Frankenstein (1994)

Co-Produced & Directed by: Kenneth Branagh

Written by:
Steph Lady & Frank Darabont
Mary Shelley (Novel)


Robert DeNiro .... The Creature
Kenneth Branagh .... Victor Frankenstein
Tom Hulce .... Henry Clerval
Helena Bonham Carter .... Elizabeth
Aidan Quinn .... Captain Robert Walton
Ian Holm .... Baron Frankenstein
Richard Briars .... Grandfather
John Cleese .... Professor Waldman
Robert Hardy .... Professor Krempe

Release Date: Theatrical: November 4, 1994

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A mad scientist named Doctor Victor Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh) experiences his mother dying while giving birth to a baby on a stormy night in their mansion and is obsessed with bringing the dead to life with his new science.
He goes to the aid of a man named Professor Waldman (John Cleese) and his assistant Krempe (Robert Hardy) in order to help him with his creations.
However, Waldman is murdered and so Frankenstein studies his work which takes over his life as he collects pieces of dead bodies including the man who murdered Waldman as he was hung for it. All of this causes him jeopardise his relationship with his fiance Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter).
Suddenly he creates his monster (Robert DeNiro) by using the body parts but however, Frankenstein disapproves of it and he must destroy the secrets on how he created him and dumps him out in the small village.
The monster is chased away by locals and he hides out in the forest as he tries to befriend with a family living out there but when the family sees him they are terrified of him along with other people who pass by him.
Frankenstein and Elizabeth reconcile but the monster has deadly plans to make Frankenstein miserable as he swears for revenge when he finds out on how he was created.


A nice beginning with a bunch of people on a ship in the arctic ocean during an intense storm as well as aggressive discussions with the crew on board along with them crashing and one of them sinking near an icy area which looked perfectly intense. Also a good moment with their dysfunctional situations when trying to gather up stuff after their ship crashes with an entrance on Victor Frankenstein glides through introducing himself along with perfect moments on strange sounds and dogs charging what's making the sounds as well as perfect fast action moments on the animals flying in the air. Definetely an impression on suggestions of the monster doing this. Plus we have a great drawing in with nice camera shots on him mentioning what his name is as this is certainly impressive for a remake.
Then we get into the story which is impressive showing Frankenstein as a child at a ballroom and a happy family which was really brought to life by their interactions as well as his family intorducing him to a girl named Elizabeth nice nicely focused moments on the two of them together about to hold hands as this really looked impressive as well.
Another good and uplifting moment with Frankenstein and Elizabeth as adults when he's in his lab testing his electric eels which grabs your attention as well as her getting flirtatious and teasing as this also looked fun to watch and well done too adding some nice wit to the story.
Great circling shots on Frankenstein's Mom going into labour as this looked painfully intense and gives you a feeling that she will die after her child is born. Looked good and strong.
A perfect memorable setting in the film with Frankenstein and the others preparing a kite to fly with a storm cloud coming as well as fears on the others and him being excited on his plan as this all looked very uplifting as well as what happens later on when one of them touches each others fingers as this looked exciting to watch.
There's also a nice romantic and happy discussion between the two of them in a private area after a ballroom dance which adds some nice dramatical moments while we continue to watch this.
Nicely focused moments with Professor Waldman teaching a course involving a dead body and instructing the situatiuons as this for sure leaves some good clues on what Frankenstein will do for his future creation. It for sure looked solidly done.
Plus some nice flowing discussions with Henry Clerval getting aquainted with his classmate Frankenstein which really worked in nicely too.
Perfect powerful moments when Waldman gets Frankenstein to do a project with a dead body for the students to watch as this really makes you watch as to what is being done here.
Great intense moments when Frankenstein and Waldman try to get samples of shots to local people and one of them freaks out about it all and stabs Waldman which brought in perfect tension towards all of this as well as Frankenstein later on trying to revive him and the devastating moments when he is out of luck with nice circling camera shots zooming away from this.
Nicely shots on Frankenstein about to use a saw on a dead body or collecting other objects for his experiment since back in the days none of this was allowed to be shown in the original and nice to see it nowadays.
Nicely intense moment with Elizabeth going to look into a room and Frankenstein getting protective and pulling her back and acting obnoxious as the scene looked very strong to watch with all of this happening.
Terrific moments with Frankenstein working like crazy to get his project to work that involves elertric eels to try and awaken his project as well as a good shot on the Creature opening his eyes and then closing them as well as the odd disappointments on Frankenstein as well as a nicely focused shot on the Creature's hand moving and knocking on the object he's in along with perfect grossly slimy water that Frankenstein tries to struggle his Creature to get out of and trying to get him to stand as well as showing this monster in chains which looked incredibly effective.
Perfect situations with the Creature out in the woods and spying on a family as well as trying to do good deeds secretly along with him listening to a blind Grandfather playing a recorder as well as this man hearing his sounds as all of this was drawn in greatly. This is of course an overlapse remake on Bride of Frankenstein since we spot similar scene's and done in cleverly. Also a perfect intense moment with a nasty landlord being abusive to a little girl and the Grandfather for not paying the rent as well as this Creature coming in to do this jerk in which looked impressive to watch as well. Plus we have a good strong discussion with him towards the Creature as well as this bling man feeling his face and understanding him as this was perfectly focused as nicely dramatic.
Perfect shot on the Creature standing in front of the family house burned down and swearing his revenge as this looked powerfully done.
Perfect moment with the Creature playing a recorder in the woods and a child spotting this creature and it draws you in wondering if this kid will freak out and run away or not since there's a perfectly still moment that we spot here.
A perfect situation involving Frankenstein and the Creature at the caves of the snowy mountain as this all looked powerful to watch along with intelligent discussions involving the Creature as well as telling him he wants a bride as this is a different twist for the Creature to talk normally compared to the original Bride of Frankenstein as this seemed to be necessary for a remake without a doubt and perfectly shot with all the surroundings that we spot here.
A great dark moment with the Creature clasping his hand on Elizabeth while in bed as well as a great horror violent moment on what he does to her with perfect shocking close up camera shots on the results which also looked perfectly well done.
Perfect moment with Frankenstein creating his bride as well as him and the Creature trying to call to her and see who will have her as well as perfect shots on this bride looking confused as to what to do which was strongly done in as well. Plus the bride looked updated compared to the original to look convincing in the horror standards of the 90's.
Bottom line: Ahh yes... a nice remake of Mary Shelly's novel and done in good taste too. There's lots of talent in the film and good effects too and the disturbing scenes are very updated compared to the 1910 film. Although this film is mainstream it didn't do overly well. However, I still enjoyed it for its historical plot. The monster looks more creative than the green character with the knobs on his neck too.

