Felissa certainly left an impression on me. During my grad year of 1993 I rented 'Sleepaway Camp' for the first time at a video store. I was a fan of the 'Friday the 13th' films so I didn't know what to expect from it. I disliked it at first but love it now. Felissa's character as Angela in it really grabbed my attention. She looked so innocent like one of the wholesome girls from 'Little House on the Prairie'. Too innocent though. Maybe so deceiving enough to be so deadly. I watched the film all the way through and had a feeling that Angela was not so innocent and was killing these teens that were mean to her. But wait a sec! During the last seconds of the ending she isn't really who everyone thinks she is!!!! God it was totally creepy! I wanted to avoid the film at all costs cause it was so disturbing and it had many leaky holes throughout the storyline, but I watched it the second time 6 years later and this time the film grew on me. I eventually got to like it better than any of the 'Friday the 13th' films. Neither films had anything in common. Only the fact that they were camp slasher films with teenagers and camp counsellors in them that were getting killed. I was always wondering whatever happened to Felissa Rose and why Pamela Springsteen played her role in the direct-to-video sequels. I found out everything thanks to Jeff Hayes from www.sleepawaycampmovies.com as he tracked most of the original cast down and now independent horror film directors are casting Miss Rose in their films (Although she is not a terrfic actress) and she is becoming an item in horror films all because of 'Sleepaway Camp' which today is a cult classic. In fact, it inspired writer/director Robert Hiltzik to make his true part 2 to the film so far titled 'Return to Sleepaway Camp'.

Felissa Rose Esposito was born on May 23, 1969 at the St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village, NYC. When she was three her family moved to Woodbury, Long Island. Felissa always wanted to be an entertainer and her mother was very involved in her life taking her for lessons from when she was 3 for dance, musical theatre, etc...

She was always in the drama club, Forensics (the speech and debate club), girls volleyball, and summer stock (the summer musicals). She always wanted to do musical theatre but changed her mind when she realised she didn't have a good singing voice.

As a child she went to Catholic school first with Our Lady of Mercy Academy for 2 years and then with Syosset High School for 4 years and performed in many of her musical school plays mostly lead roles in just about all of them.

She signed up with an agent and auditioned for the musical 'Annie' but never received a callback but at the age of 13, she auditioned for the part of the shy Angela for the horror/slasher film 'Sleepaway Camp' for the audition she did a little improv and the director/writer, Robert Hiltzik asked her to pretend that she was eating a candy bar and just to completely stare into space. After she had the call back she felt confident and knew she got the part, but her mother advised her not to be too confident cause acting is a tough business to get into. But she got the part as Felissa was just who Robert Hiltzik wanted for his film and was introduced to the world as Angela when it went to Cinema's on November of 1983.

After that film she auditioned for non-horror film's and came real close to getting the parts but however didn't successfully get them as in showbiz sometimes casting directors can't see anyone else play just horror type character's from the film she was in.

However, she pursued professional theatre by doing off-Broadway shows. She was especially active in the Forensics (speech and debate club) as well as participating in the dramatic interpretation section. She traveled extensively with that club throughout highschool and won the New York State Championship Award in her junior year.

At the age of seventeen she applied an early submission to the Tisch School of the Arts at the New York University and was admitted that fall.

She appeared in TV commercials including 'Kinney Shoes' (with Barbara Mandrell), 'Coke Classic', 'Pepsi', 'Tide' and 'Pillsbury' as well as many industrials throughout her teens and early twenties.

She was asked to reprise her role as Angela in the 'Sleepaway Camp' sequels for 6 months in Georgia in 1987, but she was attending the Lee Strasberg Institute and turned the roles down. Struggling actor at the time, Adam Sandler, also studied there and they became friends for a while and together did a short comedy on MTV called 'The Party Phone Series'. She also took some training to break into the business as an actress.

She had bit parts in the films 'The Night We Never Met' and Woody Allen's 'Another Woman' (Which both her scenes were cut out) and 'Pain and Suffering' (Which is apparently obscure)

She acted in many plays around Manhattan afterwards. Felissa at one point acted in a stage show that was directed by stage director Bill Primavera and then they wed on July 5, 1997 and she acted in many of his Off-Broadway shows as she played Desdemona in 'Othello', Denise Savage in 'Savage in Limbo', Renee in 'Madamme Butterfly' (Which was performed in Florida), Willie in 'This Property is Condemned' as well as Karen in the premiere of 'Phone Sex' and two roles in dinner theatre productions Nikki in 'Tony N' Tina's Wedding' and Louise in 'Disorganised Crime', as well as many others.

