Fear Street Part 1: 1994 (2021)


Executive Produced & Directed by: Leigh Janiak

Written by: Phil Graziad & Leigh Janiak
R.L. Stine (Novels)


Kiana Madeira .... Deena Johnson
.... Samantha "Sam" Fraser
Benjamin Flores Jr. .... Josh Johnson
.... Kate Schmidt

Fred Hechinger .... Simon Kalivoda
.... Nick Goode

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: July 2, 2021




A circle of friends at Shadyside encounter a bunch of brutal murders caused by evil spirits that were once people who plagued the town 300 years ago.


This was great they made a movie out of my all time favourite novel series which offers a nice beginning at a bookstore in a mall and it shows the books itself by Stine which is a nice touch.
Suddenly it's closing time as the lights go out in the mall and creepy moments like that with the employee getting ready to leave but of course she is attacked by a killer in a grim reaper outfit as this situation was supposed to make you jump out of your seat. However, it was slightly cheesy while watching the outcome out of all of this.
Then there's cool opening credits showing newspaper articles as well as historical writings on how Fear Street was named after a family and so fourth as this was necessary to put into the flick.
Afterwards the story focuses on a computer nerd Josh Johnson talking one of his online friends about the murders that occured as well as discussing possessions on the killers due the the legend that happened there centuries ago as this was for sure a good moments explaining in the books as to why so many residents living in Shadyside were murderers.
Great camera shot on a school bus showing the letters Shadyside High leaving to go to a football game and of course there's cheerleaders involved as the makers certainly did their homework on the novels since there were famous moments in certain books regarding these situations. It shows a discussion on a lesbian break up between Deena Johnson and Sam Fraser revealing the 90's was a time for teengers coming out of the closet but their situations didn't look strong enough unfortunately.
But then things really get suspenseful and rolling in a good way as when everyone leaves on the bus after the game a prank goes terribly wrong and there's a deja vu segment in the deep dark woods which was well shot as the surroundings looked genuinely creepy.
A real attention grabber is when someone approaches a girl with her head turned sitting near a sidewalk alley of Fear Street as the situation makes you cringe by what happens later on.
The main group of kids go to their school to find out some clues as we have the killers appearing and trying to attack them which isn't too shabbily done and then when they escape and this is when the fun starts as they go to a burial ground to try and look for skeletal bones of these killers and suddenly one of them appears in the deep dark woods trying to attack them as this is my favourite scene of all. It was very well done.
They go back to the school to plan a trap for these evil spirits and it was done in great taste with well focused camera shots on these kids planning everything. Good special effects were used during these moments as the CGI was well budgeted.
Then they flee to a grocery store that's after hours and boy is there some deadly moments that occur there including a near drowning moment which confused me as to why this was happening and it's a near sad moment when Deena tries to use CPR on her as this was well drawn in while watching all of this unravel.
We see an almost happy ending until a phone call happens showing that the terror isn't over as well as clips on events that happened in the past which was nicely put into the story making you want to beg for more.
Bottom line is that the book series by R.L. Stine are my absolute favourite and the writers seemed to do their homework alright as at first it was slightly cheesy but it really picks up big time and a fun one to watch. Almost like Scream but with supernatural events. For fans of the young adult novels I would check this one out.

The acting is a little over the top in which it wasn't realistic but alot of the cast tried their best especially lead actress Kiana Madeira (Deena Johnson) as she was sharp in her role and to the point within whatever she did. Showed off alot of aggressive energy whenever she needed to act like this as well as showing a clever type of personality too.
(Samantha "Sam" Fraser) as her lesbian lover seemed to breeze through okay as the more passive one but however shows a nice emotional attitude as well. Defientely came across nicely with her timid attitude for when the terror strikes or other moments like that.
Benjamin Flores Jr. (Josh Johnson) was the computer geek in which he was a perfect example of acting over the top. He didn't seem to do the trick in his role and wasn't the best choice but however offered the odd spunk and charisma as to what to do during a terrifying situation as I tip my hat off to him for behaving like that as it shows off. He wasn't a bad actor but needed a bit of a push.
(Kate Schmidt) seemed to do nicely as a bitchy no nonsense type of the crowd. She certainly does her job acting alerted for situations and shows off a nice aggression whenever she needed to act this way. Had the right looks and appeal to this as well.
Fred Hechinger (Simon Kalivoda) seemed to pull it off as a dorky and goofy type of teen in the flick. He showed off some good excitement into what he had to do. He wasn't award winning material though but had the right looks for the role he portrayed.

A guy moons someone in the back window of a school bus.

A sharp object is impaled through someone's chest.
Girls eye is shot.
Gobs of flesh are revealed after an explosion in a school.
Axe is smashed into a person's head.
Person's head is cut through an electric meat cutter.
A torture slaughtering is revealed briefly in a flashback scene.

The music was composed by three different artists Marco Beltrami, Anna Drubich and Marcus Trumpp. I must admit that the music certainly had a variety of taste for the scene's but alot of it didn't fancy me as it's too commonly used in todays movies as I like the retro sounds. But there's strong trombone and banging sounds which was necessary for the terror as well as some screeching sounds too. For the touching moments the mellow music with piano playing came in as I wasn't wild over it. But in a couple of scene's quarter way through I heard odd chanting sounds as it sounded nice and smooth.

Lots of songtracks by 90's groups but only certain one's stand out for me such as:

"Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage during a scene when someone writes a letter as this seemed to sound good and strong with the aggressive type of singing. Not a bad choice at all.
"Machine Head" by Bush during when the schoolbus leaves for a football game as it is extremely catchy with the gutiar playing and aggressive vocalising. Fits the scene terrifically and a perfect choice for this situation.
Then there's the stompin' metal track "More Human than Human" by White Zombie for when the computer geek is sending text messages as this was slick for this moment and couldn't hav a better choice for this scenario. Also it was played during the closing credits as this was also perfect for a horror flick to have this song.
"Sweet Jane" by Cowboy Junkies was nice and smooth sounding for a lesbian make out scene as it really has a soothing feel to everything. Another great track.
Then during the very ending of what to expect for the next two trilogies there's "School's Out" by Alice Cooper as I was convinced that he remastered this song as it sounds a bit different and was necessary to have this one in since the moments take place during the summer.

Heather: [First lines] It began as a prank... and ended in murder.