Fantasy Island (2020)


Produced & Directed by: Jeff Wadlow

Written by:
Jillian JacobsChristopher Roach Jeff Wadlow


.... Gwen Olsen
.... Melanie Cole
.... Patrick Sullivan
.... J. D. Weaver
.... Sloane Maddison
Michael Peña .... Mr. Roarke
Mike Vogel .... Lieutenant Sullivan

Michael Rooker .... Damon
.... Devil Face
.... Allen Chambers

Release Date:
Quick Theatrical: February 14, 2020




Five people who visit the eponymous island, discovering that their fantasies brought to life turn into horrific living nightmares they must try to survive.


The story opens up with a beginning involving one of the main supporting characters Sloane Maddison by trying to get away from people after her in a jungle and then trying to make a call in the hotel as this was supposed to be suspenseful but doesn't quite cut it at all.
Then when we watch what happens the next day we spot the tourists getting off the seaplane with people mysteriously greeting them as this was done in a fairly cheesy way which looked not as natural like I expected it to be. However there's some residents there that looked mildly creepy which seemed to draw me in a bit thinking that they will be up to no good later on in the story.
While people get aquainted in the hotel there's some sarcasm with two brothers J.D. and Brax trying to mess with Patrick's head making out he was outspoken just to tease him but the humor in this scene falls flat big time.
Then Mr. Roarke shows the brothers their luxury fantasy which is a pool party offering everything that they want and more which made me want to join in on the fun having everything that anyone would want in something like this. Then there's a brief shot on what looks like a zombie watching them. This moment was supposed to look creepy but fails by a longshot.
What grabbed my attention was Melanie Cole's fantasy dream when she sees her enemy Sloane Patterson behind a thick glass and she is strapped up and a creepy character Dr. Torture is about to do something to her in which this seemed to pay a homage to the Saw and Hostel franchise when she thinks it's all a hallucination but she realises later on it isn't and the two of them try to escape the madness while running away in a jungle as this looked energised.
The others realise their dreams are a nightmare too as well as discovering deep dark secrets of their own family members and relationships too as the story becomes really tiresome and some of it makes you wonder if this is really a horror film or an adventure-thriller. Yet some intense situations with the two brothers being held hostage by a bunch of thugs wearing masks and nearly torturing them to get answers which looked convincingly intense.
Gwen Olsen is the only one who has it made by having what she wants but things seem way too good for her and insists on asking Mr. Roarke to have another second chance to change her past life in order to make it right as she is in a burning building and trying to save her lover from all of this which looked highly suspenseful while watching the outcome throughout all of this.
Then the horror comes into the picture more so quarter way through the story when they all enter a cave of some sort and are facing their fears as well as their deepest and darkest secrets which seemed to work in not too badly as well as a scene with some hands grabbing at Patrick from underwater. Plus new twists when Melanie reveals on who she really is which is a dark moment for sure. Some decent special effects surrounding all that happens here but not enough to save this clunker from bombing.
Bottom line is that although I never saw the TV series that this was supposed to be a horror version of that show and doesn't succeed to look entertaining as it is a total horror dud big time as well as the story carries on way too long in which I couldn't wait for this one to come to an end. Not scary or funny by any means and at times the adventure seemes mildly interesting and I mean just mildly. The theatrical trailer was alot better than the film itself. Making this flick was a pure waste of time.

The acting is surprisingly good in which (Gwen Olsen) seemed to do a great job by playing someone whom is level headed as well as having a sharp and strong type of attitude too for all that is happening around her. Plus she shows off as someone whom is intelligent too. She stresses stuff very well whenever she has a discussion which stands out strongly into her characteristics.
(Melanie Cole) does a nice job by acting sharp and alert with her lines in which she seemed to be a strong force of nature by whatever she does in the story. Seemed to do a good job acting courageous whenever she had to be this way. Plus shows a nice evil and wicked side near the end of her role which was done well.
(Patrick Sullivan) played the clean cut boy next door hunky type of role and does it with great style as he seems to come across as a perfect leader of the bunch at the hotel. Shows some great powerful energy in the suspenseful moments and really getting into it to the extreme. He was a true character actor.
(J. D. Weaver) was truly believeable as a spunky happy go lucky sarcastic type and does well by acting annoying or someone that can get on your nerves. Was great by having a fast acting and hyperactive behavior. Had the right looks and appeal to all of this.
(Sloane Maddison) was one of the best out of the cast as she does well with her slick attitude and getting into what she had to do pretty well too. Does well crying intensely when she is briefly tortured by the beginning of her performance.
Michael Peña (Mr. Roarke) offered a strong supporting character with his accent along with his serious and mysterious attitude. Seemed to study his role inside out. Does a nice job when speaking to others as he somewhat comes across as discomforting at times.
Julia) also had an effective supporting role which was fairly memorable in which she seemed to do well acting upset or disturbed about something and trying to hide it while greeting her customers. She made this all look quite believeable. Makes you somewhat feel sorry for her she does it that well.
Mike Vogel (Lieutenant Sullivan) was marvellous playing a soldier in which he offers a perfect seriousness and an emotionless type of persona. Was great with his aggressions as well as being arrogant. Was a powerful force of nature within his whole performance in general.
Michael Rooker (Damon) does well as his assitant in which he seems to act like a convincingly arrogant clown with his sarcasm and not taking his work too seriously. Had the right brawny looks and appeal to his role and was a perfect fit which was another great plus.
(Devil Face) lived to play a NAZI type of thug as he was believeable by playing the leader of his goons as well as doing a great job by getting in your face as well as being perfectly snarly with his words and actions. On the ball by acting violent or getting threatening too. One of the best in this film.

Bear McCreary seems to do the job pretty well in which he has some nice uplifting music for when the tourists arrive on the island focusing well on this piece as well as having nice jungle adventureous composing too like the woodwinds and flute music too along with the strong clear classical violin scoring sounding fairly strong. He was better than the story itself.

Mr. Roarke: [to his employees] Smiles, everyone, smiles!

Morgan: Unless your fantasy is to die you better come with me.

Julia: [seeing the plane arriving] The plane!