Felissa and Bill's marriage started to dissolve on December 14, 2001 but 'Sleepaway Camp' was starting to grow into a cult-classic as alot of horror film directors started looking for her to cast her in their independent film's.
She played Delores in a 15 minute short independent horror-thriller called 'Birds of a Feather' which also featured cult actor Christopher Cooke. The film played at the Long Island Film Festival in New York which was a start for her. According to director Terrence Smith, only a handful of people saw the film and never realised that it would be a stepping stone for more work in the horror industry for Felissa.
Then she was cast as a psychotic Art Therapist in Dante Tomaselli's feature film 'Horror' and although her role was only a few minutes long her character in the flick was extremely effective and she got alot of exposure for it in horror magazines and websites while it rode the film festival circuit and then was distributed on DVD by Elite Entertainment. Following after that, she had a lead role in a chapter of a horror/comedy anthology as Sarah in 'Scary Tales: The Return of Mr. Longfellow' which had a handful of showings at film festivals in the US and a few years later it finally made became independently available to DVD.
Next was the part of Sandra Kane in a film called 'Nikos the Impaler' as it did well at horror film festivals in parts of Europe and on DVD too.
She then had supporting roles as Melissa in the dark comedy 'Zombiegeddon' which was shown in some underground venues and Gina in the horror spy flick 'Corpses Are Forever' that played at the New New Film & Video Festival and starred a handful of B-movie celebrity actors including Richard Lynch, Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, Linnea Quigley, Conrad Brooks and Don Calfa.
What recently rode the local film festival in the USA were series of comedy/sci-fi shorts and features titled 'Cerebral Print' as Felissa plays an MILF named Carolyn.

Felissa worked again with Dante Tomaselli by playing the lead as the scared victim Donna Bruno in 'Satan's Playground' which rode some film festivals including San Francisco's SF IndieFest/Another Hole in the Head. The movie is distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment and came out in the fall of 2006.

Felissa took part in a gay & lesbian horror/comedy titled 'Dead Serious' as the role of Susan Rosario who is caught up with her boyfriend in the ensuing mayhem at a New York city gay bar that's inhabited by vampires as well as being taken over by a puritanical televangelist and his group of right-wing terrorists. The film is having a huge success in numerous film festivals like at The Titanic Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary, the Brussels International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, The New York City Horror Film Festival, at the TriBeCa Cinema in NYC., The Hollywood Film Festival™ & Hollywood Awards at the Arclight Theater and the Reel Affirmations Film Festival, Washington DC. Not only that, the film was nominated for two B-movie awards for the "Best Make-Up" and "Best Digital Special Effects" categories at Syracuse's B-Movie Film Festival!  The film is awaiting distribution for a DVD release.

What's out in stores nationwide as well as renting at stores is the slapstick Troma Team comedy-horror slasher flick 'Slaughter Party' as Felissa co-star's as a character named Tara who is pitted against a midget killer and a cannibalistic mad scientist but the film is a total flop.

She has also won cameo roles in the horror film's 'Sludge' and in 'Evil Ever After' which are in post-production and will hopefully be released either at film festivals or on DVD. She also worked as a casting assistant on 'Return to Sleepaway Camp'

Felissa has hosted a TV show for Fangoria TV by interviewing actors and reviewing films plus she starred in a pilot which will hopefully be aired for prime time TV titled 'The Scream'.

A recent film she co-starred in as a combat zombie fighter named Elsa Lansing titled 'Silent Night Zombie Night' successfully rode many horror film festivals and went onto DVD is becoming well noticed and was shot in Los Angeles, California. The film also co-starred horror veteran Lew Temple.

Nowadays she moved in between New York and California. She has become a cult favourite to horror fans because of her work in 'Sleepaway Camp'

She also remarried CKY frontman rocker Deron Miller (Whom was a fan of her film 'Sleepaway Camp' and based his band named off the film which CKY is short for Camp Kill Yourself) as they share two children.

Although I'm not wild over her as an actress I had to do a review on her since she was so freaky in 'Sleepaway Camp' and always wondered what other types of roles she did so I bought her other horror films.

Birthdate: May 23, 1969

Star Sign: Gemini

Birthplace: Greenwich Village, NYC

Parents: Thomas and Joan Esposito

Siblings: 1 brother, Frank and my sister in law, Melissa

Family Background: Italian

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 109 pounds

Hair Colour: dark brown

Eyes: Dark Brown


Marital Status: Married to Deron Miller

Favourite Foods: Japanese and Italian

Hobbies: Exercise, Computer, Reading, Relaxing

Favourite Sports: Basket ball, Hockey and Baseball

Favourite Colours: Red, Cranberry and Dark Blue

Favourite Clothing: BeBe

Favourite Music: All kinds such as jazz, rock, pop, rap, alternative etc....

