Final Stab (2001)

Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Matthew Jason Walsh

Story by: David DeCoteau & Matthew Jason Walsh


Jamie Gannon .... Charlie
Melissa Rene Martin .... Angela
Erinn Hayes .... Kristin
Laila Reece Landon .... Julie
Bradley Stryker .... Patrick
Chris Boyd .... Doug
Forrest Cochran .... Brett
Michael Lutz .... Steve
Brannon Gould .... Cosmo

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: May 5, 2001





A disturbed young man named Charlie (Jamie Gannon) is being tormented in his nightmares about being murdered at a mystery farm he's going to with his girlfriend Angela (Melissa Renee Martin) that was claimed to be cursed by a killer that was never caught.
However, Angela's sister sets up a game of pretend murder with her friends which she has fake blood and knives, a killer mask and other stuff to make it look real in order to fool Charlie and Angela.
However, what starts out as a friendly game really does turn out as murder as there really is a killer wearing a mask that was brought at the farm making it easier for the killer to stab his victims as they all think it's part of the game.


We spot a beginning with the main character Charlie taking a shower as this seems to be a drawing card for a suggested murder and in today's standards DeCoteau uses a man instead of a woman this time as well as the moments when he meets his maker as this looked slightly cheesy to watch along with constant thunder and lightning happening at the front of his home but again that seems to work in alot of his previous flicks like Witchouse but it's as phony as hell. Yet still makes the film cheesily entertaining. Of course he is having a nightmare in which we expect that but isn't as suspenseful as you may think with this since things are a wee bit obvious.
There's other moments with other teens joining the game and they go out in the woods to see what's happening in which is a drawing card for the killer to creep up and do their thing and that's just what happnes but yet nice fast stabbing shots which looked slick although this was supposed to make you jump and doesn't exactly work in it's favor.
We have an uplifting moment with Charlie and Angela coming into the nice place out for a vacation to have a surprise party as this works in naturally as to what is discussed and then suddenly a masked killer stabbing someone and running off changing the mood of everyone to shock as there's nicely close up shots on these people doing so. Yet you get a feeling that it's all a set up and keep watching for more to see on what is going to happen next.
Perfect moments with the arrogant bitch Julie planning the other pranks to go on to scare Charlie which looked powerfully put into the story in a sorority type of fashion looking like a hell night type of theme.
A perfect moment with Angela talking to some of the people while the fake victim is pretending to still be dead and his cell phone rings which makes you watch carefully to see if he will lose his concentration and answer it.
Plus there's perfect dark moments with the character Wallace whom is supposed to be the prankster killer wandering to an area and then meets up with the actual killer face to face and gets sarcastic as this seems to look impressive for the killer to do him in.
Plus there's many great effective arguments between Doug and Angela as to what is going on as well as nice drawn in pleasant discussions as well which the chemistry looked natural within all of this.
A perfect night shot on the killer doing quick stabs on someone outside and then coming into the room of someone inside as this should please slasher fans.
Another great moment when someone goes in to look for Wallace and then spotting what looked like a masked figure and him trying to talk to this object and knwoing that it's a trap which looked dark and deadly. This was one of the best scene's.
A perfect moment with the killer revealed and what we may think was an accidental murder to try and frame the innocent one only to trick this killer as all of this worked in cleverly well and boggles your mind while watching all of this.
Bottom line is that this flick was a ripoff of the Scream trilogies and Halloween: Resurrection without a doubt (On some bootleg copies of this flick it was titled Scream 4: The Final Chapter). It does have some intersting moments for a typical slasher film but the rest of it is a real bore as the story really goes nowhere. The killer does look a bit like Michael Myers from Halloween with the mask and uniform however.

The actors try their best with this film in the beginning but the energy is low. However, it does pick up when the suspenseful moments occur.
Jamie Gannon (Charlie) seemed a little bit wooden in his performance as he shows off a basic heartthrob kind of look doing more of the talking than his talents. However seemed to do okay by acting timid or coming across as a perfect suspect. He also seems to show certain decent energy when he acts anxious on certain suspenseful moments too.
Melissa Reneé Martin (Angela) was one of the best cast members in which she was perfectly sharp in her presence as well as to what she has to say. Shows off alot of good spunk and charisma into whatever she had to do in her role. Also does well by acting anxious or trying to be sympathetic too. Was perfect by showing off her rage and aggressions when she gets to the nitty gritty. She was a true character actress and had the nice powerful looks and appeal too.
Laila Reece Landon (Julie) lived to play a girl in charge of pranks and had a convincingly arrogant behavior coming across as a true bitch with her sharp speaking and prickly behavior too. Studied all of this perfectly well along with having a perfect freaked out and sobbing emotions along with having a nasty and wicked behavior towards the near end of her performance. All of this looked perfectly strong in her characteristics and deserves great credit.
Bradley Stryker (Patrick) certainly had the jock type of looks in which he does a great job by having a charming type of attitude as well as showing off a convincing sarcastic behavior. He for sure seemed like one of the partying types who likes to have a good time. Offers alot of spunk into what he did here.
Chris Boyd (Doug) had the perfect macho but guy next door type of clean cut looks to his role and does a great job by playing his character as the wise one out of the bunch. He delivers a good strong presence when trying to talk to someone offering a great serious manner as well as getting into what he does to try and find out on the so called pranks. Reacts very well gagging and acting anxious when he's being strangled.
Forrest Cochran (Brett) certainly had a great slick attitude as well as coming across as someone whom is fairly cocky in what he does with his role. Also does a nice job by having a strong personality into his interactions by acting overpowering or showing off good blunt aggressions too. Had the right looks for this part too.

Some bloody stabbings and throats slit.

Jason Massari's music was the films drawing card as he tries to make the film better than what it was with his music which he does really well. He was great with the screeching high pitched music when the killer is coming in for the slashings. We also hear many string pluckings as well as other types of orhestral music which works in nicely. Plus we hear bangings and metal scrapings as it adds more perfect touches to the story. There's also heavy heartbeats as this also sounds incredibly effective too. He has composed a number of other films like DeCoteau's other work in Retro Puppet Master, Leeches and his most successful film to date Skeletons. Plus he composed music for 80's TV shows like Disneyland, Hart to Hart, T.J. Hooker, The Ray Bradbury Theater and Monsters.