Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

Written & Directed by: Tom McLoughlin


Thom Mathews ... Tommy Jarvis
Jennifer Cooke ... Megan Garris
David Kagen ... Sheriff Michael Garris
Kerry Noonan ... Paula
Renee Jones ... Sissy Baker
Vincent Guastaferro ... Deputy Rick Cologne
Tom Fridley ... Cort
Darcy DeMoss ... Nikki
C.J. Graham ... Jason Voorhees

Special Appearances:

Ron Palillo ... Allen Hawes

Tony Goldwyn ... Darren
Allen Blumenfeld ... Larry
Michael Swan ... Officer Pappes

Release Date: Quick Theatrical: August 1, 1986

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Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews) escapes from his asylum with his buddy Allen Pawes (Ron Palillo). Tommy wants to make sure Jason is dead and heads out to the Crystal Lake Cemetary (Everything was changed to Forest Green cause everyone wants to forget about Crystal Lake and Jason's legend there) to dig up his corpse and then the plan was to pour gasoline on him and burn him to ashes.
Then Tommy remembers how Jason killed his mother and friends.
This makes Tommy snap so he takes a metal poll from a fence and starts stabbing Jason's corpse.
Suddenly a thunder storm is about to occur and a flash of lightning bolt strikes the poll and Jason (C.J. Graham) awakens.
Jason first kills his friend Allen by ripping his heart out and then Allens corpse falls into Jason's coffin.
Then Jason kills two people driving to Forest Green (aka Crystal Lake).
Jason suddenly makes his way to the woods of the campground. The campground looks gloomier than ever.
Tommy tries to get the local Sheriff Garris (David Kagen) to stop Jason but he thinks that Tommy is still insane after the news he heard about him and tries to chase him out of Forest Green (aka Crystal Lake) but keeps returning. Then Garris tries to lock him up until the asylum comes for him.
A group of teenagers led by the Sheriff's daughter Megan (Jennifer Cooke) gets ready to become camp counsellors at Camp Forest Green (aka Camp Crystal Lake) for a group of children camping out there.
Meanwhile, some people are training in the woods to be a combat team. Too bad ol' Jason was there to finish them off.
Tommy tries to find a way of escaping the jail with the help of Megan to finish Jason off once and for all down at the campground by placing him back into the lake to where he drowned as a child.


