Well I first discovered Jamie's acting career in non-horror films like in 'My Girl', 'Perfect' and 'True Lies' but suddenly I was browsing through my Movie Guide looking upon 'Halloween' and noticed that she was one of the main stars of that film. So, close to Halloween I rented the film although I saw part 6 in theatre's a couple weeks beforehand (Call me kookie but it was a hit and miss release and wanted to check it out before it went). I realised that this is how she first started her acting career. Not only that, she starred in a handful of other teen horror films afterwards before breaking into the big time motion pictures and was crowned as the ultimate scream queen of that decade along with Linda Blair. She became my all time favourite scream queen as well as my all time favourite actress and love her work in both genre's horror and non-horror.

Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1958 in Los Angeles, California (A place for big time movie & TV stars) to the parents two legendary actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Four years after her birth, her parents filed for a divorce.

In the late 70's she decided to give acting a shot follow her parents' footsteps but had to tough it out on her own. She had fears of getting fired since she knew that the acting business can get nasty. She had acting gigs by guesting in TV shows at Universal Studios in Hollywood working in Glen A. Larson Productions. Her first gig was a walk on role in an episode of the series 'Quincy' and then a year later she won a supporting guest role playing a tough biker named Mary in the 'Nancy Drew Mysteries' along with Robert Englund. During that same year she played a waitress in a movie of the week titled 'Columbo: The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case.'

While still guesting in TV shows like in 'Charlie's Angels', 'The Love Boat' and 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century' as well as being a semi-regular in the series 'Operation Petticoat' as Lt. Barbara Duran based on the 1959 movie that starred her father, Tony Curtis, she finally got her big break by starring in John Carpenter's cult classic 'Halloween' with Donald Pleasance which she played an adopted teen named Laurie Strode and was the biological sister of a blood thirsty killer named Michael Myers who swears to make his family members exctinct. At first critics bomberd the film when it hit the box office but the film grew more and more to cult viewers which led on to more work in horror films for Jamie. She starred in Carpenters next flick called 'The Fog' which also had the same people who worked in the 'Halloween' flick as well as two of the other actors Nancy Loomis and Charles Cyphers. Not only that, this was the first film that her mother Janet starred with her daughter in which she too had a part in. Jamie plays a travelling hitchhiker named Elizabeth Solley. She starts dating the guy who picked her up one night while he was driving home from work. She thinks she's bad luck since terrible things have happened since. The film went to theatre's in early 1980 and shortly after, she returned to the slasher genre in 'Prom Night' which was shot in Canada and it starred Leslie Neilson. In this one she played a triplet sister named Kim Hammond whom her friends accidentally murdered her sister during their childhood but it was kept a secret until the night of her prom. Before 1980 came to an end she played a college student named Alana Maxwell in 'Terror Train' about a masked killer targets six college kids responsible for a prank gone wrong years earlier and whom are currently throwing a large New Year's Eve costume party aboard a moving train. Afterwards, she slowly moved on to starring in non-horror b-films like 'Roadgames' and the TV-movie 'She's in the Army Now' but during this same year she did reprise her role as Laurie Strode in the first sequel to 'Halloween.' Even if these horror films were just a handful for her fans crowned her as the most beloved scream queen as well as nicknaming her that name and was featured in numerous horror film compliations and even hosted on 'Saturday Night Live' due to her fame.

She moved on to starring in numerous big time motion pictures working with top celebrities like Dany Aykroyd and John Cleese in 'Trading Places', 'Grandview USA', 'A Fish Called Wanda', 'Blue Steel', 'My Girl', 'Forever Young', 'Mother's Boys', 'True Lies', 'The Heidi Chronicles', 'House Arrest' and 'Fierce Creatures.' With all this to her credit some viewers forgot that she started out acting in low budget horror films which she said goodbye to.

