Feast (1992)

Directed by:

Written by: James Holiday &


.... Leroy Washington
.... Peter Harris
Sharon Mitchell .... Brenda Whitlock
.... Gary Brown
.... Misty
.... Tawny
.... Det. Linda Beck
William Smith .... Det. George Bordelli

Special Appearances:

Ron Jeremy .... Shelly Lemery
Veronica Hart .... Girl by Pool

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1992




A couple of cannibals Leroy Washington (Chuck Gavoian) and Peter Harris (Al Troupe) disguise themselves as filmmakers only to kill and eat their actresses and making them into a gourment feast while the police are trying to find out the missing cases while a deceving one named Brenda Whitlock (Sharon Mitchell) has a dark secret of her own and challenges these two as to who is a better killer.


We spot a difficult to watch beginning on a somewhat sacrifice with a narration but none of this looked effective and very amateurishly done.
Then we have many annoying phone conversations and other situations with people set out as filmmakers whom are Leroy Washington and Peter Harris talking to hopeful actors in which was supposed to look funny and slapstick but it isn't even close to looking that way especially with a stocky guy that Leroy takes notice to and he has a pussy voice which comes across terribly phony it's not even funny and he tries to coach him as this really needed to be whipped into shape big time.
In another scene there's moments when Peter does a read with an actress which looked very rough to watch but yet we spot some gunshots with her getting shot as it teases you wondering if they really murdered her or it was a death accident as this looked dark and effective but only for a brief moment.
There's the odd solid moments that involves some of the main characters such as Brenda Whitlock dining with Gary Brown which their conversations seem to flow in and look naturally done while they discuss the unsolved cases and things like that. However they go into a lustful scene in a room which really looked lame while we cut into both Leroy and Peter about to carve a naked corpse as we spot really disgusting moments on what they do and full of sick humor too which is shocking but not in an entertaining way.
Also we have some discussions at a police station about the cases as this was supposed to add some mysterious moments between the people figuring stuff out but this looked rather stale mainly by badly done camera shots and cheesy dialogues written in the story.
There's moments with Leroy having an aggressive discussion on the phone in his hot tub as this seems to have a mafia type of setting to all of this but done in a stale way like the rest of the story.
Alot of the other plotlines looked incredibly bland to watch and too goofy as we wonder as to when the next horrifying things that will happen since things are going terribly slow.
Yet we do find out more with what is going on as there's a terribly annoying moment when both Leroy and Peter convincing a bimbo named Misty to do her own stunts by driving her own vehicle as we have a nice shot on Peter pointing his shot gun while she's driving as this looked sharp but then it goes downhill after what happens and no disturbing as it was supposed to have been.
However there's a good conversation between Gary when he discusses the history of cannibalism towards Brenda to discover some of the cases that were involved as this seemed to be well focused on the two of them.

Also a nice mysterious moment with her getting aroused and good close up shots on her doing this as well as a nice shot with Peter holding a knife against a corpse with fog surrounding him which draws in some mild mysterious moments.
Lame moments with Brenda making out that she wants to try out for Leroy's films and she gets kinky which doesn't look convincing by how it was all done.
A strong discussion with Brenda towards Leroy in his office as we see some dark secrets revealing this woman as it draws you in which is one of the very few good moments that we see in this flick.
An interesting artsy moment when both Brenda and Gary go to a leather joint where people are whipping others or other sexual activities but yet it's a little too long and seems to be an excuse to fill in the time.
Then some creepy and twisted moments while the two are lusting with one another that Brenda does things to herself to prove that she can handle pain as this makes you cringe while watching all of this as well as Gary trying to get away and leave as well as a good slow motion on a killer swinging an axe towards him which has a perfect dark hallway setting within this.
Another shocking situation when Leroy spots a video on what Brenda announces on tape as well as a grizzly situation and telling him what she did to her lover as this almost leaves a hint on her making snuff films and threatening him too. This is another interesting add on to shock horror fans.
Meanwhile in the story both Leroy and Peter have a canniballistic gourment feast which looked totally sick and disgusting while seeing all of this and is very sickening and not for anyone with the weak stomachs at all. I had a hard time sitting through this.
Then there's the moments in the dark involving both Leroy and Peter being pitted against Brenda as to who will survive not being killed which took a long time as I was thinking when this awful film will end and boy is it gross to find out what happens that involves someone being tortured to death.
Bottom line is that this film was made into a made for home video grindhouse type of budget with lots of audio problems and alot of the times a dark screen and having a hard time watching it clearly. It's shocking but in a disgusting matter which only fans of really sick and perverted movies will enjoy. The movie takes forever to finish with weak and slow plots and way too over the top situations as the makers tried to make this somewhat a Blood Feast themed flick using Troma Team type of formula but even those one's had more going than in this one. Avoid it at all costs unless you wanna see lots of skin which is the main drawing card here along with the gruesomeness.

