Scream (1996)

Directed by: Wes Craven

Written by:
Kevin Williamson


David Arquette .... Deputy Dewey
Neve Campbell .... Sidney
Courtney Cox .... Gale Weathers
Matthew Lillard .... Stuart
Rose McGowan .... Tatum
Skeet Ulrich .... Billy
Jamie Kennedy .... Randy
W. Earl Brown .... Kenny

Special Appearances:

Drew Barrymore .... Casey
Henry Winkler .... Principal Arthur Himbry
Linda Blair .... Obnoxious Reporter

Release Dates: Theatrical: December 20, 1996

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A killer calls up a residents house with a teenage girl Casey (Drew Barrymore) whom is all alone in an isolated area about to watch a horror film trying to be flirtatious with her and then finds out that this caller is watching her and plays a game of survival with her on a horror movie trivia only to be slaughtered with her insides torn out and hung by a tree by this maniac in a ghost face mask and reaper uniform with a sharp blade.
Later on a highschool is swamped with news reporters and eventually school is out due to a curfew since the killer who is killing others just like in the horror movies is on the loose and one of the teens Sidney (Neve Campbell) is a prime target for this maniac since her mother whom was an actress was murdered a year before. She thinks that the murders could be linked somehow.
Meanwhile, everyone gets together for a party since everyone is supposed to be indoors due to this curfew watching John Carpenters' 'Halloween' hosted by Randy (Jamie Kennedy) and
laughing about this maniac although everyone in the house is a possible suspect since some of them are away doing something for a while when some of the guests are being slaughtered.


Oh yes!!! This is what brought back both the horror and slasher craze. I saw the trailer for this and right away I wanted to see it on the big screen and wasn't the least bit disappointed. It was both funny and scary so it goes to show that comedy and horror can go hand in hand if it's done right.
I loved the very beginning with this teenage girl going to watch Halloween and making popcorn with a person calling her.
Then there's a nice moment with her getting flirtatious while talking to the other person walking near the backdoor of the house and a nice shocked moment when the caller asks her name so he can see who he's talking to which this scene really left a great chill down your spine as well as the surroundings of the house. Plus there's great close up shots on her talking on the phone along with nice camera shots looking up on her and this caller spying on her which is perfectly scary in which you don';t know what will happen next but you know it's gonna be very terrifying.
There's a great shot on a door with a knocking and her freaking out asking who it is which is very spooky.
There's also a great energetic moment with her screaming and crying when he phone rings again which looked terrifically paced.
I love a moment when this caller forces her to play a deadly trivia game else it's her life as well as her botyfriend gagged up outside of naming killers from horror films. Of course when he asks her who the killer from Friday the 13th she says "Jason" and the caller said "I'm sorry that's the wrong answer" in which alot of people can make that mistake since Jason was the common killer and forgetting that it was his mother in the original Mrs. Voorhees. Everything about that first scene was really impressive for the start on this horror flick.
Great shot on the killer coming from behind a door and attacking her.
There's a great shot outside with this girl trying to fight off the killer and a good shot on the killer stabbing her as well as a nice shot on her lying on the field weakly calling out to her parents as well as a good shot on her being dragged away.
There's a good shot on the mother screaming in terror and a nice approach by the father and then a great dark and creepy shot quickly zooming in on this girl gutted and hung which looked believeably terrorising.
There's of course a highschool with friends discussing the murder case as well as tons of news reporters swarming around the school in which you don't see everyday at a highschool due to a mass murder case.
During this time we have great conversations with Sidney, Tatum, Billy and Stuart having a teenage conversation about the situation before school starts which looked greatly done and natural.
There's a good moment with Sidney answering her phone with the caller and her getting sarcastic when the caller asks what her favourite scary movie is which was a great answer and seems realistic as to someone who slams horror films. There's also a great change of expression when the caller says he's not who she thinks he is. A nice moment with her going out in the front porch and getting funny by putting her finger almost up her nose asking the caller to see what she's doing. Then there's a great upsetting emotions on her when the caller tells her she's gonna die like her mother. Next, a nice surprise attack by the killer with her struggling to get away running up the stairs which looked incredibly suspenseful.
Nice shot on Billy approaching from a bedroom window taking Sidney by surprise. Then a nice shot on him hugging her with a good camera shot looking down on a cell phone dropping from his pocket. Then a good moment from her backing up and running away from him along with a good shot on
Deputy Dewey holding the mask in front of him at the doorway and Sidney freaking out.
There's a nice shot on her approaching Gale Weathers asking her about her book and then a nice turning motion on Sidney herself with a good close up shot on a striking punch to Gale's face.
There's a nice moment with Sidney answering the phone and the caller calling with her getting upset almost crying and Tatum telling her to hang up which looked very natural and believeable.
A good shot on Sidney in a washroom hearing a sound as well as a good shot on her looking down near the toilets to see if anyone is there. Then there's a good shot on the killers feet lowering and trying to attack her and then she runs away as well as good shots on her running down a school stairs and hallway.
There's a nice discussion with a principal scolding two expelled teens on their prank. It looked a bit comedic though on how all of this was done.
Also a good touch in the story was Wes Craven himself as a janitor named Fred wearing a Freddy Krueger uniform as a joke.
There's a good moment as well as a good close up shot on the principal goofing around with the ghost faced mask and then a great moment on the killer approaching him and stabbing him with great wide eyed expressions.
Things work in greatly is when the town almost bare being closed due to a curfew time cause of this killer roaming around which seemed extreme for a murder case but yet made the story necessary for a horror flick and making the watchers wanting to see more on what's going on.
Also a great touch with a bunch of people wanting to rent horror movies while a killer is on the loose making it worth while being slayed to watch one and dying happy. We get some one liners with a customer asking about the werewolf movie starring E.T.'s mother which was The Howling. So alot of those old school movies from the 60's 70's and 80's were mentioned on here paying a tribute to them.
Plus there's great times with a bunch of friends over for a party watching Halloween and talking about Jamie Lee Curtis as well as really getting into the movie as well as the host of the party discussing on how to survive from being killed which was a great touch too in the writing of it.
There's a good moment with Tatum going into a garage to get some beer with a good shot closing in on her bending over and getting someout of a freezer as well as a nice approach by the masked killer and then she gets sarcastic with him which seemed well remembered on how the two of them were looked for this scene. There's good blocking shots on her fighting against him and then trying to escape through a cat door of a garage door and then a nice moment with the door opening with her rising up as well which looked very suspeseful on how the camera shots on this were like.
A good shot with Sidney and Billy making out in bed and later on her discussing about the killer with him standing near a wall acting expressionless and being firm about her and then the masked killer approaching and attacking him which looked crisply done.
There's a great shot on Dewey entering from the front of the house with a knife in his back and then falling down.
Another great shot on Randy lying drunk on the couch watching the movie with the masked killer behind the couch about to move in for the kill along with Sidney and Gale watching on a monitor in a mobile screaming for him to run which had high energy on all that's happening.
Bottom line is this film was a great one paying tribute's and spoofs to the classic horror films and a killer being obsessed with killing people in the similar fashions too. It's great having a prank caller watching their victim and coming in for the kill. Also the masked killers look almost simialr to the Michael Myers outfits and can be just as liked for the fans of Halloween. This one seemed to pay many homages to others like Black Christmas, When a Stranger Calls and Prom Night. Plus it seems to have many touches on alot of R.L. Stine's young adult novels like The Babysitter series.
All in all if you love old school horror movies and want a homage to them this is the movie to watch in which it inspired the makers to do the dark comedy Scary Movie. Also non horror fans would enjoy this film too.

