Final Destination 2 (2003)

Directed by: David R. Ellis

Written by: J. Mackye Gruber & Eric Bress

Story by: J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress and Jeffrey Reddick


A.J. Cook .... Kimberly Corman
Ali Larter .... Clear Rivers
Michael Landes .... Officer Thomas Burke
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson .... Eugene Dix
Jonathan Cherry .... Rory Peters
Keegan Connor Tracy .... Kat Jennings
Lynda Boyd .... Nora Carpenter
James Kirk .... Tim Carpenter

Special Appearance:

Tony Todd .... William Bludworth

Release Date: Theatrical: January 31, 2003








A group of teens go away on a trip and when they leave somehow the vehicle they are taking leaves a trail which almost looks like blood.
They are all are stuck in a traffic jam on a freeway and one of them named Kimberly (A.J. Cook) is sleeping.
She dreams of what will happen when the traffic gets going as it's not pretty.
There are several deadly accidents and then once she wakes up her friends actions are similar in her dream. She gets them off the road on time.
Later that same day, one of the survivors dies in a freak accident and Kimberly starts to wonder if the flight 180 incident and the events after weren't just a coincidence.
Her friends have to survive these upcoming deadly accidents before it's too late.
They go to an aid of Clear Rivers (Ari Larter) who survived the similar deadly accidents that caused the death of her friends to help them survive these terrible deaths before it's too late.
Clear, stayed in an institution so she wouldn't cause any more deaths since she was the survivor of her friends.


A perfect opening scene for a sequel which involves close up shots on dead bodies from an accident as well as having a TV talk show on someone discussing on how death was cheated and so fourth.
Nice witty moments with the group of friends having discussions in their vehicle while waiting to go into a busy intersection which involves a weed smoking teen in the car with his sarcasm too. Plus we get a nice jumping surprise when a bag lady thumps the side window of the drivers car which looked weird and made you wonder as to what gave with that. Plus when they're on the freeway we do spot alot of different types driving along as well as a big logging truck and a guy riding a motorbike fast which looked dangerous to watch and imaginging on how deadly things can be if he wiped out.
Perfect fearful shots on logs breaking off on the truck and crashing into other vehicles killing others as well as perfect firey shots on vehicles as well as someone caught on fire looking unpleasant to see this with some people in torture from the injuries and then more things crashing into them and killing them as this looked perfectly well done too. Basically a nice moment with one of your worst fears on an accident that can be incredibly deadly which was carefully shot.
Perfect moment with Kimberly Corman freaking out about the accident happening and blocking traffic as well as the police Officer Thomas Burke talking to her which looked good and natural as well as the perfect terrors that are happening along with him tackling her aside whena speeding vehicle crashes in her vehicle and it explodes as this looked devasatating to watch.
Perfect moment with one of the peopl;e who cheated his death returning to his apartment and preparing dinner as this looked interesting to watch a bachelor as well as him listneing to his answering machine and good close up shots on his microwave and him frying food in which this makes you watch carefully if somethings going to explode or something like that. Plus we have a moment on him trying to get his ring in a garbage disposer and his hand is stuch and suddenly things catch on fire as this for sure looked perfectly struggling for him to try and get his hand out and survive this. Looked truly psychological.
Nicely shot and discussed scene with Kimberly talking to Clear Rivers in a quiet room about her incident as well as her telling the situation as to who will be next which seemed deadly to hear all that she had to say as well as her being arroagant towards her about it all and refusing to help which shows realistic frusterations on everything that is discussed here.
Another perfect moment with someone going to the dentist as this is another great fear on what deadly accidents that may happen here as well as good close up shots on a fish tank near the waiting room as well as water dripping down with what we may think can cause an accident somewhere. Also when the dentist does his teeth we hear alot of banging sounds which makes you jump with pigeons crashing at the window as this for sure leaves some hints that something terriftying is gonna uinravel within all of this. Also we spot people in the office trying to get a pigeon out that crashed through which is pretty funny to watch.
A perfect setting with Clear bringing Kimberly and Thomas to Williams mortuary as the set desginer was marvello9us with the work here as it looks close to being Freddy Kruesgers boiler room and this time there's dark humor used in this situation.
A great moment with a pregnant woman being arrested for her safety on her death number as well as her about to go into labour and a deputy feeling pressured to have her out of the jail cell when his rules were to strictly keep her locked up which was perfectly put in and adding more psychological twists to the story. Alot of humor is added which works in well too.
Perfect suspenseful moments with the groups van crashing into a farm area as you wonder if one of the people will be next for the death wish as well as good shots on barb wire and other surroundings too which looks deadly. There's a perfect accidental death scene on one of the victims for sure showing a good horror fashion and graphicly done offering nice CGI work here that did involve the barbwire at the farm area.
Perfect special effects with an explosion taking place in a hospital and some gruesome results too which offers more to please the horror fans greatly.
Then we have the deceivingly happy ending with the family at the farm inviviting the survivors over for an outdoor dinner and then something happens as it offers black comedy and horror timing too before the closing credits. Nice timing for this so we can look forward for the next sequel.
Bottom line is that the film is nowhere near as dark as the original and offering alot of dark comedy into certain aspects of the story as well as it's a little slow too. However at the saem time, the suspense keeps piling up. We still have lots of dynamic special effects, jumping moments and explosives too.