The acting is terrible and full of porn actors which explains everything but we have the odd acceptances here.... (Leroy Washington) was overly annoying by how he was talking to others while making out he's coaching people at auditions and not natural at all by doing this. He tries too hard to be witty but really misses this big time by being too over the top. Sometimes he stands out while acting obnoxious as a goofy mafia sort of mob boss but again that's nothing to brag about. Somehwat had the righht looks and appeal to his part.
(Peter Harris) seemed a little too much with his aggressions and acting disturbed in which he seriously needed acting lessons to improved on his wooden performance. He wasn't all that terrible so I will cut him some slack there as he tried to add some charisma into his part. Had the right looks as a somewhat filmmaker but that's about it.
Former porn queen Sharon Mitchell (Brenda Whitlock) I had to say was the best out of the whole cast in which she was perfectly sharp in her role and comes across clearly with her conversations and in a good serious attitude. ALso knew on how to act romantic too whenever she needed to be this way. Also shows a good aggression and to the point which looked powerfully done along with showing her dark side which shines off perfectly. Seemed to do okay by acting wild and crazy but at times was a bit much. Yet does well with her wicked and crazed speaking while videotaping herself to someone else.
(Gary Brown) had the right masculine looks and appeal to his role as he comes off as a hunky romantic type as well as showing off a nice charming attitude too along with being good and clear with his speaking. Yet when he gets aggressive or loses it he is very rough by doing so and tries way too hard without this being natural.
(Misty) was laughable in her role as a bimbo but not in a good way in which she has the phoniest high pitched speaking I've ever seen. She was never cut out as an actress in which you can tell by watching her performance here. Plus when she acts injured she was terribly low on her energy. She was over all annoying. She moved onto producing which is a better career for her.
(Det. Linda Beck) really stood out greatly in her supporting role though as a no nonsense woman of the law in which she gets to the point strongly with her words and attitude as well plus had the beautiful blo9nde haired looks without coming across as someone whom has all looks and no talent.
William Smith (Det. George Bordelli) was another one of the better actors in which he has a perfect gruffness to his speaking along with being tough with his conversations which looked good and strong. He really grabs your attention greatly as you could tell that he tried to make things look good with most of the bad performances here. He didn't have a major role but still made on what he did very effective regardless.

A woman takes of her top in the beginning of the film full breasts.
Many fully nude corpses top to bottom revealed before being carved.
A woman is fully naked while doing a sex scene in two different situations in the story.
Guys butt and crotch revealed during the separate sex scene's too.
Bare breasts are revealed while a woman feels herself and getting aroused.
Butts and breasts revealed in a leather bar while doing perverted things to one another.
Someone is wearing a shirt buttoned open revelaing her breasts and everything else.
Breats are revealed while someone is tortured to death.

Bodies are being carved and isndes revealed as well as some being eaten.
Bloody gunshots.
Head and other body pieces are cut off but look terribly phony at the same time.
Gourmet canniballistic dinner is revealed which is totally gross to the extreme.
Axe is bloodily impaled in someone's chest.
Slaughtered looking body with missing body parts are seen on a video.
Nipples are bitten off.

There's cheap sounding synthesizer music but the low tones seemed rather effective for when the horror moments start and the high icy one's sounded a bit off. There's also beat sounds and tapping which sounded a little too stale. Also lame classical uplifting synthesizer music for a canniballistic feast starting which souned rather lame. The closing credits had the low and high music again but suited it all with more beats which seemed to sound okay this time. All of this was put together by Deeji Dijon