What can I say about Michelle? Well she certainly attracts many attentions to the trashy b-film viewers and has performed alot of nudity in her films. Also she has worked in many exploited horror films directed by Fred Olen Ray and David DeCoteau as well as many spoofs on horror flicks (She seems to have a knack for comedy). Plus she is billed as a scream queen on the same level as Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens. Also she played a killer in horror films as not all scream queens have to be a victim using their lung power.

The first time I spotted Michelle was when she was credited as Michelle McLellan in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. I rented it because Leatherface starred in it and hoped for it to be as intense as Texas Chainsaw Massacre but was I ever wrong. It was a goofy tongue in cheek horror flick but Michelle was very menacing with her chainsaw hacking up her client since she played a chainsaw prostitute named Mercedes.

Most of the films I rented with her she usually starred with her scream queen friend Linnea Quigley. The two of them seemed to work well together nevertheless even if most of the films were terrible and badly acted and directed.

Michelle Medvitz was born on October 1, 1958 in Montebello, California. Her father is Czechoslovakian and her mother is Mexican.

In 1977 she was married for only a year to Ken Bauer. Then she took up modelling in Xrated magazines and in 1981 she was nominated as Penthouse Pet of the Month on July of 1981. During that same year she worked in soft core pornography crediting herself as Pia Snow. However, she quickly left the business to try and pursue work in legit films and was luckily enough not to be categorised as a porn star unlike Julia Parton, Traci Lords and Ginger Lynn Allen.

However, cause she did work in the porn industry Michelle was often typecast in direct-to-video exploitation films and often doing full frontal nudity for a while.

Michelle appeared in a horror documentary with horror icon Cameron Mitchell titled Terror on Tape in 1985 which helped her a bit to work in the horror film industry as she played a lustful type character in the film.

Michelle also had minor roles in films like The Man Who Wasn't There, Monaco Forever, Roller Blade, Cavegirl, Tomboy, Screen Test and Reform School Girls.

Michelle then got her break in 1986 by winning a lead role in Fred Olen Ray's flick The Tomb playing an evil vampiress type of Egyptian named Nefratis. Her voice acting was overdubbed as well as the film being badly acted and plotted but she received alot of exposure and a magazine rated it as the most rented direct-to-video flick.

Also, Michelle remarried to someone named Don McClellan as she used that last name for a while for her future film work. They both shared 1 child named Whitney born in 1988.

Still Michelle still pursued her filmwork by appearing in more of Olen Ray's horror and non-horror films. She then auditioned for director David DeCoteau who was known for his cheesy horror monster flick Creepozoids which successfully had a small theatrical release in the fall of 1987. DeCoteau cast her in his spoof called the Nightmare Sisters which went dirtect-to-video of that same year but was only paid a salary of 400 dollars. However, Michelle got to work with Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens in the film as they were both top low budget scream queens and soon Michelle would be on the same scream queen bill with them too.

All of them worked with DeCoteau again in the horror parody titled Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama which she played a sorority pledge named Lisa. Although most critics bombed it many fans that enjoyed trashy horror flicks adored it and the film did receive a limited theatrical release which Michelle had a chance for viewers in selected areas to see her play a main role on the big screen.

Then she worked again with Fred Olen Ray as he also cast Linnea for the first time in a slasher flick titled Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. This made Michelle a top scream queen as she plays a menacing chainsaw prostitute named Mercedes who hacks up her clients with a chainsaw and the film became a cult favourite to Fred Olen Ray fans.

Michelle worked steadily with David DeCoteau and Fred Olen Ray for their projects like Spirits, Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge and Blonde Heaven.

She also worked in other horror films such as Bloody Movie (Which was shelved for many years till it saw the light of day on DVD), Demonwarp and The Dwelling.

With all this to her credit she appeared in three horror documentaries in the early 90's that focused on her horror films titled Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (Hosted by Brinke Stevens), Invasion of the Scream Queens and Chiller Theatre Expo Video Volume 1.

However, during that same year her marriage to Don McClellan dissolved but her career in exploited horror films still shined on.

In the late 90's Michelle travelled to Spain to star in the horror film Lust for Frankenstein. Then during 2004 she appeared in one last Fred Olen Ray flick titled Tomb of the Werewolf as well as in 2008 Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust. During these time periods she announced that she has retired from acting but that has changed since then as she is still pounding away working steadily in films for David DeCoteau and so fourth.

Terror on Tape 1985. This was a documentary on close to obscure terrible horror films showing clips on 'Blood Feast', '2000 Maniacs', 'Blood Tide', 'Vampire Hookers', 'Return of the Aliens Deadly Spawn', 'City of the Walking Dead' and many more dull, poorly made and gross out flicks as the documentary sets in a video store on Halloween as the people involved play characters in it.
Horror film veteran Cameron Mitchell hosts the show as he plays a video store clerk and when a customer comes in they ask him what a good movie to watch and he introduces them .
Michelle Bauer plays the last customer walking into a video store playing a seductive goddess type in a cape and satin clothing. She is unsatified with horror films out there and asks the clerk if he has a movie in his store that will thrill and scare her so he shows her many clips of other gross out movies that we unfortunately are tortured to watch as well.
The scenes with Cameron Mitchell and the others at the store is entertaining to watch but the clips of those nearly obsucre horror films are just plain stupid and pointless and I was surprised to find out how old these films were which I couldn't understand that they were actually released.
Although I never found Michelle a true talent I did enjoy her performance in this one as it seemed to really suits the quality of the film itself. This would help boost her career as a scream queen in the low budget film industry with flicks mainly directed by Fred Olen Ray and David DeCoteau.