Favourite Actors: Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn

Favourite Actresses: Mercedes Ruehl, Meryl Streep

Favourite Movies: The Godfather, Silence of the Lambs, Tootsie, Spinal Tap, The Shining.

Favourite TV show: Cheers

Favourite Books: Seth Speaks, Bridge Across Forever, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Seat of the Soul.

Favourite Countries: Hawaii and Italy

Favourite Director: Martin Scorsese

Favourite Writer: Shakespeare

Favourite Music Act: CKY

Favourite Performance: Mercedes Ruehl in Lost in Yonkers on Broadway

Worst Performance: There isn't one, actors do their best

Favourite Animals: Cats

Pets: 4 Beautiful Cats

Pet Peeve: Call waiting (I don't have it) and people talking really loudly on their cell phones in public places.

Motto: Don't Sweat the small stuff

Ambitions: Inner Strength, Inner Peace and being O.K. with Judgement

First Acting Gig: Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp.1983 Yesss! The film that made her a horror film actress! She was so damn believable at such a young age of 13 years old to play the role she played. The shy and disturbed Angela who went to a summer camp and was always being put-upon by kids.
However, they end up getting killed for their nastiness. She didn't have alot to say in this film but there was no need to as she brought this character to life. She did a perfect job with her long staring. Her ending with that freaky face was so memorable to fans and non fans. Yet you can tell that she would have limitations playing other parts in film's by seeing her performance in this one.
Apparently she was nothing like her character and socialised too much with her fellow actors. She admitted that she had alot of fun in the film and her mother was like her manager in a way.
She told Hiltzik that she didn't want to have her hands used during the murders as she thought it would be too disturbing for her at a young age. Instead her co-star Jonathan Tiersten's hands were used.
It was hard for young Felissa to get work in other films that were non-horror.
When the film came to DVD after the millenium Felissa Rose did the commentary for the film along with writer/director Robert Hiltzik and Official webmaster Jeff Hayes. They had a good time with it and briefly mentioned the upcoming 'Return to Sleepaway Camp'. She also attened many horror events and reunions because of this film.

Birds of a Feather.2000 This was a start to Felissa career in horror films. She plays a killer in this on too.
The film was only 15 minutes long and played at the Long Island Film Festival in New York which only a handful of people went to see it.
Apparently the film was shot on two very intense days.
Felissa's last name on the film was credited as Primavera which was her ex-husband's last name to whom she was married to and acted in his stage shows.
Also, she apparently didn't get along with her former actress in the film who's name was Danielle Il Grande but Felissa kills her in the end of the film. She must've felt good about that!
Of course this film is about a paranoid wife who thinks her husband is going to kill her due to his temperament.
The film was average with just an average plot.

Grandma's Secret Recipe.2002 This was a cheesy slapstick 30 minute horror flick made by Jeff Hayes from www.sleepawaycampmovies.com and using his real family members to be in the film.
The story is about
a stuck up college student moves in with her Grandma due to noisy construction work at her house so she can find a quiet place to study for her exams. Her grandmother tries to make her feel as welcome as possible offering her goodies of all kinds. Her granddaughter finds this annoying and tries to make her leave her alone.
But good ole Granny still keeps on trying as she shows her granddaughter a photo album of her past life. The granddaughter mouths her off and insults her. Grandma snaps and repeatedly stabs her granddaughter with an ice pick. Then Granny manipulates her son to bury her in the backyard. Can a secret really be kept?

Felissa comes on towards the ending of the flick as a news reporter named Angie Angel which Jeff shot her scenes in Texas after her and Robert Hiltzik were supporting a theater that was opening and it was screening 'Sleepaway Camp'. Hiltzik had a cameo in the film which Felissa's character was questioning about his neighbor slaughtering her granddaughter and son.
'GSR' rode a film festival in Chicago with a double bill of 'Sleepaway Camp'.
A sequel is in the making and Felissa reprises her role and she was on the same grounds with her scenes when she was helping out with 'Return to Sleepaway Camp' along with Jeff Hayes.

