I remember back in 1996, I rented the flick 'Pumpkinhead 2: Bloodwings' but despised it so much until rewatching it not too long ago finding that it was quite well done for what it was. However, it was the first movie I saw Linnea in, although it was just a small part. But what really drew my attention was renting her in 'Return of the Living Dead' on Halloween night the year after. She really stood out as a sleazy punk named Trash. I started renting her other horror flicks afterwards that were made on a lower budget like 'Creepozoids', 'Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers', 'Graduation Day', 'Jack-O', ''Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama', 'Silent Night Deadly Night' and 'Night of the Demons.' Although I wasn't too wild over her other horror movies (Except for 'Night of the Demons' my favourite Linnea horror flick) they meant something to me. She is a talented actress even if she's in bad films that makes her acting look bad and deserves to be in better flicks. She is starting to show her talent in independent horror films today. She has acted in lots of b-films with other b-film scream queens like with Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer and Vancouver actress Debbie Rochon. Linnea totally rules the cheesy b-film industry and is a top scream queen for those types of films too!

Linnea Barbara Quigley was born on May 27, 1958 in Davenport Iowa. Her mother was a housewife and her father a Chiropractor and Psychiatrist. She grew up as a tomboy and grew up loving animals. Eventually she moved to California in the late 70's where the business for movies were really happening and still are.

She was encouraged to model and act by her friends. She eventually decided to take acting, singing, guitar and modelling lessons instructed by John Ashley, Estelle Harman, Susan French, Leo McClutchy and the John Powers Modelling Club. She led a modelling career as well as singing and playing guitar in an all girl punk rock band known as the Skirts, plus she acted in TV commercials and auditioned for more movie roles. She started out by having minor roles in films eventually leading into a soft core porn flick titled 'Auditions' which led to her role in another exploited comedy-musical titled 'Fairy Tales' playing the role of 'Sleeping Beauty' towards the end of the film. She was then typecast in other exploited flicks because of those films.

She made more appearances in films when the 70's were nearing it's end like 'Summer Camp' but then she won a part in her first horror film in the obscure gore flick 'Don't Go Near the Park' an awful movie.

However, she had another supporting role in the slasher flick in 1981 titled 'Graduation Day' by playing the loose teenager Dolores and it became a cult classic. The film was in the same tradition as 'Halloween' , 'Friday the 13th' and 'Prom Night' about a high school track runner, named Laura, suddenly dies from a heart attack after finishing a 30-second 100-meter race, a killer wearing a sweatsuit and a fencing mask beings killing off her friends on the school track team one by one. The suspects include the track coach Michaels, Laura's sister Anne who arrives in town for the funeral, the creepy school principal Mr. Guglione, and Laura's strange boyfriend Kevin. That film also starred b-horror film and western legend the late Christopher George. This film gave her alot of exposure and led to her fame as a b-movie scream queen but she still had a bit of a ways to go.

She also had a couple of cameos in two Cheech & Chong comedy films, and was cast in a couple of action flicks called 'Young Warriors' (Starring Ernest Borgnine, Richard Roundtree and Lynda Day George) and 'Savage Streets' (Starring former scream queen Linda Blair).

She then returned to low-budget horror flicks by first travelling to Utah and having a special appearance in the slasher flick that tried to carry on the tradition like 'Halloween' and 'My Bloody Valentine' did titled 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' which she played a sleazy teenager named Denise whom was one of the killers victims on Christmas Eve which her scene was very memorable. However, the film sparked alot of controversy during it's theatrical run and it was picketed.

She struck gold by having a good supporting role named Trash in the zombie flick 'Return of the Living Dead' which she starred with many known faces like Clu Gulagher, James Karen, Don Calfa, Thom Matthews and Miguel Nunez Jr. She had to perform nude most of the time in her film and dancing in a graveyard as well as being attacked by zombies and having her body painted when she turned into a zombie. The film was written and directed by Dan O'Bannon whom was famous for writing many sci-fi flicks like 'Alien'. This was Linnea's most successful film and it was made on a good budget. Eventually she was interviewed in magazines and talk shows then was blossomed into a top scream queen.

Linnea was high in demand for low budget horror flicks after her role as Trash and many b-horror film directors were looking for her after the theatrical release of this film. During the late 80's she was busy acting in numerous horror and non-horror films although they were nowhere near as successful.

Her next horror flick was in 1987 titled 'Creepozoids' as she played the role of Bianca taking place after World War III in 1999 while her and her troops hide for shelter in a science lab from acid rain but encounter a beetle like creature that was once human and it preys on them as well as sprays it's poisonous venom on some of them causing them to have gruesome deaths. Linnea gets killed towards the end of the flick by having her head chomped off. The film received a quick theatrical release in the fall and it was written & directed by David DeCoteau who used Linnea in numerous of his other films that usually went direct-to-video.

She got more work in horror flicks such as 'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama', 'Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers' and one of her last lead roles that went to theatre's 'Night of the Demons' which she the role of Suzanne, playing the whiny bimbo who goes to a closed down Mortuary called the Hull House hosted by her gothic friend Angela on Halloween night with a group of friends for a Halloween party. During the party, Suzanne and Angela both get possessed by an evil demonic spirit that they both awakened while doing a chant with their friends. They both end up killing their friends and turn them into zombielike demons as well. The film had good effects and Linnea married special effects wizard named Steve Johnson two years after the film's theatrical release but their marriage eventually dissolved.

Since the late 90's, Linnea starred in many other independent films as alot of them were made on weaker budgets but some were decent like in 'Fatal Frames', 'Death Mask', 'Kolobos', 'The Monster Man', 'Kannibal', 'Each Time I Kill', 'Corpses Are Forever' (For which she won an award at a festival for 'Best Supporting Actress'), 'Unaware' and numerous upcoming flicks. She has appeared in nearly 100 low budget films and is a household name for that type of genre!

Linnea is also a member of the PETA ('People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals') as she tries to find homes for them and is against animal testing as well as promoting animal rights. Also she is a vegetarian.

Linnea attends many horror conventions signing autographs for fans throughout the world and is one of the most beloved b-film scream queens. Today she resides in Florida and reformed with her rock band the Skirts.

Birthdate: May 27, 1958

Star Sign: Gemini

Birthplace: Davenport, Iowa, USA

Height: 5'2"

Parents: Dorothy and W Heath Quigley

Measurements: 34-22-33

Marital Status: Divorced, was married to make up effects artist Steve Johnson.

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Foods: Pasta and sweets

Hobbies: Something Physical and Speedboating

Favourite Artists: Jan Brutt and Jim Alford

Favourite TV shows: Cops and The Howard Stern Show

Favourite Movies: When a Stranger Calls, B2 and Benji

Favourite Music: AC/DC

First Acting Gig: Toothpaste Commercial

First Nude Scene: Fairy Tales

Auditions 1978. An X-rated soft core porn dud comedy on people trying out for the film 'Fairy Tales' as they are required to take their clothes off or fornicate with others.
Plus we spot screen tests too with people discussing whether or not they will take off their clothes.
Also there's even full frontal male nudity to top it all off as well as someone masturbating with a fake skeleton hand.
Linnea has a small role in this film as she takes everything off here (Even exposing her crotch even which later on decided not to do full frontal when her career was starting up more-so) and then she is discovered that she's only 16 years of age and lied about it to the producers. Then is asked to leave. She claims that 'Fairy Tales' was the first film that she did nudity so maybe this was shot afterwards but released beforehand.
The film is pointless garbage and can be pleased by fans who likes Andy Warhol's very early flicks since there was a weak plot on his films exposing nudity and people getting it on with one another. This film can fool you as a porn flick but it isn't

Fairy Tales 1978. This was Linnea's first real acting gig in a film. It was an adult spoof comedy-musical based on the character's of children's stories like Snow White, Little Bo Peep and Sleeping Beauty.
Linnea appears during the ending of the flick topless as Sleeping Beauty.
The story starts out as a Prince (Don Sparks) looking for the lady of his dreams to get him sexually excited on his 21st Birthday which is a painting on his wall which happens to be Linnea's character Sleeping Beauty.
This flick is very expolited and was out in theatre's before the 70's were ending. The music was very disco like.
This flick was one of the reason's why Linnea was usually typecast as a sexpot and was extremely nervous and uncomfortable when she found out that she was going to be topless.

Don't Go Near the Park 1979. Linnea's first supporting role in a film. This one was pretty bad and easily forgettable. She plays an owner of a bed and breakfast house to a cult member named Gar (Played by Crackers Phin) who who living agelessly as a cannibal trying to escape a tribal queen centuries ago as the queen damned him and another woman to an eternity of old age when she discovers their lurid exploits and in order to stay young they must eat the guts out of young people as they do this for centuries till present day.
He falls in love with Linnea's character but only to plan to impregnate her with a baby girl named Bondi as he plans something deadly for his child when the child turns 16.
Eventually Quigley's character gets jealous of her daughter Bondi and during her 16th Birthday when Bondi recevies a magiocal necklace from her father Quigley leaves her husband and Bondi becomes a runaway.
Linnea was only in this movie for about the first 25 minutes of it but on the opening credits her name is revealed as an introduction to her career in films plus she can be heard on the commentary of the recent DVD release.
There's also an outake of Linnea being fully nude which she probably requested as she refuses to do full frontal nudity afterwards.