The beginning looked perfectly and gloomy for a beginning in this movie showing some thunderstorm clouds along with a misty look on the woods and Crystal Lake in which this time looked creepier than ever and very unpleasant which is a great touch too. Then we see good ole Tommy Jarvis escaping from the sanitarium with someone else that was never explained in the preivous movie named Allen Hawes as they go on a journey to a graveyard to see if Jason's corpse is there as there's a shot on his hockey mask in the vehicle giving this a nice feel as well as great gloomy moments at the graveyard with Tommy digging up Jason's grave as well as Allen freaking out about this when he is about to open the coffin adding more suspense in which we all have a bad feeling that something terrifying is going to happen here but still that's yet to come. Jason's corpse looked pretty creepy as well as it very rotting like.Yet there's a moment when Tommy was thinking back to when he killed Jason in the first place. No images but the audio when he went berserk killing this vicious killer and then like an unwise decision he grabs a metal fence pole and stabs his corpse a few times leading to more mysterious moments on what's going to happen next along with a great special effects shot on a lightning bolt zapping through this pole to Jason's corpse. Then Jason awakens with his eyes opening along with maggots crawling around his face. I was thinking now he's done it! This moment almost seems to pay a tribute to something like Frankenstein.
When Tommy is still in the pit trying to do his deeds to burn Jason's body gives you a creepy feeling that he is about to grab this guy since he has awakened and it is suspenseful when he does grab him but Tommy manages to get away. However there's a good violent death scene involving Allen which looked like it was done in nice taste.
Another nice writing in is when Jason puts on his mask and turns around and zooming in on his eye as there's good effects as him like James Bond using his machette slashing across the screen with the opening titles. Then more neat cheesy effects along the way with who stars in it etc.
The story continues with Tommy Jarvis freaking out at a Sheriff's office about Jason in which this seemed clever explaning that he is more powerful than ever and pushing himself to be locked in their temporary cell. The head sheriff Michael Garris explaining to him about the name change from Crystal Lake to Forest Green so everyone can forget about the Jason massacre's as this was cheesy in general to change this name for any of the fans including myself. I mean what small city would change a name no matter how bad or deadly a reputation is? I've never heard of it.
During this time period we spot a couple of counsellors driving off to a campground in the misty night which seemed creepy to watch along with their comedic discussions as well as Jason standing in front of them. We all kinda know what's going to become of them. However the woman falls into a muddy puddle which looked disturbing to watch since she seemed so innocent and well groomed but this is what sells in a slasher flick. Jason also disappears and reappers when you don't expect it either offering some horror magic to a psychotic mass murderer. Hey think of Michael Myers from Halloween.
Plus there's teenage camp counsellors ready to open up that campground that refused to open ever since the massacre's started in 1958 as this time it doesn't look nice at all like in the original flick. Very gloomy and cold looking. Hey I liked it as the dates and times were just giving this film a nothc up to look like the horror standards of the year it was made.
In the morning some of the counsellors in which one of them named Megan who is Kagen's daughter visits him as well as discussing a concern on two counsellors not showing up in which this was nicely put in on the style and clothing teenagers wore back then. There's also good suspenseful one liners by Tommy trying to warn them about Jason and being in danger telling them that he will be returning there. Definetely keeping up the Jason tradition here. Then there's discussions with Megan talking to the other at the camp that Jason's legend could be true along with his history as well as the decapitation on his mother which added some nice elements to the story since it's fun to still know that this one followed the rest of the sequels since the first flick.
Then some good goofy comedy scene's with people in combat training nearby in which we spot a nerdy one trying to hide and bounce around since alot of comedy was still happening in horror films during this time period like the previous F13th sequel. But this time it seems to be done in better taste. Also we spot another combat trainer being a spoil sport hacking away bushes with a machette which looks like a perfect weapon for Jason since he often uses one and boy does he ever take it from this dude along with his arm in which the gore effect on the arm you could tell was made of plastic. Yes a cheap effect folks. Also the blood used in the film was made of cheaply made food colouring. Oh well.
More witty moments like an old drunken caretaker at a graveyard putting the dirt back where Jason's gravestone is with some interesting one liners coming from him. We often get these types of characters in an F13th film as you all know
Then there's some humoress moments on the counsellors trying to entertain the kids on the great outdoors activities and doing a sloppy job on it as it looked pretty corny but yet totally suited the film.