However, she did return as Laurie Strode for the third time in a direct sequel to 'Halloween II' in 'Halloween:H2O: Twenty Years Later' only to kill of Michael Myers in the end. She focused on being a full time Mom during this time period as she adopted two kids and acted part time working in films like 'Virus' and 'Drowning Mona' plus doing voice overs for animated shows. She was asked to have a cameo in 'Scream 3' but she declined. Producers decided to make another 'Halloween' sequel titled 'Halloween: Resurrection' and Jamie agreed to return to it but only to be killed off in the beginning of the film. She got a paid salary of $3,000,000 for her work in it.

She starred in family films like 'Freaky Friday' and 'Christmas with the Kranks' but word has it that she announced that she has retired from film acting.
Yet now and then she has made appearances in other film work afterwards to present day like in '8', 'Veronica Mars' and 'Spare Parts' so she's not dead to her career on the big screen.

Television acting came useful to her as she did a stint on 'NCIS', many appearances on 'The New Girl' and is in a new series spoof by FOX titled 'Scream Queens' as the role of Dean Cathy Munsch as the story revolves on the twentieth anniversary of a 1995 sorority pledge which went wrong, a college campus is rattled by a series of murders.

Jamie has been married to actor Christopher Guest since December 18, 1984 which she saw him on an issue of a Rolling Stone magazine and it was love at first sight and a couple years back she won a 2003 Grammy nomination in the Best Spoken Album for Children category for her recording of the children's books she has written. She also admits that horror films terrifies her and she prefers not to watch them. This may be a shock to you horror fanatics but it's true. Even if Jamie doesn't work anymore she will always be remembered as a versatile actress and will be rich for life.

Halloween 1978 This is where Jamie got her start after her roles in TV shows and to a journey of a scream queen and the first horror movie I spotted her in as I saw her in her more publicised films that were non-horror. But I loved her in this genre the best.
She plays the biological sister of the killer Michael Myers named Laurie Strode as Michael escapes from the mental hospital discovering that he has a younger sister who was adopted to another family.
She briefly spots him watching her on Halloween day not knowing who he is and gets freaked by all this. Then she babysits for her neighbors on Halloween night. This is when Michael moves in for the kill but first he kills his partying friends in the neighborhood as Laurie goes accross the street to where her friends are hanging out as one of her stuck up friends is supposed to be babysitting as well and not having guests over.
She sees that the house is too quiet and then Michael plans to move in for the kill as he wants to have all his family members dead!
Jamie was great in her role like she always does in any of her shows. I loved her freaking out and running away from Michael as well as getting peeved by her friend Annie who we all love to hate.
This one was put down by alot of critics but it became a cult classic in the years to follow plus it helped John Carpenter become a big named for his future films.

The Fog 1980 Ahh yesss! This was like a 'Halloween' reunion as this piece was also directed by John Carpenter as well as by the same makers and a couple of the same cast members too. Jamie's Mom came on board to co-star in this film too as it was their first mother daughter working together.
Although I liked 'Halloween' better, I like Jamie's character better in this one as she plays a traveller named Elizabeth Solley who enjoys doing artwork. The guy who picks her up is an older man but they have a romance together which was a bonus for Elizabeth as they are two very nice people.
However, Liz thinks she's bad luck as the guy's car windows break and other bad stuff happening.
But what is really happening is a glowing fog is hovering over their small town leading to ghost of dead pirates killing people away whenever the fog covers over them so they are on a chase from these ghouls.
This film was very creepy and it inspired new makers to do a remake. Jamie certainly screams in this one in a few scenes.

Prom Night 1980 Jamie now plays a triplet sister to a brother and another sister named Kim Hammond. She is amazing in this disco teen slasher flick and quite a good disco dancer too even if the acting is very outdated in it.
In the beginning a bunch of children are playing a game in an abandoned school and the Hammond triplets are walking home.
Kim's sister checks out their game and accidentally gets killed. The kids keep it a secret and years later Kim's mother can't shake off her daughters death still as they visit her tombstone.
Kim is dating one of the guy's who was responsible but still he keeps it a secret and Kim's father is the school principal which is played by Leslie Nielson.
They all get prank phone calls before the night of the prom by a mysterious killer.
Kim will be nominated as prom queen but a nasty prank happens caused by the school bully but the bully is beheaded by the killer while he killed off all of Kim's other friends who were at the events as when they were little.
One family member in the Hammond vein hasn't overcome the death of the triplet sister of Kim's and Kim is in for a big surprise to find out who is killing these people.
The film is very sad at the end of it but Jamie was great with the fighting battle with her and the killer as well as the one who played her boyfriend caught in this death battle.
It sure is a memory when there were disco dances, roller skating and bellbottoms.
This flick inspired many other highschool slasher flicks during the 80's like 'Graduation Day' as well as the 90's films 'Scream' and 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' If you haven't checked Jamie in this one go to your DVD/video rental place and check it out now!

