The Final Terror (1983)


Directed by: Andrew Davis

Written by:
Ronald Shussett, Jon George & Neill D. Hicks


John Friedrich .... Dennis Zorich
Rachel Ward .... Margaret
Adrian Zmed .... Marco Cerone
Daryl Hannah .... Windy Morgan
Ernest Harden Jr. .... Nathaniel Hines
Akosua Busia .... Vanessa
Mark Metcalf .... Mike
Cindy Harrell .... Melanie
Lewis Smith .... Boone
Joe Pantoliano .... Eggar

Special Appearance:

Jim Youngs .... Jim

Release Date:
Theatrical: May 1, 1983







A group of forest rangers lead by Mike (Mark Metcalf) go into the woods driven by a raging nutcase named Eggar (Joe Pantoliano) in which he makes things unpleasant for everyone while going there.
One of the rangers named Boone (Lewis Smith) talks about a legend in the woods on a backwoods mama who didn't have a good family life killing anyone who trespasses in her land in which everyone thinks lightly of.
Then suddenly they experience the disappearance of a couple people as well as discovering their remains. They all suspect that Eggar is behind this madness trying to make them think that the legend is very true since he is absent the rest of the time since he drove them to the woods.


We spot a very beginning with a couple in the woods riding their motorbike and one of them wiping out in which their discussions looked cheesy and unconvincing when one of them is hurt as this seems to be a start off to a cheesy slasher flick. But yet things looked a bit intense to find out what happens to them with a deadly trap in the woods which is another nice start off for the film at the same time here.
The story start to happen very fast by getting people ready to go out to the great outdoors along with alot of dysfunctional moments on everyone dealing with a nutcase named Eggar which looked pretty intense to watch all of this. It seems to show a nice drawing card that he could be a suspect to what will happen later on in the story even if the plot seemed a bit sloppy so far.
There's also situations with people singing in the bus while it's driving along which seemed a little too planned out here and uninspired too. Yet they pass a psych ward with one of them mentioning it as this was nicely written in for a cheesy slasher flick like this one especially.
There's more disturbing moments with Eggar acting like a shit disturber and going out of his head and running away which this looked pretty powerful and mysterious in which you wonder what will happen next here.
A perfect dark setting with everyone around a campfire and one them them telling a tale on a legend that happened there which sounded pretty disturbing as well as discussing a killer in the woods which also worked in nicely here. Good shots on all of this as well as people's reactions to all of this.
Some good discussions with both Dennis Zorich and
Marco Cerone goofing around at night and planning to do some howling noises which looked good and natural with two teens fooling around and trying to scare the others. Plus a good back shot on the killer spying on everyone adding a great touch here.
A nice peaceful touch with the man in charge named Mike bathing in a hot spring along with his girlfriend along with shots on them getting it on which is a nice drawing card for the killer to come in and break that silence since this is a bad thing to do in any slasher flick. Boy does it look intense and brutal as slasher fans may be amused by this moment.
Another neat situation is when a couple of the campers Nathaniel Hines and Dennis go to what looks like a run down shack with farm animals and snoop inside to see what they find which looked pretty creepy and having a good low budget feel with all the camera shots surrounding this. Plus you having a chilling feeling that the resident might return and catch them which is always a scary feel whenever you're trespassing into someone's home.
Great dark shots on someone using an outhouse and spotting something deadly in there which looked very effective as well as everyone getting sick and freaking out on this all of this was perfectly put in while we watch all of this.
A great shot on the killers hands touching one of the rangers while sleeping in which this totally makes you cringe wondering if this maniac will do something deadly. It for sure looked good and dark.
Nice shots on everyone dressed up for battle while going to that shack as this was energetically paced spotting on what they all will do here. Things seemed to look pretty heroic and in a nice style too.
Also there's good shots on everyone paddling in a raft as well as spotting on how this killer hides which looked pretty cleverly done. Plus we spot a dead body falling on their raft in which this was nicely put in but yet fails to succeed when it was supposed to make you jump due to the cheesy budget of this one.
There's perfect intense situations when everyone resides in their bus and the killer tries to crash and grab people through the windows which looked perfectly dark on how this was all set as well as everyone trying to escape through a back window and one of them is stuck which definetely makes you cringe wondering if they will get out in time.
We spot a perfect insane situation with Dennis acting stoned out of his head talking to the others adding more good freaky touches to what unravels here. It for sure looked believeably twisted.
The near ending is one of the best scene's ever in which everyone plans a trap for the suspect in the film with Marco calling out and acting vengeful on top of a log and a great surprise attack which looked pretty intense here. There's another twist to the ending too which also looked overly impressive and fun to watch too. Many great shots looking up on the tall woods too.
Bottom line is that the plot was pretty weak and sometimes hard to follow on what the reason to behind this is all happening but again certain slasher films are often that way. It seemed like the makers were trying to make a better version of Don't Go In the Woods which isn't hard to do as that film couldn't get any worst trust me. Lots of fun touches in the story as mentioned and a grindhouse type of flick. When it takes place at night things looked hard to see in which you can tell the filmmakers were working on a shoestring budget here.

