The Grudge 3 (2009)


Directed by: Toby Wilkins 

Written by: Brad Keene 


 .... Lisa 
Gil McKinney .... Max 
Emi Ikehata .... Naoko
.... Rose 
 .... Andy
.... Gretchen
.... Jake
Shawnee Smith .... Dr. Sullivan 

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: May 12, 2009





A young Japanese woman Naoko (Emi Ikehata) who holds the key to stopping the evil spirit of Kayako, travels to the haunted Chicago apartment from the sequel, to stop the curse of Kayako once and for all.


The beginning of the story shows a scene between Dr. Sullivan and a disturbed patient Jake when he's scared on what's going to happen to him as well as nice surroundings on him in a quiet room with ghostly hands grabbing at this child but it didn't seem as spooky as it was intended to be.
Interesting situation with Naoko in Tokyo talking to her husband about the incidents and what she plans to do which seemed to work well into the storyline.
Plus there's moments with Lisa making out with her boyfriend in an empty apartment suite as well as their discussions on who resided there and what had happened which left a nearly spooky feeling about things but however the moments could've been a bit more convincing.
Then there's some nice uplifting moments when little Rose was playing with her dollhouse while Gretchen was babysitting her which the conversations looked decent and natural which was a nice happy moment while spotting all of this. Then when her older siblings arrive back to the suite there's an interesting moment with Rose telling them about her Mr. Potatohead figure and placing it out in the hallway discussing some boy which is supposed to be an imaginary friend by how she was discussing this which seems to leave a clue on ghosts in the suite. Then there's a moment when Lisa opens the door and realises that her toy is gone which is supposed to give you the chills but not quite.
Yet there's a perfect moment when a disturbed girl Brenda is about to shut off the water in her tub and a near jumping moment happens with a figure attacking which is nice horror timing. Then when Dr. Sullivan comes in no one is in the bathroom which is a perfect mysterious feel to everything.
Nice near dark moment when Lisa stalks through the halls of the suite hearing something which looked a bit chilling and then spots Dr. Sullivan as she talks about a couple of the people there that have disappeared which is a great moment in the story making things mysterious.
Great camera shots near a staircase where Lisa spots the Mr. Potatohead figure which draws you in wondering on what will happen next as we spot a ghostly white figure of a boy as this seemed fairly well done.
Perfect still moments with Gretchen doing some paintings and then nice shots on red trickling down on one of them and a shot on another with red splattered on it. Then the real suspense piles up when she is attacked by a ghostly female figure lurking towards her as the effects were fairly well done.
Nice moment in a hospital involving Dr. Sullivan with the ghostly female figure ready to attack her and she is locked behind a door trying to escape which looked suspenseful as well. 
Strong interactions between Naoko and Lisa when she tells her about what had happened and what can happen at her suite as well as offering to do a ceremony and Lisa herself gets freaked by this and refuses as well as trying to avoid her as this was an attention grabber and works well into the story.
Great strongly done in moments when Max is in a cellar placing bricks and then supporting character Praski being assaulted by him as this makes you cringe wondering as to why he's being so obnoxious. Plus a good moment later on when he goes into is car and hears a cat sound which leaves some chills and then a nice shot on a white figure sitting next to him ready to attack.
Perfect intensity when Max gets abusive towards Lisa and Rose as these moments look nearly disturbing to watch and powerfully done as well as good fast paced camera shots on what is going on here leaving a clue that this dude is totally possessed.
More strong situations when Naoko tries doing the ceremony which looked intense as well as Max coming in towards her and ready to doer in which also looked powerfully done in. Looked incredibly effective too. Plus a nice ghostly figure crawling towards him which was nicely paced.
Bottom line is that the sequel seemed to lack a bit and needed more inspiration as it didn't do much for me. Some effective moments like possessions and odd creepy moments but tried too hard to be scary and it wasn't all too much like that. However it leaves a door open for a sequel regardless.

The acting is well performed in which  (Lisa) seemed sharp in her role coming across as perfactly calm and patient by what she was doing as well as having that nice girl type of attitude as well. Shows it all off convincingly. Plus she shows a good frightened behavior as well as being emotional and crying intensely as she bring out some great adrenaline. She was a force of nature for sure and knew her craft. 
Gil McKinney(Max) stole the film with his performance offering a nice outgoing attitude and charm. Seemed to show off a great spunk into what he was talking about. Plus shows off a great versatality showing his dark side when he's possessed offering perfect intensity and acting violent as well as obnoxious in which he offers horror in his role. He lunges out marvellously while doing all of this. 
Emi Ikehata (Naoko) drew in well with her serious attitude as well as discussing the situations that are going to be happening in which she studied her part perfectly. She leaves some nice clues as to what she is all about. She stood out the most in all the cast. Plus she seems to concentrate on the struggling situations near the end of her performance too. 
(Rose) certainly brought some nice enthusiasm as a little girl who enjoys her playtime in which she acted believeably full of life. Also does well with her sobbing or fearful attitude. She made her part truly likeable as she patted it all done perfectly. 
(Gretchen) shows a great loving type of behavior as she really made her role come to life a great deal. I enjoyed in what she did with her supporting role. Also does a nice job acting spooked near the end of her role as she brings on some decent energy into this. 
(Jake) really brought it on as the emotionally scared patient at the ward as he really knew on how to cry on set which his role can be well remembered for what he did. Also shows some nice creepy moments when he is now the ghostly child showing perfect ghoulish expressions. 
Shawnee Smith (Dr. Sullivan) Was another well remembered supporting role in which she came across as truly mysterious into what she did here. Also shows a strangeness into her speaking when she discusses to some people on what happened to her patients. Plus does a great job being scared out of her head and screaming at the end of her performance.

Eyes are plucked out
A small blade is stabbed through someone's throat

The music worked in well done by Sean McMahon in which there's the odd chiming sounds especially during a mysterious scene which had a ghostly feel to it as well as nice dark sounds and hissing which works in greatly too. Also nice echoey sounds and sharp screeching music too. All of this was a great combination.