Halloween: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Directed by: Dominique Othenin-Girard

Written by: Shem Bitterman, Michael Jacobs & Dominique Othenin-Girard


Donald Pleasance .... Dr. Sam Loomis
Danielle Harris .... Jamie Lloyd
Wendy Kaplan .... Tina Williams
Jeffrey Landman .... Billy Hill
Beau Starr .... Sherriff Ben Meeker
Tamara Glynn .... Sammy Thomas
Matthew Walker .... Spitz
Max Robinson .... Dr. Max Hart
Betty Carvalho .... Patsey West R.N.
Don Shanks .... Michael Myers
Ellie Cornell .... Rachel Corruthers

Release Date: Theatrical: October 13, 1989

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Michael manages to crawl out of the mine shaft after being buried alive by it at the end of part 4 and takes refuge to a hermit there he is in a coma till next Hallows Eve.
When he awakens he kills the hermit and hunts Jamie down.
Both Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) and her older stepsister Rachel (Ellie Cornell) starts to have nightmares of Michael coming back to get them.
Then Jamie seems to have a telepathic bond on where Michael is and tells Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance) where and when Michael will strike as she seems to be too scared to speak by writing diagrams to him.
Michael manages to slay Rachel.
Then her friends plan a Halloween party at Rachel's house and Michael slays them too.
Loomis takes Jamie to Michael's old home to plan a trap for him.


Another good opening with someone brutally carving a jack o lantern while showing the opening cradits and then starting off the last 2 minutes from the previous sequel. Then new footage with Michael going down a river and staying for a year at a hermit's place remaining in a coman which is a nice touch for a sequel that takes place a year later in the story.
There's also nice writing with Jamie Lloyd not being able to speak since Michael seems to control her thoughts in which he never speaks at all as well as her sensing on his return which looked cool to watch but sometimes this poor child gets a little carried away when she tries to write messages on him coming to get her.
Of course there's distant showing of Michael standing in a house or other areas watching his next prey as this worked well but yet it's not creepy enough at the same time.
Doctor Loomis of course acts even more crazy knowing that Michael isn't dead which adds a great touch to the story too as well as explaining as to why she tried to kill her foster Mom at the end of the last sequel which made me wonder as to why she tried to sdo this. There's some bad writing there as in the previous sequel it was her foster Mom and they say in this one that it's her stepmom.
There's alot of dark comedy used in this film more so that in the previous since that's what is so common during this time period and my guess was that they were probably trying to compete against the Elm Street sequels. There's two dipstick deputies who are just typical bimbo's on their duties as well as Michael dressed in a mask disguising as a boyfriend to one of the main teenage girls known as Tina giving her a ride on the way to a party. At the same time you think that he will kill her any time now.
Plus there's some other moments with these deputies panicking when a couple of teenagers oull a prank on them with one of them wearing a Michael Myers outfit which shows more slapstick in the story in which I didn't think suit the story very well.
Then there's some nice heartwarming moments with the teens finding some cute kittens running around in a barn while Michael is ghiding out there too since that's a perfect place for a killer to be when it takes place on a night like Hallows Eve. You also wonder who is the actual killer and the goofy teen dressed as him too. Yet some scene's looked a little too obvious telling the difference on this.
The suspense really stirs up when Michael tries to kill poor Jamie in a vehicle keeping you peeled wondering if she will survive this madness too. Alot of this takes place near the barn area in the woods and open field which has another good setting for the film.
In certain parts of a story there's an evil mysterious character dressed in back with pointy metal boots making you wonder how he comes into the story but he is linked to Michael in some way as this is a nice different touch to the film too.
Another nice susepenseful moment is when Jamie tries to get away from Michael in a heating vent in the old Myers house making you think to yourself that she will not make it alive by a longshot.
OPf course in Michael's room there's candles lit with a coffin surrounded by dead bodies that he killed which is a great bonus to the story too. Then a good peaceful moment with Jamie asking Michael to remove his mask for a moment before he tries to kill her. Of course his face shot is in the shadow so we don't get to see what he really looks like under that mask once again. Bummer!
The ending is very sad though as once you thought Michael was put away for good suddenly something goes wrong and then end leaving a door open for another sequel which took 6 years to do. Fans were in agony during that time period wondering if another one would arise since it made no sense to end it the way it did.
Bottom line is there's alot of different scene's happening in this film but yet it's the same old thing like in the previous one showing nothing too spectacular but at the same time it can be fun to watch for what it is if you're in the mood for it. The film is just as cheesy as the previous one almost making it hard to believe it was based after the original flick which was dark and creepy and this one wasn't so much.

