Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Produced & Directed by: Steve Miner

Written by: Ron Kurz


Amy Steele .... Ginny Field
John Furey .... Paul Holt
Stuart Charno .... Ted
Kirsten Baker .... Terri
Marta Kober .... Sandra Dier
Tom McBride .... Mark
Bill Randolph .... Jeffrey
Lauren-Marie Taylor .... Vicky
Russell Todd .... Scott
Jerry Wallace .... Jason Voorhees (The Prowler)

Special Appearance:

Betsy Palmer .... Mrs. Voorhees

Release Date: Theatrical: May 1, 1981

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A nearby camp opens as Camp Crystal Lake is out of bounds after the bloody massacre that took place there 5 years before.
The camp is a training centre for camp counsellors and at night the comissioner named Paul (John Furey) gathers everyone around to tell a campfire story about what happened at Camp Crystal Lake of a disturbed woman named Mrs. Voorhees who never got over the shock of her drowning son back in 1957 as his body was never recovered from the lake and how she was decapitated by a surviving camp counsellor but then she vanished 3 months later and assumed dead according to the locals.
While the counsellors are in training as well as partying out, swimming, exercizing and having a great time something out there is watching and stalking them very closely.
One night, while some counsellors decide to go to a bar, the rest of the people at the camp are systematically slaughtered one by one on a stormy night as there was a legend at Camp Crystal Lake and apparently it seems to be real as the terror is happening to them right now.


