Halloween II: The Nightmare Isn't Over (1981)


Directed by: Rick Rosenthal

Written by: John Carpenter & Debra Hill


Jamie Lee Curtis .... Laurie Strode
Donald Pleasance .... Dr. Sam Loomis
Lance Guest .... Jimmy Lloyd
Hunter von Leer .... Deputy Gary Hunt
Nancy Stephens .... Marion Chambers
Tawnya Moyer .... Nurse Jill Franco
Ana Alicia .... Nurse Janet Marshall
Pamela Susan Shoop .... Nurse Karen Bailey
Ford Rainey .... Dr. Frederick Mixter
Leo Rossi .... Bud
Dick Warlock .... Michael Myers

Special Appearance:

Charles Cyphers .... Sherrif Leigh Brackett

Release Date: Theatrical: October 30, 1981

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It is late Halloween night and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is sent to the Haddonfield Hospital but Michael is wandering around the neigborhood finding out where she is at.
He kills a resident and then finds out on the radio that she is sent to the Haddonfield Hospital so he pays a visit there. Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance) and Sherrif Brackett (Charles Cyphers) is hunting for him and thinks that they find him as a teen is dressed in the same uniform Michael is.
He is burned to death and finds out that he is the wrong person as he happened to be Laurie's possible date for the school dance.
Michael kills the doctors and nurses one by one till he finds Laurie who is drugged.
Dr. Loomis finds out that Laurie is Michael's biological sister so he goes to the Hospital to try and rescue Laurie before Michael gets her.


The film has a nice start off showing what happened in the last few minutes of the film with Laurie Strode trying to survive from Michael and then Loomis trying to save the day by shooting him out the window of the house. Then it leaps to part 2 showing Loomis outside of the house realising that Michael is gone with a griping neighbor about all the noise which is a great touch to the story and then the opening credits appear with a different type of jjack o lantern compared to the first film which is another nice pointer in which it opens up revealing a skull behind it. This moment totally psychs you out.
The story starts off perfectly with Michael stalking the nieghborhood making this moment look extremely entertaining by sneaking into an elderly couple's house while they are watchin g a horror movie on TV stealaing a knife to kill a next door neighbor. You gotta love these types of storylines in slasher films as all of this keeps you glued watching every minute. There's a memeorable scene with one of the elderly copules making a ham sandwich and when she returns to make one she spots drops of blood next to the sandwiches which could gross anyone out.
More good pointers here is when Loomis and Sheriff Brackett patrols the neighborhood area looking for Michael and then they spot a guy wearing a mask like his and then a police car plunges into him and the car explodes which we all knew that it would've been way too easy to think that it was the real Michael. Then later on kids throw rocks at the Myers house since the news is so big on him killing some of the neighbors and one of the kids asks if they've seen Ben Tramer (The guy Laurie is attracted to) and describing that he was wearing that costume the other police car accidentally killed. Right away I thought to myself buoy is Laurie gonna be devastated when she finds out what has happened to him if the police open their mouth to say it was him they accidentally killed.
There's locations like the local town area with signs announcing a hospital which you can tell was done at Universal Studios since the original become an instant hit and having more of a budget to go to places like that one. So the town area all looked fun to watch with Michael trying to look for Laurie and where she's at by hearing radio announcements as well as an odd killing too which looked promising that it was going to be a good story.
Yet it starts to weaken big time as Laurie remains in a hospital where Michael goes to pay her a little visit in which most of the scenery takes place for the rest of the story making it bland at times.
The hospital is almost deserted with no patients which seems even more odd but we do have a little kid coming in since he had his mouth cut by a razor for eating an unwrapped treat which is the reason people tell kids never to eat unwrapped treats cause there could be drugs or other objects inside of them.
In the hosopital area there's a burly officer hearing sounds in the basement area of the place and he tries to find out where they're coming from and trying to be prepared which you know is a bad idea while watching this as it's a tradition for something to be too quiet and BAM! The killer appears to attack.
In the hospital we have some sleazy employees as well as flakey one's Plus Laurie has flashback memories on her Mom telling her she's not her nautral Mom which makes the story very mysterious to watch leading to more answers near the end of the movie.
There's even a hot tub in the hospital which you don't often see with two sleazy employees going in. You know they will be next on Michael's death list while seeing this.
There's even a moment where Michael kills someone with a needle near someone's eye which will make anyone cringe who has fears on getting medical shots.
We take a look at an old bandoned school where Michael went to spotting a knife stabbed in a teachers desk with a sketch drawing he did as this came to my mind wondering as to why it would remain this way or whatever happened at that school since there wasn't a huge explanation to all of this.
Then there's Marion Chambers explaining as to who Laurie is to Michael and what happned to Michael's parents too which explains everything to the unsolved mysteries as this was well written in for this sequel.
There's good psychological moments with Laurie drugged and trying to escape from Michael in the hospital but hiding in a car out in a parking lot which is still and quiet. While seeing this I was thinking when will Michael walk out of the hospital and try looking for her which he never does leaving a total chill down my spine that he has a trick up his sleeve.
There's a scene with a Sheriff that shoots Michael and then goes next to him to check him out which is of course a stupid move as a rule in any slasher film to never go near a killer even if you think he's dead cause he's not.
Then there's the exciting showdown that involves Laurie and Loomis agains Michael which was a total classic with great effects too used in the story.
Bottom line is the film was half good and half stale yet it inspired the odd other cheesy slasher film to make something like this one. The next sequel beared no relationship since the makers planned to make different stories each time which might've been fun to watch something different but this was becoming a major favourite to fans that the legacy carried on in part 4.

