From Dusk Till Dawn 3: Hangman's Daughter (2000)

Directed by: P.J. Pesce

Written by: Alvaro Rodriguez

Story by:
Alvaro & Robert Rodrigue


Marco Leonardi .... Johnny Madrid
Michael Parks .... Ambrose Bierce
Temuera Morrison .... The Hangman
Rebecca Gayheart .... Mary Lewlie
Ara Celi .... Esmeralda / Santanico Pandemonium
Lennie Loftin .... John Lewlie
Sonia Braga .... Quixtla
Orlando Jones .... Ezra Traylor
Danny Trejo .... Razor Charlie
Jordana Spiro .... Catherine Reece

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: January 18, 2000

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An escapee named Johnny Madrid (Marco Leonardi) from the 1900's who got away from his sacrifice along with kidnapping the hangman's daughter Esmeralda (Ara Celi) as they all meet up with Johnny's gang and rob a stagecoach which contains American author Ambrose Bierce (Michael Parks) along with newlywed couple John (Lennie Loftin) and Mary Newlie (Rebecca Gayheart).
They are left stranded in the desert as they take refuge in an isolated inn whorehouse as Johnny's gang enters there too.
A priestess there by the name of Quixtla (Sonia Braga) seems to flirt with John as well as being very interested in Esmeralda as she becomes a prime target the inn.
Later on everyone discovers that the area is run by vampires and Esmeralda is discovered that she is only half human and the princess of the vampires and her name was originally Santanico Pandemonium whom the vampires want as their heir. Suddenly, Johnny and all the other survivors become allies and join forces if they are to survive the night before becoming victims to these vampires as well as them changing into one themselves.


The film is a little rushed like in the very beginning with the hangings but he seems to bring it down at times. A not too bad shot on Ambrose Bierce striking Catherine Reece in the old western town. There's also good shots on people getting the rope ready to hang someone.
We have good menacing moments with the Hangman
really acting nasty and whipping Johnny Madrid and then towards Esmeralda
Great battling moments with Johnny in fast whipping action using his shoes that have blades sticking out by killing others attacking him as well as nice gunfighting actions too.
Good posture on a supporting character Shotgun poitning and shooting his shotgun on a stagecoach wagon.
A nice vicious manipulation by Johnny forcing Catherine to hang herself and be humitilated while he is snarling at her.
A great scene of a desert with four people struggling along with a suitcase.
A nice reaction on Mary Lewlie and John Lewlie after spotting a bat in their room panicking.
Many good shots on people like the bartender we all know from the first flick by licking some blood that is spotted along with some vampiress' too.
A nice shot on a supporting character Lalo biting a horse and drinking it's blood then turns his head with a vicious smile.
Good shots on people turning into vampires and going on a killing spree.
There's a nice shot on Ezra Traylor being attacked and bitten.
We spot a hilarious scene with Ezra ballroom dancing with Mary Lewlie in a black and white setting which made me laugh pretty good.
A great moment with Mary showing her vampiress side and being vulgar down near a cellar.
There's a good brief discussion between the Hangman and Catherine holding torches as to why she killed her family while trying to find a way of escaping.
We have a very nice moment with Quixtla towards Esmeralda on who her grandmother is as well as performing a ceremony as all of this looks very gothic like.
A nice battle with a group of people battling off some bats.
A great still moment on John Lewlie looking for someone and then a supporting character Erasmo takes him by surprise by attacking him which really makes you jump.
Bottom line is that this is a prequel to the original has a good amount of taste but it is a little rushed and not enough of a strong plot in some areas like the beginning of the movie when the head criminal Johnny Madrid plans to get hung but it does get interesting when they go to the bar and having a lustful vampiress along with the terrors that starts to occur.

The acting is failry passable for what is was. Marco Leonardi (Johnny Madrid) seems to do fine playing a bad ass criminal in the film as he shows some descent aggression to his part in it.
Temuera Morrison (The Hangman) brings his part as the hangman across quite nicely with his sneering attitude.
Rebecca Gayheart
(Mary Lewlie) is full of character in her role as the newlywed wife and really knew how to come across once being a vampiress with her evil and vulgar attitude.
Ara Cell
(Esmeralda / Santanico Pandemonium) is very impressive as an innocent one in the film that runs away with the escapee.
Lennie Loftin
(John Lewlie) shows the best energy with his role as the newlywed husband showing fantastic aggression when needed in certain scene's. He's great by showing his violent actions at the bar.
Sonia Braga
(Quixtla) was the most remembered in the film as the vampiress with her lusty behavior and smooth talking. Was good acting flirtatiously towards her fellow actor with her soothing voice and actions. Also does well by licking someone's wounds and caressing her as it looks very vampiress like.
Orlando Jones
(Ezra Traylor) brings the comedy to the film as a salesman that offers a few chuckles here and there.
Danny Trejo
(Razor Charlie) shows more aggression than ever with his role as the typical vampire bartender with his solid expressions.

Many whores expose their breasts in people's rooms or in the bar.

A stage coach's head is blown off.
A horse is bloodily bitten.
A guy is stabbed in the mouth.
Many vampires biting and tearing people apart.
Stakes are driven in people's hearts.
A head is sliced off.
A vampiress is stabbed by metal bars and burns to a crisp.

There's a nice spanish soundtrack by groups like Los Pregoneros del Puerto, Los Camperos de Nati Cano as they make the music sound suitable to the story with the accoustic guitar playing for the western moments in the desert and other areas like that.

Johnny Madrid: Do you feel like a horse's ass, huh? 'Cause that's what you look like! The horse's ass pendeja!

John Newlie: Water, then?
Razor Charlie: Tequila!
Ambrose Bierce: That's my queue. Two bottles of your very finest. Thank you. Milk, indeed.

The Hangman: You killed your mother and father? Why?
Catherine Reece: They were starvin', there was no food, so I sent 'em to a better place.
The Hangman: What about your aunt, your uncle, and all your cousins?
Catherine Reece: I never liked them.