A cheesier sequel here but it's so much fun as we get a little kid in the beginning splashing outside in the rain with his Mom calling him in and then later on there's two feet approaching a house that resides Alice having a nightmare in which it shows clips from the first one with her struggling against Mrs. Voorhees as well as her telling the story about her son Jason who drowned at the lake which seemed cool to watch. Then afterwards she wakes up with a brief scream which seemed impressive as well as her house being too quiet like she's being watched which keeps you in suspense to keep watching to find out on what happens next. A good camera shot closing in while ALice is taking a shower with the curtains closed as this was a teaser wondering if the killer is about to do her in right then. There's a decapitated head in a refrigetator when she opens the door as I wasn't sure what that head was but later on found out that it was Mrs. Voorhees which goes to show whoever did the gore effects did a lousy job. Then we know what's gonna happen next. Suddenly the opening credits happen as it looked similar to the one in the orginal with the same design except later it explodes saying part 2 as this looked awesome.
AThen of course it's 5 years later which looked cool on two teens named Jeffrey and Sandra going to a payphone to make a call along with seeing Crazy Ralph returning telling them about him warning the other and not believing him. This was a nice touch for a sequel for sure. Yet over the 5 years this dude didn't age in which there should've been some make up put on him or something since this one was shot a year after the original. There's some humor showing a tow truck driver pulling their vehicle away driving slowly with Jeffrey screaming at the driver but him ignoring this as you can really picture the frusteration here. In which was a prank to him and Sandra by one of the people named Ted who is also going to Crystal Lake in which beforehand you wonder what is going to happen here. It looked entertaining and well written with all of this happening.
While driving to the area it was cool when there was a tree that was lying in the middle of the road in which this makes you wonder if someone intentionally placed it there. Plus it was effective when one of them pics up a sign saying Camp Crystal Lake and Ted tells them about it being closed down for all those years as well as them not wanting to know what happened there before dinner time which was also nicely put in. Plus a killer is hiding away and watching them making this mysterious that the terror isn't over.
Later on in the story was cool with the instructor Paul telling a campfire story to the rest of the people about the Camp Crystal Lake murders as well as explaining that Jason's body was never recovered from the lake and the legend that he is still out there full grown and supposedly seeing his Mom beheaded that Friday the 13th. This definetely gives you a great dark feeling on using your imagination from the first film especially knowing that when Jason briefly grabbed Alice and pulling her under the lake while the police got her out in time wasn't a nightmare at all like we might've all thought while watching the original tying it perfectly together that Jason was angry but was the wrong time to kill her just yet. Then some fun comes in when Stu jumps in wearing a monster mask with a spear screaming and scaring the others away since it was necessary for someone to pull a good practical joke while watching the film.
Alot of good funky moments with everyone in a cabin dancing to some music or just chilling out and having a good time along with the killer watching in a window showing some good cheesy horror mysterious moments.
We also get another glimpse on Ralph spying on the campers but he gets what's coming to him big time which I won't say what. Goes to show what can happen to a crazy stalker.
The next day there's all sorts of fun with everyone going on a jog along with sarcasm here and there which was pretty impressive for teenagers to do. Plus we spot someone's dog named Muffin sniffing around later on and looking up while being in front of the killer. Right after this someone is barbequing hotdogs which showed good timing for this as we all know that's what this dog was going to be for the killer. Also Ginny uses a chainsaw to cut wood leaving an impression that this killer might use it on someone. Almost seemed like a trademark to something like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre too since it's really out there when she uses it.
The story looks slightly suspenseful when both of the characters Jeffrey and Sandra decide to go to the Camp Crystal Lake grounds passing through some barbwire along with the killers feet spying on them. This seemed very interesting to watch.
There's some good adventureous moments when a Sheriff catches the killer crossing a pathway with him chasing after this maniac having a hard time catching up as the moments here looked dark and creepy like with the low budget feel to all of this too.
More neat creepy moments with the shadow of the killer lurking around as well as a moment with a lustful girl named Teri skinny dipping in the lake with a perverted one hitting on her the wrong way by running off with her clthes and dropping them piece by piece when she runs after him but suddenly he is cuaght in a trap hung upside down in which he thinks it's Paul and his traps on learning how to survive. But this could be the killers plan which is perfect to get him while he can't escape. There's some great timing after Teri returns to cut him down from his trap as he seems a little too quiet. Dead quiet in fact as this looked good as well as her screaming and spotting the killer shireking in terror and then it cuts to a bar scene with a band playing as well as the other counsellor trainers hanging out having a beer which was impressive too and seemed to bring on the entertainment big time.
It is cool when one of them named Ginny discusses towards Paul and Ted about the possibility of Jason out at Camp Crystal Lake crying for resurrection as well as discussing his history with his Mother which gives you a good dark feeling on him being out in the deep dark woods. It was also interesting hearing a bit of his background even if it was briefly discussed. This was all nicely put in.
Oh and I must not forget that there are teenagers staying behind at the cabin for some dope smoking and of course teenage lust too in which this is a perfect target for the killer to do them all in. There's also real cheesy one liners between a dude in a wheelchair named Mark as well as Vicki with her hitting on him which seems alittle too contrived with the one liners here.
Yet a thunderstorm is about to happen which is perfect as it's an F13th tradition to have this while the killer goes on a bigger killing spree at the campground. The story teases you a bit as there's a moment with Vicki wearing a sweater and panties bending down to get something out of the trunk of her car in which you think the killer will close up on her and he doesn't. The other moment is to get the guys sexually aroused while watching this.
There's a perfect spooky moment with Mark rolling outside in his wheelchair out on the proch of the main cabin looking for Vicki and everything seems too silent and still with the thunder and lightning happening which would be a great scare for anyone who is not used to jumping moments cause something terrifying is gonna happen any second as you can tell while you're watching this. The results looked suspenseful and gruesomely shocking to watch too.
The filmmakers were lacking in alot of spots with many of these scene's but one that really stands out is that the killer in a bedroom takes his time with a knife in his hand slowly approaching Vicki while she's frightfully trembling and has plenty of time to run out of the room and she doesn't. They should've cut it down just a bit here as this was way too long of a camera shot on this making this scene looking terribly phony.
Another real creepy feel to this movie is that the cabin is dark when Ginny and Ted return and things don't seem right as well as Ginny freaking out after seeing a figure moving in the room with them and telling him that someone else is in the room with them. Man that can give people nightmares for sure with this moment. It was perfect without a doubt.
So many suspenseful and terrifying moment with Ginny trying to hide away from the killer which makes you not want to miss out on anything watching all of this. Especially a moment when she thinks this manaic has left and surprise he's not and really catching on to where she's hiding too. Heck there's even a moment when she tries to charge after him with a chainsaw which looked saweeeet!!! There's other good moments with this killer jumping on top of a vehcile roof where Ginny is trapping herself inside and uses a pichfork to cut his way through the roof as this was a nice old fashioned moment for a slasher flick. One of my favourite moments too. The case carries on with the odd surprise attack as well as a full moon revealing since the storm let up in which this looked like a retelling of the original flick but with a bit more cheesiness added to this one.
Ginny is really impressive when she tries to fool the killer as well as surroundings in a shack full of candles and dead bodies which looked cool for a horror film like this one.
Near the ending had a similar type of feel like in the first one with the survivor going in for the kill and suddenly things almost seem back to normal and then a shocking moment happens. The very ending looked quite cool which I won't give out.
Bottom line is that this sequel is cheesier almost a retelling like the original but having some different twists here and there and it was obvious as we know who is killing these teenagers now. There's a bit of bad writing in many spots. However the film is still enjoyable nonetheless. Alot of critics put this one down but it's one of my favourite sequels in the Friday series.
We also get to see crazy Ralph again before he perishes by the clutching hands of the new killer which seemed cool to have him in still. The film is very enjoyable, fun and rompy which I would advise to check it out if you haven't already.