Terror Train 1980 This one was probably as low budget horror as you can get with Curtis involved. Jamie plays a graduating student at the Sigma Phi named Alana Maxwell. For her grad gift, her and her friends are all taking a New Years Eve cruise on a stream train as they all wear their fraternity costumes and play pranks on one another. However, a masked killer disguised as one of her fraternity friends is also on board too as there was a fraternity prank that went wrong 3 years before and somehow she was involved with the incident. The killer seems to wait for her for last.
Beforehand she enjoys the disco dancing room and the other events.
Jamie's screaming and running away from the killer is very similar to her role as Laurie Strode in 'Halloween' so all you fans may love her to death in this one.
An interesting 80's New Years Eve slasher flick which almost had similar elements to other films like 'Hell Night' but the events were in a train.

She's In the Army Now 1981 Jamie's next step after starring in horror films by co-starring in this TV-movie as the role of a sort of tomboyish character Pvt. Rita Jennings in this witty drama on a group of young women recruits in basic training for the army.
She does a good job in it as there's a memorable scene on her getting into a brawl with one of the other women there in which she shows great dynamic energy.
Also another moment when she tries to get it right by shooting a target and then her roomates drag her in for fun and turn on the shower at her which looked exciting.
More fun moments when they go to a dance club drinking with the men in basic training and dancing with them as she acts flirtatious as well as having troubles with the guy she's going out with along with a secret that caused him to get kicked out of the army as well as having her nearly kicked out but faces a punishment to staty in and graduate from this academy.
The story for sure shows the real hard times while being there as well as a situation with someone trying to take their life along with nasty girls doing something to one of the other girls.
It also shows nice teamwork and sticking together through the good and bad as well as forming a true friendship on helping others through tough times.
It's quite a good story as she worked with top celebrities such as Kathleen Quinlan and Melanie Griffith.

Roadgames 1981 Jamie was slowly moving on to non-horror films by having a good supporting role in this one. She is a traveller in this one too like she was in 'The Fog' as the person who picked her up named her Hitch. He is an eccentric truck driver (Played by Stacy Keach) as he witnesses a murder along his way.
Him and Hitch tries to track him down but Hitch is kidnapped by the murderer.
Jamie doesn't appear in this film until halfway through so it's a surprise waiting for her appearance.
This flick was made on a low budget but it's a well done flick and it's very mysterious.
You won't be disappointed as you'll all wonder what happened to Jamie's character. Is she alive or killed? Find out by renting this.

Halloween II: The Nightmare Isn't Over 1981 Yes she is back in which in the beginning of the film it shows what happened previously before it came to an end but with different music played which works in well.
Then later on she's sent in an ambulance and sedated going to a hospital as she's good acting out of it as well as spotting her having flashback memories of her adopted parents telling her that she isn't their child as well as some scene's with Michael Myers as a child turning his head around at the sanitarium and so fourth. It sure looked perfectly twisted.
There's moments when she's drugged while walking in the alls as well as her encountering a nurse being murdered by Michael Myers himself in which this offered good tension on her feeling helpless since she is drugged but trying to get away.
She really brought it out when she's in a parking lot outside of the hospital trying to cry out to people she sees entering the area which was an attention grabber.