Summer Camp 1979. Linnea was credited as Barbara Gold in this one for some strange reason as she breezes through this film and a good supporting role which is an awful sleazoid comedy flick that came out the same time 'Meatballs' did which it tried to have a similar theme and was credited as a ripoff but really it was a ripoff in itself.
It offers plenty of skin as Linnea plays a poor little rich girl snob named Pam as she acts stand offish towards others and has some brief scene's during the very beginning but so did the other cast members as the story didn't take itself seriopusly at all and the writer seemed to run out of an idea as to what to do here so instead it shows campers lusting after one another and there's various scene's where Linnea appears topless while changing in the girls cabin with the rest.
The story does get mildly amusing when the counsellors decided to have competing games with the boys against the girls as we see Linnea doing a swimming contest as when she tries to beat the guy she cheats by pulling his pants down which offers a bit of good humor there.
Another mildly entertaining piece is when everyone has a disco dance party and are half naked in their underwear or pajamas as then Linnea has a good scene when she goes to talk to the doctor at the camp and they get it on with one another and someone videotapes them and decides to humiliate them later on in the dance floor by bringing a TV and showing this to everyone.
There's disco songtracks and disco composing too since that was the style back then which sounds not too bad but the acting is over the top to mediocre. Linnea has done better in future films. She wasn't terrible though.
The film is very low budget as the screen quality doesn't look too good as it's hard to see people's clear faces and the story as well as the lack of budget looked good enough for Troma Team Entertainment to produce this piece. Back then no matter how bad a movie was it went to theatre's since there were no video rental stores around yet as this was one of them and a film that's very obscure which I could see why and probably didn't so well at the box office and was forgettable after it was shown there.
This was shot in the great outdoors in Malibu, California which doesn't look too forestry at all but mostly a deserted area like you see in that area which the makers should've found a better place to make it look like an actual camp site but with independent films that would be a bit pricey to travel especially for the lack of money they put into this one.
Another film with Linnea just starting out which she has done more memorable cult flicks than this but mind you she has done forgettable work later on as well with a bad budget an plot like 'Assault of the Party Nerds', 'Blood Nasty' and 'Murder Weapon.'

Stone Cold Dead 1979. Linnea has a couple lines and an effective scene even if it was a bit part. Her character name was Melody Stevens as she role is a hooker and is escorting a client from her house as he is heading home during the beginning of this film. She then takes a shower and a killer from outside shoots her through her window and she dies.
This leads to another slew of shootings as other hookers are victims as the killer shoots them in their window of a hotel or on the streets.
Eventually the police try to get involved in this case by going undercover but even they are being murdered.
A Sergeant named Sniper (Richard Crenna) risks his life to get to the bottom of the unsolved mystery bty finding out who is killing these prostitutes.
Linnea doesn't have alot of her face shown in her scene as her back is tuerned or when she is entering her own bathroom it just shows her body shot but eventually her face is revealed when she starts her shower.
This film was shot in Toronto, Ontario and was made on a very descent budget with lots of disco music too. A very good murder mystery and extremely suspenseful.

Psycho from Texas 1981.This flick involves a psychotic killer named Wheeler (Played by John King III) being hired to kidnap a businessman named William Phillips (Played by Herschel Mays) and hold him for ransom but then he escapes with Wheeler's partner chasing after him in the woods which looked suspenseful but sometimes things looked a little too corny as well.
Wheeler is disturbed by his childhood past by being abused by his fornicating mother and things around him remind his past which is the only thing that had a horror element here apart from being a killer.
Linnea comes in a quarter way through just when you think the film is almost done and is in it for about 4 minutes or so playing a sarcastic barmaid at a sleazy joint. Her Texan accent needed a bit of improvement
but yet does well when she sobs and acts scared when she is forced to take all her clothes off by Wheeler and forcing her to dance for him. She exposes her full nudity in this one too and probably the last time you will spot her like this.
Although the film was released in 1975, her scene's were shot a few years later on and the film was re-released in theatre's in 1981. It's an average grindhouse flick taking place in a county with lots of banjo and hamronica playing for the songtrack in the film.
Another obscure film that is hard to find nowadays and almost unheard of. Almost a ripoff to 'Last House on the Left'

Graduation Day 1981. One of Linnea's most memorable horror flick's. She plays a loose teenage girl at a highschool named Dolores who seduces a music teacher in order to get a good grade as well as hanging out with her boyfriend and smoking weed etc. She is questioned about the murders going on there too.
Eventually, the killer tracks Delores down while a rock band is playing at the highschool gymnasium and is strangled to death.
All the murders occured since a highschool track runner dies from a heart attack after finishing a 30-second 100-meter race and a killer is wearing a fencing mask and a sweatsuit. However, many people there are suspects.
This was alot like a 'Prom Night' type slasher but slightly a little bit cheesier. The flick also stars b-film horror and spaghetti western legend Christopher George along with some other familiar faces like E.J. Peaker, Michael Pataki, Carmen Argenziano, Virgil Frye, Bill Hulsey (of TV's Fame) and TV's 'Wheel of Fortune' hostess Vanna White.
The flick is in the same slasher tradition like 'Halloween', 'Friday the 13th', 'My Bloody Valentine' and of course 'Prom Night.'

Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams 1981. Linnea only has a 2 minute cameo in this comedy flick playing a blondie that is introduced to Cheech & Chong along with a bunch of others.
She only has one line in it. Cheech and Chong are two comedians that make jokes about smoking up and other adult situations.
The story in this flick sets out as Cheech and Chong house sit for a marijuana grower and rip off the crop.
Stalked by keystone-style cops, Los Guys have a series of encounters with L.A. area characters even weirder than themselves.

Cheech & Chong's Still Smokin' 1983. Linnea is uncredited in this one. She is nude in her cameo.
One scene is shown when she is walking towards a spa and another she is with a bunch of other nude girls along with Cheech & Chong.
The plotline in this one
is that Cheech & Chong are invited to a celebrity party/festival in Amsterdam. When they get there, however, it turns out that the guy who invited them has taken off with all the money, and the rest of the hosts have a VERY limited budget.
They are actually expecting Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, so our heroes gets to be Mr. Burt and Mr. Dolly.
We follow them around Amsterdam, at their hotel, (still) smokin' joints and doing shows.

Get Crazy 1983. Linnea is also uncredited in this one but has a few brief scene's in it. The story is very slapstick and off the wall comedy on a bunch of people preparing a concert for New Years Eve while a bad guy named Colin Beverly (Ed Begley Jr.) and his assistants Mark and Marv (Both played by former washed up teen idols Bobby Sherman and Fabian) are planning to sabotage it all that's operated by Max Wolfe (Allen Garfield) who ends up getting sick.
There's sex, drugs and rock n roll with wild performances by punk rock music with the audience doing body surfing and spoofing those types of situations which looked pretty funny.
There's many adult situations too. It's a very silly story such as someone kicking a dog in the air but this was harnless fun when you spot this not looking cruel at all as well as a punk rock singer named Reggie Wanker (Malcolm McDowell) realising that his cock is talking to him.

Linnea comes into the story as one of his groupies as her first scene is coming out of a limo looking glammed up as well as others walking out at a time. Plus there's wild partying on a plane with her topless that we birefly see her do. Plus there's a good close up shot with her coming on strong towards one of the band members while taking a break on a couch. Then she's topless again with her back turned while getting hot and horny towards Reggie as well as a bunch of other nude women by going into a room with him.
Cast also featured some other rock superstars such as Lou Reed and Lee Ving. A totally fun party flick too with energetic performances.

The Black Room 1983. Linnea had appeared close to the ending in this awful flick. She plays a character named Milly who is hired by one of the lead actors Jason (Steven Knight) to babysit his kids and to bring them up to his work place later.
The place is a renting house in the Hollywood Hills but the employers are killing the people and sucking the blood out of them for thieir use to live.
Jason doesn't realise these owners evil doings until he catches them when Milly is caught and half of her blood is sucked out of her.
A gross flick that was shot the same year 'Graduation Day' was released but was shelved for 2 years and went direct-to-video in the UK and a year later in the USA. This must've been the very first made for video release ever during it's time period.
Linnea looked great in her Farrah Fawcett/Goldie Hawn hairstyle along with her biker shorts and cowboy boots.
She is not nude in this film however and only has a couple of good scenes.

Young Warriors 1983. Linnea has a supporting role named Ginger in this film who is the girlfriend to one of the guys that just got into the fraternity.
Well this story starts as a bunch of highschool graduates in Malibu High that got into the fraternity and introduce to people Ginger who is covered in nude sheets with a blanket then they take the sheets off and she runs off.
Next scene she is working at the library there and her and her boyfriend act obscene there while hje asks her for a certain book.
Then a fraternity party happens at night ansd she is seen briefly hanging out while the others are pledges and have to do some dares in order to get in.
Suddenly during that very night , the head fraternity's younger sister is brutally raped and killed by a vicious gang so the fun stops when the sorority brothers try to track the gang down with army weapons and never speak to their girlfriends any more.
Linnea's character Ginger goes into their room and spots the weapons in their closet.
Quite a cheesy plot but a good film made on a descent budget.
Linnea wasn't one of the main character's in this action-comedy flick so her name isn't shown on the opening credits.
There were many big names in the film however like Ernest Borgnine, Lynda Day George and Richard Roundtree.
There were also family members from well known actors that weren't top names but still got work like Dick Van Patten's son Jimmy, June Lockhart's daughter Anne and Chuck Norris' son Mike co-starring in his first film.