The acting is uneven and below average alot of times and looks phony in some scenes but with a low budget film that's to be expected as alot of big celebrities have moved on to big motion pictures and start out in a film like this.
Amy Steele (Ginny) seemed to stand out well for her part and brought character to her part as you can see her getting more work. She was believeable acting outgoing and quite sociable too. Basically someone who seems very likeable and showing a ton of spunk into her role. Does well with her speech towards her onscreen friends when she discusses what if there really is a Jason at Camp Crystal Lake crying for resurrection at a bar they're hanging out at. She also does well acting petrified when the terror starts along with showing a great suspenseful energy to all her actions. Does well by panicking in their lodge at night when she discovers that someone else is in the lodge. She shows a nice excited type of reactions to everything while hiding from Jason underneath her bed. Shows great energy acting scared and frenzied while running away in the woods at night. Does well with trying to stay calm while trying to disguise herself in front of the Jason character as his Mom. Shows off some nice slow motion blocking while lifting up a machette with her wild eyed frenzied and insane expressions as she looked convincing while doing this.
John Furey
(Paul) doesn't do too bad as the head counsellor trainer Paul but yet seems to perform the same way all the way through the film. He shows a good serious and businessman attitude to what he does making himself a believeable teacher along with showing a good humoress and fun behavior to what he did. Also does well by telling a campfire ghost story about Jason and his vengeful mother speaking in a good serious fashion. He certainly had a great guy next door type of appeal to everything that he did.
Stuart Charno
(Ted) seemed to bring some wit to his part in the film almost proving to be a character actor. He shows off a ton of energy in many scene's of the film and acting like a big child too with his joking around. Does well screaming and ranting wearing a creepy mask after the campfire tale jumping around with a speare in his hand. Plus had a fragile look to him too as well as a good goofy like features to him coming across as one of those geeky types.
Kirsten Baker (Terri) had the hot lusty looks as a country type gal with Daisy Dukers and I was satisfied by her performance too. She was good with speaking her lines coming across nicely just sounding like a beautiful type of teenage girl along with acting funny in certain spots. Does well with her expressions not acting impressed when someone shoots a pebble with a sling shot at her butt. Plus shows great energy with her screaming when she spots something terrifying.
Tom McBride (Mark) shows a good manly type of behavior in his role as some sort of a former football jock now paralise din a wheelchair. He has a good macho type of speaking too along with showing a perfect sarcasm to whatever he does. He came across with alot of nice characteristics and was a shame his life was cut short due to aids and got very little work after this one.
Bill Randolph (Jeffrey) was very energetic in his role as someone who is mischievious and had the sweathog type of looks to his role as a typical teenager who likes to have a good time. He draws everything into his role nicely and can see him getting other gigs since he came across believeable with what he did. Plus does well with his reactions by flipping someone the bird while joking in a fun type of fashion.
Lauren Marie Taylor (Vicky) really lacked with her skills makes little effort in pits and parts of the film. She looks like she is starting out as an actress and learning the ropes of it. She tried a little too hard whenever she acted charming. However she comes across nicely onto the camera and tried the best that she could do. Yet when she acts fearful when the Jason character comes to do her in she really lacks big time on her energy within this and her dying doesn't look at all believeable either.
Russell Todd (Scott) seemed to portray well by being a quiet type of a teenager who seems quite perverted as well as being annoying. He wasn't the greatest actor by any means but can seem to draw in well with what he had to do for this flick. Shows some good humoress timing when asking a dog if she wants to dance and talks to this animal while doing so picking her up. Does well acting fresh revealing his slingshot after he shoots a pebble at someone. It was a nice start to his career.