Roller Blade 1985. One of Michelle's first b-films films after leaving the porn industry. Her role is small with just one scene in it and she is full nude in roller skates as she is apparently a new creation for a warrior.
When UI watched the first bit of the opening I knew I was in for a made for video Z grade awful film and boy was I ever right. I nearly threw up watching it.
Awful comedy ripoff of other futuristic sci-fi type flicks of good and bad battling in roller blades. Good thing that Michelle wasn't well remembered for this one else she would've remained a vuirtual unknown like the rest of the cast from this movie.

Screen Test 1985. Michelle was only in three small scenes throughout the film and nude in all but one. First she's a stripper at a bar, then one person fantasises her being in bed with him and then at the end she's a ninja.
Of course the plot is all about a bunch of sex crazed guys posing as pornographers getting women to undress for them at an audition claiming that they work in the porn film induiustry and all this leads them into all sorts of trouble with mobsters etc.
Although this direct-to-video comedy was a bad film with virtual unknowns but however, I quite got a kick out if it.

Reform School Girls 1986. I loved this film as it is totally 80's with cheese. The film was a parody of girls prisons.
Michelle Bauer is uncredited in this one as she was just an extra but she is well noticed in a shower scene. The camera pans right on her taking a shower so if you blink once you won't miss her.
I enjoyed the performances of former Andy Warhol film star Pat Ast as the evil jail matron Edna (Which her role is similar to her role as the nasty school teacher in Motley Crue's video "Smoking in the Boys Room."
I also enjoyed former Plamastics punk rocker Wendy O Williams role as Charlie who also performed her music in the film. Both of these people are no longer with us sadly.

The Tomb 1986. This was Michelle's first lead in a real horror film. She then became a favourite to director Fred Olen Ray for his other projects. The film gave Michelle alot of exposure but her voice was overdubbed which made her acting look bad along with the rest of the cast.
Michelle played a succubus immortal Egyptian princess named Nefratis whom is awakened and realises that her tomb was stolen and casts evil spells on people that sold her belongings to archeologists using one person to help her with her evil deeds down in the States.
Although this film had alot of nudity in it, Michelle doesn't perform nude in it but has a see through blouse.
I enjoyed the cheesy 80's soundtrack in this one and apparently it was considered to be the most watched direct-to-video flick.

Night of the Living Babes 1987. She plays another lead role in this one hour made for video dud in which the budget looks as low as a porn flick. I was hoping for a comedy-horror in this one but it's a plain comedy which was a disappointment.
The story centers around two married men as one of them is a sex crazed one who doesn't get it on with his wife which is played by Bauer so he takes the other huisband who doesn't want to go with him to a whorehouse which is a zombie palace of lustful babes whom are supposed to be beautiful looking zombies but I don't see the catch in the zombies at all and even in the end that isn't revealed.
These two men end up being kidnapped and chained up wearing tutu's as well that they are about to have a sex change but first watch a beautiful stripper and stuff like that to fill in the time.
Nothing horrifying here except with one of the wives in a trance trying to attack her husband with clippers but that moment doesn't last long and not enough to be horrifying.
The acting is bloody terrible as Michelle really bombs in her performance as she portrays someone bitchy and upset about stuff and can't be convincing with her emotional behavior either. Although the film offered plenty of breasts Michelle is seen in one scene chained up topless but that's it.
There's the odd fun touches but it sinks with alot of the hokey dialogue and the skin that's revealed to cover the plot which sinks a great deal.

Nightmare Sisters 1988. Another director who used Michelle in many of his other films named David DeCoteau. Michelle didn't get a great salary for this one but she didn't do too bad and presented herself well in it.
This one was a spoof on those exploited scream queen exorcist type flicks. Not at all a horror just a plain dark comedy. Also Michelle got to work with two other scream queens which later she would be reigned in the same vein as them named Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens.
Good make up effects were used on all three of them as they were playing sorority nerds and they all looked totally different. Michelle's character was overweight. Then they summon up a spirit and the spirit turns them into beautiful but deadly lustful babes.
I laughed my ass off watching this on New Years Eve 1998. Especially the scenes where the three of them all take a bath together.
I will also remember Michelle dressed up as Jane from Tarzan trying to seduce a college bully and then killing him.