Savage Streets 1984. Linnea has a good supporting role in this one. She plays opposite to the lead character which is former scream queen Linda Blair as her younger deaf mute sister Heather. She hangs out with her sister and her fun loving group called the Satins.
Well the Satins decide to pull a nasty trick on a vicious gang called the Scars by driving away with their car and then stuffing garbage in it. This makes their leader angry so they decide to go to their school and rape Linnea's character when she is alone waiting for her sister after school. She is put in a coma and her sister seeks revenge on them.
A very similar plotline to 'Young Warriors' except that Linnea had a bigger role in it and her name was credited in the opening along with the other main characters.
Linnea claimed that Linda Blair's role was originally going to be played by Cherrie Currie from the former girl punk rock band the Runaways but was fired and she that she and others were going to be fired too.
Linnea was excited to be working with Linda Blair as she was an icon at the time and sometimes helps her out with the PETA.
Linnea said that the rape scene was tough for her as the people who played the Scars ripped her blouse off and it caused her shoulder to get pretty torn up by it.
She also talked the director out of a couple of stuff for the rape scene and agreed with her. She found the director, Danny Steinman, a great guy to work with. He let people suggest things etc.
She also liked the director of photography Steve Posey. Unfortunately, she said that the film ran out of money and cheques bounced and it took things a few months to get things squared away.
The Screen Actors Guild was supposed to have given her $5,000 for waiting but that never happened although everyone else got theirs.
The film had an excellent soundtrack by 80's pop artists like you'd hear in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' or 'D.C. Cab' by John Farnham, 3 Speed, Michael Bradley and Real Life.
I was desperately looking for the soundtrack album but finally found the record of it on e-bay for alot of money. I cherish the record and consider it one of my favourite soundtrack albums.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 1984. Linnea had a special appearance in this one. She plays a teenager named Denise who tries to seduce her boyfriend in a recroom near a pool table in which they turn on a rock radio station to drown out Christmas carolers outside.
Then her sister is about to check up on them and she tries to prevent her from doing this telling her that Santa won't bring her presents unless she's asleep Then Denise hears a jingling sound from outside thinking it's her cat wanting to come in.
She is topless and opens the door while so and lets her cat in. Also a killer dressed in a Santa suit comes barging in and picks up Denise and impales her on two antlers from a deers head that is placed in her living room wall. Her death scene was most memorable in this slasher flick compared to any of the other one's in which she was well credited for and my favourite scene too. It was very disturbing like alot of the content used in this film that sparked controversy with parents wanting to ban this film from being released in theatre's after spotting the trailer on TV.
Of course this killer experiences another killer dressed in a Santa suit who killed his parents when he was 5 and was sent to an orphanage.
All through his life growing up there he thought that Santa was evil to kids who were naughty and got a job in a warehouse dressed as Santa but killed his employers and was heading back to the orphanage and doing some killings along the way.
Linnea was one of the unfortunate one's who was a victim to one of his slayings along with a bully afterwards.
This film tried to carry on the holiday tradition like what 'Halloween' and it was adored by many slasher fans and to some people is a cult classic, plus it gained two sequels.
The wardrobe person for Linnea's costume acted with her in a 1979 comedy titled 'Summer Camp.'
Linnea admitted that it was freezing cold when she was doing most of her scenes while opening the outside door and was topless with just shorts on. She said she hated doing that scene. She also said the trainer was holding back the cat when they were doing takes for her calling the cat and found it very cruel to the cat.
She had to hold her breath while the make up people stuck the antlers to her so they wouldn't bounce which was tough. She was also shaking cause she was so cold. What wasn't easier was the rig up there that she was held on was very uncomfortable. She had to straddle a metal pipe under her shorts.
Her death scene was well remembered in this flick. It showed her scene again in the first sequel as most of it was a flashback story told by the killers brother.
She also recalls an actress being difficult so the director gave her a diamond necklace but Linnea was left with no reward like that for being patient and professional when she had to tough out her special appearance in this film.

Return of the Living Dead 1985. Yessss! This was the flick that made Linnea a full time scream queen and her biggest budget to date. Not only that, she received alot of publicity in magazines and some talk shows.
It was a spoof on George A. Romero's 'Living Dead' films of zombies returning from the grave due to an acid rain fall and are hungry for human brains.
Linnea has a good supporting role named Trash (She dyed her hair pink/red and cut it short in the film as well as shaved her eye brows since that's what the director wanted or she would've been replaced) who is a sleazy punk who decides to break into a graveyard with her friends.
Her most memorable scene was when she took off her clothes and danced in the graveyard. When she talked about the film she remembered feeling uncomfortable with having white body make-up that was water resistant on her when she became a zombie as she was still nude.
She remembered alot of other weird stuff like being buried in mud. She also said she wasn't the original choice for the film as they had another actress to play the role six months before she was cast but the actress was pregnant.
Also her character name was originally going to be named Leap. Her audition scene was the biting and eating her alive one by zombies.
Linnea said that out of all the films, she loved this one the best.
Many people didn't like director/writer Dan O'Bannon but Linnea claimed she enjoyed working with him as she tries to behave
professionally with everyone she works with.
She stood out the most in her supporting role and was quite an attention grabber as many of you will probably agree with me. She certainly does well by having a sleazy type of attitude in her role showing off alot of great energy into what she did. Plus really showed terrific energy standing on top of a gravestone while stripping it off and doing a great dance too. Her hairstyle and make up made her look very different than in any other film along with the rest of the cast which is a compliment proving that she can portray a real character.
Basically the story centers around two bumbling employees working at a morturary named Frank (Played by James Karen) and Freddy (Played by Thom Matthews) who try to find a way to kill a goofy yellow skinned zombie but cutting it up and then burning it in a crematory oven. But then it's ashes causes acid rain to fall in where Quigley's role Trash and her troublemaking teenage friends are partying at a graveyard where they broke into and have to find shelter in their vehicle till it let's up. This causes the dead bodies in the graveyard to awaken and are hungry for human brains and it's a moment of survival for everyone. Trash was the first victim and then gets resurrected into a zombie.
Both Frank and Freddy were badly caused by some toxic gas beforehand awakening another zombie named Tarman. The two become brain eating zombies as well, making the rest of the survivors unsafe too.
Linnea had the moves for everything with this one and this was noted to be her only supporting performance in a mainstream low budget flick.

Treasure of the Moon Goddess 1987. Linnea was taking a break from films for a while as she was doing work in soft core porn flicks with mainly Michelle Bauer but she teamed up with Don Calfa from 'Return of the Living Dead' to star with him in this comedy-action flick that seemed to spoof 'Indiana Jones'. It was made on a grindhouse low budget with low production values and a bit corny and full of slapstick without it being trashy or cheesy. In fact a film that Linnea could be proud of and even non fans of hers can watch it and not thibnk it's an other typical kookie T&A flick with a thin plot as there's not really skin in it at all except for brief nudity for the near beginning when a model changes her clothing and the agent that Don Calfa plays as Harold Grand whom is a perverted one and a dimwitted fool who spies on the model undressing and getting aroused but this is only brief and the rest of the time he goes on a corny journey and getting himself into trouble.
Linnea's first appearance here is singing an 80's type of pop song at a lounge as you could tell she was lipsynching and later on goes on an adventure with Harold as she is destined to get famous as an entertainer. Her acting skills seem okay but at times a bit stiff when she gets aggressive or throwing obscene insults at her enemies. Otherwise she was a natural ham in other areas and can make you laugh.
They escpae in the water towards an island after their boat explodes from thugs who try to destory it as the effects looked okay as well as them suddenly trapped by natives and then Linnea's character is mistaken as the goddess and is dressed up as them while they are about to plan a cult sacrifice.
However they end up making peace with these natives and free from the thugs while finding a special type of small statue which shows some power as well as interesting special effects on them trying to escape the island where there's booby traps and passageways.
The film apparently went to theare's but the flick was considered obscure so it may have been a small release. It almost looked like a some sort of TV episode of 'Moonlighting'. The story was mediocre and a film that could've promised Linnea a better acting career than trashy one's that offered lots of skin but sadly it didn't. Oh well. The film offered a nice sense of humor regardless.

Creepozoids 1987. Linnea met exploited T&A cheesy film director David DeCoteau and he convinced her to do this film which led more film work into his future flicks.
She felt great since most actors get lots of rejections and was honoured that David wanted her for his film.
The film was shot in a warehouse for most of the scenes.
Linnea said that the people involved with the project will would always have a special place for her in her heart and was family to her.
Also she enjoyed working with her co-star Ken Abraham alot and says he has a nice sense of humour.
She didn't need to wear much make-up which she said was nice for her and enjoyed her costume that she wore.
Seemed to do a passable job by playing a tough type of soldier named Bianca in the film as well as really knowing on getting into a good conversation too in certain ends. Plus hardcore fans may remember her nude shower scene that she did with her co-star Ken Abraham that played her boyfriend named Butch.
She commented that she was shocked that actress Kim McKamy who was in the film moved onto pornography a year later as during the time shooting this one she refused to be nude.
Of course the movie was a futuristic horror/sci-fi flick that David tried to borrow from 'Alien' and old cheesy monster films of a pack of people trying to hide from shelter in a science lab during an acid rain fall after a nucklear war from World War III.
They all encounter a giant beetle like creature who kills and sprays poisonous venom on them. Plus they are terrorised by giant eating rats.
Although the film received a quick theatrical release in the fall of 1987 it did better as a rental in video stores.
This was one of DeCoteau's most successful flicks as most of his other films were terribly exploited with a thinner plot which went direct-to-video.

Nightmare Sisters 1988. Another David DeCoteau flick but this time it's a spoof on those exploited scream queen exorcist type flicks. A very slapstick comedy that doesn't take itself seriously at all.
Linnea gets to star with her scream queen friends Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer in this one. The film isn't terrific but funny and a real party flick.
Linnea Quigley performs a song from her band the Skirts in one scene.
The film was about a group of college nerds getting together as they are being tormented by the popular one's and none of them can get a date so they have a seance and the three scream queens turn into beautiful llusting women but however they are sex starved vamps and kills the people they try to seduce. Will the male nerds be able to stop them?
This flick was made for video as the plot and budget were very low with plenty of nudity.
If you look closely, a fraternity nerd has a theatrical poster of 'Creepozoids' hung in his room.
The film was written in six days and took three whole days to make.

