Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Directed by: Joseph Zito

Written by:
Barney Cohen & Carol Watson

Story by:
Bruce Hidemi Sakow


Kimberly Beck ... Trish Jarvis
Erich Anderson ... Rob Dire
Corey Feldman ... Tommy Jarvis
Barbara Howard ... Sara
Peter Barton ... Doug
Lawrence Monoson ... Ted
Joan Freeman ... Mrs. Jarvis
Crispin Glover ... Jimmy
Alan Hayes ... Paul
Judie Aronson ... Samantha
Camilla More ... Tina
Carey More ... Terri
Ted White ... Jason Voorhees

Release Date:
Theatrical: April 13, 1984

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Jason Voorhees (Ted White) is sent to a mortuary where the people there think he's dead after he was whacked in the head with an axe. Boy are they ever wrong!
He kills a coroner there named Axel (Bruce Mahler) and Nurse Morgan (Lisa Freeman) then returns to his home at Crystal Lake.
Jason goes to a lodge at Crystal Lake where there's a resorted home a family woman named Mrs. Jarvis (Joan Freeman) in which her two kids Trish (Kimberly Beck) and Tommy (Corey Feldman) are residing there as well a bunch of partying teens staying next door. This seems to be a prime target for Jason in which he slaughters them one by one.
Someone camping out named Rob Dire (Erich Anderson) tries to hunt Jason down after killing a family member of his after hearing the news about the two people in the hospital disappearing and is convinced that Jason is returning back to his home and plans to kill him.

Trish, Tommy and Rob are pitted against Jason while he slices and dices his way through everyone to get to them in which they try to find some way on putting an end to him once and for all.


The film starts off nicely showing a campfire tale from part 2 by Paul about Jason Voorhees as well as clips from the first film with the character's from there as well as part 2 adding nice suspenseful touches but yet some of them looked a bit out of place when he dicusses a situation that these one's don't relate to. It also shows what happened after part 3 too which looked exciting as well. Then a nice opening title showing the Jason mask with the Friday the 13th Part 4 credits on it and then a nice explosion announcing The Final Chapter. This definetely grabs your attentuion big time leaving an impression that Jason is gonna get what's coming to him big time.
Then we spot on where the film took place last time which is at night at the barn where Jason is lying there supposedly dead with an axe in his head and the coroners taking him away along with a helicopter hovering over the area. While watching this we could tell that the film was made on a bit of a bigger budget and making you wonder if this was shot at a studio or not. Also it was neat with some of the paramedicas getting nervous carrying Jason into the ambulance with his hand sometimes falling off the stretcher which is creepy since he's been supposedly killed before and always comes back giving the film a nice feel for a beginning of a new story making you as to wonder when he will get up and attack again.
Of course when Jason enters the hospital area to be put away until creamated or whatever they do there we spot a dorky caretaker for mortuary's named Axel in which he's the typical slobbish sarcastic guy as this scene was supposed to offer some humor and it's there at times but sometimes it falls flat. For the typical traditional moment on a slasher flick he tries to make out with the nurse there as well as a few times Jasons hand falls down from where he is lying on in which this can look creepy making you wonder as to when he will rise to attack. But boy when he rises to attack his slaying on Axel isn't pretty to watch at all in which he seems to become more brutal with his killings. This should please slasher fans who live for horror violence big time.
There's a bunch of teens driving towards their holiday house as the one liners between two dorky teens named Ted and Jimmy fell flat big time which was a case of stale writing about discussing on having sex and who's a dead fuck etc. It didn't seem to work well. There's even a scene with them passing a graveyard and there's a tombstone on Mrs. Voorhees. I really wondered about that as Jason kept her decapitated head and I think her body too. Another case of bad writing or was her corpse found in Jason's hideout and dug up? It makes you wonder.
In the story that works well is a mischievious kid named Tommy Jarvis watching in his window next door to a house window with a woman about to take her top off to change into a nightgown and getting excited as this looked necessary for a child to be curious of a teenage girl's body.
There's even skinny dipping with the teens along with Ted and Jimmy daring one another to dive in as everything surrounding this scenery looked quite humoress.
There's some good fun with Tommy excited to show a person seeking revenge against Jason named Rob Dire his collection of horror and sci-fi masks in which spotting his creations looked almost like entering a fun house with everything that's displayed in his room. This scene was nicely put in as an eager kid showing an older person on his talents.
There's many moments with some of these characters wandering in the wooded area and hearing asnapping sound in which we all are supposed to be in suspense that it could possibly be Jason about to creep up on them or anyone else. Yet this sometimes fails to make you scared since things seem a little too obvious.
There's typical teenagers at the house having a good time which looked well put in as well as Jeff trying to bring the party up with playing music and dancing goofily which was silly to watch and quite slapstick like. But the music and everything surrounding all of this seemed to up the movie more so by seeming to make it a bigger type of a flick than the last three and less cheesy too.
A good moment with an angry teen who takes off her clothes to go skinny dipping at night going to a blow up raft in which the setting here was still and quiet. In fact too quiet as this could be a good scary moment which is of course a good tradition for Jason to attack when you least expect it.
Then the boyfriend goes swimming to find her and spots her dead and tries to swim ashore to a pier as this looked way too easy and of course Jason uses a good unique slaying for him too. What's cool with this going on is that Rob Dire hears the screaming and leaves his tent while taking a machette with him in which I was thinking that he made a wise choice for a weapon in order to try and kill Jason since he uses one himself for his victims.
The fun keeps happening with the party while this is going on as Ted finds an old projector of black and white adult films and smoking dope getting a kick out of this in which alot of this looked so well done that you'd want to join in. Meanwhile there's fornications including dorky Jimmy about to lose his virginity. Or a couple taking a shower with one another. But then one of them stays in the shower and Jason crushes his noce and face to death in which this looked so gruesome and extremely violent some people who aren't into slasher flicks would find this very hard to watch.
Also there's good moments with Trish and Rob going to her home to make sure that Tommy is okay after she is told about Jason in the loose and telling him what to do to stay safe in which this reminded me of the Halloween movies on how to survive against Michael Myers.
Alot of great suspenseful moments like a corpse crashing through a window at full speed reminding me on a situation from the first flick as well as Jason crashing in the house or even crashing through a window to grab little Tommy Jarvis as this looked suspensefully written in.
There's a scene when Trish crashes out of a window and falling on the ground as this looks fake since the ground bounces in which it's a mattress underneath. A shame the makers didn't do something on this take.
What was really exciting to watch was when Trish goes at full force getting vengeful swining her machette towards Jason or even a trick Tommy pulls on Jason and goes insane to try and put him out of his misery which makes you totally feel like you are in the film doing this as well.
Bottom line is that there's no new twists here as it was the same old thing but a better budget and trying to upgrade things a bit more since the times were getting different now the mid 80's were rolling on it's way here. Many admired it as it was impressive to anyone that Jason would definetely die in this one.
They promised this would be the last but are we in for a big surprise a year later.