The acting is nowhere near as good as in the first one as it's quite cheesy but some of it is good. Donald Pleasance (Dr. Loomis) still does wonderfully as Dr. Samuel Loomis and still has that energy to his role. He knew on how to get insanely aggressive and forceful when necessary for the scene. There's more of a hungry type of power this time in his role showing alot more energy with what he did in the flick. Does well with his aggressions by forcing his fellow actress and a driver in a vehicle to go to the hospital by pointing a gun to them. But again he showed it just as well in the first one. It just seems to show off more in this one.
Jamie Lee Curtis
(Laurie Strode) seemed to pull her wieght well as her scream queen famedom has reached it's peak and is good being sedated at the hospital. She really knew on how to act very out of it and being frightened as well. Plus still showed some good screaming moments at one point as well as getting fearful for when the terror happens to her.
Lance Guest
(Jimmy Lloyd) brings on the charm with his part as a young paramedic and is well remembered for his part. He was a typical guy next door type of attitude showing a great down to earth type of guy with a great understanding attitude. He seemed to really make his likeable and descent attitude believeable as someone you really want to know. He does well in a scene slipping on a pool of blood and hitting his head then later going to the car to try and drive and suddenly acting totally out of it and passing out. It's not surprising that he continued on with his career.
Hunter von Leer
(Deputy Gary Hunt) lived to play a deputy in this flick showing some good emotions with confessing about a death as well as really getting into the crimes that's happening in the neighborhood due to Michael's controversy. He brought back alot of good energy into his role and a true character actor.
Tawnya Moyer
(Nurse Jill Franco) really had the nice girl looks as one of those light headed nurses since she knew on how to act soft spoken with what she had to do. She brings on a nice sensitivity to her part in the film and shows her character off well making her role quite memorable.
Ana Alicia
(Nurse Janet Marshall) played the strong minded nurse in the film really bringout out her characterisitcs and having an asssrtive attitude. She shows one of the best characteristics out of everyone. SHe was full on energy as you can tell and studied hard with her role too. Hats off to her.
Leo Rossi
(Bud) really fit the part as a crude and sleazy paramedic in the film making his character truly unlikeable. He does well with his sarcasm and arrogant. He just fit it all into one as well as having the right appeal to all of this. He was a good key role to the story since we need an odd idiot working in a hospital in which he totally fir the part big time.
Pamela Susan Shoop
(Nurse Karen Bailey) certainly knew on how to portray the bimbo nurse of the bunch in this one with her looks as well as how she spoke which was a nice touch to what she did. She brought it all out big time on what you'd picture in one of those flakey employees not getting with it on their job since she would remind you as one of those types that you have to work with. Plus she knew on how to have a loose behavior too which she brings in perfectly too.
Nancy Stephens
(Marion Chambers) had a bigger role this time as the employee at the sanitarium and really knew her stuff. She brings on a real good seriousness to her role totally studying her character big time. This sequel focused on her talents more than in the first and really getting her characterisitcs out there too. Does a good job telling her fellow actor a secret on Michael Myers and how Laurie is linked to him which she does this strongly.
Dick Warlock (Michael Myers) certainly shows his stuff having a powerful reaction and acting incredibly menacing and strong when he does his killings that I had to mention him proving he is more than a stuntman for this character since he shows alot of greatfast motions. Also was great with his blockings by swinging a dissecting knife back and fourth at full speed.
Charles Cyphers (Sheriff Leigh Brackett) only had a small role in this one reprising it but he was worthy in it like in the first one but this time he shows some different emotions after discovering a death of a family member which he acts believeably upsetting and losing his mind which was a nice change and he makes it very believeable too.

Two employees at the hospital are skinny dipping in a hot tub there and the nurse shows her breasts many times.
There is also a butt shot of a sleazy doctor as he sees w(Nhy the hot tub is so hot.

More blood in this one.
A few bloody throats are slit
There's a corpse of a burned body
The back handle of a hammer is stabbed in a security guards head
A lady's face is scarred from hot water and there's a pool of blood.

The music was composed by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth who recomposed it so it would sound like other cheesy 80's style and nowhere as good but it's still interesting nonetheless. I love the low humming on the keyboard effects especially during the beginning of the film where it happened at the end of the first film since it added a different flavor this time. There's also some great high pitched ticking sounds along with low echoey drum booming sounds for when Michael comes in to try and kill his next victim.

There is a songtrack titled "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes which was used in the beginning and the end of the film in which I could never figure out as to why it was used since it has nothing to do with the story. Yet it sounds peaceful. It was reused in H20.