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 1988. By the same makers of 'Nightmare Sisters' comes this flick with Linnea and her scream queen friends Brinke and Michelle at it again.
But this time Linnea plays a different type of role as a punk named Spider. Linnea said that this was her second flick with DeCoteau.
This was a spoof on horror flicks but was also categorised as a horror film.
The plot surrounds two sorority pledges wanting to join the sorority sisters but has to steal a trophy in a mall at a bowling alley. They are there with some frat nerds and accidentally release a demonic Imp while stealing the trophy. The Imp grants them wishes each only to be fake and possesses the sorority sisters to kill the nerds and the pledges. Linnea is there robbing the place but turns out to be a hero in the end with the head nerd Calvin (Andras Jones).
Linnea says she loves playing a tough girl in flicks so it was fun for her. However, most of the scenes were shot at night which she didn't like cause she was a day person.
Her make up was rushed and Linnea felt that she looked like a clown.
Also, the film company had to wait for the bowlers to finish bowling before they shot the scenes in the bowling alley.
Some of the girls had problems with their love life so it made things a little difficult.
Robin Stille who was cast as the head sorority sister Babs had a drinking problem and was out n out drunk and ended up hurting Linnea in a fight scene as well as getting hurt by another actress in another fight scene which Linnea got a black eye so twice she was hurt which wasn't fun. Both scenes were the last night of filming.
Linnea also paid for her own room in a hotel as she likes peace and quiet.
9 years after the shooting of this film Robin couldn't handle her alcoholism and took her own life which was a year before I first spotted her in 'The Slumber Party Massacre' which also had a supporting role by Brinke.
According to DeCoteau this film cost $250,000 to make.

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers 1988. This was a Fred Olen Ray flick which was the only time Linnea ever worked with him and found it a great experience. She couldn't tell if he was saying something serious or not.
She was excited to find out that she was going to be working with Gunnar Hansen since she was a fan of him as Leatherface in the 1974 cult classic 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'.
Well Linnea played a chainsaw prostitute named Samantha who runs away from the chainsaw cult as they were hacking up their clients with what else??? Chainsaws!
Gunnar Hansen plays the hookers pimp of course known as the Stranger.
Heather helps a detective named Jack Chandler (Played by Fred Olen Ray favourite, the cheezy b-film scream king, Jay Richardson) to track down the hookers' pimp during a cult ceremony.
Linnea found Gunnar super nice to work with. In one scene of the film Linnea had her body painted with designs as the artists who painted her body thought it would take two or three hours but it took eight (Like working a full time shift for one day).
Linnea called up her then fiance make up artist Steve Johnson to do the rest of the designs on her naked body. Then she had to do the virgin dance with a chainsaw which scared her cause she was worried that she'd get hurt with the chainsaw in action.
Some of the chainsaws had chains and some didn't but she had two large chainsaw in each hand and was woozy from the smoke of the chainsaw. After her scenes were done around 1 am with all the effects of paint etc. on her body her car battery was dead when she started it up to go home.
This flick also starred her scream queen friend Michelle Bauer who was also famous for acting in Fred Olen Ray's films like Jay was. She played a chainsaw prostitute named Mercedes and was famous for her role in this flick which made her one of the top exploited b-film scream queens along with Linnea and Brinke Stevens.
The story explained on here is better than the movie trust me as it's terrible and hokey plus was made on a lower budget than 'TCM' itself with bad dubbing.
If you're expecting this to be like the 'TCM' on the city streets, think again. This film did earn a limited theatrical release. Yet, the film was admired by fans of Fred Olen Ray's work in horror films but not me!
I rented this flick along with 'Creepozoids' but like 'Creepozoids' a bit better but not by much.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master 1988. Linnea only has a bit part in this film. Her fiance Steve was doing the make up effects on this one so maybe the director asked him to bring her into this film.
Well of course the story is about Freddy Krueger a child murderer who murder lots of kids on Elm Street and then was klilled by the kids' parents then is an evil spirit who kills kids in their dreams and then takes their souls.
He's back for the fourth time and someone tries to put a stop to him with her boyfriend.
She reflects a mirror on Freddy in her dream to put an end to him and souls come out of Freddy chest.
Linnea is one of them as it shows a nude body of her trying to get out of his chest. Linnea was basically a featured extra in this film and was credited mainly because she was married to Steve.

Night Of the Demons 1988. Linnea's fiance Steve also did make up for this one. This was the set where Linnea first met Steve actually as the other films were released beforehand but this one took longer to finish cause of the special effects etc.
They didn't date for 5 months but how they met was bizarre she claimed as they needed to see her breasts for a scene she puts make up on them and sticks a lipstick tube into her nipple breast (Which was a famous scene for her in the film) so Steve and his crew had to use prosthetic make up for that and other stuff to put on her breasts.
Linnea has one of the main roles named Suzanne a whiny party girl who hangs out with her gothic friend Angela (Mimi Kinkade) that goes to this closed down Mortuary with their friends called the Hull House. They have a Halloween party there hosted by Angela.
They find a mirror and start a chant but the chant is broken as one of their friends freak out seeing a demon in the mirror. The demon is set free and possesses Linnea's character Suzanne. Then Suzanne possesses Angela but french kissing her.
The two of them go on a killing spree turning their victims into demonic zombies like them.
Linnea is great at being funny with her one liners. When I saw the box cover of this film 10 years ago it said "Angela is having a party. Freddy and Jason are too scared to come." I was wondering if it was a part 4 to 'Sleepaway Camp' but looked at the back of the box and realised it was a different story altogether.
During Halloween night in 1998 I rented it for the first time since I was getting into Linnea's films and loved it.
Also, I spotted Jill Terashita from 'SC3' as Frannie in the flick.
The film kinda reminded me alot of other popular horror flicks like 'Hell Night' and sequels on 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'.
I found this one to be my favourite Linnea Quigley horror flick. Linnea also said she saw this film at a drive-in and had a hard time watching her scene when she was bending down at a grocery store with her big party dress on while her fellow actress Mimi was shoplifting.
Linnea also got to work with Hal Havins from 'Sorority Babes' again as he played a similar type of character.
After the film's theatrical release it was distributed by Cineplex Odeon Home Video which is also a big theatre company too.

Vice Academy 1989. Linnea got to play a Kookie character named Didi in this 'Police Acedemy' type spoof as she was in Academy training by going undercover to bust prostitution and an illegal porn ring in order to get into the Academy.
Linnea worked with Rick Sloane for the first time and was nice to everyone on set. Rick does it all, directs, writes and produces. However I find his work very stale. Still, he had a professional and patient attitude as he had rehearsals with his actors and went to the wardrobe department to make sure the colours matched for each of the actors' costumes.
Linnea said that 'Vice Academy' was very long hours and tiring. One of the locations was by her house which was the training area. She became good friends with Jayne Hamill who played the tough as nails Academy instructor Miss Devonshire who became a successful TV writer and comedian.
There was a bad incident however when she was starring with a former porn turned b-film actress named Ginger Lynn Allen whom Linnea said would remain nameless and disliked her. Linnea said that Ginger was showing up late, hung over, nasty and demanding. This created alot of tension on set of the film.
Linnea and Ginger's characters were enemies in the film so Linnea could very much relate to it.
Linnea got to work with Ken Abraham from 'Creepozoids' again which she enjoyed.
Linnea and Ginger reprised their roles in the sequel which Linnea said was alot easier to shoot and were not long hours.
Linnea said one of the actors who played a tough guy was accidentally hit by an actress and was on the ground in pain but no one seemed to care too much.
The films were very low budget. Close to Z-grade in fact with some boring scenes.
However, this film could easily be categorised as an independent film.
I loved the opening songtrack to the film which was heavy metal music.

American Rampage 1989. There's some David DeCoteau type of flicks that were avoidable made on a really bad made-for-video budget but this one was so bad it's good. Not the most serious action flick but campy fun if you're in the mood for it as there's alot of violent gun fighting with criminals and mobsters galore about a female Los Angeles cop relentlessly tries to bring down a powerful drug cartel kingpin, and losing police partner after partner in the process amid the frequent shootouts and her social life, or lack of.
The film had some decent acting surprisingly as well as the odd romantic moments dealing with the two detectives involved as well as tons of focused nudity.
Linnea only has about a 3 minute role in this one as a paris girl named Elizabeth MacIntosh whom is staying at a hotel. She makes a phone call in the hotel and I was convinced her voice was over dubbed by another voice over actress. Then she takes off her clothes and has her famous shower scene and poses normally like she has in other films doing this as the camera focuses on her rubbing herself all over. Meanwhile this happens we spot one of the killers in the film getting ready to shoot her. Suddenly she comes out of the shower to dry herself and put some lotion on her and then is shot to death. Her character seemed to be a drawing card to the mafia which sometimes I had a hard reason wondering as to how she was involved into the story. Oh well. The film budget was fairly okay for a low budgeter and kind of a grindhouse look.
Written by the same fellow who did 'Murder Weapon' but made a real improvment on this one.
It also said that it starred already washed up heartthrob Troy Donahue but he only has a supporting role in it since most of these actors remained as virutal unknowns and were trying to market this obscure flick.
Still I found this movie to be trashily entertaining and low budget cheesy action fans might find this film amusing.