Horror.2002 Felissa has a cameo in this one but an effective one. She plays an art therapist. At first she seems sweet and angelic like when she talks to one of her clients which is in a drug rehab towards the end of the film. Next scene the client goes into a hospital room where gruesome and terrifying events are happening.
Felissa's character runs into the room and she acts monstrous just like her ending scene in 'Sleepaway Camp' as the story was about a bunch of kids escaping from a rehab and are encountering evil around them.
Felissa received exposure for this film even before and after it's release on magazines and horror events.
It rode at many film festivals and won Best Cinematography at The New York Horror Film Festival.
It then was distributed by Elite Entertainment which was an amazon top 10 bestseller under different horror categories. 'Horror' was also, for one week in 2003, # 7 on the IMDb-Pro, out of all the movies. Writer/director Dante Tomaselli is a big fan of 70's and early 80's which he tries to bring it back with his films by hiring actors from those horror flicks.
However, he makes his stories very different than any other horror film which makes him a cult item. Felissa gained a temporary friendship with Dante and acted in his future project 'Satan's Playground' but this time she had the lead role.
The reason why she had a cameo in this film was because it had been already cast when she submitted her resume to Dante so he found a small role for her during the last minute.

Nikos.2003 This time Felissa plays one of the lead roles as a University teacher's girlfriend named Sandra Kane. Of course they're running away from an ancient mutant barbarian named Nikos who has returned from the dead and is slaughtering people at a museum.
Felissa wasn't particularly proud of this film as it was rushed and she didn't have enough time to concentrate on her character. She doesn't talk alot about this flick.
The film had lots of slaptick type horror and it also mainly focused on the gore throughout the film. This was the goriest film I've seen in fact. The film was shown at many horror film festivals in parts of Europe like at FEAR IN NURNMBERG, THE INDEPENDENT DAYS KARLSRUHE and THE SPLATTERDAY NIGHT FEVER SAARBRUECKEN.
All with about 200-500 seats, fully packed with gore hounds. About a month later the film was self distributed on DVD and sold well on the Nikos official site.
The film to me was like a bad spoof on 'Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan' with many cameos by trashy b-film actors. This film was made on a Z-grade budget.

Corpses Are Forever.2003 Felissa has a supporting role and is in this film for about only 5 minutes. It's about the gates of hell that was accidentally opened and the dead is walking the earth.
Felissa plays a character named Gina who was bitten by a zombie and slowly is turning into one. Felissa's death scene looked very fake and she is too over the top as usual. According to writer/director Jose Prendes, him and his company stopped shooting her scene at one point as they thought Felissa was really in pain.
The cast featured many b-film actors too. It went to many film festivals and then was eventually released on DVD by Asylum Entertainment. It's now available to buy and rent at Blockbuster.
I found this flick a tribute to George A. Romero's Living Dead flicks although the film was made on a very low budget and many of the outdoor scenes weren't on a closed set cause you could see some cars driving by and people outside.

Scary Tales: The Return of Mr. Longfellow.2003 A neat cheesy horror anthology as Felissa has one of the leads in a chapter titled 'Dennis Frye Vs. the Zombies'. She plays the role of Sarah who dates a wimpy employee named Dennis Frye at a corner store who is bullied by a gang called the Zombies but a strange man enters the store with these special candy bars that turns Dennis into a hero and the gang into living dead zombies.
It is a classic battle as Sarah and Dennis battle the zombies. Felissa has descent timing at being funny and adventureous. The chapter reminded me of the TV series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' but with zombies in it.
The whole film was very 'Twilight Zone/Tales from the Crypt' type of feel. Rode at a handful of film festivals and a few years later went to DVD. Rumors float around that Felissa was not proud of her work in this one.

Zombiegeddon.2003 A student film by Chris Watson and not a great one with lots of bad acting and directing and made on a camcorder budget like most of Felissa's films but has lots of bloody gore effects.
The film was shown in a few underground venues before being released onto DVD by Troma Team a few years later. It can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it but if not you need to avoid it.
At first you wonder if this is a comedy-horror like 'Shaun of the Dead' but instead it's just a plain zany comedy trying to use 'South Park' humor in a bad way but using horror elements like the gore and flesh eating zombies.
It all starts out when a lady named Laura Reynolds (Brinke Stevens) goes to a radio station to talk about Lucifer, otherwise Lord Zombie (William Smith) wanting to take over the world with zombies while two redneck cops who stir trouble for others are encountering this madness and tries to help the matters out.
Felissa gets involved during the middle of this film in a highschool gymnasium as a cheerleader named Melissa so her and her friends go with the police to hide out in a house but however Melissa is slowly realising that her cheerleader friends are becoming zombie's themselves.
Although Felissa isn't a great actress herself she seems to perform better than most others. There are a few exceptions in the film too like Brinke, Robert Z'Dar, Jeff Dylan Graham and a cameo by Edwin Neal.