[after Michael disappears]
Man in pajamas: What's going on out here?
Sam Loomis: Call the police! Tell the sheriff I shot him!
Man in pajamas: Who?
Sam Loomis: Tell him, he's still on the loose!
Man in pajamas: Is this some kind of joke? I've been trick-or-treated to death tonight.
Sam Loomis: [looks at the blood on his hand] You don't know what DEATH is!

Mrs. Alves: Men! Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Karen: [hesitating to give Darcy a ride home] Can't you ask Eddie Lee?
Darcy: He's in Russellville!
Karen: It's five minutes to your house, another five minutes to the hospital. Mrs. Alves is going to kill me!
Darcy: You promised.
Karen: [giving in] I know I did.

Mrs. Alves: I'm trying to reach Mr. or Mrs. Morgan Strode. They've left? Could you give me another number? All right. Thank you. You should've called them right away. Now I can't find them.
Janet Marshall: I didn't know.
Mrs. Alves: Right away.
Janet Marshall: I'm sorry, Mrs. Alves.
Jimmy: I'll be with Laurie. Cover for me.
Mrs. Alves: I heard that. Two minutes. That's it.

Mrs. Alves: Time's up, Jimmy. Let's go.
Jimmy: OK. OK.
Mrs. Alves: No you won't. Visiting hours are definitely over.

Dr. Sam Loomis: Did you see the blackboard back there in the elementary school?
Marion Chambers: Yeah.
Dr. Sam Loomis: In order to appease the gods, the Druid priests held fire rituals. Prisoners of war, criminals, the insane, animals ... were ... burned alive in baskets. By observing the way they died, the Druids believed they could see omens of the future. Two thousand years later, we've come no further. Samhain isn't evil spirits. It isn't goblins, ghosts or witches. It's the unconscious mind. We're all afraid of the dark inside ourselves.

Janet: Julie saw him, you know.
Bud: Who?
Janet: Michael Myers.
Bud: Come on...!
Janet: I swear, yesterday when she was coming to work.
Bud: Where'd she see him?
Janet: You know the Shop And Bag out by the mall? She stopped at the light and saw him walking in that field behind the Lost River Drive In. Julie said he was so creepy.
Bud: Julie's full of shit. He didn't escape until last night.
Janet: You don't have to swear about it.
Bud: She's a goddamn moron anyway.
Janet: Every other word you say is either hell or shit or damn.
Bud: Sorry. I guess I just fuck up all the time.

Sam Loomis: I shot him 6 times! I shot him in the heart-but... HE'S NOT HUMAN!

Dr. Sam Loomis: If that wasn't Michael Myers burning up in that car, a lot more people are going to be slaughtered tonight.
Deputy Gary Hunt: He's dead. You saw it.
Dr. Sam Loomis: I saw a man in a mask. I have to be sure.
Deputy Gary Hunt: You talk about him as if he's some kind of animal.
Dr. Sam Loomis: He was my patient for fifteen years. He became an obsession with me until I realized there neither reason nor understanding or anything about him that was... even remotely human. An hour ago I stood up and fired six shots into him and he just got up and walked away. I am talking about the real possibility that he is STILL OUT THERE!

Bud: Rule number 1, never get involved with a patient. Nurses, that's a different story, but not patients, it never works out.

Jimmy: Jill, where's Dr. Mixter?
Jill: Ah, he's been at the country club. I think he's drunk.
Budd: Oh, great!

Dr. Mixter: Janet, get me some more coffee!

Budd: [singing] Amazing Grace, come sit on my face / Don't make cry / I need your pie...
Jimmy: Look why don't you just shut up, all right?

Budd: Happy Halloween.
Karen: Budd, you are the biggest jerk I have ever met.
Budd: But you love me...
Karen: Yeah, and I'm an idiot.

[Dr. Loomis orders the Marshal around at gun-point]
Dr. Sam Loomis: Go and check all the rooms down there! Go on!
Marion Chambers: Dr. Loomis!
Dr. Sam Loomis: You stay with me and shut up!

Dr. Sam Loomis: I have a feeling I'm gonna need you in there. Can I trust you?
Marshal: What have I got to lose, except my job?

[after discovering Laurie is Michael's sister]
Sam Loomis: [to the Marshall] Turn this car around, now!
Marshal: I can't do that. I have orders.
[draws gun and points it at him]
Sam Loomis: Well those orders have changed!
Marshal: Doctor, you're getting yourself into a lot of trouble.
Sam Loomis: What is it you guys usually do? Fire a warning shot, right?
[Loomis shoots out the window, and the car screeches and turns about]

Dr. Sam Loomis: There's a two-way radio in the Marshal's car. I want you to go outside, get on that radio and get Hunt!
Marshal: Now wait a minute! I'm the only one authorized to use that!
Dr. Sam Loomis: MOVE!

Voice on Radio: Unit calling, identify.
Marion Chambers: Marion Chambers with Dr. Loomis at the clinic - he's here!
Voice on Radio: Ah, ten-four. Unit calling, identify suspect.
Marion Chambers: Michael Myers! Just get your ass over here!

Dr. Loomis: It's Time, Michael.