Dr. Alien 1989. Linnea has a supporting role in this film with Ginger in her fourth film directed by David DeCoteau. They both play rocker chicks to a nerd named Wesley played by Billy Jacoby who has a hard time getting a girl to go out with him and a substitute teacher who is an alien played by cult icon Judy Landers that gives him a tracking device on his head that makes girls sexually aroused towards him.
Linnea and Ginger are Wesley's lustful images that go to each event he's at. Linnea and Ginger are both topless in one scene of the film after Judy Landers' character does an experiment with him so that should please all of her fans.
Also the film has a cameo by Linnea's scream queen friend Michelle Bauer as well as her co-star in 'Vice Academy' Karen Russell.
Although this was noted to be a bad film and probably never made it to theatre's I liked this film the best out of all of DeCoteau's flicks.
There's also a scene where there is Jacoby and his film family having breakfast and there's a cereal box of 'Creepozoids' plus some of the family's members watching the movie on TV.
Plus Jacoby's younger brother Bobby plays his younger brother in the film as well.

Witchtrap 1989. Linnea worked with 'Night of the Demons' horror film director Kevin Tenney for the second time as well as acting with Hal Havins for the third time.
Kevin even has an acting part in this flick as Devon Lauder.
The story is about evil supernatural forces in a house controlled by a demonic warlock. Linnea plays a beautiful reporter named Ginger Kolowski.
In the middle of the film Ginger takes her clothes off fully nude to take a shower. The water stops and the head of the shower stabs Ginger's neck and kills her.
Some good effects like in most of Tenney's films and more serious than 'Night of the Demons' but nowhere as good.

Deadly Embrace 1989. This was a film that rumour had it Linnea was not proud of. It was like a cross between a soft core porn film and a daytime soap.
Linnea has a good supporting role by playing a girlfriend of Ken Abraham's character named Michelle Arno.
The film was directed by Ellen Cabot who is really David DeCoteau under a different name. David did produce the flick but this is no 'Creepozoids' in any way. David should be ashamed for his participation in this flick.
Ken plays a college student named Chris Thompson who helps a lady named Charlotte (Played by sex pot Ty Randolph) out with her house while her husband Stewart (Played by b-film legend Jan Michael Vincent) is busy at work but wants to get rid of his wife for good.
Well Chris and Charlotte fool around with one another and then Chris' girlfriend visits and fornicates with him while staying there.
Charlotte video tapes this as she holds Michelle for ransom and makes her watch the video tape of Chris fooling around.
This made for video dud focuses on Ken, Linnea and Ty's nudity more than the plot itself which was written by writer/director/actor Richard Gabai.
If you see Gabai's other flicks it seems like that he's fascinated with pornography and weak plots which is not a compliment. Yet, he is not a bad actor.

Assault of the Party Nerds 1989. A sleazy crappy film produced, written, directed and starring Richard Gabai.
Linnea plays a sleazy popular bimbo named Bambi along with her friend Michelle Bauer who plays Muffin.
They fool around with their stuck up college boyfriends until they catch them fooling around together. Then they help out some college nerds throw a wild party.
Linnea and Michelle get naked for sure in this awful T&A comedy.
Linnea's voice sounded like it was overdubbed by another actresses voice. But again this film was badly dubbed along with the acting, directing and the storyline.
Gabai tried to clone 'Revenge of the Nerds' but in a terrible exploited and sleazy way. This is no doubt Linnea's worst film.
Believe it or not a sequel came out and both Linnea and Michelle reprised their roles and the same with Gabai. Both of them direct-to-video releases.

Murder Weapon 1989. While Linnea was doing 'Vice Academy' she worked on this sleazy comedy-horror flick as well. Linnea played a psycho sister named Dawn and Karen Russell from 'Vice Academy' played her other psycho sister Amy. Their shrink Dr. Randolph was played by former TV star Lyle Waggoner who only had a special appearance in this film.
The story was of course about
two daughters of mobsters get out of the sanitarium after having killed a boyfriend in the shower, supposedly cured and on the right track. They hold a party and invite all their old boyfriends, making all of them think there is still hope for a relationship.
Then the boyfriends start disappearing one by one.
Linnea also co-produced it with David DeCoteau as Linnea always wanted to produce to do more than act. She really wanted a challenge so this was the film she worked on.
Linnea got a house in Toluca Lake with a great price. However, Linnea said the lady who lived there was crazy. She tried to call and reconfirm stuff but she always misunderstood. Linnea asked her to heat up the pool so Karen Russell's character can dive in, swim and do her scenes which Linnea paid her to do and called her three times to remind her to do so but she never did. The pool was cold and there were other uncomfortable things. David DeCoteau had enough of this woman and changed locations without telling her and Linnea had to deal with her again.
Also, there was an actress doing a topless scene and everyone waited outside until the scene and Linnea went into the bedroom and told the A.D. "Everyone Out." There was even one man had his own video camera ready.
David was always cracking up when Linnea had to perform a serious scene.
There was even a scene where someone was watching a pay channel on TV and David DeCoteau's spoof 'Nightmare Sisters' was showing and the scene was when Linnea, Michelle and Brinke's characters were all taking a bath together.
The film was a terrible low grade slasher flick that offered terrible dialogue, bad acting, terrible gore effects (There's a scene where a hand is torn through a guys neck and another where someone's head is smashed by a hammer that looks like glass smashing) and plenty of skin.
The opening scene in the film looks very similar to another terrible slasher flick (No where near as bad as this) titled 'The Intruder'.
At least Linnea was giving this film a shot. Another typical awfully made direct-to-video flick though.

Blood Nasty 1989. As if 'Murder Weapon' wasn't bad enough. This year seems to be a rotten career for Linnea as she was in one bad direct-to-video flick after another. This film barely passes as a horror flick in which I had doubts reviewing it in my movie section which almost seemed like a plain black comedy and an awful one too.
The story involves an incident gone bad by a group of jewel thieves killing an innocent man named Roy Flowers (Played by Todd McCammon) who is awakened from the dead by a spirit of a killer named Blade who possesses his body and returns to the poor family of Roy's whom got alot of money from his life insurance and are not sure if they want him alive still and keep his returning from their landlord Barry Hefna (Played by former 50's hearthrob Troy Donahue whom was accepting roles in awful made for video flicks during this time period since he wasn't being successful in anything else).
But hopwever Blade has deadly plans up his sleeve with this family and Linnea comes into the picture as his girlfriend Wanda Dance who is a stripper and in her first appearance she is topless putting on one of her outfits before doing a strip tease for her gig and tries to contact Blade through aa crystal type ball which looked tacky on how she was doing this.
She of course visits Blade possessing Roy's body and gets topless wearing a cowboy hat and boots in his bedroom trying to get kinky which seems to do most of the talking for her performance.
In the end she tries to help the family out before she gets killed but that's nothing to brag about either.
Ther film was barely released onto video and you would be lucky to find it which it took me 4 days to download this piece of junk. It apparently was more known to be in stores in other foreign areas.

The Girl I Want 1990. Linnea also produced this one as well as co-starring in it as a punk trashy girl named Teri whom is friends with Karen Russell's character Lisa as they try to help a brainy and nerdy girl named Amy (Played by Elizabeth Kaitan) by turning her into like them as a tough type bimbo in order to get a football star to like her but found out that they liked each other for whom they were in the first place.
Linnea seemed to have fun playing this role as a tough talker with attitude as well as her acting sharp as well as flirtatious by partying out with other guys as the fun starts with them wtching a horror film which is of course 'Murder Weapon' showing the memorable death scene of the sledge hammer slamming on someone's head. This film was by the same makers and some of the same cast. It can be a fun flick at times but equally bad as well. Especially some flashback and imagination sequences involving certain character's with the bright background like in that flick which looked overly annoying to watch. This went right to video in Belgium and straight to cable for USA Up All Night in the US a year later as we don't reveal any skin like it was going to suggest many times as the plot looked sleazy at times and was missing just that.
Cast also features Burt Ward who has in jokes from his character Robin in the 1960's TV spoof 'Batman'.
Yet there is a good message in this story to show people that the real one's will accept you for whom you are. The film was badly shot on and giving it a grindhouse look to it too.

Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout 1990. This was a real workout video by Linnea along with some comedy scenes with zombies and beautiful women.
She improvised in it with her actresses because she didn't get a location permit.
For her workout film they found a condo in Tohuegenga Canyon to double as an abandoned sanitarium so she went up at 5 in the morning to build a graveyard and then brought in thirteen zombies.
Linnea asked 'Movietime' and 'Entertainment Tonight' to visit the set and about 2 in the afternoon they arrived. When they were about to shoot the promo a bunch of fire trucks came up the road right after them.
No one knew that they did fire drills about once a month when they found them and the fire marshall kicked them out. Linnea was scared that the shows were going to use the footage of the marshall busting them and stalling for time while the crew set up again. Linnea convinced them to reshoot at her parents place where they finished the video.
The video was very weak video made style but very entertaining as it shows real workout exercises as well as showing some clips from her acting career.
Some of the cast who played the zombies working out in this video have worked with Linnea before. These actors were Jeff Bowser who played Zoomer in 'Virgin High' and Kathi O'Brecht who played Rhonda in 'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama'.

The Guyver 1991. Linnea only had a cameo in this one but she was credited with some other actors during the opening credits.
This film stars our own beloved Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill as Max Reed, a young man discovers a mechanical device that merges with his own body, turning him into a cyborg superhero. When strange creatures start appearing, trying to take the device back, he begins to uncover a secret plot to genetically engineer terrifying monsters. One of the monsters accidentally lands on a set of a cheesy horror monster film starring Linnea Quigley so Linnea plays herself in this flick. She lets out a long and loud scream and is ticked when she realises it's a total screw up.
This flick is a sci-fi, action and comedy in one and a very well done one too. Unfortuantely the 'Guyver' never made it to theatres but it was based on the popular superhero animated show.

