Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1992)

Directed & Story by: Rachel Talalay

Written by:
Michael DeLuca


Robert Englund .... Freddy Krueger
Lisa Zane .... Maggie Burroughs
Lezlie Deane .... Tracy
Yaphet Kotto .... Doc
Shon Greenblat .... John Doe
Ricky Dean Logan .... Carlos
Breckin Meyer .... Spencer

Special Appearances:

Roseanne .... Childless Woman
Tom Arnold .... Childless Man

Elinor Donahue .... Orphanage Woman
Johnny Depp .... Teen on TV
Alice Cooper .... Freddy's Fosterfather

Release Date:
Theatrical: September 5, 1991 (Germany); September 13, 1991 (USA)







A troubled teen with amnesia named John Doe (Shon Greenblat) is constantly having nightmares while running away from the Springwood area as he claims to be the only teen survivor from Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) there when he throws himself into a special care centre.
He meets up with a counsellor there with amnesia as well named Maggie Burroughs (Lisa Zane) as she tries to help him out. She also needs to know who her father was as she was taken away from him as a child.
They drive down to Springwood as some teens at the centre steal a ride too but they realise that the town is almost deserted and the only people who roam the area are eccentric adults.
They reside at a house for a while as they end up being lost for a bit only to discover that it's the Thompson's old house where Freddy resides in to kill teens in their dreams.
Freddy kills a couple of them off when they fall asleep but however he manages to keep John alive as he thinks Freddy may possibly be his father.
However Freddy has deadly news for him as he tells him that Maggie is her daughter and yused her to draw him into creating massacre's in other kids' dreams around the world.
This draws Maggie to remembering her childhood life and must put a stop to her father's evil deeds even if it means to pulling him into reality to do so and killing him for good as she has the power to do so.


We spot the beginning of the film John Dee is experiencing his worst nightmares by falling out of a plane or hit by a bus as there's nice shots there as the special effects looked greatly twisted and experiencing your worst fears of heights as well. Plus with the house falling we spot Freddy as a witch from Wizard of Oz riding a broomstick with a good one liner too. Freddy Krueger looked good too during these moments as he is both menacing and comedic. The scene's that are used makes you wonder if he was dreaming or awake on these moments.
A good moment with an aggressive parent trying to talk to his son Spencer who acts stubborn and ignoring him while playing his hand held video game as this draws you in and making it a key to his main interests and a prey for Freddy later on in the story. Good camera shots in the beginning of this scene.
We see a nice conversation between John and Maggie Burroughs showing good intense aggression when he is in the special care centre which looked nicely done too.
There's a hokey setting of a carnival which is the setting in Springwood filled with adults as it looks zany especially when a childless couple approaching the teenagers near a pay phone. It's very memorable regardless. Also we spot some looks on grubby food there as well as cockroaches as this is a nice drawing scene. Also a nice shot in a roadway with chalk drawing on Freddy which was well put in although alot of the moments that were mentioned were pretty corny.
We get a perfect moment when Carlos is dreaming in the back of the van trying to open up a map but it keeps unfolding and after he reads the writing on it saying "You're Fucked" he tells them what the map says after he wakes up but it adds a good psychological element when the people are lost and can't find out to where they are.
More hokey and strange situations when both John and Maggie enter a school and there's no students but a teacher acting strange teaching no one there as this made me convinced that it had nothing to do with the original legacy at all. Also they go into another home and spot a mother doing the same thing and acting like she's high on something too.
The setting in the town of Springwood looked good and dark too and a cool effect on a house transforming into the Thompson's former house that is now Freddy's lair in which this is my favourite special effects to watch.
I really laughed with a guy on a TV set about what your mind does to drugs by frying an egg in a pan and then Freddy whacks him in the head with the pan and telling the audience of what he really sees is just some eggs. This was a great add on to the story showing good comedic timing before he plans to kill his next dreaming victim.
We see a nice effective colorful moment with Freddy asking if Spencer wants to get high which was hilarious. What was more hilarious was when he is sleepwalking acting like a video game character and Freddy himself shows terrific reactions playing him in a video game as we see the game in the same style as Super Mario Bros. in which during this period that game was still very popular as well we see a video game character of Freddy along with this maniac using his pwerful razor glove to keep playing the same like we had one of those using our Nintendo Entertainment System.
Nicely done moment with John about to land in a parachute as well as spotting a strong moment to when he's sleeping on him fallin out of the roof of a van to the ground confronting Krueger as well as him acting cute and telling him his child is a girl and that he isn't his son which was memorable quotes and scene to anyone who saw this as well as a perfect shot on him bringing a bunch of spikes for him to land on as well as a good effective moment on John's body waking up and the gruesome results that happened to him as this was perfectly done.
We see a nice dark and disturbing discussion between Tracy and her father. This scene was a nightmare of a molestation moment which was put well together. It looked good and dark as well as her figthing back as this was done in perfect taste.
There's a nice little scene between Freddy and Tracy battling it out when she tries to show him no mercy.
Perfect moment when Doc faces Freddy and he tells him what people tried to do in which this was supposed to hint the endings on some of the sequels but it confuses you big time since it never explains in the beginning as to how Freddy returns since we all know that this is a story by itself and a case of corny writing too.
In the story we spot a perfect flashback dream sequence making in a pre-Krueger killer days with his his family as it looked disturbing with his discussion towards Maggie as a child of what went on there and spotting this innocent poor little girl crying. Also perfect moments that are also disturbing with what he does to a school gerbil with kids taunting him. Plus good close up shots on him as a teen cutting himself and getting used to pain as well as his abusive alcoholic foster father trying to whack him with a strap which looked perfectly dark to watch and seeing that he can take the pain which is a nice moment to watch as to how he became powerful as a dream demon. Then there's moments when he is burned alive in his boiler room and cheesy special effects of comuterised demons making a deal with him as this was fun to watch.
What looked really good was when Maggie nearly shows sympathy with Freddy as he seemed convincing that he tried to show his love for her as daughter and father after she brings him out of his dream and he doesn't look scarred which seemed impressive to watch as if he's normal again. Then good shots on him climbing on a ceiling looking scarred again as well as her battling against him and she throws sharp weapons at him as this was also enjoyable but things seem a little too obvious for a happy ending that he is for sure gonna die. But again it's sometimes frusterating when endings almost seem happy but then it leaves a door oipen for another sequel and one isn't made.
Bottom line is that when I watched this for the first time the same time Jason Goes to Hell was briefly in theatre's as that one beared no relationship to the Friday series and was a movie for the fans. Well this one was just a fan movie itself and doesn't follow after what happened in the recent Nightmare sequel. This film was fairly well done with a great performance by the cast, well directed and good effects along with nice settings too but the story isn't the same and it is too comedic as well as stuff being a bit slow and hokey.