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 1988. By the same makers of 'Nightmare Sisters' comes this flick so again Michelle is working with DeCoteau and I believe she got a bigger salary and again worked with Brinke and Linnea. But this time Michelle plays a sorority pledge with Brinke.
The film was still in post-production when 'Nightmare Sisters' came out. Yes this too was a spoof on horror flicks but was also categorised as a horror film.
Well, Michelle and Brinke's characters are whacked in the butt by a paddle and then are sprayed by whipped cream by three sorority sisters. Then Michelle and Brinke shower it off but have to do one last thing before joining the sorority which is to steal a bowling trophy at a bowling centre in a mall.
They're there with some frat nerds and accidentally release a demonic Imp while stealing the trophy. The Imp grants them wishes each and one of them has a crush on Michelle's character so Michelle tries to seduce him in a changing room. But everyone else realises that their wishes are only to be fake and possesses the sorority sisters to kill the nerds and the pledges.
Linnea is there robbing the place but turns out to be a hero in the end with the head nerd Calvin (Andras Jones).
According to DeCoteau this film cost $250,000 to make and it received a limited theatrical release so viewewrs in certain countries got to see Michelle on the big screen.
I had fun watching it but I admit it was non scary and was a golden turkey.

Demonwarp 1988. This was one of my favourite horror films with Michelle in it. For some reason she wasn't credited in the opening credits as she had a very good supporting role in it for about 20 minutes or so.
The film was about an alien monster who lands on Earth and kidnaps people and then turns most of them into zombies.
Michelle plays a victim this time named Betsy as she goes out sanbathing with her friend topless out in a forest. She then encounters her friend being slaughtered by the monster and she certainly does use her lung power in this one. She runs away topless and some people that are trying to hunt this monster down cause it took one of their friends tries to help Betsy. But before it's too late Betsy is kidnapped by the monster and her heart is torn out.
Michelle must've felt a little embarrassed while watching the film of her running away topless but again she has done this so many times.
Good effects in this one and it had a couple of familiar faces like George Kennedy. She is also featured on the video box cover.

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers 1988. I read in the video Movie Guide that Leatherface was also in this one I was excited about it hoping it was frightening too. But then I rented it and found it so lame.
However, this was the first movie I saw Michelle in and then I found out that this was the one that made her a scream queen. Michelle played a chainsaw prostitute named Mercedes and I must admit during her first scene that she was quite menacing with her chainsaw and hacking up her client.
Mercedes was a beautiful but dangerous and evil woman. Their pimp was played by Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen of course) and it also starred again with her scream queen friend Linnea Quigley as a runaway helping a detective played by b-film scream king Jay Richardson out by tracking all the chainsaw prostitutes down at their cult ceremony.
Linnea disguises herself as a chainsaw prostitute and has a chainsaw battle with Michelle. Michelle and Linnea had to train themselves when they performed a chainsaw dance at the cult ceremony which was very dangerous as they did their own stunts.
This one was a favourite to Fred Olen Ray fans.

Death Row Diner 1988. God was this one was terrible. I had to crank up the volume on my TV to hear this shot on video trash. It was lower than a Z-grade flick.
Michelle plays the wife named Julia Wilcox-Weston of an obnoxious B-filmmaker named Bill Weston (Played by Jay Richardson) who makes a film of Julia's uncle who was once a mass murderer that was sentenced to death.
The ghost of her uncle ends up slaughtering the cast & crew members. This one is a comedy-horror with close to 'Toxic Avenger' type humour.
Michelle's starring film 'Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers' was mentioned a couple times in the film.

Wild Man 1989. Michelle was the lead actress in this flick as a news reporter named Trisha Collins who helps an ex-commando named Eric Wilde (Played by Don Scribner) track down a psychotic drug dealer in which she doesn't start at the beginning of the film but later on questions him as he tries to brush her off abut appears later on to do more work.
There's a scene where she thinks he's dead and has to do a news reort and gets emotional and she isn't too bad by doing this. Her other performances as usual is not too much into character but that's Michelle for ya. However she brings out a nice charming attitude into her role as someone whom is outgoing and flirtatious too.
There's a long workout scene that she does with porn queen Ginger Lynn Allen who plays Dawn Hall having a long discussion on the criminal situations as the camera focuses alot on their workout which is supposed to have the male fans turned on by all of this. Also it looked like they had a dispute before the camera's were rolling which looked like they had no choice but to have their dialogues together here.
You kinda wonder as to when Michelle will take off her clothes in which she normally does in a film like this since this one is an exploited flick but eventually we do spot a slow close up shot lusting against Wilde's character rolling down on her revealing her breasts and crotch. The sex scene is very long like you were nearly watching a soft core porn flick.
She then gets into the action while trying to save the day with him especially when his younger brother is kidnapped by these thugs as it was fun watching her get into this.
However at the same time this is a real bad made-for-video action flick that rips off those other types like 'Shaft' but with a white cast or even 'Miami Vice' with lots of bad acting, the writing is amateurish plus the special effects were terribly done as you can obviously tell it was made on a bad computer like someone crashing out of a window or a building exploding.

Beverly Hills Vamp 1989. A silly Fred Olen Ray flick which is a spoof on all of his horror films. We have Jay Richardson playing a detective who tries to slay some vampires and we got the nerd Eddie Deezen as his sidekick.
Michelle Bauer plays a lusty vampiress hooker named Kristina whom is one of the main vampiress' in the film.
She has a good soothing lustful voice and a nice tempting charm to her clients in which she often does this in other flick as well she is fully nude from behind while drinking blood from her victims.
The film is pretty bad with bad acting and plenty of skin it's a comedy with vampires in iy. Yet it's not the least bit funny.
The only plot worth watching is when the killing spree on the vampiress at the whorehouse gets slayed one by one with cheesy special effects when these hookers die.

