The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Directed by: Andy Palmer

Written by:
Ben Begley & Renee Dorian


Matt Angel .... Morgan
Chasty Ballesteros ... Christina
Scottie Thompson ... Sheriff Kate
Ben Begley ... Deputy Doyle
Erick Chavarria ... Gerardo
Jere Burns …. Mental Manny
Mars Crain ... Rocco
Candice De Visser ... Dollface / Ms. Quinn
E.E. Bell ... Animal
Michael Eric Reid ... Mikey
Leigh Parker ... Randall
Sterling Sulieman ... Jason
Renee Dorian ... Laurie
Taryn Schubert ... Megan Riley
Sebastian Siegel …. Dr. Suave
Clint Howard ... Taxidermist

Special Appearances:

Robert Englund .... Warden

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: November 13, 2015




Six of the worlds scriest psychopaths have been released from an asylum and wreck havoc at a funhouse on Halloween night disguising themselves as the employees and owners.


We spot a beginning discussion between both Ms. Quinn and the Warden about the mental patients he keeps at the asylum as we get into a flashback sequence on each of them which seems quite shocking as the one that is most sickening to me is when he introduces one of them named Animal who was a cannibal chef as this can make you cringe feeling sick on what he did to his customers. These moments become a little too long after a while and then we see her coming on to him as you wonder as to why this is happening but then it becomes deadly by what she does which looked quite intense with the killing she does to her as well as good surveillance camera shots on the patients being released and going on a killing spree which was a good start to a horror film.
A nice setting with the police officers Sheriff Kane and Deputy Doyle doing investigation in a home where a slaughtering took place as this looked decent for a horror flick taking place on hallows eve.
Also have fun settings when we spot young employees at a diner getting ready to end their shift so they can go to the funhouse as their discussions looked good and natural by what they plan on doing as it makes you look forward to seeing the terror that will happen later on. This scene looked like a good attention grabber as well as what they’ve dressed up as.
Nice slapstick horror moments when the employees are suddenly being taken and tortured by the mental patients and disguise themselves working there which was a nice add onto the story as well as having an obnoxious employer Dennis getting aggressive with them when they are smoking dope which is a decent humoress add into the scene as well as their one liners saying it’s legal in most countries keeping up with todays standards. Then a nice creepy approach later on by Mental Manny towards this employer as you get a creepy feeling that something is going to happen to them.
Nice twisted moments when customers at the funhouse spots the slayings going on to the actual employees when going into the funhouse thinking that this is all an act as it leaves a good psychological feel when something is actually happening to them but yet in a moment where no one there is to help them at all.
Nicely dark comedic situation when the friends pay for their ticket and we have the cannibal Animal giving them the ticket with his bloodied face and him doing something gross which offered nice timing to the story too.
There's a hilarious moment when we spot Dollface in a washroom and slashing Laurie's face and she goes into a full thrust brawl which shows stupidity against that chick as she could be plunging for her death. Nice well focused camera shots on all of this and well concentrated struggle too.
Things start to drag later on when everyone discovers that the supposed employees are demented psychopaths with everyone trying to get away which the writers seemed to run out of more entertaining ideas.
Extremely cheesy and corny moments when Morgan gets out of the funhouse and we spot the dipstick Deputy Doyle firing at him as well as Sheriff Kate getting on his case for what he did with cheesy one liners with all three of them as this didn't seem to fit in terrifically well with what went on in the story so far.
Odd interersting moments when the survivors take avenge towards the maniacs as well as one of their friends Gerardo coming in to try and save the day against a hulking Rocco with nothing stopping this powerful brute.
Also a nicely concentrated moment between Kate and Mental Manny face to face with what one of them is saying as you wonder as to what the outcome will be plus we have a disturbing flashback on Kate as to what she encountered as a child as well as a really dark secret on her later on with this psycho which was well put into the story.
Bottom line is that the film seems to start off as something promising for anyone who loves horror flicks taking place on hallows eve but when the action starts it seems to drag a bit. However there's some odd good black humor into the story too as well as lots of sickening moments too. It can be a fun flick if you're in the mood for it.

The acting is in fairy good shape as we have Matt Angel (Morgan) seemed to stand out well as a geeky shy type of teen in which he does well with his choked up words as well as showing anxious actions later on when the terror happens. Shows good energy and right on the ball within whatever he does here. Had the right looks and appeal to portray this role too.
Scottie Thompson (Sheriff Kate) was great as a powerful minded force of the law offering a perfect brainy attitude as well as a good seriousness to her part. Also shows a great focus within whatever she did as well as showing off great tough aggressions whenever she had to behave this way. She was a true character actress. Had the perfect looks to portray this role which was another nice plus.
Ben Begley (Deputy Doyle) seemed to know his craft playing someone annoying and dimwittede as a typical dipstick. He tried too hard to be funny though and didn't seem to offer any chuckles by what he did. Was fast acting with his gun or acting perfectly stupid too. He needed improvements at times but was good in other spots.
Erick Chavarria (Gerardo) was noticeable in his supporting role as a loner type in which he came across nicely as someone whom is somewhat introverted and uncomfortable with big events. Defientely made his part recognisable as a quiet and shy type of the group of friends. Also shows great energy being heroic by trying to save the day of the terrors that arise.
Jere Burns (Mental Manny) was perfectly dark with his cold and serious speaking and the leader of the maniacs in which he studied this role incredibly well along with having a good overpowering behavior too. Comes across well as someone whom is fairly dangerous into all that he did here. Had the right older looks and appeal to his role.
Mars Crain (Rocco) was silent in his role but that didn't matter as that's what made his performance truly intimidating with his powerful motive as he showed great blocking when he did deadly slaughterings and had the perfect mean looks too which was another nice bonus to his characteristics. He was a good horror character.
Candice De Visser (Dollface / Ms. Quinn) wasn't bad as her mysterious presence during the beginning of the flick as well as geting lustful and then really gets into a perfect killing rage offering a full thrust type of madness. She certainly was a nice key role to the story of the film.
E.E. Bell (Animal) was the best supporting cast member and a natural ham as a canniballistic killer. He certainly knew on how to act funny and sick as well as having a good burly look to his role. He had a good hyped up behavior as well as knowing how to act creepy too by all that he does.
Renee Dorian (Laurie) was another natural ham in her role as she does well portraying a cocky type of teen which she shines this off wonderfully. Does well with her cheeky and smart remarks as she made me laugh. Also does well with her powerful blocking when going in a rage fighting someone which looked perfectly powerful.
Clint Howard (Taxidermist) stood out nicely as he has a great high ptiched cackly laughter as well he shows a good hyped up behavior by all that he did here. Definetely shows off a great demented goofiness by all that he did here. He derserved to be mentioned here as he shows it off greatly.
Robert Englund (Warden) appears in the beginning of this flick as he shows off a great calm and mellow behavior as well as showing a kind attitude as well with his speaking too. He definetely was believeable by acting helpful as well as describing his patients and doing it with good style.

A woman takes off her top and her breasts are briefly exposed after making out with someone

You gorehounds will love what this film has to offer!!!!
Chopped up fingers and other body parts prepared for a canniballistic meal
Dentists drill through a persons head
Bloody stabbings here and there with plenty of bloodsheds
Lots of battered up dead bodies
Face torn off
Head ripped off
Face slashed
Bodies slayed and bloodied

The music has alot of classical scores as some of it works strongly and other times it sounds a bit cheesy and overrated like it was used on a synthesizer at times. Yet there's the odd guitar playing which fits in nicely as all of this was put together by Chad Rehman