The acting is still great. A.J. Cook (Kimberly Corman) is a natural talent in her role of the film as she does a great job freaking out and crying emotionally about a deadly accident about to occur as well as acting perfectly devastated when it does happen. She also was great by acting frightened on what is going on with the story she heard on what happened beforehand or when she senses the next death losing control of herself as if she's in pain. She also does a nice job by showing her angry attitude in certain scene's as well. Also adds great adrenaline when trying to run and save someone before they're next on the death list.
It's awesome that we have Ari Larter (Clear Rivers) reprising her role still giving the film the same feel as the original one but it's a shame what happens to her. She was great by acting ignorant and closed minded as well as territorial in her first appearance here which was a great comeback after what she went through in the first one and studied this superbly. She also does well with her seriousness and cold attitude. Plus later on was perfectly sharp into what she did including stopping some kids from lighting a cigarette and showing them a stern attitude which was a classic. Also does well by telling others at a meeting on what is going to happen along with doing a great job by trying to talk to someone else after sensing on what's going to happen next. She was right on target with this. Reacts well to being disappointed when a killing happens.
Michael Landes (Officer Thomas Burke) does a cool job playing a nice and helpful lawman by trying to survive death. Shows a good bright and outgoing behavior as well as showing his nice charm into what he does. Also has that likeable attitude too within whatever he did here. Never let any energy down by what he did here when the suspense and terror starts to happen.
Supporting actor TC Carson (Eugene Dix) has perfect energy in his role and can go far too.
He really gets into his character a great deal when discussing a past situation with what happened on an airline just adding his light headed personality here. He also shows a perfect versatality by acting out of control and screaming out in frusteration on controlling his own like with a convincingly emotional attitude and acting convincingly scared.
Jonathan Cherry (Rory Peters) was another believeable character actor as one of those creepy types who's into drugs and is utterly dumb with everyday life. He for sure comes across as in your face and annoying. Does well by acting out of it when he speaks or getting into the news with his friends when watching on what happened on the freeway he was going to go on. Plus does well acting cautious on doing stuff without falling into a deadly accident.
Keegan Connor Tracy (Kat Jennings) seemed to do well as one of those prissy and insecure types as she reminds you as one of the irritating types that you once had to deal with now and then. She seemed to really focus on this wonderfully and just rolls with it all. Deserves great credit within whatever she did here.
Lynda Boyd (Nora Carpenter) had the perfect look and attitude as a basketcase mother in which she does a great job being disturbed by stuff as well as crying hysterically after what happens to someone near her. She also does a nice job with her firm and silent behavior by acting depressed about stuff. Reacts terrifically with her intensity when an elevator shuts on her neck which she got into this greatly freaking out.

