Halloween 666: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Directed by: Joe Chappelle

Written by: Daniel Farrands


Donald Pleasance .... Dr. Sam Loomis
Paul Rudd .... Tommy Doyle
Marianne Hagan .... Kara Strode
Devin Gardner .... Danny Strode
Mitch Ryan .... Dr. Terrence Wynn
Kim Darby .... Debra Strode
Bradford English .... John Strode
Keith Bogart .... Tim Strode
Mariah O'Brien .... Beth
Leo Geter .... Barry Simms
J.C. Brandy .... Jamie Lloyd Carruthers
Janice Knickrehm .... Mrs. Blankenship
George P. Wilbur .... Michael Myers

Release Date: Theatrical: September 29, 1995

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Six years have passed since Michael tried to kill his niece and were rumored dead but Jamie Lloyd (J.C. Brandy) was kidnapped by a cult after all those years and remained in hiding.

Jamie gets impregnated by the main cult member known as the man in black to continue the Myers legacy.
The baby is born the night before Halloween during a cult ceremony but a kind woman helps Jamie escape with the baby and Michael is on their trail.
Then Jamie hides her child in a washroom at a bus station then uses a pay phone to call a radio station crying for help to the DJ on the air then speeds off and Michael chases her and she crashes to a farm and tries to hide from Michael in there but Michael finds her and guts her to death with farm machinery but before she dies she tells Michael that the child is not with her.

Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd) returns since the terrible incident with his babysitter Laurie Strode back in 1978 as he is obsessed with Michael Myers since that 1978 incident and it's been 17 long years since then.
He has his eye on a new family moving into the Myers' house who are relatives of Laurie Strode. One of them is Kara Strode (Marianne Hagen) and her illegitimate son Danny (Devin Gardner) who hears the voice that Michael heard and starts drawing pictures of his family being killed as he senses Michael's presence.
Michael slays almost all of Kara's family except for her and her son to get to Jamie's child and Tommy reveals Michael's curse.

Dr. Loomis and Tommy discovers the cult member in black who has been experimenting evil for all these years and follow him to the Smith's Grove Sanitarium where Michael used to stay in after killing his sister.