Adrienne King (Alice) seemed a bit rough sleeping and having a nightmare but does well waking up with a brief scream which shows good energy. Does a nice job talking to her Mom on the telephone acting sympathetic. She does well on her blocking when she looks a little leary and picks up an ice pic. Does a nice job screaming in terror after what she spots in her refrigerator as well as gagging when she gets murdered which seemed naturally done.

Kirsten Baker's character goes skinny dipping in a lake and we briefly see her naked.

During Alice's nightmare she decapitates Mrs. Voorhees from the first movie.
Mrs. Voorhees' head is in Alice's refridgerator.
Mark's head is sliced with a machette.
A spear is stabbed with a named Sandra and Jeffrey couple having sex.
Jeff's corpse is hung.
Ginny stabs the killer in the neck with a machette that was used for decapitating Mrs. Voorhees.

The music was composed by Harry Manfredini who does a terrific job and even did the music for some of the sequels as well as tons of other classic horror films.
I love the groovy and creepy synthesizer soundings when the killer is watching the teens dancing and partying in a cabin which is chilling. There's also great high pitched whistly rusty type sound effects for a bit of the opening credits along with the chasing moments too as well as the very ending scene which worked incredibly well too. It suits the time period on a low budget slasher flick like this one. Of course there's the suspenseful trombone and violin playing for the creepy scene's which worked well.

Crazy Ralph: [to Jeff and Sandra] I told the others, they didn't believe me. You're all doomed. You're all doomed.

The cop: You're gonna have to keep your people away from that place, Holt. It's condemned. Next time I catch anybody over there, I'm gonna have to run 'em in.
Jeffrey: Uh, he told us that...
Paul: I'll handle this, Jeff.
The cop: Might even get a warrant against you.
Paul: Oh, really?
The cop: Look, Holt, people say that what you do with these kids is great. You got a good reputation. But if I was you, I'd have located in the next county. You're too close. Things have been quiet for five years and that's the way we want to keep it.
Paul: So do I, officer. So do I.

Paul: Ginny, no seconds on dessert for Jeff and Sandra.

Paul: These kids smoke better dope than I do.

[Scott steps into snare and ends up hanging]
Scott: AAAH! Help!
[Teri watches, shocked, as Scott swings back]
Scott: Goddamn that Paul, him and his wilderness bullshit!

Terri: (To Scott) I oughtta let you hang there you pervert.

Terri: [to Scott who stepped into a trap] Don't go anywhere.
Scott: Very funny.

Vicky: What does the winner get?
Mark: What does the winner want?
Vicky: Guess.

Ginny Field: [to Paul] There is someone in this room.