Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)

Directed by: Ronny Yu

Written by:
Damian Shannon & Mark Swift


Robert Englund ... Freddy Krueger
Ken Kirzinger ... Jason Voorhees
Monica Keena ... Lori Campbell
Jason Ritter ... Will Rollins
Kelly Rowland ... Kia Waterson
Chris Marquette ... Charlie Linderman
Brendan Fletcher ... Mark Davis
Katharine Isabelle ... Gibb
Lochlyn Munro ... Deputy Scott Stubbs
Kyle Labine ... Bill Freeburg
David Kopp ....

Release Date:
Theatrical: August 15, 2003


It's been years since Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) was killing teens in their dreams.
Now people have forgotten about him so he has lost his power to kill since everyone on Elm Street never mentions his name.
He wants the kids to remember so he knows a bit about the legend of Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger) down at Camp Crystal lake.

Jason has been hybernating for a long time so Freddy disguises himself as Jason's mother Mrs. Voorhees (Paula Shaw) in Jason's dream after being asleep for a long time at Camp Crystal Lake and fools him to go to Elm Street to kill kids there as Freddy's powers are useless since the kids are no longer afraid of him so Jason awakens and travels to Springwood and then goes on a killing spree.

He first kills some teens having a slumber party killing most of them and then goes to other houses.
The coroners and police suspect that Freddy is back but try not to slip their tongue mentioning his name but some do and then the kids are dreaming and see Freddy but Freddy isn't powerful enough yet to kill.

Eventually the kids get scared enough to remember who Freddy is and then Freddy does get powerful again. But Freddy's plans don't go according to schedule when Jason discovers that he has been manipulated, which really sends him over the edge. So, it's up to teenagers Will (Jason Ritter), Lori (Monica Keena), and Kia (Kelly Rowland), to lure Jason back to Camp Crystal Lake to kill Freddy once and for all while Jason is heavy seduced and fell asleep.
Freddy finds out his weakness as when Jason was a child he drowned and his dream goes back to how he drowned and Freddy nearly kills Jason then but one of the kids is asleep too to try and save him.
Jason awakens and Freddy somehow comes to life and it is a classic battle at Crystal Lake between Freddy and Jason.