She also has a final struggle against Michael when he can't see and is trying to strike a dissecting knife towards her but there's a trap set for him with a fire explosion which adds great action packed moments.
This one was nowhere near as good as at first things looked entertaining when Michael stalks the neighborhood to find out as to where Laurie Strode is residing and then for the most part it's at the hospital which seemed to drag a bit but not a bad sequel.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch 1982 OK, OK, well many of you ask me why I am discussing her in this one as she wasn't in it at all but I will tell you some secrets on this in case you didn't know. She did a voice over on this and was uncredited.
This one had no relationship to the Michael Myers legacy in which the makers planned to make the other sequels different stories until there was a big request to bring Myers back into the other one's.
This one was about a head Doctor Dan Challis (Played by Tom Atkins) going to a strange small town by a daughter of a scared man whom was killed by android looking humans during the beginning of the story whom is Ellie Grimbridge (Played by Stacy Nelkin) to find out some clues in which there's a factory that makes Halloween masks but later on they find out on what happens to someone while wearing this mask when a commercial is planning to air on Halloween night.
Curtis uses her voice as a curfew announcer when 6'OClock hits the sleepy town and really disguised her voice very well. Plus she uses her voice as a telephone operator when the character Dan tries to make a call warning some people on what is going to happen but yet her answer is very strange.
This film is not too badly done in which it has a Twilight Zone type of a feel to it all and a very twisted and strange story indeed blending horror, mystery and sci-fi all together.

Love Letters 1983 This film was a major bore. It tries so hard to be a good story but it lacks. It was written and directed by Amy Holden Jones who did the same for the trashy T&A slasher film 'Slumber Party Massacre' Although her directing was better her writing weasn't and it was made on a similar budget as you can tell but this is not a horror film. Jamie plays the role of a classical radio disc jockey named Anna Winter who experiences her mother death and reads the love letters to a guy who was her original father she never met and her mother was only having an affair with. Instead she marries and alcholoic which Anna had to encounter his abusive actions while growing up.
Suddenly Anna has a steamy affair with one of her fans which is a model photographer and likes the idea.
Jamie is nude in it which may shock you fans as you all remember her usually not performing nude in films. But then she loves him too much causing her to have an identity crisis.
The acting in this one was good which saves this film from bombing but even you Curtis fans will probably agree with me that this isn't one of her best films.

Trading Places 1983 Now she's moving on up to big budget films such as this one as it took a while to finally see her perform in this one which focuses a story on a rich snob investor Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) and a bum con artist Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.
It at first looked incredibly dull till this reverse happens which looked mildly exciting seeing the change spotting Billy Ray living the luxiorious lifestyle and Louis being put through hell. Now Curtis appears during the middle of the story as a prostitute named Ophelia just getting out on bail and one of the people working at the investment makes a deal with her to come up to Louis and try to get it on with him while his girlfriend got him out of bail and leaves him as this is for sure a good psychological moment on losing everything.
She breezes through alot of the other scene's trying to help him get his career back on track only to pay her alot of money as this was impressive. Plus she does some nudity during a couple of scene's. Plus gets into a somewhat romantic moment with him too as this was impressive.
Then later on both Louis and Billy Ray join forces to put a stop to whoever set them up and she comes in for the help and disguising herself on an amtrak train during a new years eve celebration as someone foreign which was impressive to watch as well.
Later on she disappears when things get nitty gritty for the final moments but appears at the end of the film on a tropical island with Louis and the other winners in the flick. She does a great job as always delivering her lines very well and showing nice comedic timing. The film is okay but a little too long. However I remember the trailer for this on TV when it was playing at cinemas when I was a child.

Grandview, U.S.A. 1984 Now this one was an improvement as Jamie plays a tomboy named who runs a car crash event and also works in the tow truck business.
A graduating teen Tim Person (C. Thomas Howell) has a crush on her when he set his eyes on her asking to get his car out of a ditch. But an obnoxious tow truck driver named Slam (Patrick Swayze) also wants her. This causes war for the two of them.
Tim always dreams of acting in a rock video and her appearing with him in it but she shows no interest in him.
Later on they form a relationship as Tim is having troubles at home and crashes at her house for the night but gets busted by Slam when he enters her trailer the next morning.
Jamie does perform nude but is brief. This was a great drama with a touch of comedy in it and has a terrific cast in it other than Jamie too. This film was promising for her moving out of the b-film industry.

