Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

Directed by: Steve Miner

Written by:
Martin Kitrosser & Carol Watson


Dana Kimmell ... Chris Higgins
Paul Kratka ... Rick
Tracie Savage ... Debbie
Jeffrey Rogers ... Andy
Larry Zerner ... Shelly
Catherine Parks ... Vera Sanchez
David Katims ... Chuck
Rachel Howard ... Chili
Richard Brooker ... Jason Voorhees

Special Appearance:

Steve Susskind ... Harold

Release Date:
Theatrical: August 13, 1982

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A group of teenagers decides to stay at a camp type of a farm area on Crystal Lake that is owned by one of them named Chris (Dana Kimmell) who decides to party out and smoke dope as well as having outrageous sex too.
One of them causes trouble named Shelly (Larry Zerner) who likes to pull all kinds of pranks on his friends which causes tension for many of them.
Shelly and his blind date Vera Sanchez (Catherine Parks) who shows no interest in him have a bad run in with a biker gang at a corner store which makes things even more sticky.
But this is the least of their worries as inside a barn Jason Voorhees (Richard Brooker) is hiding out and watching them about to make a move on every one of them.
During this moment Chris and her boyfriend Rick (Paul Kratka) go out for a stroll as Chris told her about a terrifying experience one time about a hideous unhuman looking man that attacked her one time the last time she was there and tried to return to overcome her fear. Could this freak be Jason and is waiting for her so he can finish from what he started?


