Blood - Last Vampire (2009)


Directed by: Chris Nahon

Written by: Chris Chow


Gianna Jun .... Saya
Allison Miller .... Alice McKee
Liam Cunningham .... Michael Harrison
JJ Feild .... Luke
Koyuki .... Onigen

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: April 2, 2009 (Japan); Sci-Fi-London: June 18, 2009 (UK) (Premiere); Limited Theatrical: July 10, 2009 (USA); Munich Asia Filmfest: October 31, 2009




The story takes place in Japan in 1966 as a young lady named Saya (GIanna Jun) is part of a secret team destroying daemons.
She goes undercover as a highschool student at the Yokota Air Base in Fussa-shi, Tokyo, just before Halloween.
She discovers that two of her classmates are vampires along with others around the town in which she goes to the aid of one of the students named Alice McKee (Allison Miller) to help her out and flush out these evil forces since some of them were responsible for killing both their parents.


The cover of the DVD looked cheesy and I had to tell ya this film was a disappointment based after the video game in which the effects you could tell were very computer animated. I just had a hard time reviewing this movie as the story was happening way too fast and almost seemed more of an action flick than a horror but there's vampire's in it with monsters attacking too which the makers tried to make these characters original but didn't cut it right.
There's the odd interesting flashback sequence between an asian father and daughter which tries to explain the story and where this lead character came from but yet it's still difficult to understand no matter what these writers did to bring everything together.
There's a good moment with both Alice McKee and her father having a heated argument in their vehicle with Alice herself acting ignorant and her father getting stern with her which looked like a convincing dysfunctional relationship between the two of them.

I also loved the school bully scene in a gymnasium with two of them using blades against one school girl making you wonder if they were gonna actually kill her or scare her and then this lead character comes in to slaughter them. I was thinking "You kick ass girl!" Plus it can be enjoyable to anyone who hated school. Bit again te scene was terribly cheesy with the rest of the story that carried on in the film. There's good camera shots circling around Alice and two teenage bullies circling her with swords ready to attack her and then Saya running in to save the day with her telling her to leave along with good shots on Alice in a doorway watching Saya springing into action as well as good shots looking down on her slaughtering these two and a nice close up shot on Alice looking shocked by this.
There's a good moment with Alice entering a nightclub and then a supporting character named Powell coming up to her and getting strange with her as well as shots on locals turning to stare at her with fangs and then him turning into a vampire trying to chase after her with good shots on her running away from him. There's terrific side camera shots on Alice in the street with her running outside in the rain with the rest chasing after her with good suspenseful shots on all of this as well as a good shot on her in the middle of an area with these locals cornering her and then Saya swinging a sledge hammer against them with good martial arts fighting on all of this. There's nice camera shots looking down on the two of them running away in the street and then being outnumbered by a flock of them along with a good close up shot on them back to back looking nervous and holding each others hands.
There's a nice approach by Michael Harrison acting slick towards Alice's father in his office with a good shot on supporting character Frank Nielsen in fast action pointing a gun at him which leaves an impression that this person is bad news as well as some good camera shots on Michael sticking a needle in Frank's neck and alot of fast paced scene's with gunshots happening between everyone.
There's a nice red light effect shot on Saya drinking blood from a bottle with a good camera shot looking up her on while doing this along with a nice close up shot on a doorknob jiggling and then her acting nervous while opening it which looked well paced.
There's a nice effective brief discussion between Alice acting emotional towards Saya by asking who she really is with a nice serious answer.
There's some good shots on Alice crying while driving in an army vehicle with Saya.
There's a good camera shot on Alice placing Saya on the ground along with her slitting her hand and bringing it to her mouth to drink.
There's are good flashback scene's that involves a supporting character Kato Takatora in the woods doing some deadly karate fighting with alot of deadly shots with a bunch of warriors jumping out of the ground and other areas attacking him and doing neat spins and kicking too. There's also a good shot on Kato being chained up to some tree's with him struggling and a shot on Saya running through a forest and then her screaming after she spots what has happened to him. Then there's good sword fighting shots with her against the warriors and slicing them up.
There's alot of fast action shots on creatures swooping down to try to attack both Saya and Alice while they are next to a cliff clinging onto their vehicle with good close up shots on their fears and struggles.
There's a good approach by Kato holding an umbrella speaking softly towards Saya with her acting tense towards her and then lots of good shots on their battles towards one another with their swords clanging one another and their leaping back and fourth. Plus good moments with Kato still speaking softly and evilly towards her when there's a break between their battles before fighting one another again. I found this to be the best scene in the story.
Bottom line is this film is a disappointment and not the least bit scary due to the cheaply looking CGI effects trying to make you jump when something happens and fails. Apparently the video game and animated flick that happened 9 years beforehand was alot better. It saves from bombing and just made it below average due to the good fighting sequences and some good performances but that's it.

The acting is done in average taste as the lead actress Gianna Jun (Saya) showed a nice seriousness to her role with her still expressions and her cold words as well as really bringing it on with her energy and really knew her craft with her martial arts and came across greatly with her menacing attitude.
Allison Miller
(Alice McKee) showed a good typical teenage behavior going through a phase as well as having good upsetting emotions in the spots where she needed to do so. She also was good at acting forceful too. She brings some good spunk into the flick and one of the best cast members in the film.
Liam Cunningham
(Michael Harrison) showed a good slick attitude and came across nicely as an evil scumbag in the film by acting deceivingly charming in which he shows that he's not trustworthy at all and knew how to act like a violent killer too. He could portray a nice mobster or pimp in future films due to his role in this one.
(Onigen) has a great key role in the film as a wicked one in which she was perfect acting too mellow and soft spoken until she lashes out. She studied this role incredibly well as you can tell and also had the beatiful looks too in which helps portray a horror character. I found her the best out of the whole cast even if this film was a flop.

Heads are chopped off
Bodies split open
Hands cut off
Alot of this happened during many scene's in the film when there's a fighting scenario but the CGI effects were very computerised looking and looking incredibly phony.

There's alot of low trombone playing and many thunping noises with some odd violin playing but however the music wasn't for my taste at all. Not saying that it was terrible but not superbly orchestrated. It sounds like the typical music for a movie based on a game which was what this was based after all done by Clint Mansell.

There's also great classic rock music through the first bit which was fun to listen to such as the hard rockin "Space Truckin" by Deep Purple during a battle sequence with the bully girls in a gymnasium fighting against Saya and her butchering them to death.