Something to Scream About .2004 This was a documentary on actresses who performed in low budget horror which were mainly scream queens. Plus, it was hosted by Brinke Stevens.
Felissa discusses many situations on the fact she had an italian background as well as questioning on whether or not she'd do nudity in which these kinds of topics were questioned to anyone who participated in the film.
Apart from discussing on her work in 'Sleepaway Camp' there was a scene in the 2003 zombie flick 'Corpses Are Forever' which was nice to see her other work.
She also discusses when she got into University as to why she turned her reprising role of Angela down for the sequels and saying how great Pamela Springsteen did in it and that she became a fan of her work.
She wasn't annoying in this which was good and seemed to discuss things pretty well.

Slaughter Party.2005 Felissa has the lead role named Tara in this awful, corny, slapstick comedy/horror made for DVD as a sister of someone who was slaughtered by a midget killer named Craig (Played by Mighty Mike Murga who is god awful in his role) who is still grieving her death but ends up going to a lesbian bikini party but nearby is a lab where Craig's master resides.
His master is a cannibalistic mad scientist named the Doctor (Ford Austin) who collects body parts and guts. Eventually all of Tara's friends are slaughtered and then Tara is kidnapped and tied up as well as being mamed by the Doctor in his lab.
I can't believe I wasted 20 dollars on this crappy DVD. This is probably Troma Team at their worst financing.
The story was originally written by Chris Watson as he made it look like a 'Slumber Party Massacre' type slasher flick but instead is was rewritten by someone else and unfortunately the story had no relation to that type of genre which was really sad. There is no budget to this flick plus the acting is terrible and the killings are so phony it's not even funny.
Felissa does well at freaking out but of course that's about it and looks foolish with her performance in it otherwise.
Making this flick however was an awful waste of time. There are also pointless cameos by porn superstar Ron Jeremy, Troma Team president Lloyd Kaufman and scream queen Brinke Stevens.

Satans Playground.2006 Well Felissa had a cameo in Dante's last film 'Horror' but this time she has the lead as Donna Bruno which marks to be her best performance so far which isn't saying alot. Of course her role is a nagging wife while her husband Frank (Salvatore Paul Piro) is almost asleep on the wheel driving in the gloomy woods while her, her sister Cheryl (Played by Evil Dead actress Ellen Sandweiss) and her baby, along with her mentally challenged son Sean (Played by Tomaselli favourite Danny Lopes) on a camping trip.
However their car gets stuck and Frank looks for help but ends up getting slaughtered when he meets up with an old woman named Mrs. Leeds (Irma St. Paule) and so Felissa's character tries to look for him and get help too. Instead she is drugged and then kidnapped and badly tormented.
Felissa's intensity is amazing in this film but she hardly shows any expressions with her character and it looks poor.
The film was well done and a good descent budget for an indie film but the story doesn't make alot of sense and sometimes you wonder to yourself what is the point to this film?
However, Dante really brought back the roots of retro horror film from the 70's and 80's with this one and also cast 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' co-star Edwin Neal as a demented retarded mute son of Mrs. Leeds. Plus there is a small role by Ron Millkie who had a small part in the very first 'Friday the 13th' flick as an officer and plays an officer in this one as well and has some similarities to both these roles he's played.

Under Surveillance.2006 Felissa had a good supporting role in this one as the film started shooting for a long time in 2001 and post-production took a few years to finish up.
The story is a mystery-thriller of a group of residents living in an apartment and there is a killer leading a cult and it can be any of the residents as the killer was responsible for murders years before the apartment was made for the residents.
A group of people decides to store hidden camera inside each suite so they can try and spot the going's on at the apartment as the place is run by abusive husband's partygoers and sleazy residents.
Felissa plays the role of Heidi Broonen who has a sleazy and arrogant attitude and lives with her mentally disturbed sister who tried to commit suicide and was just out of a psych ward.
Heidi doesn't treat her sister too well and always brings a different guy home and asks her sister to go out and do an errand while she does so.
She worked with some of the same cast members in this film in her previous film roles which is very interesting. The film had a few public screenings and went to DVD under a new title named 'Dark Chamber'.

Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film. 2006 This was a horror documentary on many people in the history on the slasher film industry discussing through each generation and inspirations their roles or making a horror flick and Felissa discussing her role as Angela in 'Sleepaway Camp' saying she was the chick with the dick. Surprisingly she had some interesting stuff to say and showed some clips of her shocking ending on the film too. She also discusses some of the other horror films along with others like Betsy Palmer, Lilyan Chauvin, Wes Craven, Sean S. Cunningham, Tom Savini and a slew more.
What grabbed my attention on what Felissa had to say was a film that sparked controversy in 1984 called 'Silent Night Deadly Night' and about people wanting to ban it from theatre's as well as the trailer too scaring kids about a murderous Santa Claus explaning that she'd tell her kids what is real and what is not if they saw the trailer.
I find this to be my favourite horror documentary as it is very detailed on the slasher film industry and how it started as well as more films continuing throughout the decades.