Perfect 1985 This one nearly damaged her career but she survived. I was a John Travolta fan. This was during Travolta's has-been years as he plays a scum bag tabloid reporter for Rolling Stone magazine and meets up with an aerobic instructor named Jesse which is played by Jamie as he wants to do a story on health clubs.
They start seeing one another. He tries to destroy her career for Rolling Stone incuding interviewing their conversations and their personal lives together which enrages her.
Jamie apparently only ate one meal a day for her part in this film and worked out alot.
She also trained for several months before shooting began.
All the scenes that show her leading classes were filmed first, with the narrative and dramatic sequences shot next.
The last sequence filmed was the closing credits workout. She also filmed a music video with Jermaine Jackson to promote the movie.
This film was supposed to be romantic but the story was sad
and sank terribly.
However, I loved it when Jamie Lee Curtis insulted Travolta's character for what he did to her career on her health club plus I loved Carly Simon's cameo in it.

As Summers Die 1986 A very boring TV-Movie drama as Jamie plays a beautiful and healthy looking wealthy woman named Whitsey Loftin residing in a white mansion near a farm as she of course had an impressive beginning in her scene and being charming as well awhen she goes out with a lawyer in the movie Willie Croft (Scott Glenn) as their interactions looked well done. Plus we have Bette Davis who plays Jamie's Mom Hannah Loftin whom fdoes a solid job in her role and quite sharp too.
Willie tries to help an old black lady Elivira Backus (Beah Richards) keep their land that discovers oil on their property as a greedy residents the Patriarch's as they try to find a way on regaining that land and destroying
the deed and denying it ever existed.
Curtis's character tries to help out as much as she can during the court case and moments like that as she had the lead role in this one. The story is terribly slow and tiring as it seemed to also fall into a romantic film involving her and Scott Glenn. It takes place in around the 1940's in a southern part of the country as well as having good harmonica composing.
We also hear some strong profanity and racial remarks as I'm not sure if this was a made for cable flick due to all of this or before the movie started advised viewer discretion.
But you're not missing out much on this one if you haven't seen it yet.

Blue Steel 1990 A nicely done thriller of Jamie playing a tough as nails rookie cop named Megan Turner who witnesses a robbery in a store and kills the criminal before he kills her.
This causes alot of controversy for her at the police station almost jeapordising her career. Also there is another psychotic killer who saw this scene in the store and takes the criminals gun and goes on a killing spree.
He becomes obsessed with Megan and Megan starts dating this fellow not realising that he too is a killer when she is trying to uncover a mystery after finding dead bodies.
Also she can't cope with her family as her father abuses her mother and wondering if she should turn her father in.
The story is filled with suspense and made Jamie well respected by viewers who saw it. You'll love her role in it.

My Girl 1991 This was the first time I spotted Jamie in a show which was this one and loved it. It was a very heartwarming tale taking place in the early 70's. Her role is a caring person named Shelley DeVoto who has been hired by a funeral parlour caretaker Harry (Played by Dan Aykroyd) to do make up for the dead bodies during funreral events. She falls in love with him and starts living with him.
There she encounters his daughter named Vada (Anna Chlumsky) who is very imaginary in a happy way and talks to her mother up in heaven and hangs out with her best friend named Thomas J. (Macaulay Culkin) who is a boy younger than her and is very eccentric and allergic to many things.
When Vada discovers that her dad is seeing Shelley she doesn't adjust to this as she hasn't gotten over her mothers death trying to find any way to break them up.
Shelley also encounters his mother who has a few screws loose. This makes life tough for Shelley to adjust to but she tries to find every way to make things the best for all of them.
Towards the ending for this film was very emotional. This one was followed by a sequel as Jamie reprises her role in it.

