Fatal Frames (1996)

Directed by: Al Festa

Written by: Al Festa, Alessandro Monese & Mary Rinaldi


Stefania Stella .... Stefania Stella
Rick Gianasi .... Alex Ritt
Leo Daniel .... Daniel Antonucci
David Warbeck .... Commissioner Bonelli
Ugo Pagliai .... Commissioner Valenti
Alida Valli .... Countess Alessandra Mirafiori
Geoffrey Copleston .... Mr. Fairbrain
Linnea Quigley .... Wendy Williams
Giorgio Albertazzi .... Father
Rossano Brazzi .... Dr. Lucidi
Ciccio Ingrassia .... Beggar
Donald Pleasence .... Professor Robinson


Angus Scrimm .... Man in Grey

Release Date: XVI Fantafestival: 1996



A prominent New York music video director named Alex Ritt (Rick Gianasi) travels to Italy to direct a new music video for a pop sensational star named Stefania Stella. However, a blood thristy killer in a dark cloak is killing his women with a machette and videotaping the victims for the police as well as another American named Rebecca (Veronica Logan) in which Alex witnessed with his own eyes but her corpse disappears when he brings the police to the incidents. But the dead bodies keep piling up i8n the city of Italy.

Alex keeps having nightmares of his victims haunting him as well as when he's awake. He tries to seek help from others to uncover the truth before it's too late as well as detectives and doctors questioning him about the murders making him out to be a suspect and shows arrogant attitude towards this.

Eventually he goes to the aid of another American named Wendy Williams (Linnea Quigley) to help him out on this case but yet she could be the killers next victim and will Alex have to face up to this killer alone???


This is a superb Italian horror flick that works on it's own!
Some people that are into our kinds of horror films might not understand an Italian type of horror film as both have different qualities.
Made on a good low budget for an independent film and would advise others to check it out as it is also almost like watching a music video at times.
A nice plot on someone almost losing it when he tries to know why he's haunted by these murders and trying to escape the madness.

The acting is in fairly good taste. Stefania Stella really stood out in her role as an Italian superstar singer with nice characteristics and expressions to her part.
Rick Gianasi as the American music producer was just average in his part of the film but not terrible. However, he could have picked up the pace a bit.
David Warbeck played a nice commissioner with plenty of energy to his role.
Alida Valli was a true character actress as the countess of the mansion as she came across very untrustworthy like.
We also get a supporting cast by some familiar horror film actors.
This is no doubt Linnea Quigley's best performance in a film (I had to push aside her role as Trash in Return of the Living Dead when I saw her in this) and should've won an award for best supporting actress like she did in Corpses Are Forever.
This was also Donald Pleasence's last film before he died which he passed away in the middle of the shoot. There was also a one liner joke about his role as Loomis in Halloween.

A man is watching a film of a naked women being tortured with a machette.
There is a topless sex scene by Stefania Stella full breasted but the scene is fairly dusky.

Plenty of graphic violence as a couple of heads are decapitated as well as necks being slashed open and machette's are being sliced through victims' heads as well.
Linnea's ex-husband who is a special effects make up wizard Steve Johnson did the effects for this flick like he did with many other horror films such as A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, Night of the Demons, Pet Semetary II and Brainscan.

Al Festa seems to know what he's doing with this one as he can deliver some gothic shocks to this one.
There's a perfect close up shot on Stefania Stella lowering her sunglasses coming out of a car to introduce herself.
Festa shows many terrific moments with Stella performing her music videos with the other bit part cast doing some slow motion dancing or acting lustful and other stuff like that.
There's a perfect dusky lighting set on Rick Gianasi with a big camera shot on him walking up to a mansion and then great scene's with supporting actress Veronica Logan calling after him and running away as well as him chasing after her.
Great shots on her being slayed with perfect shots on the killer slashing her.
Terrific camera shots circling around Gianasi while doing a chant with some of the other cast members led by supporting actress Nina Soldano. Gianasi does well tripping out and knew how to act intense towards Soldano and being demanding with her causing her to be frightened as well as spitting in his face.
A great shot with Gianasi standing at a metal gate calling towards Soldano running around the area as well as a perfect slaughtering scene on her by the killer in slow motion.
We spot a strong dialogue between Gianasi being questioned by Rossano Brazzi and Gianasi really showed fair attitude towards him with a great camera shot on him while doing so.
Excellent camera panning on both actors Gianasi and Stella dining outside having a conversation.
There's a nice setting involving Donald Pleasance, David Warbeck and Ugo Pagliai having a serious matter in an office about the murders.
A nice dark lustful scene between these two with a navy blue light shining on them and good close up shots.
A great lighting shot on Soldano as a spirit of some sort calling towards Gianisi in a hallway as he shows nice tense expressions when he spots this.
Gianissi expresses great nasty behavior in the office room with Pleasance, Warbeck and Pagliai.
Nice shots on Gianissi standing on a bridge looking over a river with voice over work on a dialogue between him and Linnea Quigley which made it look effective.
A good shot of Quigley calling down to Gianissi from a house window telling him some good news.
There's a good echoey sound effect dialogue between the two when she explains his hauntings from a book she found about a historical killer as well as a great shot on them looking at the book and talking about it.
A nice presence by Angus Scrimm towards Gianissi as it was almost very Tall Man like and it tried to look intimidating too but yet it was a wee bit corny.
A perfect nightmare sequence with a red light shining on Gianissi amd the killer slaying him in slow motion.
Good shots on him running in the village at night.
A nice brief dialogue between Alida Valli and Quigley as well as a nice creepy shot on Valli when Gianissi tries to talk to her.
This may be a spoiler but there's a terrific death scene by Quigley with her painful expressions but it was worth reviewing as you will all enjoy it.
Great and intense looks and reactions on David Warbeck holding a gun and threatening to shoot.
Perfect spooky shots on Gianissi running downstairs and through the halls in the mansion with lightning effects from the windows when he tries to find who is whispering his name as it looks very adventurous.
We spot a perfect vicious scene between Gianissi and Stella which looked believeably evil with what goes on between the two of them in the mansion as well as the tauntings towards Gianissi performed by Stella, Quigley, Logan and Soldano making him lose his sanity to tell the truth was extremely superb.
Festa did a marvellous job with this film indeed.

The music was composed by who other than writer/director Al Festa with some very interesting keyboard and organ playing along with some great numbers he wrote for Stefania Stella to perform like "Alibi", "Passion", "Eternal City" and "Desert Flower"