A nice beginning in this story revealing Jamie Lloyd as a teenager now giving birth to a baby with a cult surrounding her in which this seemed quite impressive to watch since it's been 6 years after the awful ending of the previous sequel. Also there's a narration by Tommy Doyle explaining Michael Myers' history. It was cool to see him back in action again since I always wondered whatever happened to him and Lindsey Wallace since they ran out of the house screaming to try and find some help since this maniac tried to kill Laurie Strode.
It looked dark and cool watching Jamie try to escape from Michael's clutches but it doesn't explain his absense and how he returned he just seemed to have appeared at that area to try to grab a hold of Jamie and her baby killing anyone who would be in his way.
The setting looked marvellous when Laurie tries to hide out in a farm as well as a good shocking killing scene on how Michael massacred her in which she was still partially alive when she chokes out the words to him that he can't have the baby which makes you cringe imagining the intense pain that she's in but yet this device he uses in the farm area was perfect to get her slaughtered to death in which he's never been this vicious before with his murdering. He also seems more powerful than ever too.
There's more terific moments like a child named Danny Strode living in the Myers house now since no one would buy it so Laurie's uncle decides to if you remember in the first film that her father was a realtor trying to find some way to buy that house since it's been cursed by Michael's evil in which there's thunder flashing with a dark figure calling to this kid. It was imaginitive since most kids fear of the dark when they're sleeping especially in a thunder storm. It also looked clever on what happens in that house since no one stuck around for very long in the previous films to find out what since it seems almost haunted or possessed which drove Michael to do what he did as a child. All that went on there was well put in even if it almost seems a bit far fetched compared to the original since we don't spot any evil callings or hallucinations. Plus it seems fun with people listening into a radio station with a cocky DJ named Barry Simms talking about the Michael Myers legacy and having people celebrating Halloween again which makes you want to jump into the fun listening to this guy. Plus we have Dr. Samuel Loomis listening as well in real bad shape too. It adds to a nice touch that he's getting up there in his age.
It's perfect to see Tommy Doyle calling in explaining to them that Michael's work isn't done and that he will be ready for him along with being obsessed by the Myers house.
More good moments with children pulling pranks posting a Michael image in front of the house that the Strode's live in with the word's "He's Coming" and an obnoxious drunken family man John getting aggressive about the Michael Myers thing. Nice one liners for a sequel to start off Halloween morning.
There's also a good look on John and his obnoxious attitude towards his daughter Kara as well as a good shot on Danny pointing a knife towards this asshole for hitting Kara telling him off with his nasty words towards her and Danny. This moment looked very impressive making you think that Danny might be the next one to kill like Michael did reaching the same age at this point living in his home and in the same bedroom too.
More creepy touches to suggest that Danny can be the next one like Michael since he drew some deadly pics while Kara looks at these along with her sibling Tim and his girlfriend Beth which looked well put in looking like a typical fall morning on their way to school.
There's good silent moments with the family woman Debra doing laundry and acting frightened since things seemed too quiet in which this looked good and spooky like along with Dr. Loomis warning hwer about Michael explaining that they're in danger living in the Myers house which was well explained on the writing as to why. This looked good and dark.
What was more suspenseful is she answers the phone and it's the evil in the house answering it along with nice brief moments on Michael staring at her as well as her trying to escape from him but is stopped wherever she runs especially being tangled by clothes being hung to dry. Boy does Michael act brutal which is uses an axe for his weapon in which I was thinking he's angrier than ever for someone living in his house and getting more brutal with his slayings. But yet slasher films were starting to become more violent when this one was released.
More great dark killing moments like when John comes come drunk and the power goes out in which he goes into the cellar to find some bvloodied washed clothes in which this looked creepily mysterious as to why they were there as well as Michael electrocuting him and boy do the results look like total horror violence for the die hard slasher and gorehounds which you won't be disappointed to find out what happens here.
A perfect dark and wicked moment with an eccentric old lady named Mrs. Blankenship telling Danny about what Halloween is all about as well as telling Kara about her son hearing the evil voice coming from the Myers house which seems creepy coming from a lady like that as well as her discussing that she was babysitting Michael when he killed his sister which is a case of bad writing as if you listen carefully Michael was spying on his sister in the window when she tells her boyfriend that Michael is around somewhere as she was really babysitting him. Oh well some people don't pay close attention to the original films when there's more than one sequel happening after another.
Then in the story alot of fun happens with an outdoor party with Barry Simms hosting a show there in which you just want to join in and have a good time with all of this. Plus some good writing on a speech from Beth discussing that they need to forget about Michael and carry on celebrating Halloween as well as Tim living in the Myers house with him choked not knowing about that he did in which all of this looked perfect to watch.
There's a good creepiness when there's a little girl saying it's raining warm rain and that it's raining red with a corpse hung on the tree with wire and lights tied around him which looked different for a Myers killing here. It was pretty impressive I found especially with the lines that child was saying which leaves a chill down your spine.
A real cool moment is when Beth tells Tim about what Michael did to his sister as a child with thunder and lightning occuring in which it's nice to have a history discussed on what happened in the first film with her joking around about this as all of this looked enjoyable to watch.
There's the odd humor in the story like when Tim is having a shower and asking Beth to grab him a towel and of course it's Michael's hand giving him the towel before he plans to do him away.
There's also a real suspenseful moment when Michael is on the ground unconcious and in between him is Kara trying to reach for Danny as usual he could get up and grab her but still this keeps you peeled to the set watch every move that's made here.
There's an awesome moment with Kara and Danny running to Mrs. Blankenship and Tommy's home along with Michael slwoly walking towards them on their tail which reminds me of a similar moment with Laurie Strode in the first Halloween flick doing this but in this flick it looks alot darker and gloomier.
Later on we get a peek inside of the Smiths Grove Sanitarium as the place looks spookier than ever along with people working thwere part of the cult spotting unborn type babies in containers which looked gross as well as spotting a patient that was gutted speaking crazily towards Tommy before dying which was a nice impression for a story like this one. It's cool with Tommy spotting Michael walking towards him and he almost loses it while trying to smash a door open to get Kara out while she's locked in keeping you glued watching wondering if he will rescue her in time.
There's many painful situations with Tommy injecting Michael with giant poisonous needles in which you wonder if he will finally conk out or not. But what's really cool is that he gets his revenge on Michael after all the years he was obsessed by him and scarring him for life bashing him with a metal pipe and boy does he really get it here. For all you horror fans who love extreme violence in your film this is a perfect moment to watch this.
Bottom lin is that this was indeed my favourite sequel although lots of viewers hated this one but it shows alot of good action sequences plus it's dark and Michael is more menacing too but who could blame him after moving into his house that is sacred to him.
Actually, this one was the very first Halloween film that I saw when it went to my theatre's and couldn't wait to watch the very first one.
This is a great one to watch close to Hallows Eve if you enjoy sequels that is and like my taste too.
A door was open for another sequel but what was really frusterating was when they made another sequel it was a direct one to part 2 and I was wondering what would happen to the newborn child and what Michaels plans were since he wants his entire family to be extinct.
The film didn't receive alot of publicity but it was briefly reviewed on a TV show on the violent films that are out.
Some of the fans were almost convinced that Michael was going to die for sure in this one as they waited so long for the next sequel but were they ever disappointed.

