behind. Hitch Hiker stabs her with his little blade but a truck comes over and crushes him to death which I enjoyed as it served him right for his evil deeds. I hated the movie at first as it was disturbing and Edwin's role really freaked me out but fell in love with it and loved Edwin's role more and more since he was a natural in it. Anyone who knows Edwin would have seen this film for sure as nowadays he is in demand for independent horror films.

Future Kill.1984 I was looking for a movie about street gangs and spotted this one but I found it it takes place in the future and was categorised as a horror film saying on the back of the video box Starring Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns from the horror classic 'TCM' so I rented it.
I nearly threw up watching it that it was so bad but later on seeing it again it was an okay flick. At first I wasn't sure who Edwin played in 'TCM' but I knew he played the nasty vengeful killer Splatter in this one. It was hard to see his face as he was wearing machine type armour but I was thinking he must've played the Hitch Hiker.
He did a good job with his voice sounding totally different and believeable playing cold blooded as he was setting his goons out to kill the punks who tormented his wife played by Marilyn Burns but the story in this stunk.
He also wrote it as well as producing it at the time he wasn't getting work in films as casting directors could only see him as the Hitch Hiker in 1974's 'TCM' so he played a killer in this one because of it.
There is a sick scene where some goons shoot a cat to death. Ugh! I am a cat lover. Marilyn's character helps the kids out by killing Splatter in the end.
This wasn't a horror film but a sci-fi/action/thriller with a touch of 'Animal House' type of comedic elements.
In a Fangoria magazine it said it bypassed a theatrical run and went direct-to-video but this did have a small theatrical release in the spring of 1985. Also the distributor for the video release was by Cineplex Odeon Home Video which are also a big cinema company.

Neurotic Cabaret.1990 A ridiculous comedy on a writer needing funds to make a film based on her screenplay. She will stop at nothing to get the bucks including dancing at a nude bar, stealing cash and hijacking snakes.
In comes Edwin's character as a regualr at the strip joint as Nolan whom is a big goof and loving the strippers and is different in this one playing someone who seems to be a bit perverted.
We do spot him blindfolded and tied up as one of the girls drops wax from a candle as he gets excited by all of this. The girls try to teach him a lesson with his behavior towards strippers.
Then we spot him slowly turning into a woman himself with karma paying him back here which looked awfully silly. He had one of the main roles in this film and for die hard fans of his work only.
I believe that this one was a direct-to-video flick.

My Boyfriends Back.1993 In this dark comedy, Edwin has a supporting role in this one but not alot of lines in it as he plays Big Chuck's Henchman as Big Chuck (Paul Dooley) is a guy out to kill a teen named Johnny (Andrew Lowery) who returned from the dead and ate his son Chuck (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who was a jock and bullied Johnny in school. So Edwin's character is out to look for Johnny with a shotgun as well as Big Chucks other gang members of henchmen. I like this film as I found it fun to watch and got a good theatrical run. It was nice seeing Edwin playing a goofy character in it.

Zombiegeddon.2003 A student film by Chris Watson and not a great one with lots of bad acting and directing and made on a terrible budget but has lots of bloody gore effects. The film was shown in a few underground venues before being released onto DVD by Troma Team a few years later. It can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it but if not you need to avoid it. At first you wonder if this is a comedy-horror like 'Shaun of the Dead' but instead it's just a plain zany comedy trying to use 'South Park' humor in a bad way but using horror elements like the gore and flesh eating zombies. It all starts out when a lady named Laura Reynolds (Brinke Stevens) goes to a radio station to talk about Lucifer, otherwise Lord Zombie (William Smith) wanting to take over the world with zombies while two redneck cops who stir trouble for others are encountering this madness and tries to help the matters out. Edwin Neal has a cameo in the film a quarter way through as he plays the role of God who has the solution to put a stop to these zombies. He plays a very different type of role in this film than most of the character's he's played in any other kinds of films and is quite straight and serious in his role.

Satan's Playground.2006 Edwin is back in the horror film industry with this film by Dante Tomaselli. This film is a tribute to the retro horror film industry and also stars horror icons Felissa Rose ('Sleepaway Camp') and Ellen Sandweiss ('Evil Dead'). Edwin plays a demented retarded mute fellow who lives with his crazed mother named Mrs. Leeds (Irma St. Paule) and his sister Paula (Christie Sanford) as they grow up in a place controlled by the devil in the woods at a run down cabin as there's evil forces surrounding the woods as they kill people and use them for satanic rituals. Edwin does a fine job in this film as he is convincing at playing a retarded person. Most of his scenes involve Felissa as he kidnaps her and torments her too. His role is different than his one as the hitchhiker and not as scary.

Dropping Evil.2012 On the credits of this god awful slapstick comedy horror flick that Edwin had one of the lead roles but don't let that fool you folks as due to the lack of a bad budget, acting and storyline they did that so you can watch this one.
He is seen on a TV screen as President Strode
making an announcement which is about a minute long and this will disappoint you afterwards. He does a good job in it as a serious business like type of personality as you can tell he focused well on this.
The story is about a bunch of friends going on a camping trip and on the way driving there one of them gets intoxicated and starts going on a killing spree and none of these people including the killer is human as a race of alien type of people are trying to do some sort of an experiment with these things that are supposed to be human beings. The story didn't make sense at all. Whoever wrote this film was dropping acid big time in which the film should've been titled that. Made on a terrible budget like a close to home video type.
Edwin is seen briefly again at the end of the film as there's a trailer for a sequel which had a grindhouse spoofy feel to all of this. A waste of time to watch this.