Virgin High 1991. By the same makers as 'Assault of the Party Nerds' but nowhere near as bad but still pretty bad nonetheless.
A girl gets in trouble with her parents for allegedly fooling around with her boyfriend, and they send her to a catholic girls' high school.
Linnea Quigley plays a sleazy and stuck up girl named Kathleen as her character is similar to Ginger Lynn Allen's character in 'Vice Academy' who is "in charge," and makes demands on the other girls because she has unofficial connections with the faculty.
Kathleeen fornicates with the main security guard to as well who is also a scum bag.
Cast also features Burt Ward who was famous for his role Robin in the 60's cult TV series spoof 'Batman'.
There's also a scene where there's a movie poster of 'Assault of the Party Nerds' hanging on a wall.

Innocent Blood 1992. Linnea has another cameo in this film with some other b-film horror celebrities like Tom Savini, Forrest J. Ackerman, Dario Argento, Sam Raimi and L9innea's present husband Steve Johnson at the time.
This is not a b-film and was a box office smash in theatre's which is a shame Linnea didn't get a bigger role than what she got.
The film is a horror spoof on vampires of a young woman named Marie, a female vampire with a conscience, decides to restrict her feeding requirements to the violent Pittsburgh gangsters who are at large in the city.
Marie's victims become vampires themselves if she fails to permanently immobilise them, so when this happens, the gangsters become a serious problem which she has to fix.
There is a vampire in a hospital room who burns to death due to the ray of the sun shining on him as his body falls apart and Linnea plays a nurse who runs in to see what the problem is and the vampire's arm falls off then she screams holding the arm and runs off.

Beach Babes from Beyond 1993. Another bad exploited flick but Linnea keeps her clothes on in this one.
Directed under the name of Ellen Cabot aka David DeCoteau. He must've used this name under his worst movies and my guess was that he didn't want to be associated with them after seeing the results of them.
The story is a spoof on outerspace flicks of three beautiful alien women who lands on earth cause they're low on fuel from thie spaceship and lands on a beach then they all enter a bikini contest to win a contest so they can help an earthling pay for his beachhouse being repaired as he is being threatened with condemnation. If this sounds lame it is.
Linnea plays an irritable agent for the modellers named Sally but her acting doesn't meet up to her expectations when I saw her perform in this. She however does have a nice romantic scene towards the end of the film.
The film also features relatives of big time stars like Joe Estevez, Don Swayze, Joey Travolta and Jaquollyne Stallone. One of the actresses who plays two of the three alien women is porn star Sarah Bellomo and Playboy model Tamara Landry.

Pumpkinhead II: Bloodwings 1994. This was the first film I spotted Linnea in when I rented it after Halloween in 1996. I didn't remember the film too well only that I hated it with a passion but then I re-watched it after re-watching the first film in which I enjoyed it alot better the second time.
Linnea only had a cameo type of special appearance in this one along with other b-film horror actors like Kane Hodder and R.A. Mihailoff.
The story centered around a retarded boy that was murdered by some bullies and then two decades later some teenagers resurrect a demon from the boy's grave and the boy turns into Pumpkinhead. Then he goes on a killing spree.
Linnea plays a sleazy type of character exposing her breasts in her first appearnace iof the film in a shabby old warehouse with a burly man played by R.A. Mihailoff and then later on she puts on her robe to get something out of her car while Pumpkinhead snaps this man in half and throws him out side and we do get a good screaming and wdie eyed performance by Linnea in which she's famous for apart from her nudity and sex scene's in low budget horrors like this one.
Linnea has another scene taking place in the morning at the warehouse with her spooked out of her mind and the leads played by Andrew Robinson and Gloria Hendry trying to calm her down. Linnea seemed to know her part quite well even if her scene's alltogether was under 5 minutes long.
The film also co-stars Lilyan Chauvin as a witch whom also acted with Quigley in 'Silent Night Deadly Night' as Mother Superior.

Jack-O 1995. This film looked so interesting when I saw the cover of the box but when I watched it I was disappointed as it was below average and very Z-grade with bad acting.
Linnea's first appearance is nude in a shower. She plays a babysitter named Carolyn Miller on Halloween night who protects a demonic killer who's name is Mr. Jack the Pumpkin Man who was originally a wizard centuries ago was put to death.
The wizard happens to be an ancestor of the child Carolyn is babysitting named Sean.
An ok film to watch for the laughs as it's hokey horror but that's all it is.
Almost looks like a terrible spoof on 'Pumpkinhead'.
Features many special appearances with actors that Linnea has worked with in the past like Brinke Stevens and Dawn Wildsmith.
There was also appearances by horror icons John Carradine and Cameron Mitchell before their deaths.
The ending credits were cool as it showed the scenes of the actors who starred in it just like watching the opening of a TV show when it says starring so and so with the person.

Burial of the Rats 1995. A made for cable flick that took place in 19th Century France, a young Bram Stoker is captured by a man-hating, all-female cult of thong bikini wearers.
Aided by flesh-eating rats, the warrior women raid the lairs of evil men and punish them.
Our hero must decide between his wish to escape the dangerous cult and his love for one of its members.
Linnea just had a supporting riole as one of the Rat Women. Her lines were usually chants with the rest of the women in it. It shows scenes of her sword fighting and other eventslike that. The show kind of reminded me a horror version of a Greek tragedy.

Fatal Frames 1996. I mark this one to be Linnea's best performance and should've won a best supporting actress award for her role in it. Linnea travelled to Italy to act in it as she appears halfway through the film as she tries to help out a lead character who's a music video director from New York named Alex Ritt (Played by Rick Gianasi) that has travelled to Italy to make a music video there but a bunch of slaughterings have occurred with the people who are working with him to find out the truth behind a group of slaughterings as well as the victims haunting him.
She has a few good scenes and then gets killed or so we may think but there's a surprise ending for Alex in the end. This was not a small role by any means as her fans will be happy and will really enjoy her performance in it.
Donald Pleasance also has a supporting role in this film as it was his last one before he passed away which he did in the middle of the shoot. There was a one liner joke of his character Loomis in 'Halloween'.
This Italian horror flick was apparently a success at film festivals nationwide which is not surprising.
Linnea's ex-husband Steve also did the effects for this one.

Boogie Boy 1997. Linnea was seen brefly in this film of a man who has just been released from prison vows to start a new life, but is put to the test when an old cellmate appears.
Cast features former porn queen Traci Lords who moved onto mainstream acting as she plays a b-film star named Shonda and is showing some people her cheesy horror flick she was in which shows her and Linnea Quigley who plays Gretchen on the TV screen with another actress too.
Cast also features rock icon Joan Jett who was famous for her hit song "I Love Rock N' Roll." This film was in good taste and had a strong cast.

Death Mask 1998. This film was done by the same makers as 'Jack-O' but they've really improved on this one. It's still made on quite a low budget and looking like a made-for-cable type of cheapo but yet the story is alot better.
However the acting is a bit rough as Linnea portrays a tomboy named Angel Wilson as she's quite rough and a bit over the top in her performance especially when she shows off her aggressions during the beginning of her performance while standing up for a the lead character Wilbur Johnson (Played by James best who also wrote this screenplay and can't shake off his accent like he did as Roscoe in the 'Dukes of Hazzard') but there's other times she's not too bad like having her charming attitude with him as well as being romantic which shows off not too shabbily.

It's about the character Wilbur who has a scarred face since he was a child due to his evil and abusive father and since then works at a carnival as a freakshow performer and tormented by many there including his boss but Angel helps him out by going to a swamp where a witch grants him a magical mask but owes her something valuable in return as this mask causes people to get scared since it has a demonic type of force and causing them to have accidental deaths.
I quite enjoyed this film even if some may disagree but the makers tried the best they could due to a lack of a budget and Linnea is rough alot in her performance but shows it off nicely in others especially during the end of the flick with her emotional attitude.
I watched this on youtube as about 10 minutes of it was cut out due to nudity was my guess since I hear she performed a nude scene and maybe some of the other performers too. Yet it had a good storyline. This film is a hard one to find.

Mari Cookie and the Killer Tarantula in 8 Legs to Love You 1998. Linnea went to Spain to be in this film as she has a good supporting role in it named Tere in which she seemed to do okay by having a bubbly type of personality in it as well as playing a mother to a daughter who is caught in the killer tarantula's spell of lust but this is not a horror film by any means. It's a plain sleazy comedy porn dud with the odd horror situations only to disappoint you that it doesn't pull through that way. Full of nasty nudity but suprisingly Linnea keeps her clothes on but there's a near moment where she almsot reveals some skin.
Also who stars with her in this is her scream queen friend Michelle Bauer as the story about a Tarantula with an almost carttonish effect on woman's head had kidnapped two people fully naked in her web and transforms into a person working at a strip joint. The story is so out of whack that you don't know what is happening much. Linnea tried to add some spunk into what she does especially while trying to have a conversation but that doesn't cut it and there's longing scene's on women lusting after one another. This is a lesbain sex flick but there's an odd moment on a woman fornicating with a guy. The picture quality is pretty good but that's it. A film you'd want to avoid for sure.

Animals 1999. Instead of playing these bimbo roles she now takes on playing a remarried family woman named Dana Miles-Evans who travels with her new husband and daughters to camp out in their trailer in which she adds a good charm to her role as well as trying her best to get into her role as a reasonable type of mother too with her discussions towards her onscreen daughters and adjusting to their stepfather.
She also wears a sexy type of top and tight daisy duker type shorts. They run into a demented family of sick killers who hold them for hostage. Of course they catch her character nude while she has sex with her husband and is fully nude folks. Plus there's peer pressuring moments to manipulate her into doing what they want her to do in order to keep her husband alive as this was supposed to look disturbing as well as one of them raping her doggy style which she knew hoe to scream intensely but when she cries in fear it is a bit off.
She manages to do the heroic thing by trying to escape which is also supposed to be an attention grabber only to have her luck running out. Sound familiar to a 1972 Wes Craven cult classic we all remembered watching starring David Hess??? Yes this is a ripoff to 'Last House on the Left' but this one is a non horror although that one was barely a horror to beging with. It's a badly made crime-thriller almost dull in every way with tons of bad acting as well as a news reporter looking down on a piece of paper while doing a broadcast. The story was also confusing and uneven at first, badly written and made on a terrible camcorder camera with bad audio too.
It does get mildly amusing when the vengeful daughter seeks revenge on these maniacs with her traps and weapons on her but that's still nothing to brag about. Watching a porn flick is better than this piece of junk and I'm sure Linnea wasn't proud of this clunker and did it to pay her bills like most working actor or actress does when they're struggling for gigs during a rough time of their life.