I enjoyed the acting. It wasn't Oscar winning but still it was well done for a low budget film. Donald Pleasance (Dr. Samuel Loomis) reprised his role for the last time as Michael's shrink before he passed away (May you rest in peace). He didn't look too healthy as you can tell and before the closing credits it was saying to the memory of him. He does have a bit of an old man's type of speaking in his voice which seems to work out well into this picture and seemed to get into this one which I was impressed by his performance still knowing his stuff to play this role.
Paul Rudd (Tommy Doyle) steps into this role instead of Brian Andwers since the filmmakers couldn't find him at the time due to MIA but he does an amazing job nonetheless as he seemed to study his role as an adult quite well with his obsessiveness with Michael Myers. He has a good expressionless attitude and acts believeably obsessed and disturbed about stuff along with great intense energy when the terror unravels.
Marianne Hagen (Kara Strode) seems to do well as a caring single mother really studying this part along with having a troubled attitude in which she seemed to make this moment very lifelike. She shows a ton of energy too into what she does along with really throwing in with the punches when she tries to survive the terrors around her having a great freaked out attitude. Does well speaking sharply towards her onscreen father. She was defientely a good character actress.
Child actor Devin Gardner (Danny Strode) is very well focused on his role as the child who hears the evil voice in which he does well with his expressionless attitude acting like he's actually in a trance and having a good silent attitude. He also does a good job with his emotional frightened behavior too and really getting into this. I could see him going far in his acting career and this was a nice stepping stone for him.
Mitch Ryan (Dr. Terrence Wynn) had the nice rough edged looks to his role along with having a good mysterious behavior towards to all he does here. He also really brihgt on a great seriousness and charm to whenever he talks along with knowing how to really have a great dark and evil attitude later on in the story with his performance drawing this all perfectly well.
Kim Darby (Debra Strode) certainly acted like a perfect basketcase of a family woman along with doing well behaving sympathetically and caring too. She also knew her craft by behaving intimidated by all that's happening to her and showing good energy while acting like this in which she really stands out perfectly well in her supporting role. There's a good suspenseful blocking scene on her trying to get away outside and being distracted by sheets that are hung to dry.
Bradford English (John Strode) played a downright nasty performance as the family man. He was great at being a convincing prick in which you could tell that he was a serious actor and not surprising that he has many acting credits proving to be another true character actor here. He was believeably intimidating and dysfunctional too and had the perfect mean and masculine looks too to add to his credit. Does a great job speaking cruelly towards his onscreen daughter and a nice strong blocking movement of him smacking her and speaking sternly and threating her which he drives this to a good hype. Reacts well in shock when someone points a knife at him. Does well acting drunk when he gets home and it's dark in the house as he seems to pull it off trying to goof around. Also shows off great wide eyed and jaw expressions getting electrocuted. Good stuff here and another great key member to the story.
Keith Bogart (Tim Strode) came across nicely as someone who likes to have a good time and thinking lightly on things. He seemed one of those typical teenage types who loves to party. He shows some good spunk into what he does here and is believeably humoress into everything that he did here.
Mariah O'Brien (Beth) was really sharp with her speaking and also really was hit on target in her performance focusing on everything perfectly along with having a good sarcastic attitude along with showing great timing into being powerful with her personality too. She was very memeorable in her supporting role like most of the cast mmembers here. Two thumbs up.
Leo Geter (Barry Simms) has a brief supporting role in this flick but many fans remembered him well in this one and he was a natural ham I must say within his performance acting hyper, blunt and right to the point with stuff. He seemed believeable playing a controversial partying DJ and has a great clear voice while he says his lines. He shows a ton of hyped up energy acting wild and crazy.
J.C. Brandy
(Jamie Lloyd Carruthers) fills in for this part since Danielle Harris dropped out in which she does well with her nervousness and anxious type of spooked behavior. Even if her part wasn't very big she certainly makes a good impression onto the screen with this part and worked very hard on this role too. She does a great job at screaming while going into labor also does a great job speaking weakly and painfully towards him choking out her words while slowly dying.
Janice Knickrehm (Mrs. Blankenship) defientely was believeably eccentric in her part with her crazy speaking and owl like features. A great speech on her inside the house with her onscreen boyfriend talking about what Michael did as a child which showed some nice energy and terrific blocking on her behalf of it during a thunderstorm. She really knew this part perfectly by what she did in the film and shows a nice powerful performance in her brief supporting role. She will be remembered well to the fans of this flick.