A good shot on a teenage girl going to the pier at Crystal Lake undressing and going in as well as showing he fears calling for her boyfriend while being in the lake along with running in the woods.
Perfect close up shots on the hallucinations of corpses on a tree changing as these situations truly looked dead while these people were speaking.
A great shot on Mrs. Voorhees approaching Jason as her words were very effective showing happiness towards him that he will never die and talking about the kids on Elm Street being naughty as well as later on a nice evil smile by Freddy chuckling since he was a disguise as his Mom to awaken him which was the most cleverest moment on a Freddy hallucination comapred to any of the other movies. I thought it was a treat to see Mrs. Voorhees come onto the picture like this. A nice shot on Jason lying in the soil and then rising slowly walking away from the woods.
Good shot on Gibb sitting at a window smoking a cigarette and then chuckling it hitting with Jason watching and the cigarette hitting his hockey mask.
A good look at her after her shower with a concerned look on her face as well as footage on her feet near blood on the floor.
Some nice bloody stab shots through a bed.
Nice shot on Gibb, Lori Campbell and Blake running outside in a rainstorm freaking out.
A perfect camera shot on Lori resting her head with her eyes shut in deep thought trying to remember a killer and then opening them saying Freddy's name with the camera panning closer on her.
Nice shot of her watching three little girls jump roping doing the Freddy chant with Krueger himself suddenly approaching her and startling her which is almost a jumping moment.
A good moment with Blake being vulgar with anger sitting on a porch as well as a great shot on him standing out on a street and then a shot of a goat walking by along with his surprised look on his face after seeing Freddy a bit away on the street as a shadow effects showing his razor glove.
There's a perfect close up shot on Blake's father's hands putting chemicals from a pill into a drink and then stirring it as well as walking over to Lori to insist on having her drink it with close up shots on one another.
A nice shot on Gibb crying before going to school with the rest of her gang as well as Lori crying and not controlling herself in the school hallway about Krueger coming back. A good shot on Mark with his still expressions coming towards her and trying to scare her to stay awake but yet it looks not too original and a little cheesy. A good shot on Will Rollins standing in the hallway telling his friend to leave her alone as he comes across as totally sane and normal.
There's a good far away shot on people having a party in a cornfield.
We get a good discussion between Will and Lori at the party as it almost looked comforting.
A good moment with Gibb standing in a cornfield looking a little tense with smoking a cigarette and a good dark shot on a partygoer calling to her in the cornfield as if he looked a little ghostly which looked creepy. A good camera shot looking down on her wandering around a silo and walking in. Good shots on her freaking out in the boiler room with Freddy terrorising her along with shots on him using his blades to rub against a pipe etc.
A perfect discussion shot onother partygoers in the cornfield with
Jason himself standing tall watching over them as well they were good acting like stupid teenage troublemakers taunting him when you know something is going to happen.
There's a tense moment with Blake's father strangling Will Rollins and Lori screaming and going ballistic which looked superbly well done.
There's also a good shot on Lori standing on a staircase and Blake's father standing near a doorway talking intensely. He showed nice cold expressions talking evilly walking up the stairs.
A good shot on Mark Davis slowly walking to a bathroom door as well as a nice rising up on his brother rising from a bloody bath tub looking evilly possessed.
We have a strong argument between Deputy Scott Stubbs and Sheriff Williams about Jason Voorhees and Freddy in the police office.
Nice shots on both Freddy and Jason beating each other up, stabbing one and and throwing around one another in the boiler room.
A great shot on a sign announcing Camp Crystal Lake with Lori staring at it and then spotting the children at camp taunting Jasonas a child by forcing him to jump off a pier as that moment looks terribly contrived and corny. A nice shot on her bending over to the pier to give out her hand as well as a good effects shot on Freddy rising up.
Another nice shot on her by standing in front of her house as she tries to find Freddy before she wakes up.
We have great fast and horrifying shots on Jason acting menacing in a lodge with his machette trying to kill anything in his path.
We have yet more great shots on Jason battling Freddy around Crystal Lake throwing him around.
A perfect shot on Lori holding up the machette with aggression and swinging it. Yes alot of strong moments in this film.
Bottom line: After 10 years of waiting for this one it finally came out!!!! Very enjoyable film and alot of criitics put this one down but as I say who cares for them!!!! It did well at the box office and was filmed in my hometown. If you haven't seen this movie yet go and check it out now!!!! It's great to see Freddy back in action again and a sequel was planned but got scrapped no thanks to seeing these stupid remakes.

