Grudge 2 (2006)

Directed by: Takashi Shimizu

Written by: Stephen Susko


Amber Tamblyn .... Aubrey
Arielle Kebbel .... Allison
Jennifer Beals .... Trish
Edison Chen .... Eason
Sarah Roemer .... Lacey
Teresa Palmer .... Vanessa
Matthew Knight .... Jake
Sarah Michelle Gellar .... Karen

Special Appearances:

Joanna Cassidy .... Mrs. Davis
Christopher Cousins .... Bill
Eve Gordon .... School Counsellor

Release Dates: Theatrical: October 12, 2006 (Brazil); October 13, 2006 (USA); Night Visions Film Festival: October 29, 2006 (Finland); Festival Internacional de Cinema Negre de Manresa: November 16, 2006 (Spain)

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A young American woman named Aubrey (Amber Tamblyn) travels to Japan as some of her family members were burned to death in a building but her sister named Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) survived the incident and is in a hospital.
Suddenly her sister falls off the hospital building and then she needs to find out information that is causing her death and others.
She falls under the same supernatural force that instills intense rage before moving on to another victim.
A local there named Eason (Edison Chen) tries to help her out by finding evidence with pictures and videos but he might fall into the rage of the supernatural force if he isn't careful.


The people behind this flick makes this piece very dark and mysterious like he did with the first film. They try to make it bone chilling and at times it works and others it doesn't.
A real impressive and shocking beginning which seems confusing at first when we spot a housewife Trish making breakfast and being still and silent as this draws a mysterious moment along with her husband Bill getting arrogant towards her which leaves an impression that he's abusive and suddenly she whacks him with the frying pan as this is a nice start to a horror story.
Three girls from a private school in one of the first scene's looked good as we have the put upon teen whom is Allison is going to the creepy abandoned haunted house looked very well when Vanessa torments Allison by locking her in a small storage room and then she reacts extremely intense when she can't get out which looked very effective for the film promising that this will be a perfect remake of Ju-On 2 especially when the freaky spirits are nearly about to attack her while she tries to get out of the storage room which looked adrenalised wondering if she will make it out.
Interesting discussion with Mrs. Davis as a sick mother in bed talking towards Aubrey in to finding out on what happened to their family member as this looked a bit tense and dramatic to watch. It was strongly done.
A perfectly intense moment with Karen crying out to her sister Aubrey on the situations looking like someone who's mentally out of control as well as the people at the hospital strapping her down since none of this looked like a pretty site to watch and powerfully well done.
There's a perfect setting on Karen when she is running in the halls in the hospital and then sees all the lights slowly blacking out with a spirit charging at her. Of course this leaves a nice deadly impression on her trying to escape the evil force.
We see a great conversation between both Aubrey and Eason outside and suddenly boom! Karen falls down to the ground from a high hospital roof. It happens all of a sudden.
I spotted a girls changeroom scene as this almost added a tribute to Carrie when we spot the outsider Allison going to take a shower and Vanessa mocking her as this shows great taste with a bully towards one of her classmates.
We see a great shot on Vanessa when she's in the shower and pulls out some of her hair as she wonders why this is happening. Almost a sign on karma too.
A good situation with Kayako about to get it on with her boyfriend in a room and suddenly some covers are feeling her and then she realises he's not under them as this leaves a spooky impression when she's scared to unceover them to see what's underneath with a nice camera shot on all of this and giving you the chills almost making you too scared to watch this moment.
Perfect still and tense moment when Vanessa looks underneath a desk to find the plug of a lamp she was toying with and then sees small feet running across as this for sure is a perfect jumping and scary moment too. Also later on when she runs outside to a phone there's good special effects on what happens to her.
Good special effects when Eason tries to develop a picture on what he sees something unusual and it forms in the liquid as well as forming a ghosts head rising up as watching this psychs you out greatly and looking terrifying too as this can make you jump a great deal.
Perfectly spooky moment when Lacey answers the door and her resident just stands there ghostly and then driniking a pticher of milks and then throwing up in it as this was gross to watch and drawing you in that this resident isn't herself at all and creeps you out a great deal. It was silently well done.
Allison and a school counsellor alone in the counselling room together was well set and very haunting too which will make you creep out totally. This for sure makes the story even more weird but in a good horrifying fashion nevertheless.
Great shocking moments with Jake running away from the freaky moments in his building after what he sees and trying to hide as well as him hearing a tapping sound and then goes to the other room to see what's causing that which is a great add on to the story since we have a feeling that it's something not good.
Bottom line is that this is a very nice sequel and a much better improvement on Juon 2 since this remake had a much bigger budget with great effects and a better story too. The dialogue was great with all the cast members as everyone had great chemistry in making this piece come to life.