Donald Pleasance (Dr. Samuel Loomis) really showed a great rage with his role as Loomis with more energy than ever. Showing a great crazed but powerful side to him acting stern when he wants answers or showing a good concern when something is happening too. Does well by acting aggressive towards his fellow actress about Michael's presence demanding it out of her. Does a powerful and forceful job by trying to insist someone on staying for their safety. Was terrific calling for Michael in the forest and telling him he'll be at his old house with his niece. He lived to play this role not matter what film it is. Bless his soul.
Danielle Harris (Jamie Lloyd) does another good job in her rolewith her intensity when Michael awakens having seisures and other creepy events. There's a good spooked expression on her after spotting something in the window. She certainly was convincing to not be able to speak at all and forcing out words when she gets intense and of course really knew on how to cry during many scary moments in the picture. There's a powerful moment on her when she tries to force out words on someone being in danger. She let's out a great sob towards someone and begging her not to leave. Does greatly by scresming intensely after a car is chasing after her in a field and looking energised. She also showed alot more intensity and energy too compared to the previous sequel.
Wendy Kaplan (Tina Williams) brought out a nice outgoing and caring attitude in her role as an all around nice girl who loves to party. She showed terrific energy in her role by acting full of life as well as showing some upsetting disturbed emotions making that realisitic too when certain events start to happen. Shows a good emotionally scared reaction towards one of the lead actors and telling him off which looked powerfully done. She also knew on how to scream quite well which was another nice plus to her role.
Jeffrey Landman (Billy Hill) brought on a nice autistic charm as someone who has a speech disability in which he made that come across totally believeable in what he did in the picture. He really portrayed a greay key trole to the story and could go far with his acting career. He also had the nice kid next door looks too.
Beau Starr (Sheriff Ben Meeker) returns in this film and still shows a nice aggression to his part in the story but yet he doesn't seem to come across as too memorable like he did in the previous film. He still comes across as a fairly good actor regardless.
Tamara Glynn (Sammy Thomas) had a perfect bubbly type of attitude in her riole in which she comes across as believeably hyper and energetic being one of those loud types who wants to really bring on the excitment in what she does. She was a true character actress but there are certain spots where she needed to odd improvement like when she's freaking out.
Matthew Walker (Spitz) was another good energetic actor who comes across as very geeky who loves to goof off and pull pranks since he was another interesting key role to the story and he certainly studied his part incredibly well too. He knew on how to act wild and crazy like he was supposed to have in his part. He was another nice character actor.

A blonde woman briefly exposes her breasts.

A few bloody stabbings and some creepy looking corpses inside the Myers house.

We have the usual theme song by John Carpenter. There's some good low keyboard sounds during the opening credits eventually playing the theme song.
Also we have our main composer which is once again Alan Howarth who is a wonderful composer with his synthesizer and knows his stuff for the Halloween flicks and has been composing the music for them since Halloween II. There's the odd moaning sounds and low gloomy keyboard music. Plus there's some comedic comedy type sounds as well for the corny moments like the dipstick deputies trying to check out a house to see if Michael is there. We hear some intense screeching and hissing sounds during the odd spots when Michael kills some of his victims.
He has worked in numerous film directed by John Carpenter like in Escape from New York, Christine, Big Trouble in Little China and Prince of Darkness.
He had some odd synthesizer sounds which sound similar to the Sleepaway Camp sequels directed by Michael A. Simpson.

There is also a songtrack performed by artists like
"Romeo Romeo" by Becca
"Dancin' on Midnight" by White Sister
"Anything for Money" by DV8
"Second Time Around" by The Rhythm Tribe
"Willie on the Washboard" by Queen Ida and Her Zydeco Band
"Sporting Woman (Baby I'm Yours)" by Eileen Clark

[a police car passes Mikey]
Spitz: Friends of yours?

[Talking into the woods]
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Michael? It will destroy you too, one day, Michael! This rage which drives you. You think if you kill them all it will go away? It won't! You have to fight it, in the place where it's strongest! WHERE IT ALL BEGAN! If you want to get rid of this rage, Michael, go home, GO HOME! Go to your house! I shall be there waiting for you! You will find HER, waiting for you!

Dr. Samuel Loomis: I prayed that he would burn in hell. But in my heart, I knew that hell would not have him.

[When Spitz pretends to be Michael Myers]
Deputy Tom: Definitely not funny! Somebody could be dead right now!
Deputy Nick: Fortunately we're lousy cops.

[Michael Myers advances towards the deputies with a pitch fork]
Deputy Nick: Somebody could get hurt with that thing.
Deputy Tom: Hey! Somebody's gonna get hurt with that thing!
Deputy Nick: Amazing, no respect for authority!
Deputy Tom: Must be the parents.

Sheriff Ben Meeker: The National Guard will be here in the morning to take him to a maximum-security facility, where he'll stay until the day he dies.
Jamie Lloyd: He'll never die.

Dr. Samuel Loomis: Today someone dug up a coffin of a nine-year-old girl, Jamie. Jamie, you're nine years old. What do you think he's going to do with that when he finds you?

Tina: Take me, but spare my friend! She's a virgin...
Spitz: [dressed as Michael and poised to kill] Got her phone number?
[to nine-year-old Jaime]

Dr. Samuel Loomis: You must help me! Your tears will do you no good! He must be stopped!
Tina: [thinks she's talking to her boyfriend, who's just been killed by Michael] Psycho boyfriend!

Dr. Samuel Loomis: I know why you've come back, Michael. Because the little girl... the little girl can stop the rage inside. She knows how to do it, Michael. If you let her, she can stop the rage... the rage inside.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: No, she's not up there, Michael. She's down here in the middle of the old house... your house, Michael. Your house. Do you remember how much better you used to be?

Dr. Samuel Loomis: Her whole body was shaking!
Sheriff Ben Meeker: Every time a little girl twitches, I'm supposed to call out the National Guard?

Tina: Stop the car! I want a pack of cigarettes.
[Michael floors it]

Tina: Rachel! RACHEl RACHEL... RACHEL I got you a present... Rachel?

Rachel Carruthers: How could they? When are they going to relize that she's not him, she's just a child.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: They know that Micheal Myers is her uncle and he made her attack her stepmother, that's why they fear her... especially on Halloween.

Tina: You guys... I don't here any noise... are you sure your doing it right
[No answer]
Tina: ... You guys wanna go skinny dipping?
[no answer]

[Michael is about to stab her]
Jamie Lloyd: Uncle! Boogeyman. Let me see.
[Michael removes his mask]
Jamie Lloyd: See? You look just like me.