The acting is good. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) still knows his stuff by bringing power and energy to his performance as usual. Does well being foreceful and demanding towards one of his onscreen victims. Also does a nice job showing his frusterations when he tries his best to try and kill Jason or find out his weakness but can't which was good and forceful. Seemed to show off good blocking with his onscreen battles with the Jason character as well as his painful reactions which he draws it in powerfully too.
Monica Keena
(Lori Campbell) brings alot of anxiety and intensity to her part which came across smoothly as the main one in the film trying to seek revenge on Krueger. Shows great energy in a dream at Camp Crystal Lake when she is panicking by trying to get someone to save Jason from drowning as well as dragging out her hand at the pier to try and save him as she makes this believeable by trying to help him.
She reacts well when she discovers who really killed her mother in one of her dreams. Shows true aggressions when she wants to get her revenge on Krueger.
We also get to see Jason Ritter (Will Rollins) step in his father's boots too showing a great character to his part as a level headed guy with gifted talent. Has the convincing boy next door looks too by coming across as a decent type as well as someone whom is mature and smart too in which he for sure makes you think that he was misunderstood to be put in an asylum.
Kelly Rowland
(Kia Waterson) brought off some nice spunk into her part of the flick and in a scene reacts well by acting grossed out when she tries to give a sleeping Jason mouth to mouth in a van when he is supposedly drowning in his sleep. Also does a nice job trying not to be scared of Freddy by taunting him of what he looks like which also looked well performed and natural.
Brendan Fletcher (Mark Davis) knew how to act wild and crazy in the asylum by mooning the security at a window as well as hollering and going totally wild. He for sure was a ball of energy when he confronts someone at a school on what to do from not falling asleep but at the same time not all that natural. Without a doubt had the most effective supporting role in this film due to his hyperactive behavior.
A good choked out words on him when he is refusing to give a message to his friends when he is being forced to. He reacts wildly when he is on fire. He is great at performing intense and nutty throughout his entire role.
Plus there's a couple of Vancouver locals like Katharine Isabelle (Gibb) who seemed quite outgoing in her part on the film as well as knowing how to cry on set and act scared. Knows on how to moan quite well when she is asleep in the cornfield when she is asleep having a nightmare.
Lochlyn Munro
(Deputy Scott Stubbs) came across not too bad as a deputy in the film as he seemed to prove his point well for why he was in it.
says his speech perfectly at a table explaining about Jason Voorhees to the rest of the survivors. Has a perfectly likeable attitude too.
Kyle Labine (Bill Freeburg) adds alot of humor to his role as a pothead which can offer some chuckles here and there.
David Kopp (Blake) really knew how to act vulgar with anger sitting on a porch as well in another scene shows great expressions and possessed attitude once Freddy takes over his body as well as him standing there in a hallway waiting for Jason. Has a perfect burly look for his role and showing nice evil expressions too while possessed as he rolls with this nicely.
Paula Shaw (Mrs. Voorhees) steps in as Jason's mother but it was only a bit part but was worth mentioning since she really brought a good coldness to her speaking as well as showing a nice pleasantness to her onscreen son as well as doing a great job by acting in a rage about showing powerful vocal chords while saying so as she could outdo Betsy Palmer by acting so energetic like that.

A brief breast and butt shot performed by Odessa Munroe while taking off her clothes on a pier
A camera shot looking down on Katherine Isabelle's body double taking a shower with her breasts exposed.
A breast shot on a dead camp counsellor in a nightmare sequence.

A girl's stomach is stabbed to a tree.
A guy is repeatedly stabbed in bed with a bloodshed.
A head is sliced off.
Freddy tries to stab out someone's nose.
A guys head is twisted backwards.
A machette is stabbed through a guy's chest.
Someone is stabbed and thrown in the air.
Sharp barb wire pieces and stabbed in a guy's bare feet.
A deputy is electrocuted with his skin being scarred
A possessed stoner is stabbed in half.
Jason's fingers are sliced off.
Freddy's arms are chopped off twice.
A decapitated head of Mrs. Voorhees.
Some corpses are floating in water.
Jason's eyes are stabbed as well as his stomach being stabbed
Freddy's stabbed in the stomach.
Freddy's head is chopped off.

Terrific power trumpet and violin playing for the movie which has a great suspenseful classical sounding to the film composed by Graeme Revell who was a trained pianist and French horn player. Plus he was a member of a 70's music group called SPK. He has composed music for major motion pictures like in The Crow, The Craft and The Saint.

[first lines]
Freddy Krueger: [narrating] My children... from the very beginning, it was the children who gave me my power. The Springwood Slasher, that's what they called me. My reign of terror was legendary. Dozens of children would fall by my blades. Then the parents of Springwood came for me, taking justice into their own hands. When I was alive, I might have been a little naughty, but after they killed me, I became something much, much worse. The stuff nightmares are made of. The children still feared me, and their fear gave me the power to invade their dreams, and that's when the fun REALLY began. Until they figured out a way to forget about me. To erase me completely. Being dead wasn't a problem, but being forgotten, now that's a BITCH. I can't come back if nobody remembers me. I can't come back if nobody's afraid. I had to search the bowels of Hell, but I found someone, someone who'll make 'em remember. He may get the blood, but I'll get the glory, and that fear is my ticket home.

[In Jason's dream, after being impaled to a tree with Jason's machete]
Heather: I should've been watching them, not drinking. not meeting a boy at the lake...
[Heather morphs into a dead boy killed by Jason in the past]
Dead boy on tree: I deserve to be punished...
[Dead boy morphs into a dead girl with her throat slit, another past victim of Jason]
Dead girl on tree: We all deserve to be punished...