Mariah O'Brien exposes her breasts after having sex on Halloween night in the Myers former house.

Michael is furious as ever since the Strode's moved in to his house so the gore is bigger than ever in this one.
He impales his niece on sharp objects of a hay mchaine of some sort in a barn.
There is a splash of blood after he axes a woman offscreen in the head.
A corpse is dangling from a tree with wire and lights wrapped around him.
But the most gruesome murder happens to our good old friend John Strode as Michael slams him against a fuse box down in a cellar and his head explodes.
There are other gruesome moments too in this film so we get lots of blood in this one.
A good one is when Michael's head is being bashed numerous times by Tommy Doyle with a steel pipe while he was drugged by needles and green blood pours out of him.

John Carpenter's theme song will always be used in any Halloween film but Alan Howarth upgraded it a bit along with some other old music from the first film. This is without a doubt Alan's best composing ever!!!
I loved the heavy guitar riffs when Michael is about to come in for the kill. Alan you rock!!!!

We have an awesome songtrack by Brother Cane with their hit "And Fools Shine On" which was played briefly in the middle of the film as well as during the closing credits. Great song too.

[Opening narration]
Tommy Doyle: When Michael Myers was six years old, he stabbed hs sister to death. He was locked up for years in Smith's Grove Sanitarium, but he escaped. Soon after, Halloween became another word for mayhem! One by one, he killed his entire family, until his nine-year-old niece, Jamie Lloyd, was the only one left alive. Six years ago - Halloween night - Michael and Jamie vanished. Most people believed them dead but I believe someone hid them away. Someone who keeps Michael, protects him... tries to control him. If there's one thing I know, you can't control evil. You can lock it up, burn it, and bury it, and pray that it dies, but it never will. It just... rests awhile. You can lock your doors, and say your prayers, but the evil is out there... waiting. And maybe, just maybe... it's closer than you think!