The acting is in good shape like in the rest of the films. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) is funnier than ever yet he can show pure evil to his character. He wears many hats into his character being perfectly goofy like playing a Nintendo game for example. Plus knew on how to act like a shit disturber too when making loud noises while torturing someone using a super hearing aid in which he really knew on how to act like an evil brat.
Lisa Zane (Maggie Burroughs) was wonderful playing his daughter in the film and performs with such pizzaz to her role. She shows off a nice patient and sharp attitude into her part of the story and knew on how to get into her characteristics big time. Had the right looks to portray a counsellor. Also shows a good emotional behavior which stands out terrifically as well as showing perfect raging aggressions when she does her final battle proving that she can be a one tough cookie especially while throwing sharp objects at full force.
Lezlie Deane (Tracy) played an excellent tough rebellious tomboy like teen in the film and knew how to pull off her role. She really rolls in with the punches big time by everything that she does here as well as knowing on how to act highly aggrerssive and showing no mercy. She really knew on how to be this way big time and studied her part inside out. Had the perfect looks for all of this.
Yaphet Kotto (Doc) brought alot in to the film as one of the counsellors in which he stands out very strong within his speaking and was right on top of stuff whenever he needed to be this way as well. Shows terrific energy especially with his punches and other stuff against the Freddy character. Was for sure someone who you'd want to keep alive all the way through.
Shon Greenblat (John Doe) knew how to make his role realistic as a basket case with amnesia and does a powerful job at it. Was great acting insane or stressed as well as out of control during many of the situations as well as doing a good job by being troubled too. Had the right rough looks as someone running away from his past. Does good acting weak from pain before dying at the end of his performance when he tries to tell someone thr truth about who is Freddy's child.
Breckin Meyer (Spencer) stood out very well playing a potheaded ignorant teen that loves to play video games as his role fit the story very well. Does a good job by acting perfectly stubborn as well as goofy. Also acts perfect being a nitwit when he's high on doipe. He really got into this greatly. Plus shows alot of good hyperactive behavior while being in a videogame.
Ricky Dean Logan (Carlos) had a terrific hyperactive atttiude and came across as someone whom is convincingly annoying too. Was good by getting into your face as well as showing some hyped up frustrations after looking at a map. Also does well reacting to being in torture after a hearing aid is locked to his ear and freaking out just rolling with the punches big time. Defientely does great screaming through a TV screen to someone else not to fall asleep as this was his most memorable performance.
Roseanne (Childless Woman) has a perfect cameo was over the top hilarious in her role as an eccentric mother who lost her kids to Freddy in Springwood just acting too creepily friendly with her speaking and then freaking out too. She always showed great timing with her comedy.
Johnny Depp (Guy on TV) was funny in his cameo about the dangers of drugs it was nice to see him return to this film as the first one was what started his career. He was overly funny while doing this demonstration as it made me laugh my ass off and one of the best people in a cameo too.
My favourite cameo was my favourite musician shock rocker Alice Cooper (Freddy's Foster Father) stood out as a nasty alcoholic abusive foster parent and can play a great psychotic one too with his growly voice but his blocking was a wee bit off when he whacks Freddy himself with a strap. Too bad he was uncredited.