[In Jason's dream]
Mrs. Pamela Voorhees: [to Jason] Jason, my special, special boy. Do you know what your gift is? No matter what they do to you, you cannot die. You can never die. You've just been sleeping, honey. But now, the time has come to wake up. Mommy has something she wants you to do. I need you to go to Elm Street. The children have been very bad on Elm Street. Rise up, Jason. Your work isn't finished. Hear my voice and live again. Make them remember me, Jason. Make them REMEMBER WHAT FEAR TASTES LIKE.
[after Jason leaves, Mrs. Voorhees morphs into Freddy Krueger]
Freddy Krueger: I've been away from my children for far too long.

Little Girl: His name is Freddy Krueger... and he loves children, especially little girls. Freddy's coming back. Soon he'll be strong enough. It's okay to be afraid. We were all afraid. Warn your friends. Warn everyone.

Freddy Krueger: [to Lori] Welcome to my world, bitch. I should warn you, princess... the first time tends to get a little... messy.

[In Lori's dream]
Dr. Campbell: Look at you, you're exhausted. We need to get you to...
[Dr. Campbell turns into Freddy Krueger]
Freddy Krueger: Bed.

Shack: This ever-clear is kicking my ass.

Mark Davis: Do you want me to start having nightmares again?
Will Rollins: Don't start with that dream demon shit again. OK? You know that's all just in your head.
Mark Davis: Yeah, yeah, and who are you, the poster boy for sanity?

[Lori is talking about her dream]
Lori: And there were these little girls, and they were singing this song like... like...
Mark: One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Do you know why they sing that? Because that's when he comes for you.

[to Lori]
Mark: Do you want some free advice? Coffee. Make friends with it.

[after Blake gets away]
Freddy Krueger: [to himself] Not strong enough, yet. Well, I will be soon enough. Until then... I'll let Jason have some fun.

Lori: Hey. Gibb, what are you doing? I thought you were gonna quit.
Gibb: I only smoke when I drink now.
Kia: But you're always drinking.
Gibb: Yeah, well, I'll work on that next.

[Jason approaches two ravers]
Teammate: Check out this fucking guy.
Shack: Well, hey, Jethro. This is a rave, not a Halloween party. Why don't you go find yourself a pig to fuck?
Teammate: Yeah. Invite only, cornpoke,
[Poking Jason's chest on each word]
Teammate: and you... weren't... invite...
[Jason grabs Teammate's head and twists it around. Jason then pokes him in his chest... and he falls over, dead]
Shack: Son of a bitch.

Freeburg: Man, screw that clown. I mean, what kind of a pussy comes after you in your dreams anyway? Now, that, that big-ass mother fucker back at the cornfield, all right, that's who we should be afraid of. Tell me who the fuck that was.

[Hears Trey from the cornstalks]
Trey: I'm dead one day and you're already out gettin' shitfaced? Same old Gibb.
Gibb: [Stammering] Trey, I, I can not believe it.
Trey: Come on, let's go.
Trey: Babe, don't make me ask you twice, okay?

Freddy Krueger: [to Lori] Your eyes say "no, no." But my mouth says "yes, yes."

Freddy Krueger: [to Lori] I've always had a thing... for the whores that live in this house.

Freddy Krueger: [to Kia] How sweet, dark meat.

[after seeing Jason at the rave]
Kia: Was that him? The guy you were talking about... Freddy Krueger?
Lori: No, that wasn't the guy in my dream. That was somebody else.
Linderman: Who cares about some fucking dream guy, Ok? That psycho in the hockey mask was real.
Freeburg: Dude, that goalie was pissed about something.

[Bobby Davis appears in a bloody bathtub in Mark's nightmare]
Bobby Davis: Hey Mark. You didn't forget about me, did you?
Mark Davis: Oh god.
[Bobby speaks in Freddy Krueger's voice]
Freddy Krueger: Oh that's right, everyone forgot. That's why they weren't afraid anymore. That's why I had to get Jason to kill for me to get them to remember. But now he just won't stop...
[Bobby shows Mark his slit wrists]
Freddy Krueger: That hockey puck.