A bikers girlfriend played by Odessa Munroe flashes her breasts ion a freeway close to the beginning of the film.

More graphic violence
A guys eyes are stabbed in when a fire escape ladder from a building lunges down on him.
A guy is flattened after a piece of construction hits him.
A head is ripped off in an elevator
A broken sharp plastic pipe is stabbed through the back of a head of a woman in a vehicle.
Another woman is burnt to a crisp in a hospital during a gas explosion in the hallway.
A piece of a persons arm falls on a picnic table after a barbeque explosion.

Shirley Walker is back once again composing music for this one and uses the exact same chemistry which is absolutely wonderful and sharp. Such as alot of sharp fast paced violins which always does the trick when the main characters try to go on the chase for saving the person who's going to be their next turn for their death as well as alot of good drumrolls and trombone playing too. Plus we have the perfect peaceful classical scores for what we may think for a better ending with the survivors.

We also have a soundtrack by groups like The Sounds, AC/DC, FT, The Blank Theory, Incubus, (hed) planet earth, Pete Snell and Jude Christodal.

Kimberly Corman: If Clear was right, that means Nora and Tim are going to be killed by pigeons!

Tim Carpenter: If he gives me the gas and I wake up with my pants unbuttoned, we ain't payin'.

Clear Rivers: Being alive after we were supposed to die caused an outward ripple. A RIFT IN DEATHS DESIGN!
Eugene: So, If you hadn't gotten off the plane, we wouldn't be alive to begin with.
Clear Rivers: YES! That's why death is working backwards. It's tying up all the loose ends, and sealing the rift once and for all.

Kimberly Corman: We're *all* going to die.

[while using the Jaws of Life, he is told to not make so much noise]
Rescue Worker: I'll just set it on quiet mode.
Kat: That'd be good.

Rory: [to himself] No, I don't wear a seatbelt. You gon' bust me, bitch?

Kat: See? This can't be happening because... my career's at a peak, I finally met a quality guy, I just bought a house...
Rory: Maybe if you shut the fuck up, we'll live.
Kat: Yeah. Like I'm gonna take advice from you.

[in an elevator; on the phone]
Nora: Hello?
Burke: Nora!
Nora: Who is this?
Burke: Nora? Can you hear me?
Nora: O-Officer Burke? I can't hear you! What?
Eugene: What? What's he saying?
Burke: Nora, a man with hooks is gonna kill you.

Kimberly Corman: There's gonna be a huge accident. Everybody's gonna die!

Kimberly Corman: Dad, it's Daytona; not Somalia.
Mr. Corman: Alright. iso-flats, road flares, sun block, mace...

Shaina: ...condoms, whips, chains.
Kimberly Corman: You mean you don't keep it loaded?
[Officer Burke opens gun chamber and sees six bullets]
Eugene: [sobbing]
Rory: They're all duds.
Burke: Six in a row? No way. That's impossible!

Shaina: Can we go get the guys? I'm getting horrnnny.

Rory: You're gonna die after me, right?
Kimberly Corman: Yeah I guess so.
Rory: Would you take these?
[handing over keys and wallet]
Rory: And if I die, uhm... would you throw away my drugs... and my paraphernalia... my porno
Rory: Just, you know, everything that's gonna break my moms heart... please?
Kimberly Corman: [nods]
Rory: Thank you.

Clear Rivers: We have to tell Isabella to stay away from a lake so she can stay alive long enough to have her baby.
Burke: That won't be an easy conversation to have.

Nora: Do you have any valium?
Kat: Yeah.
[Nora takes the pill]
Kat: You're only supposed to take half of that.
Rory: Keep 'em coming.

Tim Carpenter: So... death could be coming for us?

Kat: Can we find the pregnant woman now, please?

Burke: That's the night I scraped up Billy Hitchcock.