The Jigsaw Murders 1989. I saw this thriller listed on the imdb.com and saw that Michelle had a part in it with Brinke Stevens. I rented it at a video store. It was bigger than a z-grade film but the story stunk!
Michelle didn't really have a part in it. Her character was a missing person who was killed and the killer turns on his projector and watches pornographic pictures of her. That is her scene! Nothing more I have to say about this film but to avoid it!

Deadly Embrace 1989. A terrible soft core porn dud with a touch of daytime soap as Michelle has a supporting role playing a female spirit of sex. What kind of a role is it? Well I'll tell you the story.
A college student named Chris Thompson (Played by Ken Abraham) who helps a lady named Charlotte (Played by sex pot Ty Randolph) out with her house while her husband Stewart (Played by b-film legend Jan Michael Vincent) is busy at work but wants to get rid of his wife for good.
Well Chris and Charlotte fool around with one another and then Chris' girlfriend visits and fornicates with him while staying there. Charlotte video tapes them having sex.
How Michelle was involved is??? While Chris was trying to sleep, he sexually fantasises his girlfriend naked (PLayed by Linnea Quigley) as well as fantasising Michelle's character as she performs nude as well.
Most of the plot in this film is the sex scenes and the nudity. David DeCoteau credited himself as Ellen Cabot for this one.

Assault of the Party Nerds 1989. A sleazy crappy film produced, written, directed and starring Richard Gabai. Michelle plays a sleazy popular bimbo named Muffin along with her friend Linnea Quigley who plays Bambi. They fool around with their stuck up college boyfriends (The camera really pans in on Michelle's breasts) until they catch them fooling around together.
Then they help out some college nerds throw a wild party. This film was badly dubbed along with the acting, directing and the storyline.
Gabai tried to clone 'Revenge of the Nerds' but in a terrible exploited and sleazy way. Believe it or not a sequel came out and both Michelle and Linnea both reprised their roles and the same with Gabai. Both of them a direct-to-video releases.

American Rampage 1989. There's some David DeCoteau type of flicks that were avoidable made on a really bad made-for-video budget but this one was so bad it's good. Not the most serious action flick but campy fun if you're in the mood for it as there's alot of violent gun fighting with criminals and mobsters galore about a female Los Angeles cop relentlessly tries to bring down a powerful drug cartel kingpin, and losing police partner after partner in the process amid the frequent shootouts and her social life, or lack of.
The film had some decent acting surprisingly as well as the odd romantic moments dealing with the two detectives involved as well as tons of focused nudity.
Michelle only has a bit part in the film as a pool girl sunbathing topless at a mobsters swimming pool area as she was close to being considered a background performer in which she's seen at first a bit away from another pool girl with a prime focus on sunscreen being rubbed on her breasts and then in another scene there's a close up shot on Michelle herself doing this but not as long spotting this. While theses moments happen a head mafia leader is having a discussion by doing dirty business with his men and then pointing a gun to shoot one of his women showing an example on what will happen if he's crossed. Pretty intense.
Michelle was credited in this film as with what she had could've been uncredited. Yet she worked steadily with this director.
The film budget was fairly okay for a low budgeter and kind of a grindhouse look.
It also said that it starred already washed up heartthrob Troy Donahue but he only has a supporting role in it since most of these actors remained as virutal unknowns and were trying to market this obscure flick.
Still I found this movie to be trashily entertaining and low budget cheesy action fans might find this film amusing.

Dr. Alien 1989. Michelle only had a cameo in this film playing a Coed student. In her first scene she is doing excersises with her class. Then she spots a nerd named Wesley in the chaniging room played by Billy Jacoby who has a hard time getting a girl to go out with him and a substitute teacher who is an alien played by cult icon Judy Landers that gives him a tracking device on his head that makes girls sexually aroused towards him.
Wesley has a some sort of beam on the top of his head and when Michelle spots it she gets sexually aroused along with another Co-ed played by Karen Russell. They take their tops off and tries to jump his bones.
Although this was noted to be a bad film and never made it to theatre's I liked this film the best out of all of David DeCoteau's flicks.
There's also a scene where there is Jacoby and his film family having breakfast and there's a cereal box of 'Creepozoids' plus some of the family's members watching the movie on TV. Plus Jacoby's younger brother Bobby plays his younger brother in the film as well.

Spirits 1990. My favourite Michelle Bauer horror film as well as my favourite Fred Olen Ray film. Brinke Stevens was the main star in the film along with Carol Lynley and former 'Chips' TV hearthrob Erik Estrada.
Michelle has a 5 minute supporting role in the film as a spirit of a lustful but evil Nun named Sister Mary. She tries to seduce Erik Estrada's character Father Anthony Vicci and is full nude. She is only in that scene but it's a good scene.
This is Fred Olen Ray's best effort no doubt about it and I also found it to be one of Brinke's and Michelle's best performances about a priest and ESP experts investigating a haunted house.
Michelle was surprisingly uncredited in this one as the producers probably forgot to credit her but she was credited on the video box cover of this movie.
The flick was very much like a cheesy version on the 'Amityville' film series.

