Grandma's House (1988)

Executive Produced & Directed by: Peter Rader

Written by: Nico Mastorakis


Eric Foster .... David
Kim Valentine .... Lynn
Len Lesser .... Grandfather
Ida Lee .... Grandmother
Brinke Stevens .... Woman
Michael Robinson .... Kenny
Craig Yerman .... Raymond
David Donham .... Mr. Sackett
Joan-Carol Bensen .... Mrs. Sackett

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: December 16. 1988 (UK)






Two kids named David (Eric Foster) and Lynn (Kim Valentine) move to their grandparents house after their father's death as they were told their mother died when they were little and move to a small country with their Grandparents.
But while they are there they encounter a strange woman (Brinke Stevens) wherever they go as they both feel in danger by her. They also found a man dead near their home.
Plus, David is told by one of the neighborhood kids named Raymond (Craig Yerman) that his Grandparents house is an evil place as they have killed people and did other nasty deeds.
Eric spots the strange woman having contact with their grandparents and then they torture her and keep her trapped.
He feels endangered and terrified but doesn't know if he should run to the police on this matter and he is in for a shocking surprise and the same with Lynn after what is going to happen and who this strange woman is.


An impressive beginning with the film when a bus is rolling along carrying both David and Lynn and suddenly the mysterious lady credited as the Woman is standing in the middle of the road acting like a statue with the bus swerving around her. It's just so weird and a great beginning to the film which looked greatly made and shot.
There's a perfect nightmare sequence as if it were real when David is looking out the window seeing both his grandparents carrying the Woman's body down to a cellar as it shows good camera shots on David trying to stay quiet and finding out what is going on.
There's a great intense scene between David and his grandfather as you think wake me up!!!!
We have a good scene during a swimming race performed by David and a nice shot on the Woman staring at him behind the bleachers of people waving to him still bringing an unsolved mystery to her part.
We see a conversation between Kenny and Lynn in a swimming pool as he circles around her trying to flirt with her which was in good taste as you just wanna tell the guy to buzz off.
The best discussions was with David and Raymond when they walk around the area of the countryside and this dude scares David with creepy tales about his Grandparents' place and the evil doings going on there.
We see a great shot of David staring at both of his grandparents beating the Woman with a stick a half of a distance away with the camera panning on them which looks quite distrubing.
Plus the story showed good eerie scenes with the Woman in the refrigerator and David looking shocked and frightened afterwards at the picnic dinner table outside too scared to eat and both of his grandparents looking at him angrily which really gives you a chill down your spine.
We also have perfect intensity between the Grandfather and Raymond when he is looking for his belongings andthe Grandfather gives him a menacing and evil look at him while carrying a shotgun in one hand.
There's a perfect setting when the Woman was tied up trying to convince the kids to release her and then she attacks as there's a great chase scene between David and Lynn against the Woman which was incredibly suspenseful.
was directed terrifically screaming insanely while attacking and running as she believeably looked like a maniac especially showing her evil expressionless face during many takes when she tries to trap the kids.
We see a great camera shot on a toy rocket zooming around in the cellar knocking jars and other things down which keeps things occupied.
Bottom line: A very mysterious horror flick that focuses on a good story even if it was made on a low budget. In the beginning it looks like that it might just be a mystery/suspense type of a film but then during the middle of the film things get very twisted with the deceiving grandparents. At first they may seem loving but then you discover that they are very evil. Packed with lots of scary touches in the film and totally psychotic as well.

The acting is very well done and I am quite impressed with it. Eric Foster (David) does a great job as a terrified grandson experiencing his grandparents deadly secrets. Showed perfect evil expressions and reactions in a certain scene. He shows a nice menacing attitude when he shows his onscreen sister a picture of the Woman. He performed the best ever towards the end with his insane behavior with an axe.
Kim Valentine
(Lynn) was talented herself in her role as an outgoing teenage granddaughter and knows how to get paranoid and scared on set when she needs to be.
Len Lesser
(Grandfather) comes across wonderfully as an evil Grandfather and perfomrs very menacing too.
Of course Brinke Stevens (The Woman) performed terrifically as the estranged woman which made her performance eerie and very mysterious and plays terrifically demented too. She performs terrifically quarter way through screaming insanely while attacking and running as she believeably looked like a maniac especially showing her evil expressionless face during many takes when she tries to trap the kids. Reacts wonderfully by crying in fright while being tied up. This film helped her scream queen career in future low budget films too.
Supporting actor Michael Robinson (Raymond) was so dorky as a 50's type teenage womaniser but again this was probably intentional for his role in the film. He looks like he's believeably in pain when he gets shot and showing an aggressive attitude when someone tries to help him.
We have a comedic performance by David Donham (Mr. Sackett) as a nearby resident and friend of the family and is quite okay in his part.

The music was nicely composed by Nigel Holton and Clive Wright as we have a cold cheesy synthesizer sounding to many of the scene's as well as some paino playing and woodwinds too.

Boy at Pool: If I had a sister like that, I'd boff her!

David: This is her underwear, I could make you eat them!

David: You killed my mother!!!!