The acting is greatly done as David Arquette (Deputy Dewey) portrayed a great dipstick in the film offering alot of good humor to his role as someone who tries to take his work seriously but is way too humoress by what he does. Yet he comes across as very charming at the same time quarter way through the film. I really liked his role and he made his scene quite effective and energetic.
Neve Campbell
(Sidney) was a perfect target for the flick as someone disturbed by her past about her mother murdered and showed great emotions with what she had to do. She brings on alot of spunk to her role as someone outgoing but yet upset by all that's happening. A good freaked out reaction on her when someone takes her by surprise. This film would definetely mark a fame to a scream queen carrer for this actress even if she didn't pursue that at all.
Courtney Cox
(Gale Weathers) was perfect as an obnoxious news reporter in the film and portraying a great bitch in the flick. She was very sharp and blunt with her words towards others and came across as very convincing as those scumbag types. However, she really knew on how to change her ways quarter through and knew on how to act heroic. All in all she knew her stuff inside out.
Matthew Lillard
(Stuart) really brought it on with his goofy attitude as one of those partying type of teenagers who doesn't seem to take life very seriously. He came across well onto the film. He always played great comedic types of characters in shows and I really liked him in this one.
Rose McGowan
(Tatum) really brought a terrific bubbly type to her personality in her part of the film. She knew how to really get hyped to what she did. She really came across as those outgoing types that you'd want to be around to share your humor with and have a good time.
keet Ulrich (Billy) had a real serious attitude to his part of the film and also came across as loving and protective and sometimes too much on that. He really had a silent type of an attitude too. All in all he knew on how to portray a part as one of those teenage playboy type of role.
amie Kennedy (Randy) really brought it on as a geeky type as well as acting sometimes wimpy and soft spoken tooin the film but yet really knewon how to bring up the party up for the scene when there was a horror film playing. He showed a nice versatality and is perfect as one of the key roles to the film along with acting like a possible suspect too.
Drew Barrymore
(Casey) however was the top key role to the film as an outgoing teen ready to watch a movie (Even if her role was in the beginning for about 5 minutes and gets killed off). She seemed very different than any other role she did in a film and had the viewers convinced that it was someone else. She proves to be a worthy character actress with this one. She was great with her intense and fearful crying emotions. She received alot of credit and exposure to this film.

