Halloween (2018)


Executive Produced & Directed by: David Gordon Green 

Written by:
 David Gordon Green, Danny McBride & Jeff Fradley 


.... Laurie Strode 
.... Karen 
Andi Matichak .... Allyson 
Haluk Bilginer .... Dr. Sartain 
 .... Officer Hawkins 
Rhian Rees .... Dana Haines
Jefferson Hall .... Aaron Korey
Toby Huss .... Ray
Dylan Arnold .... Cameron Elam 
Nick Castle .... Michael Myers 

Special Appearance: 

P.J. Soles  .... Teacher

Release Dates: Toronto International Film Festival: September 8, 2018; Fantastic Fest: September 20, 2018; Hamburg Film Festival: October 2, 2018; Busan International Film Festival: October 7, 2018; Monsters of Film: October 7, 2018; Sitges Film Festival: October 12, 2018; La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival: October 18, 2018; Theatrical: October 19, 2018








Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has been in hiding after two failed marriages and is now a basket case and willing to seek revenage on Michael Myers (Nick Castle) for four decades although he has been sent back to Smith's Grove Sanitarium after being nearly murdered by him on Halloween night.
On present day, Michael is being transferred but something went wrong and goes back to the neighborhood of Haddonfield to wreck havoc on Halloween night but now she is waiting for him.


The beginning of the story seemed to look fairly necessary but not too suspenseful when there's discussions on the people at Smiths Grove Sanitarium on Michael Myers as well as people working for a podcast show Aaron Korey and Dana Haines trying to get info on this maniac and they go out where the patients are chained up and Michael himself has his back turned and Aaron calling out to Michael with the other patients making noises when he gets demanding and handing out the mask screaming to him as this left me an impression that this was not a good idea but not as effective as it was supposed to have turned out. 
Then the opening credits roll in which they have the original feel to the first one but using something a bit different making this piece highly entertaining as wel as proving that this is a direct sequel to the first one and nothing else. It looked totaly wicked to watch all of this.
Then both Aaron and Dana go pay a visit to see Laurie Strode as she lives in a hideout spot as the scenery looked great and necessary after 40 years trying to hide away after what had happened as well as them interviewing her and she is not the same at all as this leaves a good impression and nessecary for a horror sequel indeed. She admits she's a basket case as well as being estranged from her daughter and granddaughter as this was brought together nicelly along with being unpleasant to these interviewers too. All in all this was perfectly drawn in.
Nicely set moments when the mental patients are put away in a bus in order to be transferred to another asylum as the camera shots are well focused as well as Laurie watching all of this happening in her vehicle.
The story pays a tribute to the first flick when Laurie's granddaughter Allyson is in class and similar topics were brought up like when Jamie was in class from the original which impressed me as well as her looking out the window and seeing her grandmother spotting her as I chuckled a bit when this moment ocurred.
A good situation when Allyson and her parents Karen and Ray are out to dinner and Jamie comes in to join them which seemed to look nicely set out thinking that this wil be a one happy family but something happens which Jamie runs out with an emotional sob as this caught my attention greaty not getting over Michael Myers and her past life.
No terrors were happening yet which made me wonder as to what wil happen here but yet I see a child having a discussion with his Dad in the still night while driving on the street and then they see the bus from the asylum crashed into a ditch and the patients wandering out on the streets as I knew on who was behind all of this and thinking finally more excitement is about to happen. 
A good mysterious and dark moment when Dana is in the can at a gas station and some feet coming walking in to try and find someone as my guess it was Michael which added a good touch to the story as well as an intense moment on this maniac grabbing the mask from their car and placing it on his head with a good focus on this and I was thinking to myself "YESSSSSS!!!!"
Then Michael goes trick or treating in the town of Haddonfield killing some residents as one scene almost pays a tribute to the first sequel with someone making a sandwich but these murders are nothing that we haven't seen before which I was originally ging to rate this 2 and a haf bats but it gets rolling more so later on.
Along with this the party gets going when Allyson is at her school dance although it was playing current music which I hate but mind you I'm getting older now and grew up in the 70's and 80's.
A good creepy situation with a dorky looking drunken teen spotting Michael in the background of a property and he thinks it's the owners which does not leave a good impression that this kid should be sticking around.
In the neighborhood there's a babysitter having a dicussion with a child which looked spunky as well as her nearly making out with her boyfriend while he is in bed as we all have a feeling that she will be done in along with this child telling her that there's a boogeyman in her closet and she goes in and cries out which boggled me wondering if she was playing games or not.
Things grow perfectly intense when Michael comes and slays this babysitter as well as Laurie trying to shoot him down as this looked greatly heroic.
Perfect timing when Laurie tells Dr. Sartain that over the years she paryed that Michael would get out which seemed insane but tells him the reason in doing so in order to kill him herself as this will stick out in my mind and a perfect moment for a vengeful sequel. 
Things get really powerful when Laurie enters Karen and Ray's home warning them about Michael along with being demanding towards them which things get emotionally intense within what is going on in this scene.
Perfect action moments when Dr. Sartain is dirving his vehicle with Allyson inside and he runs over Michael and he is on the ground and this Doctor tells her he is dead and goes and checks up on him along with Officer Hawkins in which I knew this was a bad idea and is far from dead. Also a good twisted moment happens here making you think that there's another maniac involved in this story.
Then the action becomes really strong when Laurie prepares for Michael to ccome to her home along with Karen and Allyson by trying to blow him away as well as some perfect dark creepy moments with Michael trying to bring his way in to kill these people as well in which at first you wonder if he succeeded with one of them. This scene was well paced and a good way to end the legacy once and for all by what we see during the end of the story.
Bottom line is that at first I wasn't wild over the story as it seemed to be quite slow but it picks up big time and plenty of action that's involved too. It was well done and should let this legacy sleep once and for all. A direct sequel to the first flick and Jamie Lloyd is not Michael's sister in this one since the makers on the first didn't intend on the story being that way as the reason why Michael was stalking her in the first place is cause she went to his home. 