The acting is very solid and in place. Kenneth Branagh (Victor Frankenstein) steals the film with his outrageous work as the mad scientist and really knows how to develop his character with his intense emotions. Plus shows off a great charming and romantic attitude too. He has a believeable sobbing attitude and was convincingly emotional in those spots. Shows off a great obnoxious and anxious attitude too in the spots that were necessary to behave that way drawing it to a perfect hype. Also does well with his aggressions too. Does a nice focus when getting into a discussion. Also adds a perfect seriousness especially during the beginning of his performance when he coldly tells people on who he is.
This is definetely a different role for celebrity Robert DeNiro (The Creature) to play as Frankenstein's creation and he does it terrifically with his lines and reactions making his character wiser and more seemingly human. Does well acting clumsy during the beginning of his performance as well as reacting to being afraid and frusterated when onscreen locals are mean to him. Also shows a nice happy attitude when spying on a nieghbors home and getting into this greatly. He also was good by talking to an onscreen blind man and having a perfectly friendly attitude. Plus was powerful when having a vengeful attitude as well as his forceful and deadly actions bringing it to a perfect hype.
Tom Hulce (Henry Clerval) added a ton of spunk and enthusiasm into his part as a believeable friendly student scientist as well as really getting into a conversation pretty powerfully. He packs a punch within whatever he does here. Draws in alot of powerful and anxious energy when the suspenseful moments happen and showing great expressions within all of this. He for sure grabs your attnetion the most out of the whole cast.
Helena Bonham Carter (Elizabeth) shows off a perfect teasing bubbly and flirtatious behavior. ALso does well with her romantic bheavior as well as speaking well into what was said to her. Plus shows off a good upsetting behavior with her emotional sobbing in which she adds great energy within this as well. Plus does well with her happy moments as well as her fearful moments adding a nice versatality into her part.
Ian Holm (Baron Frankenstein) certainly stood out nice and solid as the elder one and has a nice courageous attitude and powerful voice when speaking. Also shows the odd disturbed moments when he discusses a touchy subject which shines off well too. Had the perfect looks and appeal for this role and puts alot into everything here.
Richard Briars (Grandfather) lived to play a blind old man in which you'd think that he was really like this with his blocking and studied this part inside out as he knew on how to react to alot of stuff here. Plus shows a perfectly warm behavior along with really getting into a gentle and friendly conversation too and being convincingly understanding within whatever he did here.
John Cleese
(Professor Waldman) was only in it for halfway but had the key part to the story in his supporting role in which he did a marvellous job with his gruffness and seriousness to all that is happening as well as him getting nearly forceful and violent adding a convincingly intimidating attitude along with his aggressive expressions which looked believeable as well. Really put on a great focus when teaching a class and acting powerful within this. He proved that he can wear many hats than doing comedic roles for sure.

Robert DeNiro's character is naked making his first appearance as the monster but its not all too pornographic.

Dogs are slaughtered but it's very quick
A woman is bleeding while giving labor to her baby
There are the odd body piece and a brain is exposed
A heart is ripped out of a woman and she is bloodied

Patrick Doyle performs terrific classical orchestration in this film using every new music sequence for each scene. He has some good flute playing as well as uplifting peaceful trombone and violin music for the uplifting moments like when Frankenstein brings everyone to an area with a kite and a thunder cloud appears. Plus offers a good versatality when the terror happens having the powerful loud trombone and violin music and having intense and fast moments which works in well too.

Walton: Who are you?
Victor Frankenstein: My name... is Victor... FRANKENSTEIN

Victor Frankenstein: It's alive. It's alive!

The Creature: I will have revenge! FRANKENSTEIN!

Victor Frankenstein: You do speak!
The Creature: Yes, I speak, and read, and think, and know the ways of men.

The Creature: You gave me these emotions, but you didn't tell me how to use them. Now two people are dead because of us. Why?
Victor Frankenstein: There was something at work in my soul which I do not understand.
The Creature: And what of my soul? Do I have one? Or was that a part you left out?