Final Destination 3 (2003)

Produced & Directed by: James Wong

Written by: Glen Morgan & James Wong


Mary Elizabeth Winstead .... Wendy Christensen
Ryan Merriman .... Kevin Fischer
Amanda Crew .... Julie Christensen
Texas Battle .... Lewis Romero
Gina Holden .... Carrie Dreyer
Dustin Milligan .... Marcus
Kris Lemche .... Ian McKinley
Sam Easton .... Frankie Cheeks
.... Ashley Freund
Crystal Lowe .... Ashlyn Halperin

Release Date: Theatrical: February 10, 2006

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Before a group of teenagers graduation ceremony, they go to a carnival for some fun.
One of them named Wendy Christiansen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) falls asleep while she about to go on a ride in a roller coaster with her planned to be ex-boyfriend Ryan Merrimen (Kevin Fischer) in her dream when they are on the joyride in the roller coaster, it goes off track causing her and all her friends to die a gory death. She then awakens and experiences the same goin ons like in her dream before the roller coaster takes off.
She goes through an emotional panic attack and gets off the ride with along with most of her friends. She tries to stop the roller coaster but it's too late and then the deadly accident occurs.

Later on she notices that one of her friends who passed away from the ride was taking pictures of everyone and each pic seems to have a message of their future death accident.
Both her and Ryan tries to warn her other friends but it seems that they can't cheat their death just like the people they read about 6 years ago while they tried to survive their deaths after the plane explosion they escaped from.

Suddenly there is only three people left, Wendy, Ryan and Wendy's sister Julie (Amanda Crew).
Will Wendy and Ryan be able to save Julie in time before her maker?


A nice beginning taking place at a carnival where we spot creepy looking shots on a rollercoaster as to how high it goes when you ride on it as well as nicely focused shots on Wendy Christensen being cautious on stuff as well as what she spots which suggests a terrifying incident will happen soon.
Also some perfect moments on a close up shot of the wheel of the rollercoaster and oil running on it as well as a dorky teen using his video camera while going on the ride in which you get a feeling that he will drop his camera. Also it does give you that feeling on being in the rider when we see it zooming down and so fourth. Plus when the terror happens it for sure gives you the chills as well as a great shot on some of them hanging onto a ledge of the rollercoaster and trying not to fall as this looked perfectly struggling. These moments are for sure imagining your worst fears on an accident happening since riding one is scaqry enough but yet you're guaranteed for your safety.
Perfect moments with Wendy trying to get everyone off the rollercoaster after from what she hallucinated along with it being too late for her boyfriend still on it when it is going as this for sure leaves a perfect sinking feeling on devastation.
A perfect moment with Kevin Fischer trying to talk to Wendy about a past incident opn people surviving a plane explosion which is nice to see for a sequel as well as her being ignornat minded towards him about it. The setting looked good with her driving away in her car on a stormy day.
Nicely focused moments on both Kevin and Wendy looking at some pictures as to signs on who will be next to die on the one's that cheated their deaths like them in which this was perfectly put into the story making you watch very carefully onto what will happen piece by piece in the story.
Neat funky moments with two beautiful teens going into a tanning salon and trying to find some music that all i uncool to listen to but finds the right one's to listen to as well as good shots on them getting into the beat as well as deadly close up shots on the heater in their tanning salon going up high as well as other moments along with them being fried and tortured and can't get out which is not a pleasant feeling at all while watching all of this.
Another perfect trapped moment is when both Wendy and Kevin are both going to a drive thru and a truck is backing up and getting too close to them in which this is a total suspenseful attention grabber as well as a truck rolling down towards them and no one is driving it and they are pitted against these two issues as this makes you watch very carefully on how they are able to escape this dangerous sistuation. It was well put into the story.
Great intense moments when they try to talk to Lewis Romero about what's going to happen to him while he's working out at the gym as well as good shots on others working up a sweat and showing aggressions on all of this as this looked powerful to watch as well as making you wonder about a deadly accident ready to appear anytime.
Perfect still moments with Ian McKinley working at a warehouse and not taking on the deaths seriously as this was nicely drawn in while using his vehicle to put stuff away which looks deadly while watching all of this coming together as well as a deadly device happening that involves a nail gun.
Many great suspenseful moments during a celebration on the 4th of July with a horse running around and going berserk as this looks deadly and making you wonder if someone will get killed here as we see this horse kicking someone as this looked suspenseful to watch along with suggestive near accidents happening along the way in which you watch carefully on what might or might not happen during these moments.
The best moments in the film is the near ending with the survivors who thought they cheated their death all meeting on a subway which leaves you the chills as it draws in that this is a perfect target for this train to derail or cause an accident having all of themk dead. For sure we see an involvement with Wendy which doesn't look plessant after we continue to watch as to what will be going on as this was perfectly shot.
Bottom line: Ah yes, this story is almost the same as the first one but of course James Wong co-wrote this one like he did with the first one too. It's definetly a roller coaster ride while watching this one. The ending however, almost borrows heavily during the ending scene of the first A Nightmare On Elm Street sequel but both endings with these films are extremely effective and with this one it for sure leaves a door for a part 4. I think the sequels for this flick will shine on for a long time as this is what keeps you in your seat wondering what's going to happen to these victims as it's a real brainteaser.