Trite this Way.2007 Like 'Under Surveillance', This one was another film that took a very long time to be released.
Felissa hosts this piece as she introduces herself and said that she was the original Angela Baker in 'Sleepaway Camp' and then introduces the story.
The story isn't really a story as there doesn't seem to be a proper plot to it. There are scenes of sex, anger, fighting, racism and wild parties but how to explain them is almost impossible.
Felissa is involved with some of the scenes in this film as well as narrating it. She puts alot of pizazz in the film and I remember a scene while someone is jump roping she is constantly yelling "EX-PLOI-TA-TION!!!!" but of course the story is very poor.

Dead and Gone.2008 This film is surprisingly well done as it was a tale of a struggling actor named Jack Wade (Quentin Jones) taking his comatose wife Frankie (Katherine Bates) to an isolated cabin in the mountains where a famikly was murdered and starts to see hallucinations on his wife being nasty to him as well as opther types of ghoulish figures haunting him and making him go insane that he starts to kill people whom he thought has wronged him along with having an affiar with the Constable Kate Edison (Gillian Shure).
Felissa only has a special appearance in this one as most of her scene's are on a phone talking to the character Jack and trying to help him out with his problems. She surprisingly does an okay job and showing off some spunk in her role as the character Peggy Goldstein. She also has an appaearance at the end of the film in between some closing credits trying to look for him at the cabin and shows a shocking expression in the end like she did in 'Sleepaway Camp'.
The film at times was a bit long and getting tiresome but still well made regardless and seemed to pay a tribute to flicks like 'Pet Semetary' and 'Evil Dead 2'.
The composer was Harry Manfredini who did the score for the 'Friday the 13th' films.

Psycho Sleepover .2008 She has a cameo in this one as a news reporter in which she is in the very beginning of this story and seen on TV in which this is about a person accidentally murdering her boyfriend and moves to a new neighborhood and is invited to a slumber party where a bunch of maniacs escape from an asylum to crash the party but the girls that hosted the party are maniacs themselves.
Felissa makes another appearance doing a report on the maniacs escaping with these mental patients in the background and one of them slits her throat which is the best part of this god awful comedy horror fest in which was badly acted and terribly written. I kinda wonder whoever made this clunker was on drugs.

Do not think for a sec it's like 'Slumber Party Massacre' cause it isn't even close. The movie is so bad you'll want to shut it off after seeing the first 5 minutes of this.
Put this movie to sleep for good as I can't even believe that Troma picked it up for a DVD release.

Return to Sleepaway Camp.2008 It was five long years till they finished post on this film and 5 years or less in pre-production and was disappointed to wait so long hoping to see it in much better storyline and quality.
I still dug it for what it was and before I begin this will be a spoiler folks for all you who haven't seen it yet so do stop reading if you want the surprise.
Felissa was a casting director of some sort for this film and was kinda in the film too but disguised as a male police officer with a mute voice using those mechanical types of devices for anyone who lost their vocal chords to talk or are mute period.
You could tell it was a woman wearing prosthetics to look like a male but yet her character she portrayed looked interesting nonetheless. We have a cameo by Isaac hayes as the Chef before his death and yes the same uniform like in South Park. Felissa's character too reminded me of a South Park character that had the mute voice and was a vietnam veteran with one arm (Damn I can't remember the name and it's my favourite TV show).
Her character goes on a search to find Ricky (Reprised by Jonathan Tiersten) whom is a construction worker and is taken to a camp since some killings are taking place there thinking he nmay have a link to it since his cousin created some murders at Camp Arawak 20 years before when he too was a camper along with trying to find other information at the campsite.
At the end Felissa takes off the police uniform and reveals that she is the killer and the actual Angela Baker (Not the one from Camp Arawak who was Peter made out to be his supposed dead twin sister Angela) and starts laughing crazily. Then the screen goes black with the closing credits.
This isn't a shocking ending like in the original one but it was enjoyable and leaves a door open for the next one they're trying to get off the ground titled 'Sleepaway Camp Reunion 3D' but sadly I can't see them making another one since it took them so long to finish this one. Time will tell though.
Also after the closing credits Felissa makes another appearance on trying to fix her flat tire as her car is stuck in the middle of nowhere and a police officer tries to help her then the car crashes on his head with her showing a nice evil type of grin on her face.