Lots of fun touches start to happen at night during the campsite like one of the counsellors named Sissy asks Paula to play cards with her but her game is Camp Blood and one of the cards is Jason. I was thinking nice touch.
However there's a sex scene with one of the camp counsellors named Cort getting it on with his girlfriend Nikki in a trailer vehicle as the writing for this was very uninspired plus they had most of their clothes on. Man, this was totally phony. Yet when they go outside to see who tore out the power cord the setting looked perfectly still, creepy and fog flowing through the tall dark trees. Impressively done for an F13th sequel I must say. There's a real painful killing involving Nikki which I won't give out but will stick in your mind for a long time.
A good one liner on dipstick deputy Rick Cologne telling Michael happy Friday the 13th on a perfect day for a bunch of slaughterings to be spotted. Hey in the first film it was that exact day which was why they titled the movie that name and this one seems like a total anniversary to the first one taking place on that day and finally the camp trying to reopen after Mrs. Voorhees prevented it from being a campsite again by killing those counsellors in less than 24 hours. So this was a good one even if alot of the moments here were cheesy but hey, so what???
There's a good moment with Jason slowly walking towards the campsite with signs explaining on what their campground is all about as this definetely looked nice done and how it grew since when Steve Christy tried to reopen it in the first film offering very little advertisement. Plus a good spooky moment with Sissy sitting in the cabin and spotting a shadow pass by her along with her going over to a window spilling a can of pop over the window thinking it's someone like Cort trying to play tricks on her and everything is still which is scary as you have a dark chilling feeling that Jason will lung out and grab her. For people who don't like to get scared would definetely cover their eyes during this moment.
I love a moment with Paula tucking a child back to bed and Jason watching over them through a window and then following her from outside while she wanders a bit in the cabin. This gives you a bad feeling indeed. During outdoors you can see leaves rustling around looking like autmun weather than summer. Plus another creepy and jumping moment when Paula is in her cabin and the door swings open by the wind and this spooks her. Then she is about to close it and BANG!!!! This can make you jump out of your seat for sure.
More excitement happens with Megan and Tommy speeding away from the police in the tall woods of her car in which you can tell some footage here was shot when dawn was about to break. A real screw up here folks as it was supposed to be around 9 at night. However, this fit in perfectly for a teenage type of low budget slasher flick on how everything was set in.
The excitement grows even bigger as it's windier than ever with Jason going for the kill with policemen or anyone else but there's some uplifting dark humor with two sibling campers in which the older one says he thinks they're dead meat and the other one asks what was he gonna be when he grew up to make the viewers feel comfortable watching the film without getting too scared by what's happening. It seemed to work in well.
Jason really proves to be invincible while policemen shoot him and bullets go through him and acting unstoppable since he was already dead proving to be a real zombie here. There's even a moment when Michael with his shotgun and Jason with his bloody machette whom are face to face with one another like there was a western scene as to who will use their weapon first.
Jason kills someone in a real painful way in the woods by folding them in half which was a great unique killing in a slasher film.
Some suspenseful moments with Jason crashing into a kids cabing breaking down the door as well as him crashing through a wall to get back outside showing the traditional powerful moments with this monstrous killer.
A real creepy moment starts to happen when Tommy calls to Jason in the lake while he is in a motorboat planning a trap for him and Jason goes unerneat the water and not popping up when he is prepared for him in which this is spooky knowing that he will rise out of the water to get Tommy when you least expect it. A clverly done plot in this scene. Plus there's a broken Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake sign at the bottom of the lake with some graffiti from the first flick in which I admired this alot since the years have gone by seemed necessary to have it placed there knowing that some delinquents took it down with all those times the camps been closed.
A nice ending leaving a door open for yet another sequel but Paramount took a year off and then made the next sequel after that.
Bottom line is that this is a real improvement and in mine and most people's books the best sequel ever! It showed another character besides Jason appearing in a sequel more than once which is of course Tommy Jarvis ever since part 4 in which many fans called it the Tommy Jarvis trilogy.
This sequel occasionally played on TV for the late night movie of the week close to Halloween usually making this one of the most watched Friday the 13th films.
A perfect 80's slasher flick. Unfortunately as this film was getting to be really exciting it ended too quick.
This project was shot in Georgia during a cold seasonal period as you can tell.