[tormenting Mark in his nightmares]
Freddy Krueger: [disguised as Mark's brother] I need you to send a little message for me. That's all. Just a little message.
Mark Davis: I'm not gonna do it. (screaming) I won't do it!
[fully transformed back into himself]
Freddy Krueger: NO?
[slams the gloved hand on the wall next to Mark's ear]
Mark Davis: I won't do it.
[grabs Mark by his shirt sleeves and points a bladed finger at him]
Freddy Krueger: I'll have to pass that message myself, won't I, hmm?

Blake: My best friend was just *KILLED* tonight Dad. So what about give me some FUCKING space?

Gibb: You're the one that killed Trey!
Freddy Krueger: Oh, don't worry about my little errand boy. The only thing to fear, is fear himself!
[Gibb stumbles and falls over railing]
Freddy Krueger: Aw!

Freddy Krueger: What's wrong, Lori? Miss your wake-up call?

Deputy Stubbs: You kids need some assistance?
Gibb: [Holds up her bloody hands] WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK?

Deputy Stubbs: I don't know, maybe what we need to do is... to offer Freddy a, a sacrifice.
Freeburg: Yeah, yeah, totally. Like a, like a virgin, right? Someone pure.
[Everyone looks at Linderman]
Linderman: Dude, don't look at me. Even if you pay for it, it still counts.

Deputy Stubbs: I think we're dealing with a copycat here.
Linderman: No. No. No, no, no. He's not a copycat. I've seen what he can do. He's the real Jason.
Deputy Stubbs: That's impossible, Linderman. Jason is dead.
Freeburg: Yeah, well, you better start thinking outside your little box, dude, 'cause somebody's definitely breaking the fucking reality rules, OK?

Freddy Krueger: [In Westin Hills, possessed as Freeburg] These are my children, Jason. Go back where you belong.

Will Rolins: Freeburg, time to go. We gotta go. Now. Come on.
[Possessed By Freddy Krueger]
Freeburg: Let me handle this, bitch.

Freddy Krueger: Now... it's time to put this "bad dog" to sleep... FOR GOOD.

[Freddy is playing pinball with Jason, suddenly Jason hits the ceiling and falls straight down]
Freddy Krueger: Tilt!

[torturing Jason in the dream world]
Freddy Krueger: Penny for your thoughts, chief?
[Jason grabs him and pushes his throat to the machete]
Freddy Krueger: Oh, scary.

Freddy Krueger: [to Jason] Why won't you DIE?

Freddy Krueger: [to Jason] Ahhh. So you are afraid of something after all, huh?

Freddy Krueger: [to Jason] I'm dying to see what skeletons are hidden in your closet.

[Tormenting a 'young' Jason in his dream]
Freddy Krueger: Awww... how sweet.
[Rips the hockey mask off]
Freddy Krueger: You ugly little shit. Now there's a face...
[Holds up his mother's severed head]
Freddy Krueger: only a mother could love.

[In Jason's nightmare, while young Jason is drowning in Crystal Lake]
Lori: Aren't you going to help the kid?

Freddy Krueger: Man the torpedoes.

Kia: Oh, God, y'all, two killers? We're not safe awake or asleep.

Kia: [to Freddy] : So you're the one everyone's afraid of? Tell me something. What kind of faggot... runs around in a... Christmas sweater? I mean, come on. Get real. You're not even scary.
[taunting him]
Kia: You're not even scary. And let's talk about the butter knives. What is with the butter knives? You trying to compensate for something? Maybe coming up a little short there between the legs, Mr. Krueger?
Freddy Krueger: Hmmm.
Kia: I mean, you've got these teensy-weensy little things, and Jason has got this big ol' thing like...
[Freddy points behind her, she turns, and there is Jason standing right in front of her with his machete]

[last lines]
Lori: Welcome to my world, bitch!
[decapitates Freddy with Jason's machete]