Jamie Lloyd: [opening line] Michael, please don't hurt me.

Man in black: [Producer's Cut]
[before shooting Jamie]
Man in black: Your work is finished now.

Caller: Barry, whatever happened to that psychiatrist of his, Loomis? I heard the old quack was dead!
Doctor Sam Loomis: Not dead, just very much retired.

Barry Simms: OK, next caller. We have Duanne on the line. What's on your feeble excuse for a brain?
caller: Well Barry, I'm a big fan, I listen to your show all the time. I can't believe you're really going to be paying a little visit to our little town tommorrow.
Barry Simms: Do you have a point to make Duanne or should I continue spanking the monkey?
caller: Oh Barry, you're too much. I know things are different now in the ninties: gays in the military, cut off your husband's dooginger and become a national hero, so I don't see the point in bringing back Halloween to Haddonfield...
Barry Simms: Wank, wank. Thank you Duanne.
[cuts him off]

Tommy Doyle: I was only 8 years old when I saw him... but I was one of the lucky ones. I survived.

Barry Simms: There is help for people like you. It's called electroshock therapy. C'mon, you don't really believe Michael Myers is actually alive?
Tommy Doyle: Micahel's work isn't done in Haddonfield, and soon, very soon, he'll come home to kill again. But this time I'll be ready.

Doctor Sam Loomis: Good God! Terrence, come in.
Dr. Wynn: Good grace, what a night! Not so much as a sign for five miles on that road.
Doctor Sam Loomis: That's the beauty of the countryside... I thrive on it.
Dr. Wynn: God, you look good Sam.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Ah, I feel great! I had surgery, plastic surgery. Skin grafts. It cost a fortune, but at least I don't frighten people anymore.
Dr. Wynn: Well don't tell me that the revered rasputin of Smithsgrove has grown complacent in his old age! I won't believe that for a second.

Dr. Wynn: Well, guess who after 32 years is finally relequishing his duties as chief administrator of Smithsgrove?
Doctor Sam Loomis: Dear God. You don't mean you're...
Dr. Wynn: Retiring? I came by to give you the news myself.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Well, I wish you will Terrence.
Dr. Wynn: To old friends, to retirement, to new beginnings.

Dr. Wynn: I'd like you to come back to Smith's Grove.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Dr. Wynn, you know it is not wise to play Halloween pranks.

Dr. Wynn: It's no prank; you're the one I've chosen Sam. I want you to come back.
Doctor Sam Loomis: After my stroke six years ago they practically had to hold a pistol to my head to get me to retire. But things are different now- I'm different. I've buried the ghosts, I've buried them in this manuscript. I don't want to practise medicine anymore.

Doctor Sam Loomis: It was Jamie Lloyd.
Dr. Wynn: That was six years ago Sam. She died with him in that explosion, you know that.
Doctor Sam Loomis: I've wanted to believe it. But I've felt Michael's presence, behind these walls, just like all those years ago. Plotting, staring, Staring. Waiting for some signal. I can't go through this again, not alone. Please, as my colleague, as my friend. Help me.

Doctor Sam Loomis: Dear God! Jamie!
Paramedic: Only God can help her now sir.

John Strode: Enough of this Michael Myers bullshit!

Kara: Beth, who's that guy that lives across the hall from you?
Beth: Why? You interested?
Kara: No. He's always staring out of his window. Last night I caught him watching me.
Beth: Oh, that must be Tommy. On a weirdness scale from one to ten, he rates about a thirteen. Supposedly some scary shit happened to him when he was a kid. Messed up his head really bad. He's harmless though. Probably just lonely...
Tim Strode: ...or horny. Something you haven't felt in a while.

Sheriff: You have no business in my town.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Michael Myers is my business.

Sheriff: Go back to your loony bin. I've got enough problems around here without you stirring up ghost stories.
Doctor Sam Loomis: I suppose it was a ghost who did all of this, and a ghost on the radio last night, and a ghost being carried out of here now."