Camp Fear 1991. Michelle has a small role in the film as a dorm girl but yet she seems to do alot in the first bit of the film as she gets everyone up in the sorority to start their morning and preparing breakfast also she takes off her clothes to have a shower fully nude as usual plus some other dorm students do too. Her acting in this is medicre like always and she tries to be funny with her lines but that seems to fall flat. The beginning here almost looks as cheesy as watching something like you'd see in 'Slumber Party Massacre' or 'Sorority House Massacre' with the women undressing and their interactions towards one another.
Afterwards the film takes off and Michelle is not seen again since the more popular sorority students travel up to the mountain and leaving the rest behind for a vacation camping out in the woods as they run into all sorts of trouble with bikers as well as a crazy drunk warning them about demons in the woods.
The group runs into an evil druid as he kidnaps some of the women and plans to use one for a vigrin sacrifice to save the millenium from an apocalypse and some of the surviving students and bikers help each other out to try and rescue the rest as they also run into a monster in the lake which at times seems cheesy but fun to watch.
This one is a film so bad it's enjoyable as originally it was going to be a sequel to 'Cheerleader Camp' but thankfully the makers changed their minds on that since it was better off left buried and forgotten. This one was 10 times better. Not even close to being a slasher film but a sci-fi/horror type of elements dealing with what we may predict an alien and his evil intentions on human beings in his hideout cave in the great outdoors

Virgin High 1991. By the same makers as 'Assault of the Party Nerds' but nowhere near as bad but still pretty bad nonetheless.
A girl gets in trouble with her parents for allegedly fooling around with her boyfriend, and they send her to a catholic girls' high school.
Michelle Bauer plays a school teacher named Miss Bush but I don't remember her role in it but it wasn't one of the lead roles.
Cast also features Burt Ward who was famous for his role Robin in the 60's cult TV series spoof 'Batman'. There's also a scene where there's a movie poster of 'Assault of the Party Nerds' hanging on a wall.

Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge 1991. David DeCoteau took the bull by the horns on directing this one and it's the best out of all the films.
He had many familiar faces in it like Richard Lynch, Ian Abercrombie, Walter Gottel and Sarah Douglas. Michelle only had a 2 scene special appearance in this one as a prostitute name Lili.
She is topless with some other women in her first scene by giving Walter Gottell's character a bath. Then her next scene she fornicates with him. It was a well remembered scene but unlike most of DeCoteau's films this was not noted to be an exploited film by any means.
This was his best effort at directing a film. Of course the Puppet Master is a man named Andre Toulon who creates these living puppets to kill his enemies.
This film was a prequel to how he created these puppets and was a good guy in it before he turned evil in the first flick taking place during WWII.
The music is excellent in it and it was used in almost all of the Puppet Master films.

Scream Queen Hot Tub Party 1991. Michelle Bauer is featured in this documentary on the scream queens during this time period discussing their cult horror film roles but yet are also getting into character while going in a hot tub in a creepy mansion.
All of them take off their clothes and dress into their swimsuits but take that off too when they decide to soap themselves up. It's awfully trashy what we see here offering lots of skin to get a sexual rouse out of the viewers watching.
The documentary is hosted by Brinke Stevens as she introduces clips of the film Michelle was mostly noted to being in called 'Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers' as well as Michelle deciding to do a chainsaw type of performing acting sexual with it between her legs along with taking her top off showing on how a scream queen killer does it before doing her victims in..

This flick could be alot of fun to watch and it seemed very necessary
to have her in this one since she was working steadily in cheesy low budget horror flicks at least having a few under her belt.
Michelle looked sharp while participating wearing a skanky outfit during the beginning of her appearance that will grab any horror fans attention with lots of skin too.
Hopefully she doesn't dress like that in public but you will see what I mean when you watch this documentary.

Evil Toons 1992. Well this flick was a bit complicated as you wonder if it's a plain dark comedy or a comedy horror as the beginning seems to show similar situations like you'd spot in 'Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare' with some lustful girls going to their sorority home and knowing about a story that unravelled there with killings. Then we spot one of them stripping down and goofing off while showing their boobs which seems to be the drawing card in this tale along with getting a book and then summoning up an evil cartoon type wolf that possesses one of the girls to seduce, strip and kill the rest.
It's an off the wall comedy horror flick but with all the sleaziness and goofiness as well as animated monsters killing the sorority sisters. It's basically a film in the same vein as 'Nightmare Sisters' but not just a plain comedy and blending horror in this one too. Plus we see the book that seems to spoof off the 'Evil Dead' flicks.
The acting is so terrible but the actresses worked in the porn industry
which really shows off here big time.
How does Michelle come into this picture??? Well she only has a cameo in it playing the wife of the headmaster of the sorority named Mrs. Burt. The headmaster is played by the screen legend Dick Miller in which she is wearing a lingerae and it's a Friday night as she wants to fool around with him only to be heading out to check on the sorority sisters. She pulls down her top to expose her breasts as she often does in films. She sounds lusty as usual and over the top. But that's the only appearance she has in the flick.
It's yet another cheesy Fred Olen Ray flick but yet some of it is pretty funny when we reveal the cartoon wolf. This should please his fans too.