Mother's Boys 1994 Oooh yesss! Jamie plays a psychopath in this one which was very different for her indeed. Jamie plays a divorced mother named Jude Madigan who left her husband and kids 3 years ago for no particular reason and returns to visit her children with nasty plans for all of them.
At first she tries to seem loving and caring to her kids but to the grown ups like her ex-husband and his girlfriend she shows an evil and dark side to her.
She also tries to poison her kids minds to do evil deeds to their father's girlfriend making out that she is wicked and nasty and won't do anything to stop this situation until she is dead.
This was one of Jamie's best perfromances of all time and if you have seen this you all will probably agree with me.
When you see her in the beginning you would really want her but then in the end you'd want her out of your life.

True Lies 1994 This was Jamie's best performance I found and her best film role I thought. It was hilarious with lots of action.
She is a businesswoman named Helen Tasker with a loving husband Harry (Arnold Schwartznegger) and a family.
Things seem to go well but Harry thinks that she is having an affair and gets his friend to do a test in a dark room without her seeing him or knowing that he is behind all of this. Jamie is hilarious when she goes nuts and tries to use a chair to smash the glass that Arnold's character is behind.
She is also funny at pretending to be sexy for her next test to see if her affair was real or not.
I loved the stunts in this when she goes on an adventure while being kidnapped.
This one was considered to be her top film for her acting career and all you fans of her's will love it I guarantee you.

Nicholas' Gift 1998 A fact based TV Movie as she plays a mother with a family of two children on a vacation in Italy in which it looked nice and uplifting when she is happy spending time and going sightseeing.
Also in the story we spot locals who have a sick boy in a hospital and upset wondering if their child will make it in which this drew me in.
The story becomes disturbing when the american family are driving and nearly gunned down by bandits as well as finding out on what happened to their son Nicholas (Gene Wexler) in which Curtis does well acting emotional during these times as well as hearing more bad news on her son as well as having a nice discussion with her daughter Eleanor
) about why she is feeling down as this was well put into the story in which the performances looked nice and touching.
Also they donate Nicholas' organs to the sick child in which the family becomes famous there with reporters as well as being liked for helping another one in trouble.
Curtis does well crying when she attends her son's funeral as she really knew on how to portray this role incredibly well.
This was a very good story which should please the fans who enjoy her acting such as myself.

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later 1998 Just when you thought that she said goodbye to her scream queen career she returns in this one and a direct sequel to the second flick in which she changes her name and fakes a historical death in case Michael survived the explosion from the hospital and boy he does and goes on a journey to find her in which she's now a headmistress at the Hillcrest Academy in which she raises her son there and also is tormented in her nightmares apart from having a bit of a drinking problem but hey she's been through alot of shit.
Curtis still has the knack for her role and I love a scene when she bawls out her son from leaving the academy on Halloween when he tells her that Michael Myers is dead from the explosion.
Also I loved it when she tells her lover whom she really is and about what Michael did to her friends as well as panicking later on wondering if things are okay and tries to make a call but the line is dead.
A memorable moment when she locks a door to protect everyone from her biological brother and both Michael and her stare at each other through the window of that door. This stands out greatly to anyone who watched this.
She also has unfinished business when trying to kill this masked maniac and right at the end you think that this is just what happens ending the series once and ofr all but wait till we find out on what happens 4 years later!!! Yet many fans consider this to be the last of the series.

Virus 1999 Some of you might've thought that after Jamie's role in 'Halloween: H20' was marking her retirement from acting but don't be upset shortly after, she played the lead role in this one named Kelly Foster, a tugboat passenger along with Donald Sutherland and William Baldwin who take refuge from a storm in a seemingly abandoned Russian intelligence post. They find out that a crew was killed off by aliens as they were considered a virus.
Kelly and her people are cornered by them as whenever someone turns into a victim they are transformed into these killer type machines.
Once again Jamie wore her scream queen hat for this sci-fi-horror in which was well done as well as showing good special effects. The story was very complex but I loved her performance in this one as she knew on how to act tough as nails with her aggressions but the heroic type in the flick.