A Deadly Little Christmas.2009 Felissa has the main supporting role in this amateurish slasher flick which tried to carry on the slasher tradition of masked killers like in 'Halloween' or 'Friday the 13th' but yet it fails to meet up to them due to a lack of a budget like any film Felissa co-stars in. Still it can be fun to watch if you're not in the mood for a serious slasher flick.
The plot is about a disturbed child who is framed for murdering his father dressed in a Santa suit and is caught for cheating on another woman and gets stabbed to death. Later on he is in a psych ward and his mother tells a detective how dangerous he is. Meanwhile, his siblings prep up for a Christmas play and the son escpaes from the institution. People are being slayed by a hooded killer wearing a mask.
Felissa plays a mother named Mary whom as usual acts way over the top and making a fool out of herself. Plus she has a scene with supporting actor Samuel Nathan Hoffmire as her son Devin that's in a psych ward for an accusation of murdering a family member as a child on Christmas morningin which he is silent all this time she tries to talk to him and there's scene's with her crying when he fails to answer which she is so fake by doing so it's not even funny.
She knew how to act disturbed
at times when being questioned about her son. She also had a nice cold voice too during certain scene's of the film. She plays another psychotic part in this film than as Angela in 'Sleepaway Camp' but yet that film had by far better qualities than this one.
Her part was necessary for the film and it's interesting by seeing her do another type of slasher film even if it's made on close to a no budgeter.
All in all she is not a character actress which is the bottom line.

Silent Night Zombie Night. 2009 This was surprisingly a well budgeted and decent storyline compared to most of the other film's Felissa has been in on a city of Los Angeles is threatened by a viral outbreak turning residents into zombie's a week before Christmas.
It seems like a paying tribute to the George A. Romero zombie classics as well as the remakes on them too. It shows slow moving zombie's and fast moving one's. How does Felissa come into the story? Well she comes in quarter way through in which she portrays a combat trainer named Elsa Lansing who shoots down zombie's after coming out of her vehicle along with her sidekick Paul Irwin (Played by Aussie veteran actor Paul Irwin) and explaining to the survivors as to why some of the zombie's walk fast and some very slow which seemed to be cleverly written into the story.
She breezes through the rest of the time including with the main characters who are policemen as one of them had an affair with the other's wife named Frank Talbot (Played by Jack Forcino) and Nash Jackson (Played by Andy Hopper) not trusting this character wondering if she's been bitten and is handcuffed to a bathroom window while Frank's wife Sarah (Nadine Stenovich) is keeping an eye on her. Beforehand her body is checked out for bite marks which she keeps her bra on and you can tell that she added on a bit of beef over the years.
Plus there's a great struggling moment with a burly type zombie trying to attack her at the bathroom window which looked exciting to watch.

Then they both team up for battle at the end of the film which leaves a door open for a sequel which seemed impressive.
Felissa's acting skills were actually okay surprisingly and does well acting serious with her speaking. Yet she seems very exhausted in her performance. Her role wasn't effective for the story however but it wasn't a small role at all. Also billed in this flick is a supporting role by another horror veteran actor Lew Temple who does a nice job in it too.
The film played at many film festivals doing quite well and recently came onto DVD before 2012 arised.

Dahmer Vs Gacy.2010
An annoying horror spoof on two serial killers who escaped from a psych ward as one of them is dressed as a clown and not a scary one and goes on a killing spree till they face each other.
The film is a total time waster and whoever wrote it mustve been on serious LSD since it's pretty scattered as well as the film is badly done and terrible acting in it too.
Felissa has a bit part in it as a customer in a grocery store who is interviewed by a news reporter and as usual she acts hyper and over the top although she tries not too but not much effort on her behalf. The story annoyed me so much that I didn't need to see her performance too much in this as alot of the times I've seen her in annoys me by how she tries to portray a character.

The film tries hard to be funny but it's stupid with the comedy and it isn't scary either yet alot of horror violence which should please the gorehounds as it offers a bit of blood.

Caeser & Otto's Deadly Xmas .2012
Within most movies, Felissa often got on my nerves for her over the top performances but she seemed to do fine in her cameo within this one as her real life husband Deron Miller plays a Santa killer Demian and of course in this one she plays his wife as she shows off an interesting kookie eccentric role when he talks to her about his killings which seemed to be a real attention grabber. She wears a funny blonde haired wig with goofy glasses as you gotta love her appearance in this one.
The flick parodies 'Silent Night Deadly Night' as at first I was thinking it was a plain comedy but it's a comedy-horror ina Troma Team type of fashion without the total grossness. Those types are hard to see the horror in them but it's there.
It's a bad film almost bombing but saves the bomb for having fun touches like showing a cult ceremony at the Church of Satan or Demian phoning 911 confessing that he's gonna kill again and moments like that.
Of course there's other b-horror film celebrities that have cameo's in this one such as Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, Debbie Rochon, Joe Estevez as well as Troma Team president Lloyd Kaufman as some of these were worth watching too.