Doctor Sam Loomis: I knew what he was, but I never knew why.

Beth: We are not going to allow the powers that be tell us what to do anymore. For years Halloween represented everything wrong with Haddonfield, but Michael Myers is gone. There is no Boogeyman.
Barry Simms: Dang Tim! Does she get this riled up in the sack? I bet she wears crotchless panties and barks like a dog!

Mrs. Blankenship: A long, long time ago, it was a night of great power. When the days grew short, the spirits of the dead, returned to their homes to warm themselves by the fire's side. All across the land, huge bonfires were lit. Ohhh, there was a marvelous celebration. People danced, and they played games, and they dressed up in costumes, hoping to ward off the evil spirits. Especially the boogey man.

Kara: [on the phone] Beth look out there's someone in the room, he's right behind you!

Tommy Doyle: Where are they? Where's Kara? I feel like I've been drugged.
Doctor Sam Loomis: We have been drugged.
Tommy Doyle: I don't understand, why didn't they kill us when they had the chance?
Doctor Sam Loomis: It's his game, and I know where he wants to play it.

Doctor Sam Loomis: I thought Michael was a monster, but you...
[Loomis gets knocked out, Wynn rises]
Dr. Wynn: Leave him. It's his office now.

Dr. Wynn: I was getting worried Sam, I was afraid you wouldn't make it.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Why now?
Dr. Wynn: Beacuase you were the first one to see it. You recognised its power.
Dr. Wynn: Evil. Pure, uncorrupted, ancient...
Doctor Sam Loomis: You are a mad man.
Dr. Wynn: I have my plans for this baby. Jamie's baby, will be the dawn of a new age. And I'm asking you to join me.

Dr. Wynn: About time Doctor Loomis. Welcome to your fate. The time has come for you to know the truth. The time has come for you to join us.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Why now?
Dr. Wynn: After Jamie escape last night, I knew she would come to you. And I knew you would lead us to her baby, her very special baby. I needed her, just as I need you now. It's your destiny Sam, it lives inside you. It always has, you know that don't you?
Doctor Sam Loomis: You are... a mad man.

Dr. Wynn: Look around you Sam, madness everywhere. Famine, war, a great plague. These are signs we must restore balance to the natural order of things. We merely provide the means.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Michael?
Dr. Wynn: We've given him the power, the gift of thorn. I am its deliverer. I follow it, act as its guardian! I protect Michael, watch over him. And... now it's time for another. Now it's time for you, Doctor Loomis.

Dr. Wynn: Spirits and powers of the flame, attend and witness this ritual. Bear our gifts to Thorn. Open us to the path of Darkness. By these runes transform us. Let the hammer descend upon the Chosen One to whom we offer this sacrifice of Innocent Blood. And then Danny, your journey begins. Kill for him!

[repeated line]
Man in black: Danny, kill for him.

[Tommy has a knife to Wynn's throat]
Tommy Doyle: Untie her!
Dr. Wynn: Do as he says! Do it.
Dr. Wynn: You should join us, you have talented.
Tommy Doyle: Shut up.

Tommy Doyle: [seeing a gun] Doctor Loomis, you know that can't stop Michael.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Nothing can stop Michael, but it can stop Wynn.

Dr. Wynn: Michael, your final sacrifice.
Kara: Michael, you can make him stop it. Don't kill the baby. You know whose baby it is, don't you?
Dr. Wynn: [shouts] Michael!
Kara: The baby is yours. Isn't it, Michael?
[Producer's Cut only]

Kara: Where do we go?
Doctor Sam Loomis: As far away from Haddonfield as possible.
Tommy Doyle: Come with us.
Doctor Sam Loomis: No, I have some business to attend to.

Doctor Sam Loomis: [Producer's Cut only] Michael? It's over! It's finally over. It's all over.
[he pulls off the mask, and sees it is Wynn]
Dr. Wynn: [startled] Michael. Michael's gone!
[he grabs Loomis's arm]
Dr. Wynn: It's your game now Doctor Loomis!