Feast (2005)

Directed by: John Gulager

Written by: Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton


Navi Rawatt .... Heroine
Krista Allen .... Tuffy
Bathazar Getty .... Bozo
Judah Friedlander .... Beer Guy
Jenny Wade .... Honey Pie
Duane Whittaker .... Boss Man
Josh Zuckerman .... Hot Wheels
Eileen Ryan .... Grandma
Clu Gulager .... Bartender
Diane Goldner .... Harley Mom
Jason Mewes .... Himself
Henry Rollins .... Coach
Eric Dane .... Hero

Release Date: Chicago International Film Festival: October 14, 2005;; International Horror Sci-fi Film Festival: October 23, 2005; Savannah Film and Video Festival: October 31, 2005; Limited Theatrical: September 22, 2006







There's a quiet night at a sleazy bar in the middle of a deserted area but suddenly a guy crashes into the bar and warns the people about these creatures that eat people alive.
He suddenly gets eaten and the people there are being eaten one by one so they try to trap themselves in to keep safe and find a way to kill off these creatures with dynamite and shotguns but the creatures slowly find theuir way in by tearing at the roof and walls of the bar.


The film is at a good pace as with the monster attacking scenes by looking very fast as you wonder what is going on?
There's some good struggling moment with the creatures trying to break in and spit slime over everyone.
We also have a good aggressive conversation between Boss Man and Hero pointing guns at one another.
We have a good moment with Bozo whining and complaining then peeking through a hole in the wall with a creature taking out his eye. He does well shouting in pain.
We have a great shot on Hero acting nervous while trying to open a door to a room and prevent from being attacked which also makes you cringe wondering if anything will attack him. We do have a good surprise attack though.
There's a nice funny discussion between Honey Pie and Bozo when he asks her how he looks and she prevents to tell him the truth after she spots maggots around the eye that was plucked out of him which we spot a good close up shot on.
There's a great moment with Tuffy getting to the nitty gritty with everyone about suriving the incidents and encouraging to fight back with weapons and a plan.
There's a good moment with Harley Mom tied to a bomb and then her awakening panicking as well as a creature pulling her in and the rest trying to get the cord to set the bomb off with keeps you in suspense.
Bottom line is that I will give the film credit for it's descent budget, good performances and great horror effects but other than that I found the flick to be a total Evil Dead 2 ripoff and the story doesnt really go anywhere but it does shows some neat moments describing who these people are in a 007 type of fashion. At first it looks like the film is going to be a comedy when you see the beginning of it as the camera shows a close up on each actor and describing who they are as there are comedic explanations of them each. But then it gets serious more and more when the monsters attack and the fun really starts to happen too.

The acting is terrifically performed which were comedic and intense at the same time. as it's nice to see Clu Gulager (Bartender) working again as he played a great bartender with his obnoxious attitude and good aggressions too.
Also another actor that's great to see again is b-film actor Duane Whittaker (Boss Man) as he very much stands out as a sleazy cowboy and found him the best actor out of them all.
Eric Dane (Hero) plays a great comedic type hero and has nothing on Bruce Campbell. He portrayed tons of energy to his role. He deserved the great credit.
Bathazar Getty (Bozo) played the perfect Bozo with his wimpy and whiney attitude but not enough that you'd feel like smacking him. He was for sure a nice character actor.
Jenny Wade
(Honey Pie) was hilarious in her role playing a typical dumb blonde bringing the dark comedy right on target thanks to what she had to offer and knowing her part inside out.
She does well acting nervous in a silly fashion in a certain scene.
Eileen Ryan
(Grandma) does her job well with her eccentric personality which draws the story quite well and became the center of attention to all of it.
Krista Allen (Tuffy) really was a one tough chick in the film and I'd say the best actress in the cast of women in the film bringing her character to life and seeming real about it.

Plenty of horror violence and very well done with the effects used in it.
We have some heads chomped off
Face torn off
Leg chomped off
Plenty of bloodbaths
People being eaten alive
Monsters being slaughtered

Stephen Edwards and Tom Erba makes the music in this film sound fantastic and adventurous plus grungy too. There's also some saddening orcherstal playing for the emotional times too which sounded great.

We also have an awesome soundtrack too by some stompin music groups

Hero: Listen to me. A storm o'hell's coming down on this place any second. I don't know what they are, I don't know where they came from. All I do know is that these fuckers are fast, nasty, and hungry... and there's four of 'em. They got claws like Ginsu knives and more teeth than a chainsaw. They're comin'... right now. So we gotta lock this bar down. That means doors, windows, drains, and zippers, and we gotta do it now. You! Get a phone, call the cops, National Guard, townies, anybody who kicks ass, and get 'em out here. Any questions?
Bartender: Yeah. Who the hell are you?
Hero: I'm the guy that's gonna save your ass.
[a monster immediately reaches through the window and kills him]

Coach: Oh dear.
Honey Pie: What? What's he doing?
Bozo: They're humping!
Beer Guy: Aw man! The monsters are doing it doggy style.
Hot Wheels: Monster sex.

Honey Pie: [Notices Bozo and Hot Wheels have been watching her undress, wash blood off] Act like you've had some.
Bozo: Oh, I've had some, baby.
Hot Wheels: [voice cracking] I haven't.

Coach: [Both peering outside through secret hatch door in the dark basement] You know, you and I have a lot of similarities. Strong. Resolute...
Heroine: You need to be quiet.
Coach: I'm sorry. I talk when I'm nervous.
Heroine: Quiet.
Coach: It's just, it's been a while since someone's been horribly killed, and it seems like an opportune time for someone to be... well... offed.
Heroine: What did I say? Shh.
Coach: Sorry. I'm done now.
Coach: [Hoisting himself out the hatch door] Great men will tell of my bravery.