Dreamaniac (1986)

Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Helen Robinson


Thomas Bern .... Adam
Kim McKamy .... Pat
Sylvia Summers .... Lily
Lauren Peterson .... Jodi
Bob Pelham .... Jamie
Cynthia Crass .... Francis
Brad Laughlin .... Brad
Linda Watts .... Jan
Matthew Phelps .... Foster
Lisa Emery .... Rosie
Michael Warren .... Ace

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November 26, 1986




A heavy metal musician named Adam (Thomas Bern) who is living in a sorority house seems to be bored with his girlfriend Pat (Kim McKamy) and wants to have a lustful life with more beautiful women and so he makes a deal with a satanic succubus named Lily (Sylvia Summers) to have him successful with women when he decides to throw a sorority party in which Pat becomes disappointed with him for ignoring her.
Lily wants something in return though as she seduces men there and then feeds off of them along with feeding off of them women too.
Then after she feeds her hunger she seems to control Adam's mind making him into an insane killer.


What can we expect from a David DeCoteau debut b-film flick after he left making gay porn flicks??? Well the budget looks pretty much the same as an adult flick which is close to a no budgeter.
The flick has those typical no grade looking opening credits like it was typed on a cheap computer and then it opens up with a twisted moment with the main character Adam and Lily in a bloody shower scene which seems to be a DeCoteau classic in his retro days on making these types.
There's also a chanting moment with Adam calling up a succubus which has a ton of cheesy lines while this happens but yet this succubus which happens to be Lily up in an attic which seems to finally start off with a creepy feel to it all showing some mist around her as this moment looked entertaining but then it does fall flat afterwards when she crawls to him near his bed by trying to seduce him which seemed like an amateurish sleazy scene but then there's a shocking moment on what she does which can make most horror fan cringe on the painful feeling to this. Suddenly he was having a nightmare. This seems to be the only time it pays a tribute to A Nightmare on Elm Street since the rest was different alltogether.
There's many scene's with a party happening which seemed too quiet and phony like to seem like a believeable wild party the sorority students are having. But yet there's the odd fun touches here and there since we have a stuck up sorority sister named Francis who is full of herself and a hilarous moment when a drunken sister named Jodi enters a bedroom where Francis is fornicating with a male bimbo and gets sick on them. I found this a perfect revenge to the one's who didn't like her cocky attitude by doing something gross on her. I got some laughs out of this. Yes folks there's lots of people fornicating here which looked pointless and dull. Typical for an old school DeCoteau flick.
There's also more kinky moments like Lily getting sexy towards a young buck named Ace and tying him up planning to do something deadly to him which looked fun to watch since it was so cheesy ya had to love it.

There's also a moment when Ace wakes up as a zombie which didn't explain itself as to why he became this way making the viewers watching this movie incredibly confused.
There's also some interesting twists as Adam seems to turn possessed and doing some killings in which Lily has control over him which seemed averagely entertaining along with one of the survivors named Pat using a power drill in order to keep herself safe from him in which this seemed to pay a homage to the Slumber Party Massacre.
The near ending was incredibly stupid as if the writer ran out of an idea to do an ending making it look slapstick but in an incredibly stale way. I just thought to myself that this was a real waste of time to make.
Bottom line is this film almost seemed fun to watch but it had alot of disappointments and not enough explainations on certain characters or other events as to why this is all happening. It was close to being considered average but with what was explained it failed to do so and could almost see why this flick remained obscure. The plot was almost as weak as watching a porn flick along with the made for video budget. DeCoteau's follow up Creepozoids was made on a bigger budget just barely making it to theatre's and is a bit better of a film but not by much.

The acting is pretty bad for the most part in which lead actor Thomas Bern (Adam) seems to fail at times as the main guy here who's the heavy metal writer in the music industry but had the right looks. He seemed to lack energy when he freaks out but yet came across well when he turned evil and doing deadly deeds so he was half good in his role. He lacked a bit with his lung power while screaming in a scene. Yet it's not surprising that he didn't do anything else as his looks did more of the talking than his acting skills. However he shows good nervous expressions towards another actress in a certain scene. Reacts well to a stabbing from a deadly weapon.
Kim McKamy (Pat) tried to do her best by pulling off energy as his girlfriend in the flick but yet she seems to fail in alot of spots as just one of those poseur types. She seems to do okay here and there but it's nothing to brag about which wasn't surprising that she moved onto pornography herself later on in her career. She wasn't overly terrible but a bit below average with her screaming and anxious attitude when the terrors start to happen. A lack of energy in other words. Also in another scene lacks energy towards someone else by trying to force her to leave the house due to a dangerous killer with a fighting scene which looked sloppy too. Yet does well acting vicious by attacking someone with a deadly weapon. She did better in Creepozoids.
Sylvia Summers (Lily) was the best out of the whole cast in which she comes off with her evil and slick attiude as well as coming across as believeably sleazy. Plus she had great menacing attitudes whenever she killed someone which was highly energetic and a great plus for her. Her devilish and beautiful looks were a plus to her character. Does well acting kinky towards her fellow actor by moving her hands all around him and circling him as well as her tying him him which also seemed natural. Was also impressive in another scene by showing a vicious expression by holding a knife in the air and then plunging it down which looked believeably vicious. I must say that she was almost too good to be in a film like this one.
Lauren Peterson (Jodi) brought some good humor to her role especially when she acted drunk even if she was a little too over the top but she at least tried her best to portray the role. She is no character actress though like most of the people mentioned here.
Bob Pelham (Jamie) couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag even if he ried to as he was just a line reader and not really getting into character at all. Wooden is the word for this guy. He is not a born actor at all.
Cynthia Crass (Francis) seemed to pull off her role not too badly as one of those stuck up types who acts cocky all the time which almost looked natural. She does come across as someone who acts spoiled as well as being in your face. She shows a descent amount of energy into her character but again is nothing overly too special. Her screaming lacked of energy though when a knife is towards her neck by a killer.

A butt shot on the backside of a naked guy is revealed walking into a bathroom during a dream sequence
A barebreasted woman is revealed bloodied in a shower
A brief butt shot of a guy is revealed in some sheets on a bed fooling around with a woman
A butt shot on another guy is revealed when he strips down and goes into a bed
Mostly male brief nudity here folks

A head is torn off
Lots of blood splattering in many scene's
A knife is punged in a girls head with blood dripping down
A hand is drilled through along with a chopped off head whicvh looked very graphic

Don Great composes cheesy plunking keyboard music for the opening and closing credits which doesn't sound convincing at all but in the story he uses many different elements to the plotlines like some interesting prickly sounds for when this succubus named Lily ties someone up as if she is about to do something perverted to him. Plus there's the odd screeching sounds and high icy effects along with the low gloomy music too.