The beginning shows the footage of when Ginny disguises herself as Mrs. Voorhees putting on her shirt while enterting Jason's shack where all the dead bodies are lying around till the end of all that to let the viewers know where this one picks up as well as showing some new footage stritcly for this one with Jason surviving an attack with the machette in the neck taking it out and crawling away injured. Then it shows Mrs. Voorhees decapitated head with the candles surrounding this of course this was used at the very end of part 2 and a perfect beginner for this one showing the 3D effects on the opening credits with then fog swirling around as this was all round cool for a low budget slasher film. Heck it even has a credit for the actor who played Jason saying after his name as Jason. What better can this one get for an opening for all the fans?
It does look cool after the opening showing a supermarket with the owners named Harold and Edna hanging out after hours and a storm is about to happen as well as brief spots on Jason walking outside where there's clothes outside hung to dry spying on them. Although you don't see him upfront you can tell that he's wearing a totally and completely different outfit than in the first one. Apparently he was changing his clothes from the clothes line in which this didn't explain that at all. You also kinda know what's going to happen to those two eventually while he's spying on them. But there's stale humoress moments with Harold eating some food in his supermarket or taking a swig of a drink and putting it back which makes you think "OH GROSS!". Plus he spots his pet rabbits slaughtered in which we knew who was responsible for all of this. Jason does the surprise attacks when things are too quiet of course.
There's a moment with a dork named Shelley wearing a mask pretending to stab his friend Andy to scare him while he picks everyone up in his van in which the setting almost made out as if he was really going to kill him but yet we all know that this would be too obvious since it's daylight at a public area of the neighborhood.
Some cheesily humoress one liners while driving along in the van involving two older potheads named Chuck and Chili in which they seem to portray Cheech & Chong asking if there's a law against them smoking dope when Shelley asks them if that's all what they're going to do. Good paniicking reactions when everyone thinks they're gonna be pulled over by a cop car trying to swallow the marijuana as I was thinking that everyone is going to get a buzz big time while doing this only to find out that this car was after someone else.
Since Crazy Ralph bit the dust in the previous sequel there's another crazy local the group finds lying in the middle of the road holding an eyeball warning these people. This looked believeably gross and crazy indeed.
Then when they enter the place of course it's not a camp site but a farmland area as the Crystal Lake looks like it's nearing it's end from where everything is. There's the typical one liners by Andy and Debbie on where they're gonna sleep by roughing it out in a hammock as well as discussing how they're gonna have sex in it as these teens can't control their hormones cause earlier mentioned that Debbie is pregnant. But we of course need to have suggested teenage sex for Jason or any other killer in a slasher flick to have an excuse to kill someone.
Then there's a moment when Shelly is on the ground with what looked like a hammer through his head almost making out that Jason got his first victim. However, this seems way too soon and he was playing a prank on all of them in which if he gets killed off by Jason no one will believe it. Talk about boy who cried wolf. When I watched this reminds me on idiots who have me convinced that someothing serious is happening and is not the case at all.
There's a scene with Shelly and his blind date Vera Sanchez going to a corner store to pick up some groceries with a rude cashier that we don't spot in which there's some cheesy writing put in here along with them having a problem with a few bikers at the store which looked cool to watch. Shelley the idiot he is seemed to do a courageous thing by scaring them later on driving full speed with the vehicle he's driving towards the leader Ali to seek revenge for giving them a rough time scaring them. I found that this moment was nicely put in.
But yet the bikers track down where they are residing and plan to pull a prank on them as I was thinking that Jason will get these dudes before anyone else in which one of them named Fox is swinging on a rope on top of a barn there but then later on vanishes with the rope swinging still as this was a great touch while watching this. There's many scenes with Jason walking inside the barn to hide before getting his victims which makes this look creepy for anyone going inside the barn. There's a perfect killing moment with Jason knocking Ali down as well as whacking him many times with his machette since this is what is necessary in an F13th film for a killer like him.
I enjoyed a moment when Shelly is wearing a hockey mask trying to scare Vera while she is on a pier in the lake in which it looked cleverly done wondering if this was Jason doing this. It was very dark and creepy. But then after he leaves and looks around in a barn we spot Jason later on approaching Vera with the weapon which looks like a spear gun as Shelley was using as well as wearing his mask in which this is the very first time that he puts on the mask. Beforehand he wore a sack over his head. She was tricked that it was Shelly and then it's cool on what he's going to do with the weapon on her as this looked graphic and brutal too. Another good pointer for a slashing moment in this film. We kinda have a feeling that Jason got to Shelly as at first one of them who spotted him slowly dying thinking it was another one of his pranks.
Jason also does a real awful and disturbing killing by slicing someone in half while he is goofing around by walking upside down making this a nice target for him and a sharp intense yelp when he does this. This moment can be hard to watch for people who have a hard time watching slasher flicks. There's also a moment with a knife going through someone's throat which almost seems to pay a tribute to the first film with the arrow through the neck while a guy is lying in bed smoking a joint. This moment looked a bit cheesier though but in fun taste.
The story was cheesily impressive when Chris Higgins explains to Rick about encountering a guy that attacked her as he looked obscene as this looked enjoyable and the reason why she returned so she would overcome her fear of course the attacker was Jason in which this was nicely put in since Crystal Lake in general is dangerous with this maniac romaing the area. Yet he is wearing the same costume that he put on here and not the sack over his head which was a bad case on the filmmakers not paying attention to the previous sequel. Still it looked cool to watch this flashback scene.
The story falls flat a bit later on when they return to the area on her struggling moments against Jason but in between there are some good scenery with the stormy wind happening and an unforgettable killing moment with Jason crushing someone's head and his eye ball pops out which was effective while watching it during the box office in 3D glasses. This one also proves that he is more powerful in each sequel that we spot. There are some neat moments with Jason crashing through a window in the house and other moments like that.
There's a good suspenseful moment when Jason is hung from a barn facing the doorway to it when Chris tries to find some way on killing him but opens the bottom door of the barn thinking that she can walk past him cause he's already dead but to us fans we all know that is way too easy. It looks neat when he removes his mask briefly so she knows who he is from her past.
Near the end is a real cool moment which is almost like the near ending of the first movie involving Alice in a canoe but things seem a little opposite with what happens in the terrifying moment here. The setting of course is a bit cheesier but yet enjoyable which I won't give out.
Bottom line is the film can be quite entertaining and definetely looked good for the time period as alot of slasher films were being made even if some were cloning one another and looking like garbage. However, the film doesn't seem to have as much of a plot like the first two and was running out of an idea on how to make things seem terrifying and suspenseful since the mysterious moments like in the first two aren't in this one already as we know who the killer is now and will continue to do so in the next sequels except for part 5 that is. This was released in theatre's in 1982 when at the time 3-D film's were the style as this was in 3-D at the time.
The story lacks a strong plot but it's nice to see Jason wearing his hockey mask for the first time.
It is a nice look at a farm as well as the country lands and a cheesy look of the early 80's slasher film genre too.