Most of the cast here were better known actors probably cause it was promised to be the last one. Most of them seemed to do well but certain one's didn't.
Cult icon Kimberly Beck (Trish Jarvis) had the healthy wholesome girl next door looks in which she often did in her other shows along with having a good innocence to her role. She does well with her soft speaking along with her anxious moments too. She seems quite energetic in alot of spots in the story. Plus shows great aggressions whenever she acted vengeful too. Does well at being menacing toward the onscreen Jason character by swinging her machette. All of this was not lacking at all. Does well whispering towards her onscreen brother on what to do as she is very hyped up perfoming this making this moment look convincing, energetic and suspenseful. She seemed to portay this type of role not too badly like Adrienne King did in the first one as well as Amy Steele in the first sequel.
Erich Anderson (Rob Dire) had the nice guy next door hearththrob type of looks as well as the Mr. nice guy attitude in which he made this look realistic along with having a great seriousness to his role. He was a true character actor and also does well whenever he acts aggressive too showing a nice amount of energy on all of this.
We have a very young Corey Feldman (Tommy Jarvis) who is great as a typical mischievieous little kid and brings alot to the film. He shows alot of spunk into his role as well as a typical curious kid who is so full of life with his surroundings. He also does well showing an intense behavior too. He does well by freaking out and struggling when the Jason character grabs him. He's great with his performance with his battle betweenthe onscreen Jason and it stands out well swinging down his machette at him and screaming DIE! I found this realistic and his best performance during this vengeful scene. It wasn't surprising that he went far in the acting field since he was born to portray character roles.
Barbara Howard (Sara) seemed to do well as an innocent and sensitive type of teenager in the film acting soft spoken with what she does. She seemed like the shy type in the film but yet a popular type. We have good worried actions on her in a scene at a lake after realising that her friend hasn't come up from swimming under the water. She worked very hard on developing her characteristics with all of this and is successful. Yet in a certain scene is not believeable after she discovers her dead boyfriend when she freaks out.
Peter Barton (Doug) shows off a terrific outgoing type of charm to his role and made everything that he did believeable. He looked great as one of those clean cut types who likes to have a good time. He came across perfectly onto the camera too. He shows some good wit and personality too.
Crispin Glover (Jimmy) was quite rough at playing a dorky teenager but has often been typecast playing those roles in future films that way cause he's so good at portraying one later on. He seemed to need a bit of a push on how to act insecure with his surroundings in which it looked too acted out. He shows some energy here and there but it wasn't enough to make his role convincing.
Lawrence Monoson (Ted) does very well as a flirtatious and horny teen and is a true character in this film. He shows alot of hyperactiveness to his part as someone who is eager to try and find a hot chick. Alot of great energy and enthusiasm he put into this acting like the typical idiot. He was great acting stoned too. Shows alot of great hyperactive energy while laughing while watching an old adult film smoking dope as he really got into this and seeming really stoned. I found him the one who stood out the most throughout this flick.
Joan Freeman (Mrs. Jarvis) made a very believeable mother in the film. She has a nice decendcy to her role and a great calmness and loving spiritual type of behavior too. Does well when she leaves her lodge in the rainstorm and realises it's too quiet when she calls for her pet dog. She shows a good shocked reaction. She looked perfect for the part which was another bonus to the story.
Real life twin sisters Camilla and Carey More stand out the most in this films playing twins in the film as well.
They had a nice lustfull attitude in which it was hard to compare them separetly since they acted identical apart looking it.
Supporting actor Bruce Mahler (Axel) had a small role in this film as a coroner but he came across as a typical gross and sleazy type of slob who doesn't take his work seriously. Does well getting exicted towards his fellow actress by making out with her which looked not too badly done and energised. Does a great job freaking out and jumping up while the Jason character's hand from the stretcher is flopping on him. This was done in a great hyped fashion. He has good timing with his humor in the film and it wasn't surprising to find out that he acted in mainly cheesy comedy flicks and TV appearances since he seems to do well acting comedic in general even if his one liners weren't very funny.
Lisa Freeman (Nurse Morgan) has a small role in this as well and seemed a little too stiff within her character whenever she reacts anxious or frusterated but it came across funny at the same time. She really lacked with her gagging and screaming while being attacked. She was alot better in her co-starring role of the cult exploited action flick Savage Streets.