Moving Targets 1999. Linnea travels to New York in the snowy winter time for this decent crime flick which was made on a decent budget with a good plot in which she is creadited as one of the main characters but she is only seen in it a quarter way through with two scene's as she's in it for like less than 5 minutes or so.
However alot of the actors did a solid job but some of them weren't big names which you'd think they were especially an adult tomboy detective Zoe Crowe (Played wonderfully by Sue Ball as her timing is right with her no nonsense attitude as well as her brawling with the male criminals which can be a pleaser for people who enjoy these types of action films. Also there's campy dialogues with her and others during a stakeout which adds light humor to the story too. The film is about
a pair of cops are following a lawyer who has information on a mobster. He's killed and his wife has to help the cops catch the bad guy.
Burt Ward had a nice supporting role in the film as the chief of the police headquarters with a dark secret of his own as he plays this well and it's nice to see him doing a decent film.
Linnea has an affective role playing a district attorney and looked decent in her part instead of those lustful types which is a good pointer for her as a character actress in which she does this nicely in a courtroom when she tries to show a floppy disk on evidence and it was switched showing some comic cartoons as well as showing her being frusterated later on and discussing this. We hear her voice briefly later on with a phone discussion and then the story gets juicy when Zoe and her sidekick are rushing to the courtroom to prove the case and Linnea's character assures the judge that they will arrive when the opionated judge is about to close the case as this looked adventureous and keeping you in suspense if they will arrive in time.
It proves that small roles can be affective and hers proves that and a nice feather in her cap to be a convincingly serious actress instead of working in those typical trashy b-movies offering skin as this film doesn't offer any of that at all and given a PG-13 rating. The movie is pretty good.

Play it to the Bone 1999. I remember seeing an unofficial site of Linnea online and announced that she will play an overdosed hooker in this upcoming film. Well when it came to theatre's during the new millenium, I went to see it since I wanted to see Linnea on the big screen for the first time. I had a feeling that it was a bit part cause of the role she played in it and I was right. It showed her naked with a guy and another woman nude all coked out and laying there stiff during the first bit of the film. She was uncredited in the film (Basiacally a featured extra in it).
I didn't like the film as it wasn't my style. However there's a good supporting role by Jack Carter who starred with her in the awful soft core porn dud 'Deadly Embrace' This is what the story is all about, Two aging fighters in LA, friends, (Played by Antonio Banderas and Woody Harrelson) get a call from a Vegas promoter because his undercard fighters for a Mike Tyson bout that night are suddenly unavailable. He wants them to box each other. They agree as long as the winner gets a shot at the middleweight title.
They enlist Gloria, Cesar's current and Vinnie's ex girlfriend, to drive them to Vegas.
On the trip, we see flashbacks to their previous title shots, their competitive friendship, and Gloria's motivational wiles. (She has her own entrepreneurial dreams.) The fight itself is historic: ten rounds of savagery and courage.
Who will win, who'll get the title shot, who gets Gloria, and where will she find venture capital?

Kannibal 2001. Linnea travels to the UK to perform in this film which she has one of the lead roles. In this film she plays a tough and sleazy bi-sexual mob boss from Russia named Georgina Thereshkova.
She seems like an American actress though trying to put on an accent but still her performance is very solid all the way through.
Her character is the target for inspectors who are trying to uncover a maniac who's creating a bunch of cannibalistic slaughterings to get even with the law for killing his wife and unborn child.
Each time Georgina is molesting someone they end up dead later (Yes, Linnea shows some skin). She is then taken in for questioning along with these grizzly murders.
The film has a good solid cast but at times the story sinks in some scenes and it gets tiring but it does pick up at other times too. However, the corpses look totally fake as you can tell that they are dummies.

Zombiegeddon. 2003 A student film by Chris Watson and not a great one with lots of bad acting and directing and made on a camcorder budget but has lots of bloody gore effects. The film was shown in a few underground venues before being released onto DVD by Troma Team a few years later. It can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it but if not you need to avoid it. At first you wonder if this is a comedy-horror like 'Shaun of the Dead' but instead it's just a plain zany comedy trying to use 'South Park' humor in a bad way but using horror elements like the gore and flesh eating zombies.
It all starts out when a lady named Laura Reynolds (Brinke Stevens) goes to a radio station to talk about Lucifer, otherwise Lord Zombie (William Smith) wanting to take over the world with zombies while two redneck cops who stir trouble for others are encountering this madness and tries to help the matters out.
Linnea Quigley only has a cameo in the film as a school principal named Russo in which she appears after the opening credits and has a dialogue scene with child actor Kai Wandry as a younger character to the lead actor of the film named Jeff in which she lectures him in her school office aboput telling tall tales of zombies taking over the world and needing help. She only has less than 2 minutes with her eppaeance in all of this and her performance seems a bit wooden and unconvincing as a propaincial and wears goofy looking glasses too which doesn't help matters at all.
There are a few exceptions in the film too like Brinke, Robert Z'Dar, Jeff Dylan Graham and a cameo by Edwin Neal.

Corpses Are Forever 2003. Ah yesss! This was one of Linnea's best performances! I liked her best in 'Return of the Living Dead' but this film was her second best performance I found. She has a good supporting role playing a dead person who appears as a spirit to Jose Prendes' character Malcolm Grant (Who also produced, wrote and directed the flick). Linnea's character's name is Ellie Kroeger as she has encountered him when she was also alive during black & white flashback scenes. Linnea is both witty and serious throughout the film. Jose is a big fan of George A. Romero's 'Living Dead' flicks as well as James Bond films too. So he combined both of them into this film. He had a very limited budget on this one as the outdoor sets weren't closed so you could see traffic driving by when there were zombies taking over the world as well the audio wasn't terrific which turned some viewers who saw this away. But it was a great story and well acted. Most of the actors had to work for free but Jose was very fortunate to have some familiar faces like Linnea as well as others like Richard Lynch, Linnea's scream queen friend Brinke Stevens, Vancouver, scream queen Debbie Rochon, Don Calfa, Conrad Brooks and Felissa Rose. This film showed their true talents as some of them were in really bad movies and it was hard to show their true talents. This is what the plot is all about, a young Government secret agent named Malcolm Grant (Jose Prendes) awakens with amnesia in a post-apocalyptic world in permanent darkness and overrun by the living dead and it's also dark all through the hours as the gates of hell have blown open. To find answers to find answers to his hidden in his concious he teams up with an army led by a man named General Morton (Richard Lynch) and to stop the zombies and finding the source to do so. However, Malcolm realises that Morton is the devil controlling the zombies and his wife Marguerite (Debbie Rochon) is also working with Morton and is trying to kill Malcolm. Malcolm has a little help with a spirit corpse named Elli Kroger (Linnea Quigley) whom he has encountered a long time ago when she was alive and helps him survive being eaten alive by the zombies.

Sexbomb 2003. This film was categorised as a comedy/horror but really it's just a plain dark comedy and a bad one too. The film was done in 1989 but was shelved away and released onto DVD in 2003.
The character Linnea Quigley plays is a sexpot scream queen actress working in trashy horror flicks in which her character is dedicated to her career in b-horror flicks abnd has the lead supporting role in the film as a nice girl with an outgoing attitude named Phoebe Love who appears tiopless in her first scene in which she is even in the beginning of the film as someone on set performing in a horror flick against a wielding maniac screaming for her life which looked phony but again it was set out to be that way.
Basically the story centers around a dweeby film writer named Lou Lurrod (Played by Stuart Benton) who gets fired by his producer named King Faraday (Played by Robert Quarry) but King's lustful wife Candy (Played by Delia Sheppard in her first leading role) who wants her husband dead and fools around with Lou and trying to manipulate on helping her kill him even if he's hesitant on doing so.
Linnea comes in during alot of scene's while working on set or even hanging out with the character Lou by flirting with him and acting very charming too in which she does a good job in her role.
Most of the acting however is quite bad as well as the writing which is amateurish along with alot of nudity and lustful moments mainly involving Delia Sheppard who always seems to take off her top in any movie she acted in which does more the talking for her since I've always found her to be a terrible actress.
The flick looks like that it was made on a similar budget as 'Vice Academy' which offers similar tongue in cheek as well as other similarities in another low budget comedy called 'The Gumshoe Kid', in which both films came out during the same year as this one was supposed to have but those one's were more worth watching than this one which is why I can understand why it was shelved.
Even if this film was a triibute to Linnea herself there's better films out there to watch with her in it.
Yet she comments that it was a cute film and the cast and crew were really nice people. Plus her manager at the time Anthony Mora was the producer of the flick. To top it off Anthony had her on the front of Premiere Magazine and tons of shows too. She noted also that she screamed on every TV show and the people involved are special people whom, she treasures very much.