Dropping Evil.2012
The story is about a bunch of friends going on a camping trip and on the way driving there one of them gets intoxicated and starts going on a killing spree and none of these people including the killer is human as a race of alien type of people are trying to do some sort of an experiment with these things that are supposed to be human beings. The story didn't make sense at all. Whoever wrote this film was dropping acid big time in which the film should've been titled that. Made on a terrible budget like a close to home video type.
While watching this movie you wonder as to where Felissa is and to be truthful she isn't really in it at all but then before the movie ends we spot a spoofy grindhouse type of trailer on the sequel and then we spot Felissa briefly in it. If you blink she's gone. That's it folks as she basically acted in a teaser trailer and not the story. Let's hope the sequel never happens with this one.

The Perfect House.2012
Apart from co-starring in this horror anthology she co-produced it as well. Not as badly budgeted like you'd expect it to be. Has some clever situations revealing different chapters and making it all take place inside someone's supposed dream home after being married but has some deadly history to it.
Felissa plays a family woman during a bit of the beginning to and then in the final chapter later on while being invited to dinner in the home invited by a maniac whom he taunts and tortures her as well as her onscreen family playing a deadly game which is similar to what you'd see in a 'Saw' flick.
All she seems to know what to do is scream and whine in the flick as she's annoying like always. Never did anything for me at all in this one. You'd wished that she'd shut up.
Of course in one of the other chapters we spot he former 'Sleepaway Camp' star Jonathan Tiersten making a comeback to acting in which he plays a maniac this time in a 'Hostel' type of fashion.
He seemed rusty at first but when he continues to perform you can tell that he still has the knack which is alot more than what I can say for Felissa herself.
Plus he has two songtracks for the film from his band but it isn't too recognisable.
There are the odd exciting chapters which seemed to carry the tradition from 'Tales from the Crypt' but at times the film seems to fall into a bit of a slump.

Camp Dread .2014
Felissa had the lead role in this tale as a camp counsellor named Rachel Steele
to contestants on a reality show for a greedy filmmaker Julian Barrett (Played by Eric Roberts) who's fame came to an end when the 80's were over on summer camp slasher flicks in which a mysterious killer does these contestants in one by one. Sound familiar?
It borrows some elements to the 'Sleepaway Camp' franchise as does the campsite so this was a perfect vehicle for Felissa to do. She is of course mediocre in her role as always but does show a nice brief sneering attitude towards someone else.
Does her best doing orders for the contestants and is okay with her intense screaming when she spots a dead body as well as her upsetting emotions. Also was okay by acting anxious when she is attacked and toxic fuel is poured all over her which is a nice horror moment for her. This time as a victim in a summer camp slasher film instead of a killer.

The film was made on a fairly okay budget compared to the other indie films that she performed in. The story almost seems enjoyable and it is in certain spots but it lags in other areas since we've seen these types before. However a nice try to a tribute to those 80's slasher flicks. The ending is cleverly done too.
It even has a cameo by Danielle Harris as a sheriff in which we remember her in 'Halloween' 4, 5 and the remakes too.

Tales of Halloween .2015
A horror anthology where she was a featured extra but yet credited as she was well seen playing a parent to a trick or treater in one chapter and a neighbor in another one seeing a fight between two neighbors as it's a story of 10 chapters all in a country on Halloween of course as it pays a tribute to those old school horror flicks with many name actors involved along with having a decent budget on it too.
The movie was over the top funny adding horror which worked in well as that's hard to do.
Personally I think it's the best anthology and a must for fans who like movies taking place this season and will admit this tops 'Sleepaway Camp' any day. But like 'Dropping Evil' she really isn't in this flick than those two brief scene's.

Lilith .2018
Another horror anthology but this time a real bad one with a terrible plot but I have to admit that watching Felissa in it I would mark this as her best performance which surprised me in which she played the title character in the wraparound story as she does well with her sneering and aggressive voice along with her cackly laughter. She even can come across as creepy at times. She plays a demonic character in this one and a demented one indeed.
During the beginning of the story she tears off a persons arms which looked mildly shocking as well she's tied up with a detective as well as a priest trying to put a stop to her wicked deeds and so fourth.
Basically she punishes men for their indiscretions against women. Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th centuries). Lilith is a dangerous demon of the night and who is sexually wanton.
In the pointless chapters the character of Lilith appears punishing the bad people but is portrayed by different actresses.