Graveyard Shift (1987)

Written & Directed by: Jerry Ciccoritti


.... Stephen Tsepes
Helen Papas .... Michelle Hayden
Cliff Stoker .... Eric Hayden
Dorin Ferber .... Gilda
.... Robert Kopple
.... Det. Winsome
Don James .... Det. Smith

Release Dates: Theatrical: June 12, 1987



A cab driver at night Stephen Tsepes (Michael A. Miranda) has turned many of the local women into vampiress' when they were his customers.
Now he seems to fall in love with a local filmmaker named Michelle Hayden (Helen Papas) and makes her into one of his people while two detectives Winsome (John Haslett Cuff) and Smith
(Don James) tries to find out the missing cases on numerous dead bodies around Central Park.


A very still and interesting beginning with a cab driver getting out of his vehicle and standing somewhere in the night as well as showing someone showing up for his graveyard shift as this seemed catchy to watch.
Another good and still moment with the lead vampire Stephen Tseoes driving in his cab and a hooker entering the vehicle upset and telling him to drive as well as her getting out and running in a cemetary as well as this guy grabbing a hold of her with a good shot on him exposing his vampire teeth and biting her breast which looked well done for an 80's low budgeter.
We spot trashy moments on what is taking place in the daytime especially some things going wrong in a studio while shooting a music video with one of the employees Michelle Hayden having a rough time. The moments here looked average and could've improved a bit better.
Then we have a moment at a strip joint which flowed a bit more and spotting the stripper Gilda doing her dance as this looked a bit corny to watch. However, things seem to work in well when someone tries to pick her up afterwards near an alleyway and she attacks him with her fangs which looked mildly impressive.
However we have a scene between two detectives and a coroner discussing a murder case with a dead body in front of them with some sarcasm going on as this didn't look believeable at all and seemed forced to be done. Pretty trashy stuff here.
An impressive moment with Michelle leaving work and Stephen offering her a lift since she was her customer beforehand as this adds a nice charming moment to the story. Also there's a moment when she's about to pass out and he bites her neck as this was well focused and taken by surprise as this was well drawn in.

There's an effective moment when Stephen is fixing his cab and thugs rob him as well as them shooting him as well as him getting up which really looked well done as well as them running away and gives you a sinking feeling as to what he may do to them. Definetely a nice add on to the story here.
A nice surprising moment with a female cop making out that he's arresting Stephen as well as her slowly unbuttoning her shirt which makes you wonder if he bit her and made her a vampiress as this was impressively done.
A great powerful situation between Stephen and Gilda with their evil hissing towards one another as well as a great dark and creepy shot on the two of them which adds a nice horror feel to everything and close to being gothic like but a little too cheesy for it to be completely like that.
Nice camera shots on both Stephen and Michelle lusting with one another as well as strage situations with a vampiress getting lustful towards someone in a swimming pool or a dweeby guy at a junkyard in which there's good effective stuff happening here and offering nice timing within all of this.
A good moment with Michelle approaching lustfully towards her husband Eric as this leaves an impression that she's about to bite into him and suddenly he wakes up as this looked clever and dark.
Lame moments with Eric and a vampire slayer going to a studio and trying to snuff out Stephen but the ball rolls a bit with the struggling moments and him attacking which there's nice shots on all of this. Plus we have vampiress' swarming over the slayer as this looked a bit stale to watch since we've seen it before but in a better fashion.
Bottom line is that the film is a boring vampire flick that tried hard to makew it a more unique type of vampire story but misses. There's the odd fun touches in it but not enough to make it an average one. It was very rough and easily forgettable. Followed by a sequel.

The acting is quite stiff and uninspired as it needed to be in better shape than it was but lead actor (Stephen Tsepes) seemed to pull off his role pretty well as the vampire cab driver in which he had a slick type of attitude and wicked charm as well. Does well with his cold speaking or acting vicious whenever he needed to behave this way. Shows alot of great blocking and energy during the quarter of his performance while struggling against others during the battle on the people against him.
Helen Papas (Michelle Hayden) however was rusty in her work as someone working in the movie industry in which she was very rough in her aggressions or showing her stressful attitude. Just didn't seem like a natural character actress at all. Yet she does seem to pull it off when she acts wicked and lustful so there's some good pointers on her regardless. But she was a mediocre actress regardless.

Cliff Stoker (Eric Hayden) was another average performer but yet offers a good seriousness to his persona which he was meant to be this way. Also does well with his stern attitude as well as reacting in terror well whenever he needed to be this way. Had the right clean cut looks for his role so that was another plus. Just didn't seem to come across too well with whatever he did though.
Dorin Ferber (Gilda) seemed to breeze through okay as a vampiress stripper but when she did her strip show she was a bit off on her blocking and movements. However when she acted vicious attacking her victim she was on the ball. Also does a nice job getting anxious in other spots of the film. She had the right looks for playing someone so lustful and vicious.
(Det. Winsome) had the tall features and the serious motive as a tough lawman but his acting was incredibly wooden as I was convinced that he was only cast for his looks and appeal but couldn't act too well. He was another one who wasn't cut for the business.
Don James (Det. Smith) played the witty one and seemed to pull it off a wee bit better but not enough to make you laugh as he was stale with his humor and had the right looks for the role. He seemed fairly energetic within the action scene's that he had to do so he had some okay values but not enough to be a great actor. He was fairly stiff at times as well.

A hooker has her bra torn open and breasts revealed.
The vampire has his butt revealed a couple times while going to sleep in his coffin or doing a lustful scene.
A stripper takes off her top breasts revealed while dancing.
The main character shows off her breasts while fornicating in a coffin.
Topless vampiress is revealed near a swimming pool while a naked man is skinny dipping in the water.
Another topless vampiress is revealed in a junkyard.
Close up shots on breasts with blood dripping down.

A wooden stake is bloodily stabbed through someone's body.
Bloody gunshots.

Bloody bites.
Torn off head.
Melted vampire during sunlight.

Nicholas Pike does the composing for this piece as it's quite low budget sounding and coming from a synthesizer but it suits the story itself and can do wonders with what he had. He shows some great suspenseful sounds to it for when the action or terror strikes giving it a cold feeling as well as having great fast pace soundings. Quarter way through he shows a versatality to it as there's some guitar riff soundings which sounds greatly done as well as different tunes for a lustful sequence as well.