Don't Wake the Dead (2008)

Produced & Directed by: Andreas Schnaas

Written by: Klauz Dzuck & Ted Geoghegan


Ralph Fellows .... Vincent
Sonja Kerskes .... Lana
Fiana de Guzman .... Beth
Carolin Schmidt .... Jessie
Cristiane Malia .... Shannon
Sarah Plochl .... Iris
Maren Lisner .... K.C.
Amy Lee .... Veronica
Julia Casper .... Carrie
Courntey Peltzer .... Tara
Wolfgang Wobeto .... Herr Janowitz

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: 2008




A group of women are hired to assist with an impromptu concert, spend the evening at an ancient German castle.
While they arrive they are greeted by a strange man named Herr Janowitz (Wolfgang Wobeto) who seems to act a little too friendly with them. They also meet an obnoxious man named Vincent (Ralph Fellows) in which they feel nervous about these two situations.
Ralph also seemed to have conjured up some of the living dead at a nearby graveyard in which these zombie's visit this castle every sixty years on that very night whom were the Templar Knights. They start to feast on the living as well as resurrecting the victims that they've killed into one of their people.
Vincent tries to warn the women there about what is going on as they will be gone during sunlight as they try to struggle but it seems that these knights from the living dead have ways to get into the castle by climbing up walls and into bedroom windows.
Vincent seems to get some help with two women there named Lana (Sonja Kerskes) and Beth (Fiana de Guzman) who seem to be very interested in him sexually which causes a problem between the two of them.


When I saw this film was by Schnaas Film GmbH I was expecting it to be a crappy made on video flick with nothing but gore and skin galore and a weak plot since the other stuff I saw was like that due to their reputation with others who worked for this company. But I was in for a surprise. This was probably their best effort ever and it had a bit pf a better storyline than in their previous films. Also, you think to yourself where's the graphic gore during the first bit of the story since it showed little of it at first but you are in for a big surprise as the makers delivered that along with beautiful women showing it off here and there too.
Of course the beautiful women are enjoying themselves and having a good time along with meeting strange characters too which helps this film being mysterious before the terror starts to happen plus good flashback sequences with a Grim reaper sort of killer and his evil zombie soldiers which was exciting to watch too.
Once resurrected from the grave has a total great dark horror feel to it as well as someone insanely doing a chant too which is what we need which would be great to watch on Halloween.
We spot some suggested lesbian flirtatious type moments but yet one of the characters seems to be drawm in by the head male for this flick which seems a bit confusing too.
It's great watching some of the people who were killed by this army of zombie's being born again into a zombie killer themselves as well as similar elements in the plot that borrows ideas from American films like Night of the Demons and Return of the Living Dead (Without alot of the slapstick comedy of course).
Sometimes the story runs around in circles but later on it picks up with a new kind of idea too. Of course while they try to find away to survive the night with the mandess going on the two main character's find time to have sex with one another which is also common for one of those unintelligent horror films. There's an exciting ending to the film too which looked suspenseful too.
There's also some good humor too with a band of zombie's performing a heavy metal number with other zombie's dancing which almost reminds me of a scene used in From Dusk Till Dawn but of course that film was about vampires. Still a similar idea.
Bottom line is this film can be categorised as so bad it's good and the company can definetely say goodbye to their roots in filmmaking the god awful Violent Shit trilogy. In my mind those were the worst movies ever!!! It's also a bit Americanised as these cast members spoke English and some had strong German accents but others seemed to pull off their role quite well wondering if they are American or not (Probably did this cause Nikos the Impaler became a cult favourite to gorehounds in certain parts of the States). It's both a zombie and splatter flick combined into one. This flick is worth checking out as it looks like they put effort into budgeting this piece surprisingly.

The acting is not too bad in which the lead actor Ralph Fellows (Vincent) really came across well as someone who is a strange man to encounter plus has a great aggression and rage to his role in which he brought that across incredibly well. He does a nice job as well being protective towards other along with his sword fighting too as he portrayed a nice warrior. There's a good moment with him going to the graveyard doing his chant and acting outrageous and crazy with his aggressions which shows off a terrific dark horror feel to the picture. There's a great aggressive reaction with him running to the graveyard during a certain scene.
Sonja Kerskes
(Lana) seemed to be a great one for this horror flick in which she really knew how to act outgoing and does a fairly good job with her screaming and pulling off alot of energy while struggling against the madness of what's happening proving she can be a worthy type of horror victim character for films like this.
Does well by staring out in a bedroom window of the castle wondering what he's doing in which she does show some good mysterious expressions on her face. A great screaming reaction on her when she spots something terrifying.
iana de Guzman (Beth) tried to do her best by playing a drunk but yet she tries too hard at times but yet she does well with pulling off an attitude too. She seemed to come across nicely onto the screen nonetheless. She was just average in her performance though which isn't terrible. There's a good moment with her acting drunk and obnoxious towards her fellow actor by telling everyone about him being responsible for what is happening.
I was very impressed with Carolyn Schmidt (Jessie) as a gothic type of chick with a shaved head in which she seems alot of fun watching her perform in the film with her flirtatious and charming attitude. She seemed to fit in terrifically well with the other cast members. She also does well as a resurrected living dead girl too and can see her getting more work in these types of horror films.
Amy Lee
(Veronica) was another great attention grabber with her whiney type and paranoid attitude. She certainly knew how to put on an interesting act and appearance. She never seemed to lack or slow down at all when she was doing a scene and it really shows. She was always on top.
But the one who stood out the most I must say was Wolfgang Wobeto (Herr Janowitz) with his creepy like expressions and actions bringing some wit to his role too. He really came across as one of those eccentric types from an old black and white horror flick with his speaking. He was a definete character actor without a doubt.

A woman appears topless while dancing with a band
Someone takes off their top while changing into another shirt breasts fully revealed
Zombies strip a woman on top of her car all the way down
Zombies enter a room and pull open her shirt boobs fully revealed before shes slaughtered by them
A woman is bare breasted while getting out of a bathtub
A woman is barebreasted while fornicating

What is a Schnaas film without the gore?
Bodies are split in half
Heads cut off with blood splurting out
Bodies sliced in two
Lots of bloody stabbings
Hearts are torn out
Zombie heads are smashed in

The music was composed very powerfully and superbly by Marc Trinkhaus with alot of great classical music in which we hear alot of weeping violin playing plus some piano tapping too. There's also great chating sounds when the zombie's are resurrected or anything else to do with their evil ceremonies. He certainly made his music sound more appropriate for a horror flick than he did in Nikos the Impaler which was just plain heavy guitar and synthesizer riffs. There's also good rumbling windy sound effects which suits what is happening on the screen.
He does show a great stompin metal songtrack for the flick with a gothic heavy metal band playing at the castle which seemed to work nicely.