The acting is terrific in which Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) was perfect reprising her role and the best performance out of the series coming across as a convincing basket case as well as being perfectly unpleasant. Was great with her emotional attitude along with her aggressions. Was great by acting vengeful too. She was the best out of the cast and knew her craft by playing someone 40 years later and not the same person since the terrifying incident as she studied this role inside out.
Judy Greer
(Karen) was terrific in her role playing the nice type of family woman and being straight forward with stuff along with showing off a good happy attitude along with showing a nice versatality with her sobbing behavior after what is happening. She springs into action with a shotgun or anything else quarter way through her performance and showing some great energy while doing so.
Andi Matichak (Allyson) was good with her spunky role in which she shows off a warm and caring type of attitude along with acting intelligent too. She shows off a nice personality and makes it seem realistic as well as showing great adrenaline with her fearful attitude as well. I found her to be a convincing character actress within whatever she did here.
Haluk Bilginer (Dr. Sartain) portrayed a terrific one as he comes across as perfectly serious by what he is discussing as well as having a good gravelly type of voice which reminds me of Dr. Loomis as that was whom he tried to come across like. Definentely made his role truly mysterious as well as having a dark cold voice quarter way through and acting insane which he was great by behaving this way. 
(Officer Hawkins) presented himself quite strongly in his supporting role as a nice and caring police officer and was clear within his speaking as wel as springing into action a great deal. I really liked on how he portrayed his part and deserved nice credit for what he did. 
Jefferson Hall (Aaron Korey) seemed to show off okay energy as an annoying producer of a podcast series while calling out to the Michael Myers character but at the same time was a little over the top while behaving this way. You could tell that he tried his best. Seemed to show off a good persistant attitude on what he was doing in other scene's and showed an okay drive while being this way.

Face is slashed 
Dead corpse in a gas station is revealed with his face mangled 
Slit throats 
Knife through a throat
Head is stomped on

The music was terrificallly composed by John CarpenterCody Carpenter and Daniel A. Davies in which there's updated horror music which sounds superb and dark as well as some piano playing along with the old themes from the original upgraded and done in terrific style especially hearing some chiming sounds and moments like that blended in. Alot of good action music as well as more original sounds for the dark terrors. All in all these people have the knack for this sequel.