The acting is in average shape. There's not alot of acting opportunities for actors there as most of the actors are hired from Hollywood to travel there to do a show. Many local Georgia actors get minor roles in films filmed there.
Cast features cult icon Thom Mathews (Tommy Jarvis) who does well with his role showing a tense attitude with his role. He certainly shows a great intense anxious behavior talking fast and getting incredibly excited. He was very loud with his speaking too which came off perfectly as that was who he was supposed to be like. He brings a great high leveled energy throughout his performance. At times though he can be a tiny bit over the top which was my main criticism on him. Again this was a Friday the 13th sequel so it's expected with alot of cast members acting in a film like this. Does a good job by tripping oput and stabbing Jason's corpse with a metal pole showing some nice intense energy here. Does well by panicking towards an onscreen head sheriff at a small police station as he does well acting hyper towards him. Does a terrific job trying to call to Jason to come to him and getting into this powerfully with his words.
Jennifer Cooke (Megan Garris) shows some nice characteristics with her flirtatious behavior as well as acting fresh and sarcastic. She brings out some good uplifting attitude as well into her role making her one of those typical teenagers. She also gets into great detail with her speaking in certain scene's of the film. A good speech byher at a cabin in Crystal Lake when she talks about the Jason legend and what if it's really true and all that happened at Crystal Lake.  Also does well getting stern and anxious when telling someone to stay down while speeding away from police cars in which this was highly energised. Does well when she tries to call for her onscreen Dad and freaking out as this looked highly intense.
David Kagen (Sheriff Michael Garris) was wonderful as the aggressive head sherrif who does his job very well too but looks too young for the role he plays in the flick even with the moustache he grew. He really showed off his strictness and seriousness too along with his sarcasm making it come to life most of the time. Sometimes what he does seemed a little too acted out and not natural enough. Does well losing his patience in certain scene's which also looked impressive. Does a good job by scolding his onscreen daughter and she gets fresh with him. Perfect powerful and intense blocking when he tries to battle the Jason character kicking him and heaving a rock on his head. He really let this out a great deal. However, years later he became an acting instructor as people can learn from him for sure.
Kerry Noonan (Paula) brings a nice warmness as one of the camp counsellors in the story and seemed to know her role inside out but she seemed to have a bit of a lisp whenever she was speaking. At the same time brings a nice softness to her voice making her a believeable children's camp counsellor. Does well panicking and running back to her cabin as well as showing nice fearful expressions along with her jumping and getting nervous when a door blows open from the wind. A nice screaming reaction from her when confronted by the Jason character in which this looked strongly done.
Renee Jones (Sissy Baker) shows off alot of great spunk in her role in which she seemed to come across someone who is a happy type of person and believeably outgoing too. I really enjoyed watching her performance since she really got into what she was doing big time. A worthy character actress indeed as she worked incredibly hard to do what she had to do here.
Vincent Guastaferro (Deputy Rick Cologne) was a total ham in his performance as someone who comes across as a cocky type of idiotic dipstick. He brings alot of great energy himself into his role and just goes with the punches. He defintely tries to make himself something that he's not like acting tough but is a real goof off since this role was meant to be that way. He had the right husky looks for this too. His role was unforgettable too. Some nice forceful blocking moments with him by grabbing someone and getting aggressive which looked quick and energetic.
Surprise folks, we also have a supporting role by John Travolta's nephew Tom Fridley (Cort) who refuses to fill in his uncle's boots. He's ok playing a typical teenager but he's nothing terrific he sounds alot like him whenever he talks. He does seem to bring his character to life on someone who likes to have a good time, acting flakey and listening to his walkman. Reacts well by griping while being manipulated into checking outside as to why their power went out.  He lacks on characteristics in a scene when he demands that they leave after finding out as to how the power went out. Yet he did better in the drama thriller Summer Camp Nightmare.
Darcy DeMoss (Nikki) was only in this for about 15 minutes and didn't seem to get into her role all too well but she does seem to do a good job acting frusterated or discouraged. Yet getting into a lustful scene she really lacks on her words and not making this believeable. Doesn't react greatly when being attacked by the Jason character. I've seen her do better in other low budget films. Just not in this one. Yet she came across nicely onto the came so there's another good pointer for her.
We also get a treat seeing Welcome Back Kotter's Horshack actor Ron Palillo (Allen Hawes) making a special appearance. He shows a good hyped and nervous energy into his role and really getting into this as he knew a thing or two acting like a coward being scared of terrifying events. Does well by acting scared and anxious at the graveyard eager to leave nearly freaking out.
We also have a debut performance by Tony Goldwyn (Darren) as someone trying to find his way with his girlfriend to the campsite at Crystal Lake in his motorbug. He seemed fairly impressive throughout his cameo by trying to act tough and being scared at the same time. He showed off some nice characteristics here.