Hellroller 1992. Man oh man how terrible can a film get than this??? It was shot on a horrible video camcroder plus some of the faces on the cast members were way too dark to see. I am convinced that no one got paid doing this flick as well you can tell it wasn't a closed set either and were doing it whenever they can.
This was a comedy-horror flick as clever as a Troma Team flick on a guy in a wheelchair named Eugene (Played by Ron Litman) frusterated with life as a bum so he decides to go on a killing spree slaying off immoral people in which his killings were not at all convinced and Michelle comes in the scene for only 5 minutes portraying a model that Eugene doesn't like planning to go to her hotel in which she takes off her clothes wearing a lingerae doing some aerobics which seems to be the only thing worth watching in this film.
Then she is barebreasted taking a bath as well later on
taunted by Eugene and his dorky sidekick Donald (Played by Gary G. Levison) in which supposedly she kills Donald and then Eugene comes after her but she really lacks with her screaming lung power as well as trying to get away. Her ending results is having her insides ripped open in a hotel bathroom.
If this sounds as bad as explained it just is. Barely made it to rental stores.

Demented 1994. Another awful shot on video flick. Michelle's character is a sleazy one who has an affair with a doctor at a hospital there. She fornicates with him and then tells him she is pregnant.
Then she talks to the man's wife (Played by Angela Bowie) about an abortion and other stuff to discuss with the affair.
Meanwhile, in a seemingly peaceful boarding house on a quiet suburban street, an unspeakable horror stalks the innocent residents and sends them to their graves carrying its blood-thirsty secret.
The doctor goes to this boarding house and realises that he has to make a deadly decision.
Based in part (reputedly) on a true story but I think we all know better after seeing this totally make believe gory flick.
I saw this a long time ago and can't find it anywhere to review for my movie site. Sorry folks.

Witch Academy 1995. Michelle plays one of the lead roles in this god awful comedy which I thought would be a fun one like say 'Vice Academy' but that had a bit of a storyline as this barely carried one and offers plenty of skin. It shows snobby frat sisters as Michelle plays the role of Tara as her first appearance she is topless and changes into something.
Some topless fun time with these frat sisters we spot in alot of the scene's which looked lame and they also pick on a nerdy frat sister Leslie (Played by Veronica Carothers) as well as humiliate her as well as getting her to do some stupid stuff in order to join their fraternity and then finally being rejected.
She makes a deal with the Devil (Played by Robert Vaughan) to turn herself lustful as there's interesting special effects covering this and the people that made this actress look nerdy to lustful did a decent job by making her look different.
In the story she turns into a monster and kills some people but I will tell you that this is not a horror at all just the mild elements.

Michelle tries to play a nasty one but yet doesn't seem to pull it off convincingly but in this movie there's a good message telling people they don't have to try and prove to people that they're worth fitting in. So I will give this flick a nice pointer for that.
Also we hear music composed by Chuck Cirino as he used some of the same elements that he did in 'Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare'.

Vampire Vixens from Venus 1995. My god, another extremely terrible made for video flick. I read in the movie guide that this was a lame horror-sex comedy plus it was rated a turkey. Well this is a turkey and it was lame but this was not at all a horror film just a dumb comedy.
A story of three Venusians landing on Earth and transforming themselves into sexy and sleazy women in order to suck the life out of unsuspecting males.
Michelle Bauer had a supporting role named Shampay who has a romance with the lead actor Leon Head who plays a detective named Oakenshield who bumbles his way into the investigation of the dessicated bodies in order to impress her and his new partner Jack.
The effects are terrible along with a terrible flick. Lots of skin but that's all.

Red Lips 1995. I rented this one along with Demented. These two were at a place titled Tom's Video in the R Rated section (Yes folks another film I saw a long time ago I also can't find to refresh my memory to review it on the movie reviews).
Let me tell you the budget doesn't get any worst in this one which is a toss up between this and 'Hellroller'. It was shot on a camcorder with no boom mic or anything. It was made on the same budget as a home video camera. I'm not kidding. I wasted my money on renting it as the R Rated video's are more expensive. Death Row Diner was in that category too. My guess is not too many people rented these so they put it in that section.
Michelle's character in this one is a lesbian named Lisa who breaks up with her overweight lover and then meets up with a vampiress named Caroline who escaped from a science lab.
Caroline looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks and Lisa takes her to a food court. Later on they fall in love and Lisa discovers Caroline's dark secret. Lisa tries to protect her still.
Michelle did quite well for what this was made on and the filmmakers or I should say camcordermakers should be greatful they found her and she would accept the part in this film but I highly doubt that she got paid much if she ever got paid at all to do this.
I am even surprised that this was available to rent which is a waste of money. C'mon Michelle you can do better than this.

