Ghost Ship (2002)

Directed by: Steve Beck

Written by: Mark Hanlon & John Pogue


Gabriel Byrne .... Captain Sea Murphy
Julianna Marguilles .... Maureen Epps
Ron Eldard .... Dodge
Desmond Harrington .... Jack Ferriman
Isaiah Washington .... Greer
Alex Dimitriades .... Santos
Karl Urban .... Munder
Emily Browning .... Katie Harwood
Francesca Rettondini .... Francesca

Release Date: Theatrical: October 25, 2002

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A salvage crew of people in a tugboat bumps into an old long lost abandoned cruise ship where people were accidentally killed in 1962.
They try to tow it back to land and while they do so strange events starts to occur.
One of the crew people named Maureen Epps (Julianna Marguilles) is mysteriously seeing this little girl who was once aboard the ship in various places.
Plus there are some dead bodies spotted as well as blood dripping out of leaky holes.
The crew also finds gold in the ship and thought they hit luck. But suddenly their tugboat explodes and they are trapped on the ship but then they try to get it running.
But everyone realises that although the people on board of the ship back in 1962 were dead but their souls still remained there and the ghosts of those people are leading them to their deaths.
A ghost of the little girl Maureen encountered named Katie Harwood (Emily Browning) tries to warn her about the ship and also takes her back in time when the deaths have happened as it was taken over by a group of evil demonic mobsters killing everyone on board.
Katie has no choice but to destroy the ship before her life is taken as well.


A nice prologue that involves a pleasant moment with a beautiful singing on Francesca in a nicely done cruise ship with people dancing and spotting a little girl Katie Harwood dancing with a senior citizen as this looked friendly and heartwarming and then we spot the perfect deadly moments on a cable wire as well what looks like a deadly accident on board as well as perfectly gruesome results which will please the gorehounds who love their horror violence along with a perfect shot on Katie realising she's the only survivor on the dance floor as this makes you feel sorry for this poor child. It was all powerfully written in and a nice beginning to a horror story making the moments look all truly dark and disturbing.
Perfect mysterious and suspenseful situations when the crew in present day are searching for the abandoned cruise ship in a tug boat and spot it on their radar but can't see it until right when it's in front of them as this looked perfectly creepy and making you
cringe wondering if they will stop in time.
Nice shots on everyone climbing on board as this looked perfectly dark and gloomy while we spot all of this happening.

A good moment when someone nearly crashes through a floor and is saved as well as a great close up shot on the lead character Maureen Epps and a ghostly shot on Katie and then suddenly she is gone which is a nice add in to the story.
Nice shot on Maureen discovering an abandoned swimming pool and climbing up a ladder as well as Katie standing there which was supposed to make you jump but it fails yet looks mildly suspenseful as well as Maureen falling down which looked painful to watch her do this.
Another nice moment with Maureen looking around trhe ship and good shots on dead bodies in a watery area which looked creepy as well as her spotting a hung corpse with a necklace around this object as this was supposed to draw you in nicely here.
Good moment with two dimwitted crewmen testing some food there and stuffing their faces and while we continue to watch it looked clever as we get a sinking feeling that something gross will soon occur.
Perfect moments when people find gold and act full of life as this scene was perfectly energised by watching on what goes on.
More good energetic moments when everyone prepares to leave the ship with the gold and a good shot on an object turning on by itself as well as a great moment on Katie trying to warn others as to what is going to happen as this makes you cringe big time while we watch what everyone does ready to activate stuff as well as someone else trying to stop on what they're all doing. Plus a perfect suspenseful shot on the tug boat exploding as well as someone caught on fire and falling into the ocean with this boat sinking which was well done as well.
Nice circling moment with Maureen meeting face to face with Katie with their dicscussions and an impressive moment when Maureens hand goes through Katie's and realising that she's a ghost as well as being warned to leave the ship as well as Katie only spotting creepy marks on the walls closing in and the ship not wanting anyone there as this for sure looked incredibly effective for a horror story.
A good moment with Maureen walking by a hallway of room doors and they all slam shut as this makes you jump out of your seat big time.
We also get a good special effects moment that involves Greer in a room when suddenly busted up tables and chair are renewed and a dance hall comes to life again which looked well done as well as Francesca coming on to him and acting lustful which draws you in greatly as well as a deadly deed that happens which was clever in a horror flick as to never trust a ghost.
Plus we have a perfect moment when Katie takes Maureen back in time as to what happened at the ship as this explains the mysterious deadly situations which happened in the beginning as the scene's that we spot here looked perfectly well done as it shows all the people working on that ship were evil and killing one another as it offers a genuinely twisted scenario. Also it involves one of the present characters that makes it even more mysterious as you wonder how this fellow had anything to do with something that took place before his time.
Perfect struggling moments and battling sequences between Maureen and Sea as he explains as to who he is which looked good and pwerful to watch on what happens as well as what she tries to survive.
Nice effective moments with the spirits being released floating up from underneath the water offering a happy ending for those whom were trapped in the ghost ship as well as showing the ship sinking even if the CGI looked a little too computerised but still entertaining.
The very ending opens the door for a sequel right when you think that we are in for a happy ending and a shame it never arose since the film wasn't groundbreaking enough.
Bottom line is that this film was well done but really takes getting used to but can get into it big time if you're in the mood for just watching it and concentrating piece by piece on what happens. TYhe effects aren't all fancy but hey that's okay. The film had some admirers and a decent plot. A fun flick indeed.