Halloween: Resurrection 2002 Michael is back when we thought that he was already dead but Laurie Strode killed the worng person and will see what I mean when you watch this one.
She's sent to an asylum from the criminally insane as Curtis does well acting like a basket case holding a doll in her bed looking out the window waiting for Michael to come and plans a trap for him as well as telling him she's not afraid of him anymore but he tricks her as of course she makes a stupid move only to be killed.
Her role is small in this one and is only in the beginning of the movie and then a new story unravels with an internet reality show hosted by Freddy Harris (Played by rapper Busta
Rhymes) as contestants have to spend a night at the Myers house in order to win alot of money in which he plans to have stuff to scare them including himself dressed as Michael but Michael himself goes back to his home to slay anyone staying there and a computer nerd Deckard (Played by Ryan Maerriman) goes online to text one of the last survivors Sarah Moyer (Played by Bianca Kajlich) in order to save herself from this monsters grasp which was well entertaining to watch.
I do admit that it was pointless to make this one now that Curtis' character was killed off and wondered as to what became of her son like he never existed in this one but I dug this one more so. It was very entertaining.

Christmas with the Kranks 2004 Close to a ripoff of 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' which has alot of slapstick and tries so hard to be funny but it falls flat.
The story centers around a husband named Luther (Played by Tim Allen) and a wife named Nora (Played by Jamie Lee Curtis) feeling lost that their daughter is spending the Christmas holidays without them going to the Peace Corps in Peru so they decide to skip Christmas and plan to go away on a cruise. This enrages their neighbors or people that work with them as they decide to save their money for it than buying a tree, having a party or putting up decorations and so the battle begins as the neighbors call them Scrooge as well as trying to trespass on their property by singing carols.
Suddenly their daughter calls telling them that she will be home for the holidays after all with her fiancee and have 24 hours to set up all the decorations and plan the party which is a stress cycle for them.
Jamie Lee Curtis grows her hair as she looked similar like she did as Laurie Strode from 'Halloween' but she isn't anything too special with her performance in this film which is a disappointment but yet she proved she can outdo her scream queen days.
She is not too realistic on being emotional in the beginning of this film when she is saying goodbye to her onscreen daughter.
However she made me laugh a bit when she screams when the carolers are right at her window singing and she tries to run and hide in a basement with Tim Allen.
She shows good energy screaming for joy after she finds out that her onscreen daughter is returning home for the holidays.
There is a hilarious moment when she tries to race for a last portion of canned ham and screams while she is flying with her shopping cart and crashing along with trying to convince a customer to buy their canned ham.
But, the thing that made me really laugh was when she drops the canned ham and it rolls along the street as she tries to race for it and she screams in terror after a truck runs over it.
People also may get a kick out of seeing a supporting role of Jake Busey (Gary's son) playing a dimwitted police officer or Dany Aykroyd as an intrusinve neighbor.
The story is very heartwarming during the Christmas party with Tim Allen showing good cheer as well as great shots of the snowy neighborhood with their outdoor Christmas lights on.

Halloween 2018 I wondered in the beginning as to how she returns in this one but she wasn't proven dead. However this was a direct sequel to the original and on top of that, Michael isn't her brother like mentioned in part 2. Originally the reason why he stalked her in the first place was because she went to his house to drop off a key so ever since then he wanted to kill her.
She really performs differently than what I've seen in the other sequels as someone disturbed and a basket case as well living in a private place far away from anything which is impressive for a sequel along with her at times acting unpleasant and very serious to what she is talking about.
There's moments when she is emotional as well as shoot mannequins to practise on her battle to kill him once and for all.
Things get rolling halfway through when she finds out that he escaped after being transferred and tries to warn her family acting almost crazy about it all as well as doing a good job by setting up a plan on how to get him to her home which there's lots of action and adventure used in this scene as well as almost making you wonder if he killed her during these moments.
A good ending to the story finishing off the legacy since it was getting old and for this one to retire. Curtis admitted that she loved playing Laurie Strode and is proud to have worked on the series as much as she could have which was surprising to me.