Camp Cold Brook (2018)


Directed by: Andy Palmer

Written by: Alex Carl


Chad Michael Murray .... Jack
Danielle Harris .... Angela
Candice De Visser .... Emma
Michael Eric Reid .... Kevin

Special Appearance:

Courtney Gains .... John Brierwitz

Release Date:
HorrorHound Film Festival: August 25, 2008; Shriekfest LA: October 6, 2018; NYC Horror Film Festival: November 30, 2018; Horrothon Dublin Film Festival: October 25, 2019





A paranormal team whom is involved with a reality TV show is going under so they investigate an abandoned summer camp where a bunch of murders took place back in the early 90s only to be trapped there as they become victims themselves.


An entertaining beginning of the story which is a promotional trailer for the reality TV show even if some of the scene's looked mildly campy to look convincingly creepy but again I think that this was the intention while watching all of this unravel.
Then in the story there's a discussion with a reality tv producer John Brierwitz talking to Jack about his show possibly being cancelled as this also looked mildly campy but effective for the story along with this being well focused.
Things looked good and natural when he is having a discussion with his wife on what can happen to his job in which there's well concentrated moments by what they were talking aboutt in which this scene was well dramatic.
Then when Jack gets his team of people to discuss on going to the abandoned camp site the moments looked perfectly sharp and drawn in to what they were talking about making this scene look really powerful.
In the story a sheriff tries to warn them about that place as well as someone else revealing flashback scene's on what took place there back in 1990 with the tragic moments as well as the picture had a somewhat grindhouse feel to it all which was well done.
Nice situations with the group driving towards the campsite as well as a blurry shot on some child zooming past them as this was a nice mysterious and jumping moment used in the story. It made me think that this moment was a ghostly moment.
Also when they enter the camp I found shots on interesting stuff like cassette tapes and an old pic as well as other devices that were useful back then and how technology has changed since.
Good moments on everyone setting up surveillance cameras preparing for their reality show in which I had a feeling by how this was all set out that creepy moments are going to happen within what we spot along with what comes up on the camera's throughout the night.
Then Jack goes out with his camera to shoot out in the woods to see that his fire has been put out in which this was supposed to be a chilling feel that a haunting is about to take place but things seem a little too obvious.
The story is a bit slow for some segments but then when the hauntings begin the story becomes a bit more entertaining in which one of the crew members Emma walks through a series of cobwebs in a room and then to find there's creepy looking spider which looked totally tripping to anyone who fears these insects.
Also there's a moment when Angela goes out to call to some of the crew since no one was responding to her in the deep dark woods this looked perfectly eerie and leaving a sinking feeling that something scary is about to happen.
In the story there's a moment when they try to get to their vehicle but are back on the same path as they have been earlier which pays a tribute to the Blair Witch Project and works very well into the story.  
More twisted moments occur later on including zombies coming out of a pond and facing soome of these people and speaking creepily to them as well as a mind tripping moment when Jack tries to dive in to save someone sinking underwater which packs a perfect punch.
What's really strange is quarter way through these paranormal events one of the crew members of the
reality show is a part of the evil happenings making things even more genuinely twisted as well as showing that these hauntings weren't made up.
Bottom line is that the film is well done but some scene's were a little too contrived when it came to the hauntings but it offered a variety of horror twists still making this film fun to watch regardless. It seems to pay a tribute to paranormal and found footage horror films which always took and interest to me.

The acting was whipped up into good shape in which Chad Michael Murray (Jack) seemed to show some spunk into his part of the story showing good frustrations when necessary as well as having a good loving attitude towards his onscreen family and was believable while getting into a discussion. Shows a ton of adrenaline as well as intense energy when the terror strikes him so he was passable with his characteristics.
Danielle Harris (Angela) was probably the best out of the cast in which she was great with her speaking and acting sharp as well as to the point with stuff. Also does a nice job when getting scared or anxious about stuff and really packing a punch within all of this. Was marvellous with her aggressions which was another great plus to her characteristics.
Candice De Visser (Emma) came across greatly onto the camera with her presence into whatever she did as she comes across as someone who tries to stay calm along with showing a good intelligent type of attitude. Had the right decent looks for her role which shows off perfectly. Plus does well with her wicked and cold attitude quarter way through so she offered a nice versatality.
Michael Eric Reid (Kevin) showed terrific energy with his hyped up attitude as well as showing some nice aggressions and sarcasm. Seemed to come across as a bit of an idiot which shines off nicely since he portrayed a pothead. Reacts well to stuff as you can tell. That he studied this part nicely.
Courtney Gains (John Brierwitz) shows off a well remembered cameo in the story as a head of a reality tv show offering some nice high paced wit into what he was talking about along with showing a negative type of behavior when telling someone some bad news which was somewhat believable too.

The music score done by Chad Rehmann was well composed in which there's alot of deep violin music which is commonly used in a horror flick as well as some deep dark groaning type of music too as it tried to fit in for the horror even if the scene's needed to have improved more so. Plus some piano music which sounded okay. Also there was some odd electronic music in certain spots which didn't really do anything for me.