The acting was pretty good as it had a decent cast due to the poor budget of this film making you wonder if it would be full of virtual unknowns. Lead actor John Friedrich (Dennis Zorich) showed it off marvellously as one of those high strung type of teens in the flick acting believeably sarcastic and sometimes going too far with his hyperactive behavior. Plus knew on how to change that with his aggressions and coming across nicely as a bit intimidating too. Also does a nice job acting like a convincing goofball too. There's a moment when he's stoned and was perfect by acting wild and crazy with his speaking adding a nice horror to his character too. Had the right rough looks to his role which is another good plus to his role.
Rachel Ward (Margaret) was another fine one who showed some good characteristics with her anxious behavior as well as showing alot of great energy expressiong her fears on what was going on. She also does well with her stern behavior too as well as getting tough whenever she needed to be this way. Plus has the beautiful looks to be in a slasher flick which is of course another gold star to her.
Adrian Zmed (Marco Cerone) showed a ton of great spunk into his role as an outgoing teen plus knew on how to act as tough as nails into what he did and showing a perfect aggression too. He also does well acting full of life and laughinh as well as just rolling with the punches while trying to scare and play pranks on others. He also does a terrific job shouting out to someone and letting out all his aggressions which he really knew his craft while doing this along with showing some great struggling blocking too with his battle towards the end of his performance here. He's a true character actor without a doubt.
Ernest Harden Jr. (Nathaniel Hines) seemed to show some good pizzaz and spunk into his part of the film really bringing it all out as well as doing a good job acting nervous in a certain scene of the film. Plus was great with his curious attitude too. Shows alot of great anxious energy when the terror strikes which he let's it all out in a good fashion.
Mark Metcalf (Mike) knew his part as the leader of the pack showing a good no nonsense type of attitude and a great seriousness to his part in the film. Plus does well by acting stern during the argumentive moments showing a nice adrenaline coming through him. Knew on how to command others which was done in a decent fashion here. Plus he does well acting mellow and lustful which he draws attention while performing like this too. He shows a nice versatality compared to his crazy role in Animal House and the Twisted Sister videos.
Joe Pantoliano (Eggar) had the most effective supporting role in the film and was perfectly believeable by acting like a raging nutcase by acting wild and almost violent. He does great while acting threatening with his argumentive attitude too along with running around along with showing a perfect intense expressions too. He was a convincing suspect with his character and made his role clear this way. Plus knew on how to act intense with him choking someone in which this looked realistic too showing a perfect forceful motion here.

There's a brief butt shot on Mark Metcalf while doing a lustful moment in the great outdoors.

Bloody stabbings from a creative trap in the woods.
Brutal bloody cuts on someone's skin lying on the ground.
Decaptiations are exposed in an outhouse as well as an animals head in a shack.
A person's leg is sliced while standing on a log.

The music has alot of toned out sound effects with some of the metal clanging and bonging sounds to it which really fit in to the story especially when some slayings start to occur. Also we hear great keyboard chiming as well as some good spooky ghoulish type of sounds too which was perfectly put in too. Plus we hear screeching sounds having a good echoey type of effect as this suits the great outdoors along with some toned out piano playing too which isn't too shabby either. A great guitar and keyboard adventureous playing for the opening and closing credits along with the odd chanting sounds as this was the best moment for everything that was mentioned here. All of this was put together by Susan Justin.