A teenage jocks insides are torn out while tied up and gagged in a chair near a swimming pool on the back yard of a house
A teenage girl is brutally stabbed and gutted open
Lots of bloody stabbings as well as pools of blood in many spots of the film
A throat is slit open with blood pouring out
A teens arm is shot
A woman's neck is snapped after being caught in a cat door of a garage door
Two people are stabbing one another in the stomach with lots of blood smearing on them
A guy's head is shot with a bullet hole through his head

The music has alot of terrific mainstream sounding orchestral playing with the high pitched violin screeching sounds as well as high pitched trombone playing too for the real terrorising moments with the killers in the ghost face masks attacking. There's also some metal clanging sounds and of course the heavy thumping sounds for the jumping moments too in which everything came together perfectly all done by Marco Beltrami.

[first lines]
Casey: Hello?
Phone Voice: Hello.
Casey: Yes?
Phone Voice: Who is this?
Casey: Who are you trying to reach?
Phone Voice: What number is this?
Casey: Well, what number are you trying to reach?
Phone Voice: I don't know.
Casey: I think you have the wrong number.
Phone Voice: Do I?
Casey: It happens. Take it easy.

Casey: Hello?
Phone Voice: Why don't you wanna talk to me?
Casey: Who is this?
Phone Voice: You tell me your name, I'll tell you mine.
Casey: I don't think so.
[checks popcorn]
Phone Voice: What's that noise?
Casey: Popcorn!
Phone Voice: You're making popcorn?
Casey: Uh huh.
Phone Voice: I only eat popcorn at the movies.
Casey: Well, I'm getting ready to watch a video.
Phone Voice: Really, what?
Casey: Oh, just some scary movie.
Phone Voice: Do you like scary movies?
Casey: Uh huh.
Phone Voice: What's your favourite scary movie?
Casey: I dunno.
Phone Voice: You have to have a favourite, what comes to mind?
Casey: Um, Halloween. You know the guy in the white mask who walks around and stalks babysitters?
Phone Voice: Yeah...
Casey: What's yours?
Phone Voice: Guess.
Casey: Um, Nightmare On Elm Street?
Phone Voice: Is that the one where the guy had knives for fingers?
Casey: Yeah, Freddy Krueger.
Phone Voice: Freddy! That's right. I like that movie, it was scary.
Casey: Well, the first one was, but the rest sucked.
Phone Voice: So, you got a boyfriend?
Casey: Why, do you wanna ask me out on a date?
Phone Voice: Maybe. You never did tell me your name.
Casey: Why do you wanna know my name?
Phone Voice: Cause I wanna know who I'm looking at.
Casey: [frightened] What did you say?
Phone Voice: I wanna know who I'm talking to.
Casey: [still scared] That's not what you said.
Phone Voice: What do you think I said? What?
Casey: I have to go.
Phone Voice: Wait, I thought we were gonna go out?
Casey: Uh, I don't think so.
Phone Voice: Don't hang up on me.
Casey: [she hangs up. The phone rings again] Yes?
Ghostface: [in an ominous, taunting threatening tone] I told you not to hang up on me
Casey: What do you want?
Ghostface: see what your insides look like.

Casey: Listen, asshole!
Phone Voice: No, you listen, you little bitch! You hang up on me again, I'll gut you like a fish, understand? Can you handle that... Blondie?

Casey: Who's there?
Ghostface: Never say "who's there?" Don't you watch scary movies? It's a death wish. You might as well come out to investigate a strange noise or something.

Casey: Look, I am two seconds away from calling the police!
Phone Voice: They'll never make it in time.

Phone Voice: Name the killer in Friday the 13th.
Casey: Jason! Jason, Jason!
Phone Voice: I'm sorry. That's the wrong answer!
Casey: No, it's not. No it's not. It was Jason.
Phone Voice: Afraid not. No way.
Casey: Listen, it was Jason! I saw that movie 20 goddamn times!
Phone Voice: Then you should know that Jason's mother, Mrs. Voorhees was the original killer. Jason didn't show up until the sequel. I'm afraid that was a wrong answer.
Casey: [Weeping] You tricked me.
Phone Voice: Lucky for you there's a bonus round, but poor Steve... I'm afraid he's OUT!