The Rockville Slayer 2004. A very well done flick.
Quite a few suspenseful scene's with a mysterious killer doing away some teenagers getting it on in their vehicle and the head Sheriff Duncan (Played by Joe Estevez) trying to find the missing pieces on who the killer could be since there was an escapee from a mental institution and he is an easy prey as a suspect to these murderous crimes.
Linnea has a smaller role in this one as she's seen in flashback memories revolving around a mental hospital as well as a father revealing his dark secret to his son on who his real mother is which Linnea is revealed nude during a sex scene but this moment was necessary instead of a film offering nothing but skin since she is the secret of being this boy's Mom.

She appears later on near the end of the movie when the mystery ends up being resovled and has her scene's with Robert Z'Dar with him being forceful and abusive towards her while she acts disturbed and freaking out and having an upsetting and emotional attitude which she seemed to do fairly well by being this way.
Her role as Mary Burns seemed to be the true key role to the story here as when we first watch the film we all wonder as to when she will suddenly appear in the film as it takes a while.
Made ona decent budget for an independent flick as well as good scenery but sometimes the audio is off. Yet well written with a good cast as this can give Linnea good credit for being in a serious project and not a lousy one.

Frost, 2004 Linnea just has two small scene's in this one playing the role of a barmaid named Sandra but yet is one of the main targets to this plot as it involves a murder case by a killer wearing black and a ski mask as it leads to missing clues on a murder of an officers wife that has some deep dark secrets which leads to affairs, hit and run and vengeful matters.
Some of this was shot in Germany and was overdubbed by German voice over's for the American actors including Linnea herself. It was hard to tell her talents in this one due to that matter.
She has a discussion with Lieutenant
Braque (Played by Tony Travis) in his office as their discussions are uplifting. Then it jumps to the next scene as she was a barmaid just finishing her hours and ready to make love with her boyfriend and yes she takes it all off proving that she will still do nudity throughout all the years in her acting career. Real artsy shots on her getting it on and then suddenly the killer does her in by stbbing a knife through her neck which was a clever way for a quick killing.
Her character name is mentioned to her friends leading to a big case so it was effective enough in the story and a couple times a flashback sequence of her fornicating is revealed.
The film is a bit exploited but not overly and made on quite a decent budget for an indie flick and a fairly solid plot too. At first it seems like just a crime-thriller but it is a horror/slasher flick with solid dark moments used into the story and well shot too.

Vampitheatre 2009. A film that's a horror and music video type of genre in which the musicians happen to be vampire's who feast on human blood wherever they travel to do a concert, interview or shooting a music video and an FBI agent tries to track them down for these killings. Linnea has a special appearance in this one as the Queen of the vampire's but not a part of the band which is a shame.
She has ghoulish make-up on her but sadly her voice is overdubbed by a man with a deep voice which is a bummer since we don't spot much of her acting skills yet comes across as fairly ghostly and even shows her wicked expressions as well as her fangs about to attack which can make you jump out of your seat in one spot of the flick.
Although her appearance was supposed to be memorable it sadly isn't at all.
The film can be a fun one to watch if you're in the mood for it but there are many lacking spots used in it with lots of skin too. Linnea keeps her clothes on as she usually does in the recent stuff that she does.
She travelled to Georgia to do this one as my guess is the filmmakers would hope that this one would sell cause of her being in it. The film quality is pretty good for an independent flick and there's the odd good dialogues with the other actors too so it isn't wasteless junk at all.
Some of the music is pretty good too but some of it was annoying too having techno type playing which I never got into.

Night of the Demons 2009. This one was a remake to the 1988 film in which Linnea had a good supporting role in as she has a cameo in this one. She wears the same outfit too like in the original as a joke and tribute to the first. She is in it for less than a minute for the first bit when kids go trick or treating in her rowdy nieghborhood and she answers the door and then bends down to get some candy like she did in the beginning of her scene in the original at a corner store to grab the employees attention while her friend Angela was shoplifting. She seemed to show some nice spunk in her brief role and definetely knew on how to pay a tribute to this remake.
The story was alot different than in the original which seems to be necessary since there's no point in watching the same old thing over again but yet it doesn't have the same effective chemistry like in the original either. It looked like one of thoe typical unorginal horror films we see today showing nothing too spectacular and not enough cheesy good entertainment like back in the 80's when these kinds of flicks were exciting to watch.
The film earned a limited theatrical release in the UK during close to summer's end in 2009 and then coming to DVD two weeks before Halloween in 2010 in North America. Plus it had a familiar cast involved too.

Spring Break Massacre 2009. A flick done by Michael Hoffman who brought you the trashy no budgeted horror anthologies like 'Scary Tales' along with it's sequel. He tries to carry on the T&A slasher tradition like 'Slumber Party Massacre' with this one but that was by far more entertaining than this piece of shit. None of it was believeable. Linnea comes into the film the first half of it as she plays a deputy at a police station in which she tries to be humoress with her sarcasm in the flick but this falls flat big time. She acts opposite of Reggie Bannister (Yes Ice cream man from the 'Phantasm' films) who plays the head sheriff as they have corny conversations which looked unconvincing along with certain aggressive dialogues that fell flat too.
She gets killed off by the killer as her screaming was so wooden and low on energy in which she has done far better in her lung power in past horror films. I can see why she hasn't done much since the 80's and 90's when she was in better trashy low budget films. If she continues to perform like this she's in trouble.
Basically the story is about a bunch of sorority students deciding to throw a spring break slumber party at their resort by a lake owned by one of the students named Heahter Kilbourne (Played by Sarah Minnic) and her father Mr. Kilbourne (Played by John Schumski) but a convicted killer named Stanley Peterson (Played by Curtis Taylor) has escaped from prison and is possibly killing these sorority co-ed's. The story sounds more fun than the film itself since it's very amateurish.
Linnea's character with Reggie's tries to find the missing pieces of this killer but that's nothing too exciting either.
There's alot of skin in the film but Linnea keeps her top on. A direct-to-DVD dud that was barely released.

Girls Gone Dead 2012. Another Hoffman flick but this is his best effort so far in which it has a bit of a better storyline but same idea with college students going away on a spring break to reunite with old highschool cheerleading friends but there's a hooded killer in a mask doing away people with a battle axe.
Linnea just has about a 5 minute or less appearance as an owner of a Willie Coyote outdoors lounge in which is deserted when the friends go to it as she dresses as a female Crocodile Dundee sort of fashion. Yet she is over the top with her Aussie accent but yet seemed to fit her role as she was supposed to be comedic so she seemed to offer okay comedic timing throughout her performance. In another part of the storyline she sings kookie to entertain the people there as well.
The film offered tons of skin but she keeps her clothes on as she's getting up in her age as the nudity was focused on the younger female cast members.

The film can be a fun flick if you're in the mood for a medicre slasher flick with off the wall humor that isn't too funny at all.

Caeser & Otto's Deadly Xmas 2012. Linnea makes a 2 scene appearance in this awful parody to 'Silent Night Deadly Night' in which she plays a kookie agent in which she offers the character Caeser (Played by Dave Campfield) a job playing a Santa Claus but he almost declines. She gets aggressive with him but the scene was utterly pointless to watch.
Later on in the story this Caeser character along with a friend has a dispute with her and then they leave as then the Santa killer Demian
(Played by former CKY rocker Deron Miller) enters her office as she acts out a moment in a film that they discuss which looked utterly stupid and then he impales her on same deer antlers just like in 'SNDN' to pay a tribute to her performance in it.
She tries hard to be funny in this spoof but she just doesn't cut it by any means but yet most of the performances here really sucks. She is billed with other b-film celebrities like Brinke Stevens, Joe Estevez, Felissa Rose, Debbie Rochon and Troma Team president Lloyd Kaufman.
If you haven't seen this flick trust me you're not missing out on much.

Trophy Heads 2014. Linnea plays herself in this one as this is a tribute to low budget scream queens about an obsessed horror fan who kidnaps these scream queens and makes them reenact their famous film roles and then he decapitates them and uses their heads as trophies of his own.
Linnea plays a washed up actress turned bible thumper and boy was she humiliating in her role as I couldn't believe how terrible she was in this one. I've seen her do bad performances before but this was her worst to date. She's lost touch with her characteristics.
While she's kidnapped by this horror fan she is put in a cell wearing an outfit from her role in 'Creepozoids' and has to find someone and only has an amount of time else acid will fall just like in the beginning of that movie while her and the others hide from shelter of acid rain.
She seemed to do okay with her intense and emotinally scared attitude when she is forced to play his game as I saw a bit of an improvement but everything else lacked big time.
The film is a horror parody of the days on VHS of 80's horror and sci fi trash. It's a mediocre flick and can be a fun party type.
She also acts in this one with her scream queen friends Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer plus other bfilm actresses appeared in this one too.
This also marks her debut with Full Moon Pictures as it was about time she worked with them since I hoped that she would have but her performance was a total embarassment. Plus some bad writing on what she had to say which didn't help matters better.

The Barn 2016. A small independent grindhouse film that looked well done as it was very watchable but she only has a cameo in this one as she is only in it for a few minutes. The story is taking place in 1989 on Halloween in which there's a barn with an evil awakening caused by some mischevious teens as the flick is a total bloodfest.
Linnea plays a local in which she scolds one of the teens for scaring children with his Halloween tales in which she was quite still while performing this and quite over the top. This is a shame as it was a great flick to watch yet alot of the other acting was quite still so it just wasn't her that failed to portray a convincing character.
In the story these teens decide to go trick or treating and causing trouble as well as going to the farm area to do a truth or dare game which isn't a smart idea awakening these evil ghouls as well as a slashfest at a local dance and so fourth plus the surviving one's go in for the kill to try and snuff these evil beings.
The film had a balls to the wall soundtrack and looked like a retro type of horror film with some dry comedy used in it too along with the odd cheesy moments. Still it was entertaining all the way through.
Features creatures rising from the ground as it reminds me of horror characters from other films in which the outfits looked very convincing.