An Interview with Bea Urzaiz by Dale Pierce

Bea is a foreign actress in Spain where alot of horror flicks are produced in which she has alot of fans from there seeing her perform in them and will be starring in the upcoming 'Lady of the Damned Forest' and 'Streaming' which are horror films so she hasn't been fully spotted in horror flicks just yet but this seems like a start so far as she talks about working on them.
She made a move from her foreign country to Los Angeles as well as starting up her own production company.
She discusses alot on her love for horror films as we may see her in many of them hopefully in the future.





1. Much of your career has been spent in Spain. This country was once known for producing many horror films. Do you feel the horror film industry has declined?

Not really! Many of my friends make horror films and they are great... I mean, Sergio Morcillo did "You're Gonna Die Tonight" and Roberto Lolo just did "El Osito de Peluche"... and they are great projects! I know many people who are into horror and love it... especially horror with dark comedy in it...

2. You have worked with Carlos Atanes and stated he may well be one of the best of the current horror film directors? Why do you say this?

It's my humble opinion, but I think that Atanes is amazing... he directs really well and knows what he wants... he knows what horror is and works really well with it... I think that Carlos is a great person and a great director. 

3. What has Atanes been like to work with?

So much fun... he's a fun guy, I mean, he's always laughing and always has something interesting to say... and the way he thinks about everything is just fascinating... Carlos Atanes should be known by everybody... he should be a public figure and I always tell him that he should run for president!

4. 'Proxima' was one of his films? What is the plot?

'Proxima' was great... it's about a dream: reaching the stars. There are bad guys who want to prevent our hero from reaching  'Proxima'. Will he reach 'Proxima'? We don't know... and I don't want to reveal it... 

5. What was your role in this?

I was Io, an Intergalactic Princess... daughter of the Four Kings of Tanlion... our hero's saviour... 

6. What are some of your other films made in Spain?

I recently made "Cosmética Terror" by Fernando Simarro  and "The Lady of the Damned Forest" by George Karja  apart from "The Expanse of Heaven", by Karlos Alaustrey and "Dust and Bullets" by Pablo Lapastora. 

7. Do you have a webpage for yourself or Facebook page?

My website is and my facebook site is

8. Do you hear from fans of the horror genre very often?

Oh,yes, a lot... there are many horror fans in Spain... 

9. You recently made a move to the USA?

Indeed! I live in Los Angeles now. The story is that I won a Green Card by the lottery and my husband and I moved all the way to a place where our dreams could come true... and they are!

10. Have you seen vast differences in the film industry here as opposed to Spain?

You can't imagine... things here are faster and there are many more. Not that I dislike my country, but the industry here is amazing and very open. 

11. You have started your own production company?

I have. It's not finished yet but I do work as an executive producer for different productions. 

12. Do you plan to get involved with the horror film industry in the USA?

That would be so much fun... Directors, producers, anyone interested in me??

13. Have you thought of attending any of the many horror film festivals or fan fests in the USA yet?

Not yet as I have only been here for some months but I definitely will eventually. I love horror. 

14. Future plans?

My future plans are to establish myself as an actor and producer and writer if possible and stay here! I love Los Angeles, it's absolutely perfect. It has everything I need. 

15. Closing comments?

Thank you so much for such a lovely interview! I'm currently producing a childrens' show called The Neebles and if you want to investigate in you are very welcome!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!