Bikini Drive In 1995. I bought this comedy at an Army & Navy Thrift Store for 6.99 on DVD since I knew Michelle had a part in it and it looked like a mvoie by it's title that' it's so bad it's good and I'm right. It's very enjoyable for a made for video release by Fred Olen Ray.
The story centers around a young beautiful woman named Kim Taylor (Ashley Rhey) who sunbathes with her friend topless until a attorney approaches her and tells her that she has inherited her dead grandfathers drive in theatre.
However, a greedy businessman named J.B. Winston (David F. Friedman) wants to tear it down and build a shopping mall. Not only that, Kim needs to raise $25,000 over one weekend or the bank will take the property from her. J.B.'s son named Brian (Richard Gabai) falls romantically in love with Kim so he tries to help her raise the money she owes to keep the theatre alive.
They look at old movies and one of them is 'Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers' (A cult fave to horror fans of Bauer's and made by Fred Olen Ray too). They aren't too successful at raising money so this is where Michelle Bauer steps in. She plays a famous scream queen named Dyanne Lynn and Brian calls her up to ask her to come and support it since they will be showing her movie Sorority Sister Slaughterhouse (Probably a joke to her role as Babs in 'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama').
They tell her the president will be there in order for her to come down and she accepts. During this time she takes her top off and swims in her pool at her mansion and then gets a rubdown by her servant. She sounds very lustful with her words. Then their drive in is packed with people and Bauer is in her limo waiting for the president to arrive.
She then is robbed by a thief in her limo and then is tied up and locked in the back trunk of her limo. After the drive in is kept alive an d Bauer is rescued at the end of the film.
Also, playing on the screen when she is in her limo looks like the film she had a good supporting role in titled 'Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold' cause I am sure Michelle was on that screen although I haven't seen the film but it was a Fred Olen Ray flick.
This film had gratitious nudity and tons of sex scenes that it can easily be called a blue movie with fun and a cheesy storyline and a neat cheesy soundtrack too.
If you enjoy 'Fast Food' but with plenty of nudity you'll enjoy this one. Michelle had an effective supporting role in this film and it was enjoyable too. Plus we have a nice performance by Conrad Brooks too.
This is my second favourite Fred Olen Ray flick along with 'Spirits' which Bauer had an uncrediterd special appearance in with Erik Estrada.

Blonde Heaven 1996. Man oh man a terribly exploited erotic bisexual vampire flick by David DeCoteau who credits himself as Ellen Cabot as when he credits himself by that name there's usually more nudity than in most of his flicks and a really bad plotline too.
Well the story centers a group of vampires running a modelling/escort agency
in Los Angeles as a couple from Oklahoma starts to reside there in which the girlfriend Angie (Raelyn Saalman) wants to get into the acting business and is lured in by these agents as the head vampiress Illyana (Julie Strain) has a huge interest in her and Angie becomes one of them as her boyfriend Kyle (Alton Butler) tries to rescue her with the aid of a vampire slayer named Pluto (Jason Clow).
Michelle's name was in the opening credits as one of the co-stars as I waited and waited and still no sign of her till nearing the end of the movie when she gets vicious and lustful towards Pluto when he tries to defend himself in a corny way which isn't funny at all like it was making itself out to be. It didn't fit into the story at all although it was a real bad one to start off with.
Her character Amanda Blackwell happens to be the real leader of the coven of vampires there so it's an effective role revealing a deep dark secret and her next scene is a long lustful scene with this dude as she is fully naked and getting it doggy style by him as well before she turns him into a vampire as well biting his neck.
Most of the scene's in the film had these sex scene's bearing a little plot which was mainly weak too. Very much like watching an erotic soft core porn dud.
Her character appears at the end of the film revealing two new vampires on the heroic character's becoming one of them so again her role became a nice surprise into this bad story.
A film that offers mostly skin and to get aroused but that's about it here folks.

Lust for Frankenstein 1998. Michelle travelled to Spain to star in this sleazy lesbian female version of Mary Shelley's classic. Michelle is pure naked all the way through the film as the Goddess, a creation by a lesbian who is confused by her sexuality named Moira Frankenstein (Lina Romay) and is haunted by a macabre ghost of her long dead father (Carlos Subterfuge) who is an infamous reanimator which he instructed Moira to resuscitate his immortal female creation with hopes of clearing the Frankenstein name.
The Goddess is always sexually active and will stop at nothing to be Moira's mistress even if it means killing the people that Moira sleeps with.
Michelle also has her voice overdubbed making it sound robotic like. This indie was made on a film budget but the plot mostly focuses on the full frontal nudity and the sex scenes before the murders happen and is definetely a blue film.
It was almost taken in the same direction like many of Andy Warhol's films such as 'Frankenstein' and 'Dracula'.