An ear is sliced off.
A head explodes
Blood pours out of a broken TV
A teen is stabbed by a tray of spikes
Freddy cuts his fingers off
Freddy explodes

Brian May brilliantly composed the music for this one using great classical music and sometimes used the piano playing from the original movie as well. The music works out very well. Some nice chiming sounds as well as a good riff playing for the opening credits as it's catchy. Also we hear some low budget creepy synthesizer music which sounds okay too. We have some odd suspenseful playing during the near end of the story when Freddy is about to be put out of his misery which was mildly catchy. This is not the same fellow who played in the classic rock band Queen.

A perfect soundtrack score for the film in which we have the best punk rockin tune by Iggy Pop with "Why Was I Born (Freddy's Dead)" as we hear perfect high wailing guitar riffs for the opening credits which was perfect as well as this song playing in the closging credits as well along with some great whiney vocalising too.
A great classic rockin track by Iron Butterfly with the classic tune
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" for when Freddy is on TV with the colourised effects as this really fits in with the synthesizer and heavy guitar playing and the shaky volcalising as it's a perfect song to get high on which Freddy himself is trying to lure a teenage pothead into his nightmare. Couldn't find anything better.

[Freddy is dressed as The Wicked Witch of the West and is riding a broom]
Freddy Krueger: I'll get you, my pretty! And your little soul, too!

John Doe: 4567 bottles of beer on the wall, 4567 bottles of beer, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, what a case of i...
[is hit with a pillow]
Angry Boy: Hell, I'll break a bottle over your head if you don't shut the fuck up!
John Doe: [glares] ... 4566 bottles of beer on the wall...

Oprah Noodlemantra: All right, once again... This is your brain.
[Cracks egg]
Oprah Noodlemantra: This is your brain ON DRUGS. Any Questions?
[Freddy hits him with the frying pan]
Freddy Krueger: Yeah! What are YOU on? Looks like a frying pan and some eggs to me!

Spencer's Father: Be like me.
[Fells Spencer]
Spencer's Father: Be like me; be like me.
Freddy Krueger: Father knows best.
[after grabbing the tennis racket and while hitting him with it]
Spencer: I'm not like you! I don't wanna be like you!

Freddy Krueger: [playing a video game and watching a character get hit] Now I'm playing with power!

John Doe: I know why you let me go.
Freddy Krueger: Ohh... Do you think I'M YOUR DADDY? Mm-mmm! Wrong!

Freddy Krueger: Time to start all over again.
Maggie Burroughs: But this isn't Springwood.
Freddy Krueger: [Laughs] Every town has an Elm Street!

Tracy's Father: No honey for daddy?
[Morphs into Freddy Krueger]
Freddy Krueger: What's with kids today, huh? Noo respect.

Freddy Krueger: Kung fu THIS, bitch.
Tracy: This is my dream, and I do what I want.
Freddy Krueger: Might be your dream, but it's my RULES!

Freddy Krueger: Sticks and stones may break my bones... but nothin' will ever kill me. Well, let's see now. First, they tried burning me.
[slices off thumb]
Freddy Krueger: Then, they tried burying me.
[slices off index finger]
Freddy Krueger: But this... this is my favorite.
Freddy Krueger: [gives a finger gesture] They even tried holy water!
Freddy Krueger: [slices off middle finger, drops hand out of frame and holds it up again with all fingers intact] But I just keep on tickin'.

Classmates: [chanting] son of a hundred maniacs, son of a hundred maniacs, son of a hundred maniacs...

Freddy's Father: You been a waste since the day I took you in... now it's time to take your medicine.
[whips Freddy with a belt]
Young Freddy: [laughs as the belt strikes him] Thank you, sir. May I have another?
[his father whips him four more times, but before he can do it the fifth time, Freddy grabs the belt]
Young Freddy: You wanna know the secret of pain? If you just stop feeling it, you can start using it.
[holds up a bloody razor blade]

Katherine Krueger: [shoves a stick of dynamite into Freddy's chest]
[kisses Freddy on the cheek]
Katherine Krueger: Happy Father's Day.
[runs out of the room]
Freddy Krueger: [looks at the screen] Kids.
[Freddy explodes]

[last lines]
Maggie Burroughs: Freddy's dead.