Jason punches someone through the chest
Stabs a man with a fence pole (It is quick)
Rips a combat trainers arm off
Three trainers are sliced in half
Body parts of another trainer is exposed
A couple on a motorbike is stabbed as blood comes out of their mouths
A camp counsellors head is twisted off
A sheriff is snapped in half
A room of a counsellors cabin is slaughtered with blood
Jasons' neck cut cut by the engine of a motorboat.

Harry Manfredini's music is alot different in this one than in the past f13th flicks but it's still great.
The music is very hyped up with trumpets and other neat cheesy slasher sounding music for the film. I loved it. Also real high pitched violin playing for the thunderstorm during the beginning of the film along with nice chiming sounds too adding a nice 80's spookiness to the flick in which this was used in other segments too. There's also some good low trombone playing along with heavy drumbeats too. In some comedic moments like people playing wargames in the woods there's some good uplifting combat comedic type music which sounded nicely done. Plus there's the odd good screeching sounds for the still moments at the camp.

Plus there are songtracks by the original legendary classic shock rocker Alice Cooper with the stompin tunes "Teenage Frankenstein" while the character Cort is driving like a typical wild teenger with his girlfriend's mobile home and turning on the radio while this is happening in which has some good dark vocalising to it but yet the song sounds terribly rushed.
His next track "Hard Rock Summer" (A song that was never release until his 1999 box set came out titled the Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper) is during a car chase from the police as this really fits in nicely having that 80's glam pop type beat as there's nice guitar wailing while the Coop's hyped vocals are performing.
Of course the theme song "(He's Back) The Man Behind the Mask." This was briefly used during when the camp counsellors were getting ready at the campground in whicbh it shouldn't have been used during this moment since it's a song about Jason Voorhees. But was played again during the closing credits which has great keyboard playing along with good echoey type vocals. The song was totally superb for the closing credits. A real treat too I must say.
There is also another songtrack by the artist "Animal" by the 80's pop band Felony (Felony also made a special appearance in another 80's slasher flick titled Graduation Day performing one of their songs). Definetely a good fast paced song and really fitting in as it was played in the mobile home while Cort and his girlfriend Nikki were having a good romp in the bedroom part of the vehicle.
All the songtracks were very 80's like which I love.

Tommy: I went to go cremate Jason but I fucked up!
Deputy Rick: You got that right.

Allen Hawes: You just have to see that Jason's dead, right? Seeing the body won't stop the hallucinations!
Tommy: Seeing it won't, but destroying it will. Jason belongs in Hell - and I'm gonna see to it that he gets there.

Lizabeth: I've seen enough horror movies to know any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly.

Darren: We're going to scare him.
Lizabeth: We're going to scare him?
Darren: That's right just drive towards him. He'll move. Nobody wants to die.
Lizabeth: Well, that's a freakin' fact. Least of all us.

Tommy: Don't shoot, please!
Sheriff Garris: You in show business, kid? You sure know how to make an entrance.
Tommy: Listen, Jason is alive! He killed my friend...
Sheriff Garris: You better slow down, kid. You already almost got your head blown off.
Tommy: Will you listen, dammit?
Sheriff Garris: Don't piss me off or I really will repaint this office with your brains!

Sheriff Garris: That, what we call it in the books, is screwing the pooch! Iron this punk!

Deputy Rick: This kid really wants us to believe his story.
Sheriff Garris: That's not what worries me. It's how far he'll go to actually prove it.
[Tommy suddenly turns off road]
Sheriff Garris: Fucking-A! What did I tell you? Hit the noise and the cherries.

Tommy: Jason isn't in there! Hawes is. Dig it up! You gotta dig it up! You gotta dig it up!
Martin: Dig him up? Does he think I'm a fart-head?

Martin: The bastards couldn't even stick him back in right. Why'd they have to go and dig up Jason?
[Looks at the camera]
Martin: Some folks sure got a strange idea of entertainment.

Martin: [to his liquor bottle] Darling, you're going to be the death of me. But what a lovely way to go, huh?
[tosses the bottle behind him - Jason catches it and stabs Martin with it]

Sheriff Garris: That's my daughter's car.
Officer Pappas: How do you want us to proceed?
Sheriff Garris: With extreme care, asshole! If the kid's with her, there's every good chance he'll try to do something crazy.
Tommy: [In the car; to Megan] Please don't do anything crazy.

Tommy: You have me where you want me. There's no reason...
Sheriff Garris: If I had you where I wanted you, they'd be pumping your ass full of formaldehyde.

Deputy Rick: Megan, don't clown around.
Megan: I'm not the one with the funny red nose.

Tommy: The only way to kill Jason is to send him back to his original resting place where he drowned in 1957.
Megan: Lake Forest Green.
Tommy: Crystal Lake.

Tyen: You know what I think? I think we're dead meat.
[a little later on, after hearing Megan screaming]
Tyen: REAL dead meat.
Billy: So, what were you gonna be when you grew up?

Little Girl: Is he killed?