Mari Cookie and the Killer Tarantula in 8 Legs to Love You 1998.The same makers as 'Lust for Frankenstein' made this which is more sleazoid trash and although the title and plot suggests that it's a horror it really isn't but has some horror elements to the plot only to fool you that it's a plain sleazy comedy porn dud.
Michelle here has one of the lead roles as Sheriff Marga wearing very sleazy outfits which wouldn't be suitable to wear in public places. She takes it off alot as well as showing many scene's on her getting aroused or fornicating with another woman.
Her job is to find two missing people which are nude in a web by a woman who turns into a tarantula (With a cartoonish type of face on the woman as the spider) and gets into a lusting frenzy with them as there's a male and a female. Mostly the female is being seduced though as the male often sings operetic songs.
Michelle as usual is over the top especially when she gets aggressive or dominant in many scene's with her lustful behavior. I found her to be a bit annoying here.
The plot is whacked out of place having a hard time understanding it. Whoever wrote it must've been on serious drugs though.
Her scream queen friend Linnea Quigley had a good supporting role in it as the two of them should be ashamed for participating in this trash. The quality of the picture looked pretty good but that's about it and very hard to find on DVD nowadays which I can totally see why.

Tomb of the Werewolf 2004.
The story is about a man named Richard Daninsky (Played by Jay Richardson) the descendant of Waldemar Daninsky, inherits his own castle that may have some hidden treasures owned by his ancestors so he brings a crew to do a reality TV show to document his search for this treasure.
One of the guests happens to be an estranged family member who has some unfinished business to do and one of his assistants at his castle which also involved Michelle's character Elizabeth Bathory is behind some family history in which she gets him to remove a silver dagger from a chest of a corspe in coffin from the crypt of a castle and of course awakens this dead body who is a werewolf and goes on in a killing spree in the castle until one of the lead character's tries to find a way to put a stop to all of this before they are next.
Michelle's one of the leads this time in Fred Olen Ray's flick and in the beginning of her performance she is about to do a sacrifice to a female victim tied to a tree but opens her blouse to feel her breasts as there's suggested lesbian moments here. There's cheesy effects when she summons up the devil as it looks cheap for sure but fun to watch.
She smears blood over herself after doing a sacrifice and gets aroused by it.
Does a nice and mysterious approach to someone but then her discussion seems to fall flat after that. Yet does a good job cackling.
In a certain scene does well speaking sternly towards her co-star in a good cold manner and believeable demanding attitude.
There's a moment when she drinks someone's blood and really gets into this a good deal.
She was good acting wicked at times along with her cackling too.
It was neat watching a character not feeling well and turning into a werewolf even if it seemed quite typical and then we have more of the amaterusih computer animation when he becomes a full werewolf ready to leap out and attack as the make up effects on him as a werewolf looked like a typical costume. Yet this look seemed to pay a tribute to those old fashioned Lon Chaney 'Wolfman' classic film type of appearance and that's what I really like in a film.
It's a fun flick for sure if you're in the mood for it.

Bloody Movie 2004.
This film was originally titled 'Terror Night' and shot back in 1987 but shelved away till now. My guess was due to all the graphic gore and horror violence that was invovled as back then the film would qualify an X-rating. These days there's more of this kind of stuff.
Michelle plays a butchy type biker chick named Jo and is of course a little too over the top with her macho attitude especially whenever she acts hammered. Yet her appeal seems to work in well while we watch her perform in her supporting role here.
She is a victim in the film and not the horror character so it's nice to a see a change as she very rarely does this.
The story is about her and her boyfriend exploring a theatre estate that is about to be torn down and so they want to see it once again but rumored is the ghost of a disturbed film owner whom is killing people that trespass there one by one in which sorority teens land there too. But beforehand
Jo is fornicating and partying out. Yes Michelle takes it all off exposing top to bottom which can please you fans who likes to see her with lots of skin.
She does well with her screaming in terror when she is about to be slayed.
The acting in this film is pretty rough and quite dated along with showing cameo's by people like Cameron Mitchell, Alan Hale Jr., Aldo Ray and Dan Haggerty Jr.
This slasher film yet can be a fun party flick and made on an okay low budget that could've earned a limited theatrical release if it came out at the right date it was completed. Plus we do see the corny moments like the great outdoors revealing the teens cautiously looking around but when the killer approaches it doesn't look suspenseful like it was intended. Also we spot flashes of pictures of the movie character's before this killer does someone in disguising himself as that role which looked confusing as to what is going on and a bit annoying at times too.

Trophy Heads 2014.
Michelle plays herself in this one as this is a tribute to low budget scream queens about an obsessed horror fan who kidnaps these scream queens and makes them reenact their famous film roles and then he decapitates them and uses their heads as trophies of his own.

Alot of the acting was fairly bad but she stood out okay in her role surprisingly as someone washed up working at a juice stand as you can see a theatrical poster of 'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama' along with autographed pics she's selling as well on a table where she's selling her drinks.
She seems to do okay with her fearing and intense agressions while she's caged up till it's her turn to reenact her scene as she's attacked by bowling balls rolling towards her as this looked fun to watch as she is forced to reenact her scene from 'Sorority Babes'
The film is a bit silly but pays a tribute to b-film scream queens as she acted with her scream queen friends Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer since she's worked with these two many times along with other b-film actresses too. None of these scream queens performs any nudity which is a nice change.
It's a mediocre horror-comedy and a bit silly too but certainly pays a visit to when the VHS boom on cheesy low budget horror and sci fi flicks were popular to rent or own.
This can be a fun flick to watch if you're in the mood for it with a group of friends who enjoyed this type of genre which was done by Full Moon Pictures.