The acting is well done for a cast of young adults. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Wendy Christensen) was terrific with her being emotionally scared after she experienced her nightmare in the roller coaster. Does a great job by being cautious and timid before getting on it. Also was a natural crying and acting upset after waking up and trying to warn others on the coaster crashing. Does a good job being blunt on a situation and showing her anger. Plus shows off some good energy while trying to save others before their deaths as she really packs a punch. Plus near the end was terrific while acting weak in pain after an accident.
Ryan Merriman
(Kevin Fischer) does a nice job as the guy next door type in which he shows off a good sharp behavior along with having a perfect understanding and wise type of attitude. Shows off good enthusiasm while trying to talk to someone about an incident involving the plane incident from the first flick as he got into this a great seriousness. Does well with his hyped energy when trying to struggle from suspenseful moments or having a worrysome attitude during the 4th of July night and got into this nicely as well as springing into action when suspenseful moments surrounding him and an uncontrollable horse takes place.
Amanda Crew (Julie Christensen) pulls it off well by having a total bitchy attitude and shows off great energy within acting like this. Also does a good job with her versatality by having a nice and understanding type of behavior too. She really drew in greatly while freaking out when she is tited to an object and being carried around by a horse out of control as she relates to it a great deal.
I found Texas Battle (Lewis Romero) good with his role as the attitudish highschool weightlifter and jock who tries to cheat his death but doesn't succeed.
Does a great job with his strong presence and cocky behavior. Plus does a great job nearly getting into a brawl with someone and showing off his attitude which was very believeable within all that he did here.
Kris Lemche (Ian McKinley) portrayed a perfect rebellious type of outsider who likes the wild side of things and really bright his wicked wit to the extreme while doing all of this with his smooth talking and sharp attitude. Plus has a convincing sarcastic behavior too. Also does a nice job grieving in a scene just losing sense of everything and acting crazy. He was a true character actor.
Sam Easton (Frankie Cheeks) lived to potray a total jerk off goofball who doesn't show much common sense. Was great by not taking things seriously and acting convincingly stupid on stuff as well as trying to come on strong towards someone else and doing a great job by making a fool out of himself. Had the right dopey looks for this part too which was another great plus. Had the most effective supporting role.
(Ashley Freund) had the perfect lustful looks as a hottie in the flick along with doing a good job by behaving turned off on certain subjects. She for sure came off nicely as one of those highschool snobs thinking she's too cool for anyone else. Also does well by getting into the groove while listening to music while sunbathing in a salon along with her freaking out when she is getting fried adding a perfect intensity to her reactions.

Two girls are almost full nude while san tanning in a salon with their breasts fully exposed for a while grooving to their music on their headsets.
One of them has obvious implants which doesn't suit the actress.

Ooh yeah you got it and plenty of it.
A guy's head sliced off
Blood & brains splattered
Bodies cut in half
Decapitations and lots more.
This is probably the goriest one out of all the films.

Shirley Walker is here for the thrid time. She is great with the sounds during the unexpected moments during the death scenes and throughout the suspense too. We also hear many breezy, screechy and windy sounds as this was powerful. Plus alot of drum poundings and the strong classical violin and trombone music too which sounds superb. In every scene all of this was totally catchy and makes you chill when the near terror starts to happen in which was well studied as to what is to be put in the right place.

We have an awesome songtrack by the Vogues with their hit "Turn Around, Look at Me".