The acting is terrifically and I have no criticism on these actors. Amber Tamblyn (Aubrey) was a natural for her role in the film as the American looking to find out how some of her family members died. She showed terrific emotions in her character and had plenty of energy in her performance. She cried terrifically on camera so believeably well while speaking to her onscreen mother on her cell phone about what has happened which will almost make you feel like crying as well.
Arielle Kebbel
(Allison) as a disturbed student at her school knew her part inside out and was great at acting freaked out over everything. She looked great by freaking out in a counsellor's room towardsher fellow actress on what is all happening.
Edison Chen
(Eason) played a nice guy role and Japan local trying to figure out the paranormal activity and stands out well with his character. Shows a perfect shocking reaction to his face when he spots a spirit on tape that he's watching trying to find any evidence. He also does well when he tries to help someone by finding out why his sister died.
Sarah Roemer
(Lacey) drew in well with her caring and warm motherly type of attitude. She certainly makes you want to like her by what she does here as well as showing some good spunk into what she does like surprising someone at the door and then reacts well by being concerned later on as well as doing a good job acting spooked too.
Teresa Palmer
(Vanessa) lived to play a highschool bully in the film as she made her character very believeable. She showed nice scared reactions while hiding underneath a table from the supernatural force and looked very intense when she runs out into the street to a pay phone as her panicked reactions looked believeable.
Child actor Matthew Knight (Jake) was a real champ in this movie as a freaked out little kid and another one who stood out in this flick. He also looked good being frightened by all the haunting events and running away in the hallways of his apartment too. Plus does well screaming or getting freaked out when the terror starts to strike him.
Although Sarah Michelle Gellar (Karen) had a small part in this film she stood out the most and made the plot effective and is great as a disturbed patient and sister of the lead actress. She reacts very well towards her fellow actress when they speak to one another in the hospital. Then it looks disturbing when she is strapped up after she reacts a little crazy.
Other small supporting actors did well in this film too.
Kim Miyori
(Kayako's Mother) presented herself at being very ghostly and mysterious as the mother of the evil spirit that is haunting and killing others.
Eve Gordon
(School Counsellor) really pulled off her part as a counsellor as you wonder what she will do next. Shows a nice decevingly warm attitude and trying to come across as someone whom is caring and shows convincingly a concerned behavior too.
Joanna Cassidy
(Mrs. Davis) does her part well too as a sick mother and proving she doesn't need to pretend to be sick for the movie making it look natural.
Also comes across as nearly seeming like she has a dark side too which grabs your attention fully.

Blood oozes out of some dead people's heads.

We have great sharp and intense music for the film by Christopher Young like what he did for the first film and it still works wonderfully. Alot of hissing sounds and intense screeching effects blending in for the real creepy moments that would make you jump out of your seat and classical violin playing as it makes everything sound very catchy. Plus more deep sound effects that was unique. Good metal echoe banging effects sounding fairly powerful. Nice sharp prickly sounds too that works for the hauntings. Near the end we hear soft sad classical music sounding perfectly smooth.

Bill: [Trish is cooking bacon] You're gonna burn 'em.
Bill: You gonna go shopping for three hours again today? Leave your cell phone off? You think I don't know what you're doing, you think I'm stupid, huh? And yet... you can't make me a simple... DAMN... breakfast!
[Trish then pours the hot oil from the frying pan over Bill's head and whacks him to the floor with the pan]

Allison: [whimpers] Why did you have to bring me into this house...?
Vanessa: Uuuh, you were the one who wanted to go in!
Allison: [stands up and cries] WHAT did I do to you, exactly?

Karen Davis: Aubrey, you've got to get me out of here. I am the only one that can stop her.

Trish: Time for your bath.