Tatum: [about Casey Becker's death] It's so sad. Her mom and dad found her hanging from a tree limb, her insides on the outside.

Phone Voice: Do you like scary movies?
Sidney Prescott: What's the point they're all the same, some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act who is always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door, it's insulting.

Gale: Look, Kenny, I know you're about fifty pounds overweight, but when I say hurry, please interpret that as MOVE YOUR FAT TUB OF LARD ASS NOW!

Tatum: "I'll send you a copy." BAM! Bitch went down. "I'll send you a copy." BAM! Syd! Superbitch!

Cheerleader in Bathroom: She was never attacked. I think she made it all up.
Girl in Bathroom: Why would she lie about it?
Cheerleader in Bathroom: For attention. The girl has some serious issues. What if she did it? Wat if Sidney killed Casey and Steve?
Girl in Bathroom: Why would she do that?
Cheerleader in Bathroom: Maybe she had the hots for Steve and killed them both in a jealous rage.
Girl in Bathroom: What would Sidney want with Steve? She's got her own bubble-butt boyfriend, Billy.
Cheerleader in Bathroom: Maybe she's a slut, just like her mother.
Girl in Bathroom: Cut some slack, she watched her mom get butchered.
Cheerleader in Bathroom: And it fucked her up royally. Think about it, her mother's death leaves her disturbed and hostile in a cruel and inhumane world. She's delusional. "Where's God," etc. Completely suicidal. One day she snaps. She wants to kill herself but she realizes out that teen suicide is out this year and homicide is a much healthier, therapeutic expression.
Girl in Bathroom: Where do you get this shit?
Cheerleader in Bathroom: Ricky Lake
Girl in Bathroom: You are pathetic.
[They leave the bathroom]

Principal Himbry: So. Two of your fellow students, just savagely murdered, and this is the way that you show your compassion and sensitivity, huh? Let me tell you something.
Principal Himbry: You're both expelled. Get out!
Expelled Teen #1: Aw, come on, Mr. Himbry, it was just a joke!
Expelled Teen #2: That is not fair!
Principal Himbry: You're absolutely right. It is not fair. Fairness would be to rip your insides out and hang you from a tree so we can expose you for the heartless, desensitized little shits that you are!

Stu: You know who I think it is? Her father. I mean, why can't they find her Pops, man?
Randy: Because he's probably dead. His body will come popping up in the last reel somewhere. Eyes gouged out, fingers cut off, teeth knocked out! See, the police are always off track with this shit! If they'd watch Prom Night, they'd save time! There's a formula to it. A very simple formula!
Randy: Everybody's a suspect!

Stu: I wanna see breasts. I wanna see Jamie Lee's breasts. When do we see Jamie Lee's breasts?
Randy: Breasts? Not until "Trading Places" in 1983. Jamie Lee was always a virgin in horror movies. She didn't show her tits 'til she went legits.

Randy: There are certain RULES that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance, number one: you can never have sex.
[crowd boos]
Randy: BIG NO NO! BIG NO NO! Sex equals death, okay? Number two: you can never drink or do drugs.
[crowd cheers and raises their bottles]
Randy: The sin factor! It's a sin. It's an extension of number one. And number three: never, ever, ever under any circumstances say, "I'll be right back." Because you won't be back.
Stu: I'm gettin' another beer, you want one?
Randy: Yeah, sure.
Stu: I'll be right back.
[crowd cheers]
Randy: See, you push the laws and you end up dead. Okay, I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife.

Tatum: No, please don't kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!

Randy: Listen up. They found Principal Himbry dead. He was gutted and hung from the goal post on the football field.
Drunk teen: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go over there before they pry him down!

Billy: What do I have to do to prove to you that I'm not a killer?

Billy: [licks "blood" from his fingers] Mmmm... corn syrup. Same stuff they used for pig's blood in "Carrie."

Billy: [quoting Norman Bates] We all go a little mad sometimes.

Billy: Your slut mother was fucking my father. She's the reason my mom moved out and abandoned me... how's that for a motive?

Stu: Did you really call the police?
Sidney Prescott: You bet your sorry ass I did.
Stu: My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!

[last lines]
Gale: Okay I think it's going to go something like this, just stay with me. Hi, this is Gale Weathers with an exclusive eyewitness account of this amazing breaking story. Several more local teens are dead, bringing to an end the harrowing mystery of the masked killings that has terrified this peaceful community like the plot of some scary movie. It all began with the scream of a 911, and ended in a bloodbath that has rocked the town of Woodsboro. All played out here in this peaceful farmhouse, far from the crimes and the sirens of the larger cities that its residents have fled. Okay, let's take it back to one. Come on, move it! This is my big shot. Let's go.