Teenagers are skinny dipping in a lake and one of them played by Judie Aronson strips down fully naked before diving in. Also, there's a butt shot on Lawrence Monoson while running into the lake too.
Judie Aronson
takes off her top and is fully breasted during a late night swim in the lake.
There are nude women on an old B&W porn film the teens are watching in the cabin.

Jason saws a coroner's neck and then twists his head with blood gushing out
A knife goes through a hitchhikers neck
A girl gets stabbed through her back while lying on a blown up raft in the lake.
A guy is stabbed by some sort of a sharp poll that's used for fishing equipment
Another teen is bloodily stabbed with a machette during a rain storm.
A corkscrew is stabbed in a guy's hand and then a machette sliced in his face.
A guys face is crushed while taking a shower
A girl is whacked in the chest with an axe.
A knife is stabbed by the back of a guy's neck
Jason's head is stabbed with his machette

The music was composed by once again Harry Manfredini as he uses the same old elements he did from the first film which does work still at times and uses some new suspenseful violin playing. Plus there's good trinkling sounds and string strumming too. However the film isn't as low budget looking which the music doesn't fit in as much since the music does have that real low budget feeling too.
There's a good rockin' songtrack by 80's rock groups. One that stands out well is "Love is a Lie" by the 80's hair band Lion sounded great with the wild heavy rock guitar playing as well as the good deep powerful vocalising in which this song was briefly used during a geeky teen putting on some music at their holiday home to try and start up a dance partying out which worked well.

Sheriff: [on TV news] Yes, the man responsible for the murders in Wessex County this past week is at this moment in the Wessex County Medical Center.
Axel: [to Jason's body] Hey, that's you they're talking about on TV, pal.

Axel: [Nurse Morgan starts to leave] Hey, hey. Where you going?
Nurse Morgan: I'll tell you where I'm going! I'm going crazy!

Axel: [Jason's hand falls on Axel and Nurse Morgan] Jesus Christmas! Holy Jesus goddamn! Holy Jesus jumping Christmas shit!

Axel: You got the curse?
Nurse Morgan: If I do, you're it!

Nurse Morgan: [lights click off] Get lost, Axel. I'm busy. I've had more than enough of you for one night.
Nurse Morgan: Read my lips, leave me alONE! AAH!
[Jason grabs her, props her against a wall, and guts her with a scalpel]

Jimmy: He thinks that's funny. He thinks that's a funny thing he's doing.

Jimmy: Ted. I think... I think when we get to town I should call Betty.
Ted: Jimbo, calling Betty is definitely a dead fuck thing to do. Look, first rule of love: never get rejected by the same girl twice, I mean that's useless. If you want to make a fool out of yourself, always do it with someone new.
Jimmy: I don't know anyone new.
Ted: Well, sex is a great way to meet them.

Ted: [to Jimmy] You're a dead fuck.

Ted: And Jimbo, don't be such a dead fuck.
Jimmy: I told you... I told you that I didn't like that.

Ted: Let me put this into the ol' computer.
Jimmy: Ted, I'm serious about this.
Ted: Hey, the computer don't lie.

Sara: I'm going upstairs.
Doug: Are you tired?
Sara: No.
Sara: Do you want to sleep in the bottom bunk?
Doug: Do you want to sleep in the top bunk?
Sara: No.

Tommy: [after watching the teens skinny-dipping] Some pack of patootsies, huh?
Trish: Tommy.

Jimmy: Hey, Ted, where's that corkscrew? You know, that fancy corkscrew for the wine bottle? Ted. Ted? Ted! Hey, Ted, where the hell is the corkscrew?
[Jason shoves it into Jimbo's hand]

Rob Dire: Help. He's killing me. He's killing me.

Mrs. Jarvis: Someone left the front door open again.
Tommy: We're in the country.
Mrs. Jarvis: Well, what happens if the psycho wanders in?
Trish: Probably challenge him to a game of Zaxxon.

Trish: [in the house with Jason] Tommy! Tommy, get the hell outta here!
[Jason appears. Trish then holds him off with the machete]
Trish: You son of a bitch! I'll give ya something to remember us by.