Most of the actors in this one remained as virtual unknowns and many of them lack with their characters.
Dana Kimmell
(Chris Higgins) especially lacked with her character but yet, she represented herself quite well and had the right looks. At the same time she was a little too over the top when she gets into heavy details on situations along with her frights which seemed phony alot. She really lacked while telling her story of what happened to her when she was at the camp farm before as it looked terribly phony. But yet she did show the odd emotional attitude too with her deadly encounters. Plus seems to cry out well when she can't believe her killer is still alive and does react well when she finds out on who he is. She was mostly bad but in some spots okay.
Paul Kratka
(Rick) seems to do a fairly nice job as the caring boyfriend in the film and years later became a cult icon. He brings across a nice masuline charm as one of those clean cut boy next door type of appeal and had a good deep voiced type of speaking which seems to work in his favor for the type of role he played having a seriousness to his attitude. He's good by trying to tell his onscreem girlfriend not to look when it shows an onscreen teenage prankster lying on the ground pretending to be dead as he was energetic and and showed off a nice pace with this.
Tracie Savage
(Debbie) looked beautiful and seemed to perform off well too showing some true characteristics to her part. She shows a good outgoing bubbly type of attitude in her role and really getting into her role. She shows a fair amount of nice energy here.
Jeffrey Rogers
(Andy) also shows off a good charming attitude as one of the typical popular and spunky types who really shows alot of good charisma as wisdom to everything that he does. He was another fine performer showing some good energy and one of those good natured teenagers enjoying life.
Larry Zerner
(Shelly) was without a doubt a memorable character actor in this sequel as a dorky prankster. He looks goofy yes and can he perform? Well he is passable so there ya go. He was quite a ham and comes across perfectly as an idiot trying too hard to be funny and taking things too far. He brings some of this to life in a real goofball type of fashion. Yet lacks a bit at the end of his performance when gagging while revealing a slit throat which is my only criticism on his performance.
David Katims
(Chuck) seemed to do ok as a stoner in the film as he reminds me of a Tommy Chong type of personality in the film. His humor is at times dry but some of it showed some decent timing which explained as to why he became a comedian later on in life. He seemed to know a thing or two by acting like a sarcastic pothead.
Rachel Howard (Chili) was a bit over the top in alot of places especially when she discovers a murder in front of her warning others in which her emotional frights were very amateurishly performed and was low on energy. She sometimes does okay by acting like a bitch. But her energy is quite lacking in many spots atr the same time.
Supporting actor Nick Savage (Ali) lived to play a bad ass biker. He shows a great aggressive behavior and was strong with his speech too. He had the perfect looks for this showing a good tough guy look. He was definetely a ball of violent energy throughout his performance. A good moment with him by screaming obscenities showing a vehicle speeding away.
We also have another supporting role by Steve Susskind (Harold) as a store owner who performs well with character bringing some humor to his part.
He seemed to do well acting like a slob and studying this part fairly well too. He also had the right looks to portray this. Shows a great shocked expression when he is hacked by a butcher knife.

A body gets split in half
An eye ball is exposed
A biker lady is stabbed with a pitch fork
A girls neck has a knife cut through her while resting on a hammock
A guy's eyeball pops out of his head.

The music was composed by Harry Manfredini and Michael Zager the opening music was superb and influential and a terrific cheesy creepy edge to it making it the best sound for any of the opening and ending credits out of all the Friday flicks. There's of course some new type of high pitched synthesizer whistling type music as this wasn't too badly done along with the traditional violin suspenseful music too. Oh of course there's the echoey guitar type chords which still works very well with Jason on the prowl spying on his victim. Some good low thumping sounds too when things seem too quiet in the house with Chris entering after Jason killing all her friends which was effective.

Andy: God dammit, Shelly, why do you always have to be such an asshole?
Shelly: Sorry, and I'm not an asshole, I'm an actor.
Andy: Same thing.

Shelly: Is that all you're gonna do this weekend? Smoke dope?
Is there a law against it?

Ali: You son of a bitch! Come back here you bastards! You ain't getting away with this, God dammit!

Vera Sanchez: Look, I'm gonna go outside for a few minutes and then when I get back in we'll talk.
Shelly: Yeah, sure. We'll talk... Bitch.

Vera Sanchez: Who are you?
[Jason points the speargun at her]
Vera Sanchez: Hey cut that out, that's not funny!
[Jason shoots her with the speargun]

Andy: So how do we do it
Debbie: Well first we take our clothes off, then you get on top of me or I can get on top of you
Andy: I know how to do it, but I mean... How do we do it... in a hammock
Debbie: I guess we can figure something out...

Chuck: How come you never scream when we have sex?
Chili: Give me something to scream about.

Chris Higgins: [to Jason] No! You CAN'T be alive!