The acting is nothing special with this one yet it isn't terrible either. Gabriel Byrne (Captain Sea Murphy) seemed to show his stuff pretty good as a clean cut type as well as coming across as someone whom is wise and showing nice efforts by how he comes across with stuff. Also shows a perfect versatality when he shows his dark and possessive side with his sneering behavior as jumping into action as he was hyped with energy within all of this. Comes across on the camera marvellously.
Julianna Marguilles (Maureen Epps) was quite sharp in her role and really brings her character to life with her alerted attitude. Does well with her speaking especially when trying to get any kind of information. She really shows some nice intensity whenever she had to be this way but yet acting tough whenever she needed to be this way as well. Was a true character actress.
Ron Eldard
(Dodge) certainly brought on his macho attitude as well as his arrogant personality coming across as someone that you don't want to cross. He for sure shows off a nice dimwitted attitude and not a brainy type. Had a good strong personality and has the perfect looks and appeal for this role.
Isaiah Washington (Greer) delivers incredibly well himself as he had the right brawny looks as well as his strong speaking. Plus does well with his aggressions too along with throwing a great punch towards someone else when he loses it. Also knew on how to get into a somewhat trance and falling for a trap as he studied all of his movies fairly well for everything that you see here.
Emily Browning (Katie Harwood) seemed convincing as the spirit of the young girl named as she delivered her character well enough.
Does a good job acting happy in the beginning of her performance and then changing that mode to being scared with her pwerful screams. She also shows a nice ghostly presence with her emotionless attitude. Also was great when she freaks out or gets scared while discussing a deadly secret with perfect sobbing emotions.
Francesca Rettondini (Francesca) looked great in her role as she sings very softly which was impressive as well as being good and slick in other situations. Plus shows off a nice lustful attitude as well as being deadly in a flashback sequence as she was sharp within her performance by doing this too. Looked great on the camera throughout everything that she did in her supporting role.

Francesca Renttondini exposes her breasts when she is a ghost trying to lead one of the crew people to his death.

In the beginning of the film people are sliced and diced by a wire in an outdoor ballroom of the ship.
There are rotted corpses washed up in the ship.
A guy is impaled as well as Francessa is hung on a hook attached to her chin.
Lots of blood too.

John Frizzel seems to compose his music very powerfully especially with the smooth trombone playing as well as drum rolls and cymbals clashing too which adds a perfect touch to many of the action and suspenseful moments that we see in the film. Also there's the odd chanting and whooshing sounds as well as the banging and slammings which makes you jump out of your seat whenever necessary. Plus we hear some nice pleasant and peaceful music when the spirits are sent free from the sinking ghost ship as this sounded marvellous.

We have sountracks by hardcore groups like Monica Mancini, Edwin and the Pressure, Mudvayne, Natalia Oeiro and John Frizzel.

Jack Ferriman: Last month I was out in the middle of the Strait when I came across this.
Epps: Congratulations. You found a boat. In the middle of the ocean, of all places.

Munder: I just think I shit my pants.
Dodge: No, you always smell that way.

[first lines]
Greer: I can't hold her much longer, Murph. Port bow is heeling. She's taking on way too much water.

Dodge: You smell that? I smell bullshit!

Epps: Not the same as flying weather planes over ice sheets is it? What's the appeal?

Epps: You mean, what's a nice girl like me doing in a dump like this, instead of raising a family? Simple. I own a third of Murphy's operation, I'm not that nice, and these monkeys... are my family.

Munder: Who the fuck you kidding Greer. Everybody knows you Navy boys take it up the ass.

Epps: After you.
Murphy: No, after you.
Munder: No, no, no, no, no. After me.

Jack Ferriman: You okay? You seem quiet since you came back.
Epps: I think I saw something I couldn't possibly have seen.
Jack Ferriman: Like what?
Epps: No, it's crazy. It doesn't matter.
Jack Ferriman: No, I'm curious, tell me.
Epps: I think I saw a little girl.
Jack Ferriman: On, on the, the boat?

Epps: Have you told anyone else about this?
Jack Ferriman: Not a living soul.

Murphy: I do know one thing. I've seen strange things happen in the strait. But I know something else. Sea gives you an opportunity you take it.

Murphy: These Italian liners, ya know, they couldn't compete for speed, so they built these floating art palaces instead.

Jack Ferriman: Looks like someone used it for target practice.
Epps: That's the happy version.
Jack Ferriman: What's the not-so-happy version?
Epps: There were people in there.

Epps: Wanna hear something funnier? We just found a bunch of dead guys floating in the laundry room.

Greer: Earlier, when I was doing my recon, I could swear I heard a women's voice singing to me. It was like she was, like she was coming on to me or something.
Munder: Oh, no.
Greer: It was the sexiest voice I ever heard, man.
Santos: She got any backup singers?
Munder: Brother, whatever you're on, get me some!
Dodge: I think maybe you're not quite ready to get married, Greer.

Munder: Where's your empathy?
Dodge: Winners do not empathize with losers.

Dodge: Can I tell you something else? When we get back I'm gonna take my money and I'm gonna buy you a bathtub.

Greer: Francesca, I know all of this isn't real. So I'm just gonna go with it, okay? Can't cheat on your fiancée with a dead girl, right?

Epps: Oh, God, you really are a fucking ghost.

Katie: We're all trapped here.
Epps: Who?
Katie: My shipmates and I.

Katie: You must go at once. Leave the ship while you still can!

Santos: Because of the plan, I'm trapped on this dreamboat of yours. So, you know what? You're coming along for the ride!

Jack Ferriman: Well, you live for her. You willing to die for her?

Epps: I saw that little girl again.
Jack Ferriman: What? Where?
Epps: I must be losing my goddamn mind!

Dodge: I shot Ferriman, he's dead.
Epps: Yeah, don't be so sure Dodge!

Munder: What's with the heart?
Epps: Found it. Belonged to this little girl.
Dodge: What girl?
Epps: She told me to get off this boat.
Jack Ferriman: You mean she's talking to you now?
Munder: What the hell are you guys talking about?

Dodge: Hey, check this out.
Munder: Hey, it's a watch. Congratulations, buddy.
Dodge: No... look again you moron! It's a digital watch. Do the math. They didn't have digital watches in 1962.

Epps: Call me if you need anything.
Dodge: How about a pizza?
Epps: [sarcastically] You're SO funny!

Jack Ferriman: You're pathetic.

[last lines]
Epps: No!